Chapter 385 Very Serious

GOR Chapter 385 Very Serious

As Nicole emerged from the side door of the conference hall, she felt a buzzing in her head.

The door to the conference hall closed behind her, blocking off the ruckus and quarrelling noise that had erupted from within.

Nicole took a deep breath and there was a certain expression on her face.

Blood Verdict.

To think it would be Blood Verdict.

Nicole then gave a deep exhalation and clenched her fists.

“They really do have balls!”

“We are but a bunch of thigh huggers.” Qiao Yifeng looked at Chen Xiaolian as he said that. “However, we also have courage! We are not cowards! The only thing we can still pride ourselves in is that… we are willing to give our blood! We are not afraid of spilling blood!”

Chen Xiaolian straightened himself.

He was able to discern a certain conviction within Qiao Yifeng’s tone – this was not a pleasant feeling. Rather, it felt as though it was a conviction that carried with it a predisposition toward destruction.

It will either destroy itself or destroy others.

“All right, I’ve heard enough about your story.” Chen Xiaolian thought about it before saying, “Let’s get to the main topic. You want the C11 mine, right?”

“Correct.” Qiao Yifeng nodded his head and continued, “Even for an ordinary resident guild, a resource point like the C11 mine would be of great value, much less a guild that is in decline like ours.”

“However, you mentioned earlier that a guild is not allowed to own the mine for more than three times in a row. You have already occupied it for three times in a row,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile. “Not to mention, is it even possible to transfer ownership of the mine?”

“Transfer of ownership is not allowed,” replied Qiao Yifeng as he shook his head. “If you end up dying, this mine will become vacant for one year. Only then will another competition for it begin. In this one year, it can only belong to you and nobody else.”

Qiao Yifeng moved to retrieve the bottle of Romanee-Conti from the table. Without fetching his goblet, he directly took several mouthfuls from the bottle. Then, he wiped his mouth. After exhaling, a fiery light could be seen shining within his eyes. “Kid, we need the mine! We need the Star Sand!”

Chen Xiaolian was silent.

“Those things aren’t that valuable to you.” Qiao Yifeng continued his attempts to persuade Chen Xiaolian. “Star Sand is just an enhancing material. Yes, it can enhance equipment to make them stronger. However, it remains an enhancing material, not the basic material! Even if you possess it, you have no way of using it. What can you use it on? Your equipment? Swords? Shields? Armour?

“How much of it can you use?

“As for mining it at a large-scale… you simply cannot afford that kind of expenditure! The price is too high!”

Chen Xiaolian admitted that the old man’s words were very reasonable. It was the truth.

Star Sand was too much of a high-end item. He was simply unable to make good use of it… he couldn’t even use it.

“Your ownership period of it is only one year, which translates to 365 days. Every day you waste will only devalue it.” Qiao Yifeng reminded.

“Then, give me your offer price,” said Chen Xiaolian. “But I should remind you, someone had given me an offer before. So, you had better think your offer through before you speak it out.”

“Firstly, if this mine is to be operated at full capacity for one year, it would cost you upwards of 38,000 points.” Qiao Yifeng went straight to the main point and his expression turned very serious. “Those points, we’ll give it to you!”

“Say on,” said Chen Xiaolian, his heart skipping a beat.

“We need the Star Sand,” said Qiao Yifeng slowly. “The Star Sand produced from the mine… we will use points or something else to buy it from you.”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head and said, “I intend to leave a little for my own use.”

Qiao Yifeng gave a smile. “Not a problem. You won’t be able to use too much of it.”

Chen Xiaolian was tempted to tell Qiao Yifeng that his guild had a big mech. However, after considering it through, he decided against it. Chen Xiaolian slowly replied, “I can let you have a portion of it, but all of it… no!”

“The entire mining site can produce up to roughly 50,000 grams per month, or 50 kg.” Qiao Yifeng quickly said. “I need at least 90 per cent of it! There will be several kg left for you. That will be enough to enhance all the weapons of your small guild.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled. “Your appetite is too big.”

Qiao Yifeng raised an eyebrow. Chen Xiaolian then smiled and continued, “Let’s talk about the price first. What is your offer for the purchase price?”

“It’s very simple. For every month’s output, I will give you points equivalent to the cost of fully operating the entire mining site for the month… times two.”

Chen Xiaolian froze a moment.

Cost of mining times two!

In other words, if he was willing to offer up all the output of the mine to Qiao Yifeng’s guild, they will, in addition to the initial 38,000 plus points…

Give him another 76,000 points!

For Chen Xiaolian, this was an astronomical figure, an absolute windfall!

Over 70,000 points. Considering Meteor Rock Guild’s present level, this was an astronomical level of wealth!

It was enough to boost the guild’s present strength substantially.

However, Chen Xiaolian felt… not enough!

“It’s still missing something,” said Chen Xiaolian bluntly.

“This price is already quite good,” said Qiao Yifeng with a frown. “Even if you keep the Star Sand, you won’t be able to use it all! Rather, after you’ve mined them out, how do you even plan to use it? How are you going to infuse the Star Sand into your equipment? You do not have those instruments nor equipment. Those are things that only resident guilds of Zero City would have.”

“Then, let me tell you my conditions. Other than what you forwarded earlier, I have some additional conditions to add in.”

