Chapter 405 Lamp Wick

GOR Chapter 405 Lamp Wick

Chen Xiaolian claimed that he did not know. Naturally, Skyblade was unwilling to believe him on that.

The fight just now was fierce and short. It was so short, it had only taken up a few minutes of time.

However, the shock that Skyblade felt during those few minutes was quite big.

He had wanted to display his pride as the ‘Skyblade’ to this unknown kid, the pride of a true high-ranking expert. Although he could no longer see and move as of now, the tempest like blades of light and the storm of attacks had displayed the strength of a top-rate expert.

However, Chen Xiaolian’s performance exceeded his expectations.

Skyblade himself knew the extent of the attacks he unleashed just now.

Although the strength of those attacks was far from his true peak power, not just anyone would be able to block off those attacks of his – that included even those in Zero City.

In that short period of no more than five minutes, Skyblade had summoned out 1,046 blades of light.

More than 200 blades per minute.

More than 3 blades per second!

In the beginning, the attacks had put Chen Xiaolian in a miserable spot. Later on however, Chen Xiaolian began having an easier time defending himself. From a point of absolute disadvantage, he slowly regained his footing and was able to use a powerful move to directly put an end to Skyblade’s attacks.

Although Skyblade’s eyes could no longer see, he was still an absolute master. He was able to make a basic judgement of the situation: There was something odd about this kid’s performance!

In the beginning, Chen Xiaolian was put into a tough spot. However, he gradually became stronger. That odd change was enough to prove something.

The skill that Chen Xiaolian had used was most likely something that he had used on the spur of the moment.

In other words, a sudden inspiration?

He unconsciously did it?

Skyblade could not believe in something like that.

It may be possible to have a stroke of inspiration in football or basketball.

But skills? Impossible!

A rookie that had never trained in the ways of the sword may be able to gain a stroke of inspiration and block off an attack by a martial arts expert.

But… to do so 1,046 times?

Thus, Skyblade was more inclined to believe in a different speculation. Chen Xiaolian possessed a skill that he was not too proficient in. And Skyblade had… his attacks earlier had helped Chen Xiaolian hone his proficiency in the skill. In the end, he was able to unleash it.

Compared to the complicated lines of thoughts flowing through Skyblade’s mind, Chen Xiaolian was in a much more straightforward state.

He was dumbfounded.

That magnificent and powerful move had actually come out from his own hand?

That dazzling and extremely ***** cool move!

In contrast, the shock brought upon by Skyblade’s actions was pushed aside.

Chen Xiaolian subconsciously took a few steps back and did his best to put more distance between himself and the blade on the floor.

Although he had become a blade and is no longer capable of movements, he could still display such a powerful offensive skill!

However, I… just what had happened to my body?

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian swept his gaze around and his face immediately turned odd.

That lamp!

The lamp?!

The flickering flame on the lampstand was slowly turning dim.

Although the change was very weak and slow, Chen Xiaolian had a strange feeling.

This lamp… it seems like…

It’s about to be extinguished.

Skyblade did not wait for Chen Xiaolian to say anything further. He was unable to stop himself from uttering, “You don’t know? Kid, you dare say you don’t know?”

“Wait! Wait a minute!” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand. “Wait a minute… something seems wrong!”

Chen Xiaolian abruptly strode toward the centre of the room where the lampstand was located.

Skyblade grunted.

He had been stuck in there for a long time and was patient – at any rate, neither of them could leave the room. Thus, he was not worried that Chen Xiaolian might run away.

Chen Xiaolian moved until he was beside the lampstand. Then, he slowly crouched down and stared at the flame in the lamp.

Next, he heard a voice.

“You did it.”

“You did it.”

Mr San was seated cross-legged, staring at the lone lamp on the table.

Within the flame, the faint figure of Chen Xiaolian’s face could be seen.

Mr San smiled and said.

Chen Xiaolian’s face expressed surprise and he raised his eyebrows. As he was just about to say something, he heard the voice again. “Don’t say anything.”

The words ‘Mr San’ that was in Chen Xiaolian’s throat was swallowed back.

Mr San regarded the expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face through the flame and smiled gently.

“You must surely have a lot of questions for me right now. However, this is not a good time to have a chat. This flame is going to be extinguished soon. We won’t have much time before that. So, I will be talking and you should just listen. If you understand, just nod your head.”

Chen Xiaolian silently nodded his head.

“The place you are currently at belongs to me. Naturally, the blade was not wrong by saying it is a hidden immortal residence.

“However, I had not invited him into this hidden residence. Thus, it is only natural for an intruder to be subjected to the restrictions and attacks I left behind. He ended up becoming a blade. That is the punishment for breaking into my residence.

“Perhaps, this Skyblade had accidentally acquired this painting that I left inside Zero City. However, a punishment is a punishment. I also have no way of helping him recover. Thus, he can only attribute this to his fate.

“As for you, you’ve surprised me, Chen Xiaolian.”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart began pounding madly.

“In London, I told you that I was gifting you a Sword Skill and I placed Xian Yin’s soul inside the Sword in the Stone. I told you that you will only be able to activate this gift when the right time arrives. Unless you are able to save Xian Yin, you will be unable to get the Sword Skill.

“You accomplished it faster than I had expected.

“I had considered that you might be able to grow stronger, get the opportunity to enter Zero City and find the item I left behind in Zero City.

“Unexpectedly, you would be able to do it this quickly. Additionally, the one you found is this lamp and not the one that I thought you would find.

“This is all beyond my expectations.

“No matter what, even I can not know if this is good or bad for you.

“Based on my experiences back then, the faster you proceed, the faster you might end up dying. Thus, there is no need for you to feel excited.

