Chapter 389 To Zero City

GOR Chapter 389 To Zero City

The next day, Roddy proceeded to settle the procedures needed to travel overseas as he prepared to head to Africa.

This time, Chen Xiaolian did not go. He simply gave Roddy the details about the position of the mine and method of entry to Roddy.

As for the access, Chen Xiaolian’s personal system had the authority to grant Roddy access to the mining site.

After Roddy left, the matter of procuring supplies was left to Lun Tai and Bei Tai.

The two brothers were veterans in the underground scene. The two of them split the gold and valuables that Chen Xiaolian brought back and took action separately. After moving out, they began converting them into cash. Lun Tai was also very careful; he did not sell off all the gold instantly to avert attracting other people’s attention. He sold them in a few small batches while reserving the remaining.

They spent the next two days buying vehicles and supplies.

However, Chen Xiaolian did find the time to return to his home. There was a friend from the grasslands at home after all.

Arslan was a sincere person. Although Chen Xiaolian had been busy for the past two days, he showed no dissatisfaction toward the busy Chen Xiaolian. Rather, he felt somewhat guilty for disturbing his brother’s life. Chen Xiaolian then went for a round of drinks with Arslan to sooth his feelings.

The only one who was in a bad mood was likely Nicole.

After returning to the yoga studio, Nicole found that the fitness centre beside was locked.

For two to three consecutive days, not a single silhouette could be seen there.

That caused Nicole to feel depressed.

Not a single fellow from Chen Xiaolian’s guild could be seen. Even the one known as Da

Gang was not around.

Chen Xiaolian was also worrying about one matter.

That was none other than Da Gang.

Naturally, he no longer had any intention to stay in the fitness centre.

Since he already had a base, the fitness centre had lost its purpose.

For his guild members, that was not an issue. However, things were different with Da Gang.

As Chen Xiaolian was no longer going to run the fitness centre, he did not mind having Da Gang stay with him in his home.

And therein lied the problem. Although Chen Xiaolian was willing, he was afraid that Da Gang might not be willing.

He was a man after all. Furthermore, he was also slightly older compared to Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian had asked him to come over from Hangzhou to Nanjing. While he was helping out with the fitness centre as admin personnel, there was at least a purpose there.

To have Da Gang simply live and eat inside his home without doing anything since the fitness centre was no longer in operation… he feared that Da Gang’s self-esteem would not allow that to happen.

Although he seemed to have an inferior persona, he was in fact someone who cared a great deal about his own self-esteem.

However, this problem was resolved by Da Gang himself on the third day.

Chen Xiaolian was staying at his home, eating lunch with Arslan. The young man from the grasslands informed Chen Xiaolian that he intended to go visit his university. He also told Chen Xiaolian not to accompany him as he was busy.

Yu Jiajia on the other hand, could no longer stand being cooped up inside. She volunteered to go together with Arslan.

As of now, there was no longer any need for Chen Xiaolian to continue keeping an eye on Yu Jiajia. After successfully coming to a deal with Father Qiao, Yu Jiajia had lost her value as a bargaining chip. With the Star Sand mine in his hands, Chen Xiaolian was not worried that Father Qiao would go back on his words.

Not long after Arslan and Yu Jiajia headed out, Da Gang who went out for a stroll returned.

Chen Xiaolian turned to face the door and was unable to restrain himself from staring at Da Gang who was wearing a uniform.

“Bro, what is this?” Chen Xiaolian rubbed his eyes.

Da Gang grinned and said, “I know that you’ve been worried about my matters. No fret, I have already found a job.”

The uniform that Da Gang was wearing was a grey-coloured uniform. It was something that Chen Xiaolian was very familiar with.

Could he not be familiar with it?

That was clearly the uniform for the security personnel of his residential complex!

As Chen Xiaolian was still stunned, Da Gang explained matters to him.

When he went out today, he encountered some people from the residential complex. After hearing from them that the residential complex was looking to hire new security personnel, Da Gang went to apply for the job.

Don’t joke around. This was a veteran Awakened, formerly known as the Angel Killer! Could he not be qualified to be a security personnel?

Although Tian Lie did not expose his god like powers, he was still a savvy and intelligent fellow. There was no problem with his household registration record – he did come from Hangzhou City after all.

He was also very familiar with this residential complex.

