Chapter 383 Sun Wukong Disappeared

GOR Chapter 383 Sun Wukong Disappeared

For a powerful force or group to come into existence, there are usually two possibilities.

The first possibility: a batch of outstanding individuals suddenly emerged from among the group. Like bamboo shoots sprouting upward after the rain, these outstanding individuals all appeared at the same moment in history. These individuals would then act as the backbone while dividing the work in a clear manner and show mutual cooperation as they help develop their group into a powerhouse. Generally speaking, those outstanding individuals would be given the title the ‘golden generation’. Take the Meiji Restoration period of Japan for example. A large number of famed officials and generals all happened to rise to prominence in that one period. But, if we are to take a look at the historical records for the few decades or years before that period, we would be unable to find a similar occurrence where so many talented individuals appeared at the same time.

This is what the term ‘golden generation’ signifies.

The second possibility: A group or force could suddenly become strong by depending on one particular individual, who emerged through his or her own abilities. This individual is exceptional, outstanding and dazzling; one who has far surpassed the level of his or her peers. This individual could easily trample on those of the same generation as him or her, one with absolute power.

The most typical example for this case would be Sun Wukong.

Don’t be mistaken, I am not talking about the one that can go Super Saiyan. I am talking about the monkey that protected Tang Xuanzang on his journey to the west. [1]

This pilgrimage for the sutra consists of four individuals. But the average strength of most of the group members are just second or third-rate.

Among the 81 tribulations they faced on their journey, how many of those demons were killed off by the Marshall of Heavenly Canopy (Zhu Bajie) and the Curtain Lifting General (Sha Wujing)? Their biggest role is to simply become background props for the Great Sage Equalling Heaven (Sun Wukong).

If not for the monkey fighting a way out for them, Tang Xuanzang would have been well-cooked eight hundred times over.

With such a first-rate master in the group, the rest of the members could just follow behind and paddle the back of the boat [2].

Of course, the same could be said about the 1986 World Cup with Argentina and Maradona.

“So, which type is Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild?” asked Chen Xiaolian as he cast a calm gaze at Qiao Yifeng.

“The latter.” Qiao Yifeng sighed with a seemingly helpless tone.

“You mean to say, your guild is like the four-man group that goes on a pilgrimage for the sutra?” As Chen Xiaolian spoke, he nodded his head and continued. “Not bad. Blade Mountain Flame Sea. As it so happens, there are also four people, right?” Then, Chen Xiaolian suddenly smiled. “If so, in your four-man group, which one is Sun Wukong? And which one is Zhu Bajie?”

Qiao Yifeng sighed and said, “So young, yet to spiteful.” He turned to look at Chen Xiaolian and replied, “I am just a waste now. Naturally, I am not Sun Wukong.”

“So, who is the Sun Wukong of your guild? Rather, let’s be more direct. Since you say your guild is in big trouble, does that mean your Sun Wukong is in trouble?”


The hall was huge and the corridors cold.

Cold metallic lustre shone off the surface of the wall while the hidden lamps cast a cold illumination upon the area. Thus, the corridors became filled with a tasteless and chilling atmosphere.

Nicole had her hands inside her pockets and she whistled as she continued walking forward.

At the end of the corridor was a small door.

The circular door appeared similar to the door of a Hobbit’s house. Naturally, the size was not that small. Additionally, it was also not made of wood.

Nicole stepped forward and pulled out her badge from her pocket. After the scanner beside the door scanned her badge, the door automatically opened up. Nicole then stepped inside.

Beyond the door was a very big room.

It was as big as a basketball court or rather, a round-shaped arena.

In the middle was a spacious and flat floor. An oval-shaped table had been placed there and seven figures sat at the table.

More accurately, those were seven holographic projections.

The seating arrangement was very interesting. One of them, who appeared to be a forty to fifty-year-old man was seated at one end of the oval-shaped table while the other six were seated on the other end.

It seemed like a trial!

