Chapter 360 Do Your Best

GOR Chapter 360 Do Your Best

Roddy was feeling somewhat worried.

It had only been a few days but the relationship between Yu Jiajia and the yoga-training woman next door had progressed at an alarming rate.

At night, Yu Jiajia had run over to the yoga studio and did yoga with the woman surnamed Ye. After she was done, she came back and dragged him out with her.

She had claimed that she wanted to eat supper and that she wanted to bring that yoga-training woman together to enjoy the signature supper in Nanjing.

Roddy pulled a face.

That yoga-training woman is indeed not a local. But, you are also not a local oi!

Thus, she decided to drag Roddy who was a local to guide them.

Roddy did not feel like going.

Truth be told, even men have their own sixth sense. For the past few days, Roddy had sensed that the yoga-training woman would occasionally throw furtive glances at him.

Roddy attempted to hide away.

This Young Master Roddy was not a young child after all. He had fairly good looks and his family situation was very good. In school, many of the female students would look at him in a good light. Every year during Valentine’s Day, he would receive quite a number of love letters from the female students.

But Roddy was presently not interested in these.

There was already someone in his heart.

However, there was a problem. Before leaving, Chen Xiaolian had asked him to keep an eye on Yu Jiajia!

Thus, Roddy had no choice but to follow them. Even so, his wariness toward the yoga-training woman was as high as high can be.

After asking around, he found that Xia Xiaolei was unwilling to go with them as well. This kid had recently gotten addicted to an online game and was more willing to spend that time wasting his time sitting in front of the computer.

As for Da Gang, he too shook his head.

And with that, there was no way out for Roddy.

Roddy then took the two females out for a round of supper. He brought them for duck blood and vermicelli soup, roasted crayfish and the likes.

The problem was, Yu Jiajia and that yoga chick were not light eaters. That was especially true for Yu Jiajia. Perhaps it was because she had finally managed to escape from Father Qiao’s subordinates, thus she decided to let go and indulge herself far too much.

They spent most of the night on ‘supper’ and even drank two bottles of beer. Her little face was flushed red and her voice grew louder.

There were a few youngsters seated on the table beside them and they had glanced over at them a few times – these two young women had an appearance that could hook the eyes.

There was no need to explain much about Yu Jiajia. She was the standard little beauty. Add a little makeup to her face and she was pretty much a nymph. Her face and body were the type usually seen on the covers of magazines. And then there was the yoga-training young woman. Could the body of someone who practiced yoga be bad? Perky breasts, shapely buttocks and well-proportioned body. Although her face was rather average, she was still someone with a graceful body and elegant temperament.

Seeing how the increasing number of young men around them and the looks of eagerness in their faces, Roddy decided to attempt to avert any possible issue. He dragged the two young women with him, paid the bill and led them out.

However, it would appear that Yu Jiajia had not had enough fun.

“Let’s go for karaoke!”

Roddy felt like giving her a beating!

“All right! It’s still early after all. The night life is just starting!” Nicole deliberately smiled and stirred her on.

Roddy frowned. However, Yu Jiajia did not bother to wait for him to reject the idea. She simply said, “If you don’t want to go, then you can go back first. We’ll go ourselves!”

You’ll go by yourselves?

Roddy rolled his eyes.

As if! Fine, I’ll follow!

They went to a spot that had karaoke and got a private room to continue their happy time.

Roddy was in no mood to sing. He just got himself a bottle of beer and slowly drank. To his surprise, Yu Jiajia was quite a good singer. It would appear that she had singing lessons before. Her singing was ordered and measuredly, her voice vigorous and filled with emotions, effortlessly hitting high notes.

Yu Jiajia sang three songs in succession before placing down the microphone to drink a cup of beer. After exhaling, she looked around the room and said, “Eh? Where did little Ye go to?”

Roddy didn’t quite care and he lazily replied, “I think she went to the washroom.”

“It’s been so long, why is she not back yet? I’ll go check.” Yu Jiajia got up and Roddy followed suit.

Yu Jiajia turned around to look at Roddy and said, “Are you going to follow me even when I’m going to the washroom? I suddenly realized that you’ve been following me for the past two days… did he ask you to keep an eye on me before leaving?”

Roddy directed his gaze at his toes and did not say anything.

“If you want to follow, then follow.” Yu Jiajia then swaggered her way out.

Roddy followed her to the entrance of the washroom. There, he saw a few people.