Most importantly, even though he looked somewhat thin, the wages he demanded was low!

The black hearted property manager tested the waters by offering him a monthly salary of 1,500 yuan – honestly, if Chen Xiaolian was there, he would immediately grab hold of that fellow and slam him on the table!

They were in Nanjing, a huge city! 1,500 yuan per month? Even temp workers demand a higher salary than this!

However, Da Gang had nodded his head on the spot. He didn’t even try to bargain.

The property manager was overjoyed and he instantly hired Da Gang!

And thus, the famed Angel Killer, Sir Tian Lie gloriously became the residential complex’s… security guard!

Tian Lie than told Chen Xiaolian that he wanted to move out.

Without waiting for Chen Xiaolian to object, Tian Lie spoke out again, “Security guards have to work night shifts. Also, it seems to be a rotating shift. Sometimes, it will be in the afternoon and sometimes, it will be at night. The time for my work is not fixed. So, if I am to stay here, I will end up having to come in and out during the night. That will disturb everyone’s resting time. Additionally, the residential complex has its own dormitory inside it. It’s just on the edge of the residential complex. The dormitory that I will be living in is not that far away and it also provides two meals per day.”

Pausing for a moment, Tian Lie continued, “If you feel bad about it, how about this. If I am on night shifts, I will stay in the dormitory. But if I’m doing afternoon shifts, I’ll come back here.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Tian Lie and sighed.

After Tian Lie finished his conversation with Chen Xiaolian, he entered to grab some of his clothes before leaving for the dormitory.

After considering the matter, Chen Xiaolian went out alone to the nearby supermarket to buy several packs of cigarettes. In the afternoon, Chen Xiaolian took advantage of the fact that everyone was resting to stroll inside the property management site.

He located the property manager and stuffed the two packs of cigarettes into his hands and said, “Da Gang is my friend, I’ll have to trouble you to care of him in the future.”

After receiving the two packets of Chunghwa cigarettes, he smiled and slapped his own chest before skilfully keeping the two cigarette packs into his drawer.

When Chen Xiaolian headed out, he pulled out another two packets. Every time he encountered a security guard, he would stuff one into that security guard’s hands. Soon, he had given away all the cigarettes and had asked them all to help take care of the newcomer, Da Gang.

After he was done, Chen Xiaolian walked out the door. Before walking out, he saw Da Gang in the security guard uniform with a rubber stick in his hand as the guards were changing shifts. He appeared to be putting on quite a show of it and even winked at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian then headed out to meet someone.

He came to a high-class hotel within the city. Right after entering the lobby of the hotel, he saw that the man in black was already there waiting for him.

Chen Xiaolian walked over with a frown on his face. He said, “I thought that your side won’t be contacting me so soon. Didn’t you say in a few more days?”

The man in black answered coolly, “Mr Qiao has returned and he is anxious to meet up with you.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and followed the man in black into the elevator.

After reaching the top floor of the hotel, they entered a luxury suite. There, Chen Xiaolian saw Qiao Yifeng.

Qiao Yifeng was not looking too good.

He appeared to have aged quite a bit since their last meeting.

The skin on his cheeks was hung down, his eyelids swollen and his eyes bloodshot.

The moment he entered the room, he could smell the strong scent of cigarette smoke wafting inside. Qiao Yifeng was seated on the sofa and the ashtray before him was stuffed full of cigarette butts. There was also a cigarette sandwiched between his fingers.

Looking at his appearance, there was only one word to describe the atmosphere coming off him: Restlessness!

“You’re here?”

“Mm, I’m here,” replied Chen Xiaolian who went over to sit in front of Qiao Yifeng. “Why are you so anxious to look for me?”

“The deal we made earlier, we need to speed things up.” Qiao Yifeng sighed and continued, “Come with me… to Zero City.”

“??” Chen Xiaolian stared at Qiao Yifeng and asked, “When?”

“Right now!”

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian was concerned. Of course he was willing to go to Zero City. There were still many things that needed to be done after all. However, there was a need to discuss this matter with his guild members.

But Qiao Yifeng appeared very anxious. He said, “If we’re going, then we’re going now! I have no time to wait for you! Also…”

Qiao Yifeng then said something that made it impossible for Chen Xiaolian to refuse.

“If you come to Zero City now, you can bring Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo back with you.”

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