Nicole was presently at the observation stand. This observation stand was clearly placed at a much higher elevation compared to the oval-shaped table in the centre. It was just like the auditorium of a stadium.

Nicole turned her attention to the audience within the auditorium and saw that they were quite a number of people there. Although they were scattered, there were around several hundreds of them.

She saw many familiar faces. No small number of them was the familiar faces of her friends and enemies.

Nicole smiled coldly before finding a spot in the corner to sit. It was the highest spot in the corner of the auditorium that was also the closest to the door.

The place was originally very large to begin with. There were also hundreds of people inside the room. Thus, when Nicole made her way to the corner, not many people noticed Nicole’s arrival.

Although some of them did notice Nicole, they did not pay much attention to her.

There were quite a number of people within Zero City. Some liked to change their appearance. Some would even mess around with transformation techniques. There were many eccentrics within the various great guilds. Thus, Nicole’s appearance was not something conspicuous.

Additionally, this was the Board of Patriarchs’ conference hall. There was no way that an outsider could slip inside!

Everyone here had faith in Zero City’s system, even more so compared to their own eyes and ears!

After seating herself down, Nicole observed that the meeting had been in progress for quite some time.

The atmosphere was not pleasant at all!

“So, what else do you have to say? In accordance with the provisions, you have the right to appeal to the Board of Patriarchs.”

One of the six figures seated on one end of the oval-shaped table, the second from the left spoke up.

It was a woman in long black robes. However, there was a metal mask on her face. Her head was also covered and it became impossible to discern her age. Even her voice had a metallic tone.

The lone figure on the other end of the table seemed to be on a trial.

The forty-plus year-old man suddenly raised his head.

Wrinkles appeared on his forehead and the corners of his eyes as he did. Even so, it had to be said, if someone with his looks were to be put outside, he would be able to make young girls scream “Handsome uncle!”

Fine and elongated eyes, a seemingly wise and farsighted gaze; his eyes exuded profundity and calmness.

He softly pursed his lips before speaking up. His voice was pleasant and gentle.

An educated atmosphere exuded outward from between his eyebrows.

“Is there a meaning to making an appeal now?” His gaze swept past the six figures and he gently shook his head.

The right most figure spoke up.

This figure seemed like an old man, very thin; yet, his voice was full of vigour.

“I know that you will surely be unable to accept this decision. But the rules are the rules. The reason Zero City could remain standing up to this day is due to these rules and constraints. All of us here must adhere by these rules and constraints. Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild is not the only one, all of us here must abide by it.”

“Correct!” Another member of the Board of Patriarchs spoke up. His voice was sharper and he spoke with a very frank tone, “You should be very clear that Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild had lost almost all of its chips.

“You have taken the last place for Zero City’s internal quests for three consecutive times. For one whole year, you have not been able to complete an [A] class instance dungeon. The additional assessment score of Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild had also fallen to the lowest score ever.

“In the internal competitive arena for the seven resident guilds, you took the last spot for six consecutive times!

“Bluesea, I think it’s time to give up!”

“So, what happened to your Sun Wukong?”

Elsewhere, in another room, Chen Xiaolian asked as he looked at Qiao Yifeng.

Qiao Yifeng’s face became ugly to behold as he said, “He’s gone.”


“Our Guild Leader,” replied Qiao Yifeng with a strained smile. “You asked who is the Sun Wukong of our guild. It’s him!”

“The Guild Leader is gone? I don’t understand.”

“Gone means gone! A few years ago, he suddenly disappeared. Left. Gone. No one knows where he went. All we know is that before he left, he said he wanted to go find something.”

“Something? What kind of something?”

“He said he wanted to go find an umbrella (sǎn). [3]

1 In Chinese, Son Goku from Dragonball is called Sun Wukong.

2 Paddle the back of the boat. Going to the back of the boat and beat the waters, pretending to be working hard to push the boat forward.

3 The Chinese word for umbrella is ‘伞’, pinyin: ‘sǎn’.

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