The yoga-training woman was trapped within the encirclement of men. Glancing at them, Roddy saw that they were young men who had too much to drink. They were laughing at themselves and were simply looking for trouble. The one leading them had his one hand on the wall and he put on what he believed to be a very dashing look.

Roddy was able to recognize them. They were the ones who had sat on the table beside them when they went for supper.

There was no need to further describe what this was about. It was pretty much the drama scene of some drunks harassing young women.

Roddy sighed.

Oh well. He could forget about going back early to sleep. Looking at this situation, it would appear that he might even need to go visit the police station.

As he was considering the situation, Nicole noticed Roddy’s arrival. A peculiar spark flashed within her eyes.

A standard scream of a panicked girl rang out. “What are you doing! You scoundrel!”


The man who was ready to ‘profess his love’ received a slap to his face!

He was unable to move away from the incoming slap – hey, this is a slap from a Floating Angel, mate. Can an ordinary human hope to escape this slap?

Receiving the slap, the man staggered two steps backward. His face contorted and he swore out while rolling up his sleeves.

Roddy stepped in.

Stepping forward, he made his way through the crowd and grabbed the man’s wrist. Then, he turned around to look at Yu Jiajia and Nicole.

“Don’t stay too close.”

The ones here were but a few small fries and Roddy only needed to flex a little to deal with them. Five to six of them were lying on the corridor but the personnel of that place had already called up the police.

However, when Roddy raised his head and looked around… crap!

The two girls are gone!

Nicole pulled Yu Jiajia with her and they ran out of the corridor.

Yu Jiajia was feeling rather confused. After they reached the hall outside of the karaoke establishment, a night breeze hit her and she sobered up. “We left Roddy! What do we do?”

Nicole laughed and said, “He is very good at fighting. By coming out first, he’ll find it more convenient to fight.”

Yu Jiajia had too much to drink to night and was feeling muddleheaded. She kept getting the feeling that there was something wrong with what Nicole had just said. However, in the spur of the moment, her mind was unable to figure out what that was.

“No, we cannot abandon him.” Yu Jiajia subconsciously said.

“If so, let’s call the police.” Nicole smiled.

Yu Jiajia quickly reached for her mobile phone. However, after turning around, her vision suddenly turned dark and she fainted.

There was a needle in between Nicole’s fingers and she pulled it out of Yu Jiajia’s neck and kept it. After that, she propped Yu Jiajia up and brought her to the side of the street. There, she flagged down a cab.

After getting on the cab, the cab driver asked them, “Where to?”

Nicole casually gave him a certain place. After the cab had moved, she turned around and saw that a black car was following them.

Nicole glanced at Yu Jiajia who was lying beside her. She chuckled to herself: You’re not just an ordinary person, are you?

The cab reached a quiet and secluded spot and came to a halt. The driver looked at how dark the surroundings were and he asked, “Lady, are you sure this is it?”

Nicole turned around and saw that the MPV was stopped at an intersection behind them.

She casually paid for the cab fare and carried Yu Jiajia out with her. After the cab left, Nicole carried Yu Jiajia to a closed shop by the street. They sat down on the stairs of the shop and she smiled as she gazed into the distance.

Several men in black suits jumped out from the MPV.

One, two, three, four…

A total of six men.

Nicole narrowed her eyes.

These men were clearly not ordinary people. One glance was sufficient for her to tell that they had all received professional training. She was able to tell simply from the way they were walking.

They quickly approached. The did not utter any nonsensical words and two of them stepped forward in an attempt to block Nicole. As for the remaining fellows, their target was: Yu Jiajia.

Their boss had given them clear orders: Follow Miss Yu Jiajia and monitor her closely. Once an opportunity arose, move immediately to save her!

What was that ‘opportunity’? Their boss had given them two photos. Those were the photos of two young men that they must not provoke. As long as those two were beside Miss Yu, they must only keep an eye on her and not take any action.

This moment was the ‘opportunity’ that they were waiting for! Of the two fellows in the photos, one had not been seen in a few days while the other one was presently not around!

If not now, then when?

As for this young woman… in the eyes of those professionals in black suits, she was just a fluffy little white rabbit.

The leader of the men stepped forward and attempted to restrain Nicole. There was a rather polite smile on his face as he spoke, “Young Miss, this matter has nothing to do with you. Don’t resist, we are not here to hurt yo… hgyaaaa!!!”

Before he could finish what he was saying, the fluffy white rabbit transformed into a tyrannical dragon!

Nicole reached out with her hand and gripped the men in black’s wrist. Just a little bit of force from her caused the man to feel an unbelievable amount of pain and he went down to his knees. Nicole then kicked out and he screamed out miserably as his body was sent rolling away. His head slammed into a fire hydrant by the street. Without so much as a grunt, he fainted.

