Chapter 386 Sense Of Humour

GOR Chapter 386 Sense Of Humour

“Firstly, I will give you some points to start up the mining site and enter mining mode. Naturally, all of it will be fully operational. Next up we’ll be doing some cleaning up of traces.”

The man in black spoke at an even and steady pace before continuing, “We will be secretly supporting Una’s position in Kombia and ensure that no one disturbs the mining site.

“Although the mining site is protected by Zero City with some concealing power, we should still clean up the surroundings. That way, we will be able to avoid many troubles that could pop up during the transport of the produced minerals.

“The most problematic issue now is how to hide your identity.”

Chen Xiaolian shrugged his shoulders and gave an expression, which said “You say and I’ll listen.”

The man in black knitted his eyebrows and asked, “Are you not afraid?”

“I have faith in your side’s ability to properly handle it.” Chen Xiaolian gave an indifferent smile. “After all, you fellows should be more anxious compared to me, right? If it really doesn’t work for me, I can just toss the mine aside and go away by myself. At any rate, it’s not a loss for me.”

“You are quite an open-minded person,” said the man in black in a monotonous tone. It was not possible to tell if he was moved by Chen Xiaolian or if he was ridiculing him. Chen Xiaolian felt that it was highly likely to be the latter.

“The resident guilds of Zero City would certainly think of ways to investigate who acquired the mine.” The man in black pondered the matter and continued, “Thus, this matter cannot be concealed forever. What I mean is that, we, Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild will step forward to tell them that the one who acquired this mine had submitted to us. We will tell them that we managed to recruit you and thus, the mine has in effect, fallen into our hands. As for your identity, we will not expose it.

“I believe the other guilds will also not bother to pursue your identity anymore after that.

“Let’s be frank. For the other resident guilds, you are just an insignificant minor character. Your identity, your name, your status, they are all unimportant. After we forward this message, your body will have a tag on it. The tag will read ‘Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s outer partner’. That’s all. No one will continue to pursue your identity.

Chen Xiaolian considered the proposal and said, “I don’t think it’ll be that easy. When I acquired the mine, I believe I also seriously pissed off someone.”


“Yes. I offended this fellow; he does have this look, which made me believe that he’s not someone that should be provoked. I believe he would not easily give up on revenge.”

As he spoke, Chen Xiaolian recounted the encounter between him and the silhouette back in the mine.

The man in black listened without making a single sound. After Chen Xiaolian finished his story, the man in black revealed a very serious expression.

He considered it and said, “Actually, it’s not that big of a problem. This is a personal vendetta. In the future, he will certainly think of ways to trouble you. However, his guild will not.

“It’s only natural for Zero City to have its own rules. Once our Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild tag has been placed on you, an act against you is the equivalent of an act against us Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.

“During a non-quest period, the various great guilds in Zero City have to maintain a state of peace. They will not casually start a guild war. Besides, a guild would never recklessly take action simply due to some personal vendetta.

“Having said that, he will definitely not leave you alone. Since that is his personal vendetta, his guild will not interfere.

“That is Zero City’s rules.

“Thus, as long as we properly conceal your identity so that it does not get exposed, he will not be able to find you.”

“What if he keeps watch over the mine? If he keeps a close eye on the mine, he will inevitably find me.”

“That will not happen.” The man in black finally smiled. “You do not understand Zero City’s rules. The competition to seize the mine was due to the quest. At that time, everyone was doing it for the sake of completing the quest issued by Zero City. Seizing and stealing from each other back then were simply us doing our best. When it’s time to take action, we must take action. When it’s time to fight, we must fight. Even if someone were to die as a result, no one may be blamed for it.

“Nevertheless, once the quest is over and the ownership of the mine had been given to someone, all those fights must come to an end!

“Zero City has existed for ages and had issued out many additional allocation over the years. Some would acquire those benefits while others failed. If those who failed were to go after those who did, going for the kill as they did, there would have been a river of blood running through Zero City!

“This time, we were the ones who got the mine. But if someone else gets this mine next time, will the other guilds also run over to create trouble?

“Don’t forget, every one of them has their own mines!

“If they were to take action because they covet the mines that others have, that would be the equivalent of starting an all-out war!

“No guild will do so. Even in the case where someone goes crazy and actually intends to do something like this, the other resident guilds in Zero City would not allow it! They will come together to stop it from happening!

“Thus, while that fellow you mentioned will certainly try to seek out your identity, he will never go to the mine to create trouble! Those are the rules! If he breaks the rules, we will step forward to take action, and so will the other guilds!”

“In other words, unless I have really shitty luck to bump into him while walking down the street or in an instance dungeon, he will not be able to find me?”

“Mm. Naturally, when you go to Zero City you will have to be careful not to encounter him.”

Chen Xiaolian was relieved.

However, after thinking about it, he became curious about something. “I have a question. May I ask?”

“Of course. The reason I stayed is to help you deal with any details. If you have any questions, you may ask me.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at the man in black and said, “Just now, you mentioned that once the quest is concluded and the ownership of the mine had been decided, the other guilds are not allowed to go near the mine to cause trouble. All the guilds will definitely take action to stop the guild trying to break this rule, right?”


“What if there is chaos in all the guilds and they all want to trigger a guild war? What happens then?”

The corners of the man in black’s eyes twitched.

He looked at Chen Xiaolian with a rather odd expression. There was a somewhat tangled look in the expression as well. He then quickly turned his gaze away.

As Chen Xiaolian was thinking that the man in black was not going to answer him, he spoke up.

“In Zero City, in addition to the seven great guilds, there is the Angel Corps. They exist to stop such a kind of rule breaker!”

“Wait. What if several guilds chose to break the rules?”

“The Angel Corps will simply choose to take action against those several guilds. Trust me, the resident guilds in Zero City may look down on some other resident guilds. But none of them dares to look down on the Angel Corps!

“If we are to assume that Zero City is a city, then the Angel Corps is the…”

“Administrative body?” Chen Xiaolian spoke out in a coincidental moment.

The man in black cast a glance at Chen Xiaolian. “I am quite unaccustomed to your special sense of humour.

“I believe Mr Qiao should have told you about the apartment and tenant metaphor, right?”

“He did.”

“If we resident guilds are the tenants, then the Angel Corps is the apartment management. A very powerful and overbearing management.

“They do not have the authority to expel tenants out. However, they can cut off your water and electricity supply.”

Chen Xiaolian turned to regard the man in black. There was a moment of silence and he smiled wryly. “You have quite the sense of humour on you as well.”

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