“I told you that I had left a Sword Skill in your Sword in the Stone. Truth be told, that statement is not exactly accurate.

“It would be more accurate to say that I had left a key in your Sword in the Stone. Or rather, a password.

“This password can open up one of the few items that I had left behind in this world.

“It would depend on your luck. On which item you stumble upon first.

“I never expected you to find the painting and enter this place.

“I had left a Sword Skill inside the jade wall. Thus, your password was able to unlock it and you were able to acquire the Sword Skill from the jade wall.

“Don’t get too excited. Although this Sword Skill is very powerful, it is not the one that I had hoped you would get.

“And yet… perhaps this is the work of fate.

“Now, I need you to help me with something. Listen carefully to what I have to say next.

“This lamp before you is a very precious magical device.

“Its name is ‘Eternal Clarity Fire’.

“As for its origin… it is a legacy left behind a long, long time ago by one of my old companions.

“The lamp functions by opening up two separate spaces and superimposing the two spaces. This lamp can connect the two spaces, becoming a point of connection for the two spaces.

“To be accurate, the lamp that you see at this moment does not exist inside your space.

“Naturally, it is also not in front of me.

“It's like a bridge.

“A bridge that connects two continents.

“In the middle of the two continents is a sea of nothingness.

“It can independently exist within the nothingness. That is the magical aspect of it.

“Back then, its owner had left it there with a simple purpose in mind.

“It was an escape route created for us who kept hiding about.

“When we hide inside the picture, we will be able to use this escape route to run to another space in an instant.

“As for what we were running away from… I believe there is no need for me to tell you. Surely, you understand.

“Unfortunately, the owner of this lamp died.

“After that fellow died, none of us were able to use this lamp. Thus, it was left there.

“Next up, I will be doing something. I will personally extinguish this lamp. Once it is extinguished, this lamp, this magical device would be utterly destroyed.

“That does not matter. You have already acquired the item inside the jade wall after all. Thus, the space inside the painting has served its purpose. And so, there is no need for this lamp to continue existing.

“However, I want you to do something.

“When I am extinguishing this lamp, you need to help me…

“Once it is extinguished, grab the lamp wick!

“Remember, you will only have a very short window of opportunity. And you only have one chance.

“Remove the lamp wick and take it out with you.

“When you’ve managed to do that, remember to go back, find some wax, set this lamp wick on it and lit it up – let it be lit, let it continue burning.

“As for how long it should keep burning, I don’t know either. At any rate, just keep it burning on.

“Compared to my gift to you, this little help of buying some wax should be just a small favour. I believe you won’t refuse.


Chen Xiaolian nodded again.

Remove the lamp wick. Then, return home, gather up wax and light it up.

That was not difficult.

As for how long to burn it… it would be nothing more than spending some money on wax. Even if it required an entire truck full of wax, how much could it cost?

Mr San smiled and continued, “Well then, I will begin extinguishing this lamp. Remember, you will only have one chance to remove the lamp wick!”

After saying that, Mr San took a deep breath and stared intently at the lampstand before him. Then, he slowly blew out a gust of wind.

When he blew out the gust of wind, the space barrier before him suddenly broke.

Chen Xiaolian swiftly widened his eyes.

He watched as the lamp before him abruptly shattered bit by bit.

This was not some ordinary case of shattering.

Rather, the lamp appeared like… a holographic projection.

Bit by bit, the holographic projection broke into specks of light and they began fading.

The flickering flame suddenly swayed and shook.

Chen Xiaolian kept his eyes wide open.

Finally, when the final speck of flame on the lamp was extinguished…

Chen Xiaolian’s hand shot out with lightning like speed to grab the lamp wick.

His movements was fast. However, when his fingers grabbed hold of the lamp wick and was preparing to pull it out…

Chen Xiaolian suddenly sensed something wrong.

The shattering of the lampstand had spread upward.

The cuff of Chen Xiaolian’s shirt made contact with the lampstand and the spreading process of shattering reached the cuff. Without making any sound, even Chen Xiaolian’s cuff was shattered.

Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

His sub consciousness wanted to retract his hand. However, Mr San’s words rang out within his mind.

Only one chance!

He made up his mind. His two fingers gripped onto the lamp wick and he exerted his might to pull it out.

The flesh and blood on Chen Xiaolian’s wrist began shattering.

His skin, his muscle and blood transformed into fragments and disappeared.

Chen Xiaolian did not even feel any pain.

However, he did not retract his hand. Instead, he gave it his all to pull up the highly important lamp wick.


He felt a lightness in his hand and the lamp wick was finally pulled out from the lampstand. In the next instant, the lamp completely fell apart.

Chen Xiaolian then retracted his hand. When his hand left the area surrounding the lampstand, his wrist that was shattered emerged, revealing the flesh and blood on them while blood spurted out freely. In that instant, Chen Xiaolian received the intense sensation of pain once more.

He grunted and bit heavily on his lips. Then, after keeping the lamp wick into his bosom, he pulled out a spicy bar ([Beginner] class Healing Type Medicinal Substance) and vigorously shoved it into his mouth. He did not even chew it and just swallowed it whole.

Chen Xiaolian tore open a first aid kit and used the bandages to bandage up his wrist. The blood flow from his wrist dyed a few layers of the bandage red. However, Chen Xiaolian simply clenched his teeth, not issuing a single cry of pain.

After he was done with that, he could feel the spicy bar coming into effect. After the pain he felt from his wrist turned to itch, he let out a sigh of relief. Then, he plopped down to the floor.


After blowing that gust of wind, the lampstand before Mr San disappeared. Then, Mr San sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

He placed both hands on the table to support himself. After gasping for a moment, he revealed a wry smile.

Kid, let’s see if your luck will be better than ours…

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