The other men in black suits were stunned. However, they were professionals. They moved in concert and each of them pulled out a short stick from their bosoms. With a flick of their hands, the short sticks extended and became longer.

Collapsible batons?

Nicole laughed.

“Don’t you have guns?” asked Nicole as she used her slender fingers to point at several of the fellows standing opposite of her.

“We just want to take Miss Yu with us,” one of the men in black said in a low and hoarse voice.

Nicole sighed and said, “Let’s fight. You can talk after you win.”

Win? Was that possible?

The answer was obvious.

As Nicole was knocking down all the men that Father Qiao sent out….

At that same moment, Roddy was so anxious he felt like tearing the entire karaoke room down!

One of the men he beat up nearly had his wrist broken and he screamed out in a mournful voice, “It’s really not us! We did not take them away! All of us are right here!”

Roddy believed him.

He checked each room. Finally, after rushing to the hall, he found out that the two women had run out just now.

There was no one with them. They had run off by themselves.

Roddy was so furious he nearly spat blood.

However, just as he was about to go look for them, the police arrived.

“Are you the one fighting here?” The police officers stared at Roddy.

The staff member of the karaoke establishment immediately pointed at Roddy and said, “That’s him. There are some more inside.”

Roddy took a deep breath.

After thinking about it, he did not attempt to run away.

“Can I make a call?” Roddy looked at the police officer.

The police officer was clearly experienced in this matter. After hesitating for only a bit, he nodded.

Roddy’s first call was to Yu Jiajia.

However, Yu Jiajia was presently sleeping on the stairs of the closed shop, her head tilted as she drooled. She was unable to wake up no matter how long her mobile phone had rung.

Beside her, Nicole’s feet was stepping on one of the men in black’s head. She said, “You don’t want to say it out? That’s fine, I have my ways.”

Nicole produced an oval-shaped pill and stuffed it into the man in black’s mouth.

It was a medicinal substance produced by the system used for interrogation. The subject would answer whatever question he received.

A few minutes later, Nicole acquired the answer to her question.

“Qiao Yifeng?” Nicole looked at the men lying on the ground and turned back to look at Yu Jiajia. There was a serious expression on her face. “To think it would be them… Chen Xiaolian, just who did you end up provoking…”

She then walked over to retrieve Yu Jiajia’s phone and used it to call up Roddy.

Roddy was in the police station giving his statement.

When he received the call, Roddy nearly cursed out.

“Where did you go?”

“When men are fighting, of course we women have to run away! What? Were you hoping for us to cheer you on?”

Roddy restrained himself and asked, “Where are you now?”

“In the car. We’re getting ready to go back,” said Nicole in a morally righteous tone. “Where are you?”

“The police station.”

“Oh? Then, should we head home first?”

“… come here first.” Roddy sighed. “You are also involved in this. Come here to give your testimony and I will be able to leave.”

“So troublesome! Wait there!”

The call was cut off.

Roddy was so pissed he nearly crushed his own mobile phone. He came to realize that the yoga-training woman, the one known as little Ye seemed to exists solely to trouble him.

After ending the call, Nicole restrained herself from smiling. Her eyes flickered.

This Roddy is still that funny.

However, when her eyes gazed over to Yu Jiajia, her eyes narrowed.

Qiao Yifeng’s men?

This girl is not simple at all.

As a Floating Angel from Zero City, Nicole was quite familiar with the name Qiao Yifeng!

While Roddy was giving his statement in the police station, Chen Xiaolian was rowing.

They weren’t quite completely out of luck.

Hans and his team found an oil barrel in the dilapidated warehouse beside the pier. Inside the barrel was some diesel.

Obviously, the soldiers that Zayad had stationed here had run off in haste and did not take many items away with them.

However, when Hans walked out from the warehouse, his face was ugly to behold to the extreme.

He even lashed out with a savage kick at the door of the warehouse!

Back in the warehouse, he had personally seen some of the goods that the soldiers failed to take away with them.

The packages had the UN Peacekeeping label on them! They were the material aid that UN Peacekeeping had provided!

This warehouse… according to the African minister, this was the place used by Zayad to smuggle and sell goods.

Zayad, that bastard!

He took the supplies and materials provided by UN Peacekeeping and sold them!

He thought of how he and his colleagues had to come all the way to Africa, how they had to struggle to raise funds for the material aid, supplies, food, clothing and medical supplies and send them here.

