Chapter 384 Obtain Through Blood!

GOR Chapter 384 Obtain Through Blood!

Find an umbrella (sǎn)!

The instant those words left Qiao Yifeng’s mouth, Chen Xiaolian’s pupils contracted!

Zero City, San…

Putting those two together involuntarily caused several links to appear within Chen Xiaolian’s mind.

Additionally, the result of putting those two names together represented a shocking secret!

Chen Xiaolian quickly turned his head to the side. He put on the façade of looking elsewhere to hide the change in his eyes.

Thankfully, this topic seemed to have caused Qiao Yifeng to become somewhat dejected. He did not discover the change on Chen Xiaolian’s side.

He simply sighed gently and continued, “He was the most talented, most powerful expert of our guild. He would be able to utilize the skills acquired from the system to its utmost. In his hands, those skills could be executed at a scale that far surpasses the others.

“The same skill, when put in his hands, would be levelled up at a far greater rate than others.

“I suppose I should say, it is as though he innately possess a terrifying talent for combat. Or rather… instinct!”

Chen Xiaolian’s emotions were not affected by Qiao Yifeng’s words. After all, he had encountered no small number of masters before.

However, there was one part of Qiao Yifeng’s words that attracted his attention!

Skill… levelled up?

Skills can be levelled up by its own?

He took a deep breath and suppressed his impulse to ask Qiao Yifeng about it. He knew all too well that if he were to forward such a question, this cunning old man would be able to instantly grasp onto this weakness of his.

If Chen Xiaolian were to ask the question, he would end up being ‘captured’ by him.

Thus, Chen Xiaolian forced down that desire.

“Detail wise, I can’t tell you too much,” said Qiao Yifeng with a serious expression. “The only thing I can tell you is, our Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild was able to rise rapidly, become a resident guild of Zero City, make a name for ourselves in the Awakened circle… nearly 90 per cent of the credit goes to our Guild Leader. He is not only our number one master, he is also a true powerhouse. He is truly an outstanding leader who also possesses extraordinary power.

“It is only natural for there to be a fierce competition between the resident guilds of Zero City. However, under his leadership, we were able to rise rapidly in the short span of merely 10 years. We were able to rival the other veteran resident guilds of Zero City!

“All of it was possible because we had him!

“Because we had such an invincible ‘Blade’!”

“But he chose to leave in the end. Why?”

“I told you before! I have no way of telling you that much! Because… because there are many things… that I just bloody don’t know!” Qiao Yifeng abruptly tugged his hairs forcefully with both his hands. There was rage in his face and his eyes were red. There was a seemingly vexed expression on his face and he clenched his fist as he whispered, “How the Hell am I supposed to know? How would I know why he would choose to leave when the guild was in its best condition ever? How would I know what it is he constantly dreams of? How would I know that he would actually be so cruel as to leave behind his own comrade-in-arms, brothers who had braved life and death with him, all for the sake of a shitty umbrella! Damn it! I don’t even know what that umbrella is! Maybe it’s the name of a place, or maybe it’s someone’s name! Maybe it’s a thing! But I cannot understand it! Even if it’s an umbrella made using every single precious gems available on Earth, it’s not worth having him go find it!”

Chen Xiaolian was silent.

He silently waited for Qiao Yifeng to finish his rant. Then, he looked into Qiao Yifeng’s eyes and asked, “Are you… very angry?”


Qiao Yifeng jumped up and moved to a side. There, his foot abruptly lashed out at a wooden case that had a vase of flowers inside it.

He then turned to face Chen Xiaolian and replied, “Angry? Of course! But… perhaps, it’s not just anger.”

The old man stared at Chen Xiaolian. Next, he slowly walked over. His chest heaved up and down a few times before he slowly spoke out in a hoarse tone.

“Angry? Maybe. In the beginning, we were just worried. Since he had suddenly disappeared out of the blue, all of us felt concerned about him.

“Later, as he had yet to return, our concerns became anxiousness.

“During the days where he wasn’t around, our guild lost our strongest powerhouse. In face of several quests and competitions, our performance fell greatly.

“It was then that some began complaining. Where did our Guild Leader go?

