Chapter 416 I’ll Wait For You Outside The Door

GOR Chapter 416 I’ll Wait For You Outside The Door

Skyblade knew of Chen Xiaolian’s identity as an Irregularity?

Hearing that, Qiao Qiao’s expression turned grim.

“I am the Guild Leader of Meteor Rock Guild. Others might not know that, but your father and Bluesea do.” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly before continuing, “So… they would certainly ask how I could join Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.”

“That is true, how did you join?” Qiao Qiao knitted her eyebrows. “I did not receive any prompt in my personal system regarding you leaving our Meteor Rock Guild.”

“Because I never *** left!” There was a pale look on Chen Xiaolian’s face as he said, “Skyblade had me join Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild just like that and… … the system allowed it!”

Qiao Qiao was shocked.

“There are two possible explanations,” said Chen Xiaolian after considering it. “The first possibility… … the guild system of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild is a system within Zero City while our Meteor Rock Guild is part of the main program in this game world. There are no conflicts between the two programs in matters regarding guilds, thereby allowing me to join Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.

“As for the second possibility… … we are bloody Irregularities. This identity allowed me to drill a loophole and avoid the system’s restrictions.”

“I think the latter is more likely to be true,” replied Qiao Qiao with a sigh. “Although the first sounded logical, it is unrealistic. Because… … if that is the case, doesn’t that mean that every resident guild of Zero City could just go out and establish a guild of their own? That is surely not the case.”

“I agree. But here comes the problem. How do I explain this to your father and Bluesea? I do not want to expose our identity as Irregularities.”

Qiao Qiao was silent.

Neither Bluesea nor Qiao Yifeng was an idiot, especially not Bluesea who received the name ‘Wisdom Fox’ by those in Zero City. It would not be easy to fool him.

It was then that Soo Soo, who had been standing beside the two opened her mouth.

The little loli spoke in a soft and gentle voice, “This… … is it difficult to explain?”

“Eh?” Chen Xiaolian lowered his head to look at Soo Soo.

Soo Soo’s big eyes blinked as she looked at Chen Xiaolian. “Xiaolian oppa, you just need to leave Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild now and tell them that you had only temporarily left Meteor Rock Guild to temporarily become a member of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. Since you had finished helping them, you will now be leaving Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild to return to your original guild… … won’t that be enough? Even if Uncle Bluesea is smart, he won’t be able to enter our Meteor Rock Guild to check out what happened.”

The words from this little loli caused Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao to become stunned.

Eh… … it would appear that could work.

Meteor Rock Guild was theirs. They could say whatever they wanted. How could outsiders figure anything out?

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “I nearly wasted my time trying to figure out something that didn’t require it. I do not plan to continue my identity as a member of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. If I continue as a member of two guilds, it will only be a matter of time before this matter becomes exposed. As long as I leave now, everything will be all right.”

Qiao Qiao furrowed her brows. “The most important issue is Skyblade… … would he expose…”

It was then that Chen Xiaolian heard Skyblade speaking.

“Kid, there is absolutely no need for you to worry about that.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and turned to Qiao Qiao. “Mm, he said we don’t need to worry about it.”

“He said? What did he say?” Qiao Qiao was surprised.

Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly. “For now… … I am the only one who can hear what he says. Mm, maybe it is because there is some sort of connection between us. I don’t quite get the reason behind it, but no one else can hear what he says.”

“But there is still the guild channel.” Soo Soo thought of a possible loophole.

Skyblade sighed again. “Are these two girls Qiao Yifeng’s daughters? Why are they so vicious? Tell them that I will never disclose your secret.”

Chen Xiaolian relayed Skyblade’s words to Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo and the two girls shut their mouths while still displaying scepticism.

“Now then, let’s head out together.” After thinking about it, Qiao Qiao said, “Just follow Soo Soo’s suggestion for the explanation. My father would probably not ask too much. As for Uncle Bluesea… … at least our explanation makes sense.”

Pausing, she then turned to Chen Xiaolian. “However, we will need to find the time to properly discuss things through. This matter is too complicated.”

“Mm.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “We’ll continue our discussion once we are back home. There has been a big change back at home while you two had been gone. When we get back, you’ll surely be very surprised.”

There were clear looks of happiness and excitement in Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo’s faces.

Skyblade then informed Chen Xiaolian, “After you all head out, I will have Bluesea arrange a place – kid, there is a need for us to sit down and talk for real. It will not take long. Consider it… … a condition for the transaction that I promised you earlier.”

At that same moment, Bluesea received a message from ‘Guild Leader Skyblade’ through Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s guild channel.

The moment Bluesea, who was standing outside the gate, received the message; he became so excited that his eyes turned red!

After waiting for so long, he finally received a private message from the Guild Leader!

Bluesea had countless questions that he wanted to ask of Skyblade: Where have you been all these years? What had actually happened during the Blood Verdict? Why would you choose an outsider like Chen Xiaolian…

And so many others!

At that moment however, having received Skyblade’s message, Bluesea held those questions back for now.

The content of Skyblade’s message was:

“Bluesea, arrange a safe place and have Chen Xiaolian stay there by himself. He must not be disturbed. Additionally, it must be absolutely safe! There must not be any monitoring or listening devices there!”