“… say it.” Qiao Yifeng took a deep breath.

“First, you have to let Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo go, don’t restrict their freedom to move about.”

Hearing this first request caused Qiao Yifeng’s eyes to flare up.

Their eyes locked onto each other but Chen Xiaolian showed no inclination of backing off.

A few seconds later, Qiao Yifeng diverted his gaze and asked, “Second?”

“Second, I need the instrument you mentioned earlier. The one that can infuse Star Sand into an equipment.”

“That is not possible. You have no idea how expensive that instrument is,” answered Qiao Yifeng with a harrumph. He shook his head and said, “However, we can let you use it. You can bring the Star Sand to Zero City and use our instrument for it.”

“That works. However, I need this thing to be kept a secret,” said Chen Xiaolian after pondering. “I don’t want others to know that this mine is in my hands.”

“So, there are times when even you know fear.” Qiao Yifeng smiled.

“Naturally, I have no wish to be blacklisted by the various resident guilds of Zero City.”

“Can do. We will keep the identity of the mine a secret. I can promise you that.”

“Third, I need some equipment. I will make a list – just consider it as military aid,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile. “Don’t worry, these aid I am requesting will not be some unreasonable request. You will most definitely be able to give them. The price for them would not be too high.”

Qiao Yifeng cast a glance at him and asked, “For example?”

“For example, some medical supplies or some pets… and also some equipment that our guild is lacking.”

Qiao Yifeng gave a secret sigh of relief.

For a super-class guild like Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, rendering aid to Chen Xiaolian’s guild in terms of equipment was too easy.

They have accumulated a great deal of inventory for the past 30 years.

“Fourth, I need the authorization to enter Zero City,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “Not the type that can only enter once or twice… the one with a lot of freedom.”

This last one appeared quite difficult on Qiao Yifeng. “This one is very difficult to accomplish. In order to ensure Zero City’s safety, the right to freely enter and exit Zero City will almost never be given to outsiders. Unless you are willing to be the peripheral members of our Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. Only then would you be able to acquire a limited access to Zero City. For example, at a certain time period, between one or several months’ time, you will be able to enter Zero City once. It is impossible for you to freely enter and exit the city unless you become a formal member.”

“I will not be joining Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “You’ll have to look into this yourself.”

Qiao Yifeng considered it for a moment and said, “With my level of authority, the most I can promise you is the right to freely enter and exit Zero City 10 times per year.”

“My guild has quite a few people,” said Chen Xiaolian coolly. “One alone is not enough.”

“Three, any more is impossible.” Qiao Yifeng frowned. “Even for resident guilds of Zero City, the amount of authorization they can give their external partners per year is limited. Any more would require the approval of the Board of Patriarchs. Otherwise, it would be unreasonable.”

“Five!” Chen Xiaolian had made his own calculations. Inclusive of himself, Roddy, Xia Xiaolei, Lun Tai and Bei Tai would make it five – as for the new addition Qimu Xi, Chen Xiaolian had temporarily put her aside.

“… all right, five.” Qiao Yifeng regarded the resolute look in Chen Xiaolian’s eyes and sighed. He thought to himself. When I return, I’ll have to go reduce the amount of authorization we have for external partners

“Those five people do not include Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo. They are your daughters, so their access to Zero City is on you.”

“… you little bastard!”

This was Chen Xiaolian’s longest bath ever – and probably the most expensive.

After finishing the discussion, Qiao Yifeng instantly left – he must surely have a lot to deal with.

Chen Xiaolian happily washed himself up in the pool. Then, he pulled a blanket from the side shelf and wrapped himself with it. Next, he walked around barefooted as he observed his surroundings.

Soon, the doors were opened and two attendants entered with a set of clean clothes.

Chen Xiaolian was very pleased with Qiao Yifeng’s arrangements – as long as he does not toss any more of those well primped female attendants here, it’ll be fine.

The clothes sent were no doubt very high-class, it also fitted him perfectly.

Both the inner and outer layer were available.

After wearing the new set of clothes, Chen Xiaolian saw the middle-aged man in black who would always accompany Qiao Yifeng enter the room.

“Where’s the old man?” asked Chen Xiaolian as he looked at the familiar figure.

“The boss has some emergency issues to deal with. He had already left.” The middle-aged man stood by the door in an indifferent manner. “He had me stay here to entertain you. You may stay here to rest as long as you wish.”


Chen Xiaolian was somewhat surprised.

Qiao Yifeng left?

Although they had finished up their discussion, many details had yet to be ironed out.

For example, the points he promised for the operation of the mine had yet to be paid out…

He left?

Chen Xiaolian’s ownership over the mine was only one year. Every day wasted would devalue it.

Logically speaking, Qiao Yifeng should not have left at a time like this. He should be urging Chen Xiaolian to quickly start mining.

“Something happened in Zero City.” The man in black shook his head before continuing, “I’ll be taking over the finishing parts.”

Chen Xiaolian frowned and asked, “Something happened in Zero City?”

That something must surely be huge!

Chen Xiaolian was quick to determine that.

He wasn’t exactly worried about what would happen to Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. What he was worried about was Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo!

At present, those two should still be inside the city.

“Is it very serious?” Chen Xiaolian looked at the man in black.

“… very serious.”

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