“Of course, in the beginning, there were only a little complaints. Most of us were still feeling concerned, worry and anxious.

“As the days go by, we had to continue facing the internal competitions of Zero City. In the end, our emotions began to sway more.

“Since he was not around, we who were left behind did everything we could to maintain the guild’s position. Every one of us gave our 200 per cent in efforts. Even so, we were unable to stop our guild’s momentum from falling. We could not do it!

“Back when he was still around, the many years of hard work left our guild with enough capital. That capital was enough for us to squander to protect ourselves for a while.

“But, we were just like a group of mediocre and untalented prodigal sons. No matter how hard we try, we were unable to stop our family business from falling apart.

“It was then that the emotions in our heart changed.

“The initial feelings of worry, concern and anxiousness changed into a deep sense of … shame!!!

“That’s right, it’s shame!”

“Shame? Why? I don’t understand.” Chen Xiaolian cast a puzzled look at Qiao Yifeng.

“All of us had always been working hard… all of us! From the very beginning until the end. Back when our Guild Leader was here and even after he had gone, every one of us continued to work hard. We would give it our all, putting our lives on the line.

“Back when he was there to lead us all, everyone had given up much, sacrificed much! The sweat we shed, the blood we spilled!

“Although no one had ever said it, there would naturally be such a notion within our hearts: That we are able to have this glorious accomplishment is not only due to our Guild Leader’s great contribution, it is also due to the contributions that each of us had given. This is the glory obtained through the hard work that all of us had given. Every one of us is an important piece of the guild.

“We… truly, truly believed that.

“However, when he disappeared, we suddenly came to realize how laughable our notions were. How shameful!

“We are all important pieces of the guild?

“What a joke! That was simply the biggest joke in the world!

“Reality had proven itself. When he was around, we were able!

“When he is not around, we become unable!

“Although we would put our lives on the line again and again, risking more each time! We tried to prove that we would be able to do it!

“But in the end, what we attained were failures, again and again!

“We sacrificed even more sweat, even more blood. But in exchange, all we got were failures.

“It was then that we finally woke up. It was then that our beautiful dream of the past was shattered.

“It turns out… all this while, our roles within this guild, were not as important as we had imagined.

“We were able to succeed, become a resident guild of Zero City because we had a good Guild Leader, an extraordinary master on our side.

“We thought about it in detail, the times when we were fighting beside him. We recalled those times and the details of those memories grew clearer, more thorough.

“We finally understood. It turns out… we were simply insignificant!

“Those battles could only be won thanks to him! Although all of us did our very best, although it seemed that we did a great deal, when it came to the most critical moments, it was he who had stepped forward to deal with it!

“If not for him, we would not have been able to reach this far.

“And so, the feelings within our hearts gradually transformed into that of shame!

“A deep and profound sense of shame!

“Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild?

“As long as he was around, he could have casually selected any other bunch of people and form a Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild of this level!

“As for us, without our Guild Leader, we no longer have the qualifications to be called ‘Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’!

“Do you know… after we woke up to this reality, when we are inside Zero City… do you know how the members of the other resident guilds would look at us when we meet them?

“They see us… as a bunch of… thigh huggers! [1]

“Those fellows think that we are a bunch of wastrels with no qualifications to be together with them. The only reason we could become a resident guild of Zero City, acquire so much benefits is because we had an outstanding Guild Leader!

“That’s right, we are a bunch of thigh huggers!”

“Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild had lost almost all of its chips… Bluesea, I think it’s time to give up!”

The moment those words resounded in the conference hall, it caused a clear stir among the observers seated within the auditorium.

Those words had pierced open all pretences, directly tearing off the mask of gentleness.

Those words were without question, putting Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, no, it was more accurate to say it was putting the one seated on the other end of the table, Bluesea into a corner!

No way out!

Bluesea’s pupils contracted to become like needlepoints.

He slowly stood up.

He bravely faced the six pairs of eyes and said, “Are you really that determined?”

The woman with the metal mask suddenly leaned forward and she spoke in a hushed tone.

“Bluesea, you need to understand. This has nothing to do with personal enmity. How could there be no enmities between us resident guilds of Zero City?