They did so while holding onto the virtuous belief that they were helping the suffering people here.

However, those items were privately taken away by the dictator and sold!

Hans was of the opinion that Zayad should be tried!

Naturally, he did not know that Zayad was already dead. Hans was generally a pacifist who was strongly opposed to the death penalty. But if Zayad were to appear before Hans now, the German fellow had no confidence that he could stop himself from pulling out his gun to shoot Zayad.

There was not much diesel. After distributing it to nearly ten boats, the amount for each would become even less.

Making the calculations, they found that it was impossible to reach the border of Congo by use of diesel alone.

Hans and his team quickly pulled out the map to make plans. After racking their brains, they were able to come up with a somewhat feasible plan.

The flow of the river differed; some places had a sufficient enough difference in the riverbed height, causing a better rate of flow. Some places however, had a very low rate of flow.

Those places could be utilized.

The plan that Hans and his team came up with was to not use the engine on the boats at places where there was a good rate of flow. Everyone would come together to row the boat and save up on the diesel fuel.

Only in places where the river was barely flowing would they consider using the engines.

This approach would allow them to save up on some fuel – although it would not be enough, at least it would allow them to travel farther.

Putting more distance between them and Kabuka meant having a better degree of safety.

Chen Xiaolian did not participate in their discussions and planning. He simply stood beside them and looked on nonchalantly.

During boarding time, the people were free to choose which boats they wanted to board.

At that moment, the complexity of human nature reared its head.

There was a need to row the boat, something that placed physical strength to the test.

Thus, some of the people with stronger bodies would naturally band together as a team.

Some elderly and weak would be avoided.

Randall and his mercenaries got on one same boat. They had also accepted the officer from UN, Schneider and three other able-bodied youngsters. They then rejected others from getting on their boat.

The other refugees revealed the despicable nature of humans.

The young and strong became popular while the elderly and weak became existences to be avoided.

Hans quickly came to find out about what was happening. He swiftly made the decision to split up his organization members into each of the boats. He sent several of the young and strong into some of the boats to balance the gap in strength between the boats as much as possible.

Even so, there was no way to care for all of them.

Chen Xiaolian who was standing beside crossed his arms and sneered.

He felt that Hans was being too soft.

At a time like this, if Chen Xiaolian was the one in charge, he would use force to suppress and split the young and strong! Those who were unwilling will be beaten until they do!

If they continue to be unwilling, then kick them out!

However, Hans and his team did not choose to do something as strict as that.

Even Chen Xiaolian became someone that the refugees avoided.

It was due to his appearance. He was somewhat too lean looking and did not appear too mature…

A glance would tell them that this was a weak young boy. Thus, the other refugees refused to sit in the same boat as him. That was especially true of those young and able-bodied refugees.

Chen Xiaolian ignored them.

He picked a boat and cleaned it up. When he raised his head, he saw Lin Leyan coming over with a paddle in tow.

“I’ll go with you.” Lin Leyan said in a straightforward manner.

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head without saying anything.

To his surprise, someone else came as well.

The first was the African minister.

The minister had a very fat body figure. One glance was sufficient for them to tell that he was not someone who could work. His body was too heavy and while he was not an elderly, he was not exactly young. In terms of labour strength – he became one of those that were shirked.

Here, no one cared about his status as ‘Kombia’s Deputy Minister of Transportation’.

In addition to the African minister was another familiar face.

That… Caucasian woman had also gingerly approached.

She did not come alone. There was an African whose body shape was similar to the African minister beside her. Chen Xiaolian judged that this was her financial backer.

The Caucasian woman did not have a great constitution and also belonged to the shirked group of people. As for her financial backer, he was even fatter than the African minister. Naturally, he was avoided as well.

Seeing that there were vacant spots on Chen Xiaolian’s boat, they came over with a somewhat shameful look on their faces.

The Caucasian woman begged in a low tone, “Mr, please take us as well!”

“Please!” The financial backer said in a low tone as well. “I can give you money!”

After saying that, he took off a gold chain from his wrist and said, “If you take me, this will be yours!”

Chen Xiaolian gave him a glance.

He suddenly smiled and reached out with his hand to accept the gold chain, which he then tossed over to Lin Leyan. “Take it! I helped your organization get some donation, keep it.”

Then, he picked up two paddles and handed it to the Caucasian woman and the financial backer respectively. “You know how to row, right? I have no other request, row a little or row a lot… do your best, just do your best. But if anyone tries to be lazy, I will throw that person into the river.”

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