Bluesea was initially shocked after receiving Skyblade’s message. He first answered: No problem.

Next, Bluesea was unable to stop himself from sending a message: It’s been so many years. How are you?

Skyblade’s side was silent for a moment. Then, he replied:

“Now is not the time to talk about it. Later, I will give you an explanation.”


Examining the word, Bluesea felt uneasy.

However, as Skyblade’s loyal comrade, Bluesea unquestioningly obeyed Skyblade’s request.

When the gate of the passageway opened up again, Qiao Yifeng and the others went forward to question Chen Xiaolian. However, Bluesea moved forward first.

“Chen Xiaolian, as per Skyblade’s instructions, you will be coming with me and I will arrange a safe place for you.”

Bluesea cast a curious gaze at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

At that moment however, a prompt appeared in Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s guild channel.

“Guild member Chen Xiaolian is leaving Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. Application for leaving has received the approval of Guild Leader Skyblade.”

Exclamations of shock erupted from the members of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.

Their guild had been declining for so many years now. In their eyes, this new member who was outrageously young and powerful was the star of hope for their declining Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild!

But now, he had actually… … left?!

Bluesea held back the impulse to question him. Instead, he shouted with a heavy voice, “Don’t throw a ruckus! Everyone quiet down!”

After a pause, he then cast a sharp glare at everyone present. “This matter must be kept a secret for now! Without my command, no one is allowed to speak about this! And you must certainly not leak this matter out! Consider this the number one confidential information of the guild! Now, time for everyone to go back!”

The men had faces of shock on them. However, Bluesea’s influence that spanned years made them obey and leave – it had to be said, the strong military conduct that was the cornerstone of the foundation of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild could be seen here.

Bluesea then looked at Chen Xiaolian. “You’ll be coming with me.”

Qiao Yifeng wanted to ask something but Bluesea shook his head. “Brother Qiao, if you have any questions, save them for later! This… … is the Guild Leader’s order.”

There was a sudden peculiar look in Qiao Yifeng’s face. “Skyblade?”

“Mm, he had used the guild channel to contact me just now.” Bluesea said while directing a meaningful look at Chen Xiaolian.

Thus, Qiao Yifeng was left with no choice but to bring Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo away with him… … as for how he would question or pry information from his two daughters, that would not be mentioned.

Chen Xiaolian followed Bluesea and the two of them left the competition arena, making their way back into Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s headquarters.

As they were making their way through Zero City, the occasional patrolling Sentinel mechs would glance at them, paying rather special attention toward them.

Other guild members would also cast gazes of awe at them from afar.

“Do you feel surprised?” Bluesea had noticed the unaccustomed expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face.

“I thought… … they would hate me.” Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows. “I had killed two people today after all.”

“You need to understand. Be it the outside world or in Zero City… … things are essentially the same, might makes right.” Bluesea sighed. “If you kill killed someone from Rodriar Guild and another from the Knights of Darkness Guild… it would only be natural for them to show hostility toward you. However, that is only if you are an ordinary Awakened. If that is the case, then they might choose to get vengeance or do something else to you. However, you used absolute power to kill off an [A+] class expert. Considering those, if those other people want to get vengeance on you, they will need to consider what level you are at.

“Resident guilds have no need for any sort of consideration when exacting vengeance on someone who is of [A] class or below.

“If it’s an [A+] class expert, then they’ll have to consider it somewhat.

“But an [S] class expert? The other guilds would never casually do so unless they want to start an all-out war. This is something that requires a great deal of consideration!

“As for you, presently… … they are likely speculating that you are an [S] class expert.”

Chen Xiaolian remained silent.

He had a faint feeling that these words that Bluesea’s words might be out of goodwill or to make an impression.

Perhaps he was just being polite.

Chen Xiaolian decided the less he talked, the better it would be.

Soon, Bluesea and Chen Xiaolian returned to Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s headquarters.

The ‘safe place’ that Bluesea arranged for Chen Xiaolian brought a shock to him!

Chen Xiaolian followed Bluesea who led him to a familiar place and they stood before a door.

“Guild Leader Skyblade asked me to arrange a safe and secure location for you… I believe this place would best suit his desire,” said Bluesea as he pointed at the door before them.

This place was… … Skyblade’s home!

Chen Xiaolian had returned to those old quarters!

Chen Xiaolian turned and saw that Bluesea was using a probing look at him.

He hesitated for a moment before suddenly smiling.

Then, he brought up Fatty’s watch and used it to open the door.

Bluesea nodded his head and said, “You really did come here before.”

Looking at Chen Xiaolian, Bluesea then shook his head. “I’m sorry, I am just curious. That is why I tried to enquire you about this. There is no need for you to explain anything, just… … we can talk about it later.”

After saying that, Bluesea pointed at the opened door and said, “This is Skyblade’s home. There is no monitoring or listening device inside and you can go in and do whatever Skyblade wants you to do… … as for me, I will be waiting outside the door. Everything here is soundproof. The door, the walls, all of them have shielding functions and those on the outside will have no way of knowing what you are doing inside… … I’ll wait for you outside the door.”

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