“You need to understand. These are the rules!

“These rules are to ensure that Zero City does not fall, to maintain the competitiveness and vitality of the resident guilds, to ensure that the amount of resources produced by Zero City does not fall!

“Bluesea, trust me. Your guild is still young.

“Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild is not the first to be expelled from the Board of Patriarchs… and it will not be the last!

“This is the reality that we must all face.

“You have lost time and again!

“With its present level of strength, your guild no longer has the qualifications to be part of the Board of Patriarchs. For you to continue occupying a spot in the Board of Patriarchs and a share of the additional allocation is unfair to the other guilds!

“The resources produced by Zero City are limited. We will not allow those valuable resources to be wasted on a guild that has no potential for development.

“If, I’m saying if, if that Guild Leader of yours is still around, then we would be happy to watch as Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild develops and become stronger.

“Unfortunately, he is no longer around.

“As for the rest of you, even you… Bluesea, although I respect you, I have to be blunt about this. Your Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, you included, do not have the qualifications to become a great guild!

“A guild that is without an [S] class expert cannot possibly maintain its level of competitiveness and vitality!

“If you back out now, you can at least preserve your permanent residence status within Zero City and continue to reside inside Zero City. Although the guild will decline, it will still be able to survive for a long time.

“If you force yourself to stay, then the highly competitive quests issued by Zero City will lead your Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild to lose every last drop of its blood!”

After saying that, the masked woman pointed at the empty spots on the table.

“You’ve seen this table, you’ve seen these seats!

“Bluesea. Back then, the owners of these empty seats were no less powerful compared to your Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. Some were even known as pre-eminent guilds!

“But now… they no longer exist!

“Not only did they lose their seats in the Board of Patriarchs, they lost every member in their guild!

“This is what awaits those that refuse to bow and accept reality!

“Despite their declining strength, they continued to fight for their spot in the Board of Patriarchs. They continued to demand to be part of the high-level competitive quests of Zero City… in the end? They lost every last drop of blood!

“Accept my advice, Bluesea.

“Quietly accept everyone’s resolution, then… your guild can retain its other rights as a resident guild of Zero City. You will be able to continue staying inside Zero City and receive it’s protection.

“Isn’t that good?”

Bluesea simply stood there and listened quietly.

After the woman had finished talking, Bluesea suddenly smiled.

It had to be said, he cut quite the dashing look when he smiled.

“Thank you, Your Excellency, Deputy Speaker.”

Bluesea gave a slight bow and bowed to everyone there.

“Perhaps you will all think that people like us are overly obsessive or even overly bigoted. But I have to say this, I sincerely thank you. Your Excellency, Deputy Speaker, I could sense your goodwill from the words you said earlier.”

After saying that, Bluesea’s tone suddenly changed. It became colder.

He pressed his palms down the surface of the table.

“We had given a great deal of our blood! A truly great deal!

“I can remember it very clearly. In the three decades since entering Zero City, we Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild had lost a total of 27 men!

“I know every one of those 27 men. Their names, their nicknames, their preferences… I know them all to heart!

“The blood from those 27 men was used in exchange for what we, Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild has today.

“Maybe you'll think I'm crazy.

“Then, let me tell you right now!

“Regarding the resolution reached by the Board of Patriarchs, we, Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild…

“Reject it!

“This is the decision of every member of our guild! I am simply here to convey the message!

“You want to take away our qualifications to be part of the Board of Patriarchs?

“You can!

“You want to take away our portion of the additional allocation from our hands?

“You can!

“Back then, we had lost a great deal of blood to obtain those!

“So now, if someone wants to take them, it’s simple!

“Obtain it through blood!”

After saying that, Bluesea stared at everyone there with reddened eyes and spoke firmly and coldly, “Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, as a member of the Board of Patriarchs, in accordance with the rights given to our guild, forwards a final request to the Board of Patriarchs!

“We! Request for… Blood Verdict!

“Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild may no longer have its Guild Leader, but we still have bones, we still have blood! A good deal of blood! The blood of every one of its members!”

1 Holding onto someone’s thigh. A proverb that means succeeding by following/ serving someone capable.

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