Chapter 359 Huge Own Goal

GOR Chapter 359 Huge Own Goal

Randall said “You brought too many people with you!” instead of “We brought too many people with us.”

Chen Xiaolian could sense the difference implied by those two statements.

Clearly, Randall was very unsatisfied with Hans’ conduct of bringing so many civilians and refugees that were unaffiliated with them.

With more people within their group, the situation had become more chaotic and their efficiency was naturally reduced.

Normally, suffering from a little bit of inefficiency was something that they could just shrug off. However, they were presently running for their lives!

Randall was of the opinion that they should lead the group upstream and find a place where the water level was shallow. He was somewhat confident that such a find was possible.

When they do find it, they will be able to use the jeeps to cross the river!

Their modified 7-seater jeeps had their exhaust pipes modified to the u-shaped pipes. With a little tinkering, crossing the river would not pose an issue for it.

Additionally, they had two of those 7-seater jeeps. They could just cram themselves inside and if it came down to it, they could just sit on the roof of the jeeps.

Although there were 20 peace organization members and 6 mercenaries, they could still barely make it.

However, these civilians were now proving to be a burden!

If they were to bring these people along with them, without the vehicles, these people could only walk. That would only slow them down!

Randall had no intentions of dying in this God forsaken place. They were soldiers of fortune, but they had never thought about dying for the peace organization.

Hans understood what Randall meant and his face turned pale and contorted. “Mr Randall! We have a contract with your company! You must ensure our safety! Additionally, when we are on the move, you need to listen to us! You should just focus on providing security and ignore all else!”

Randall did not back down. Rather, he coldly rebuked, “Hans! You should not forget, the rules of the contract stated that we are only obligated to protect the safety of you and your people! However… that only covers the members of your organization! You are presently bringing a bunch of unrelated people with you. My brothers and I have no obligation to fight to the death for these people!

“Those people are not part of the contract for protection! If you do this, we can regard your actions as a breach of contract!”

Hans sucked in a breath.

Although Randall was using sophistry to insist that his opinions were just, Hans had to admit that those points were hard to refute.

However, even if Randall was right and that these mercenaries were not obligated by the contract to protect these civilians…

But… how could Hans just toss these people aside?

As volunteers of the peace organization, the reason they came to Africa was to save people. Considering how much of an idealists these bunch of people were, how would they be willing to toss those civilians aside?

That would completely go against the beliefs of Hans and his group.

“I had already discussed this with Mr Schneider earlier and he agreed with me,” Randall added bluntly.

Fury lit up within Hans’ eyes.

Schneider was the special liaisons officer sent by UN Peacekeeping, he was not a member of their peace organization. It would be more accurate to label him as a bureaucrat. Thus, it was only natural that he would not be as altruistic as Hans and his group.

However, there was an issue. From a ranking point of view, Schneider was above Hans. Although everyone usually listened to Hans’ commands, if Schneider were to insist on supporting Randall, Hans would find it difficult to stop him.

Hans turned around and saw the American fellow who was skulking in the distance.

Schneider who was standing beside one of the vehicles saw Hans looking at him and he seemingly flinched.

“Mr Schneider!” Hans uttered in a hushed tone. “Please come over here!”

After the American fellow made his way over, Hans stared at him and said, “Just now, Mr Randall and I had a little discussion about something. According to him, you had given your permission for it?”

There was a furtive look in Schneider’s face and he shook his head before saying, “Hans, we need to be responsible for the safety of the organization members. As for the others, they are the people of Kombia and not within our scope of responsibility…”

“If that is how you want to put it, then this peace organization of ours might as well just disband. All the peace organizations affiliated with UN Peacekeeping can disband! Because those people are not within our scope of responsibility!” Hans retorted coldly.

“I… I’m just doing this for everyone’s sake.”

“You’re just being a coward!” Hans did not show any regard for the other party’s reputation.

This German man then raised his head up high and stared at Randall. He said, “I’m now formally informing you, I will not give up on these people!”

Then, he turned around to look at his own members and asked, “What about you all? What do you think?”

Winston was the first to open his mouth. “I came to Africa to save people, not to abandon them!”

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

“I will never abandon any of those civilians!”

“Schneider! You coward! If you want to leave, then you can leave alone! Go swim across the river right now!”

The other members of the peace organization stood behind Hans. Lin Leyan too, did not hesitate to do the same.

Chen Xiaolian observed what was happening and he sighed to himself.

They really are a bunch of virtuous… Samaritans.

Mm, it’s just that they are too principled.

Schneider's face sank.

Under such circumstances, if he were to insist on continuing, then he would only be able to bring the mercenaries with him as he made his escape.

However, by doing so, his career would be over after he made it back!

Randall’s face revealed that he was feeling very vexed.

If he were to abandon Hans and bring only Schneider alone and leave…

He could use the terms of the contract as an excuse for his actions. However, if Hans and his team were all killed here after Randall made his way back…

Randall was very clear that his mercenary company would never let him off the hook!

This would become a huge scandal and a failed business!

Once such a huge incident had erupted, his mercenary company could forget about getting any more contracts from any organizations affiliated to UN Peacekeeping!

When that happened… Randall knew well enough that the head of his mercenary company would personally put a bullet through his head!

“Fine! You’re the boss, we’ll follow your orders.” Randall took a deep breath and exhaled before casting a fierce stare at Hans.

After saying that, Randall stared intently at the African minister and sneered. “You say that the pier had boats, right? Let’s hope you’re right! Otherwise, I will personally throw you down the river!”

Fuming, Randall then led several of his mercenaries away.

Hans looked at Schneider and asked, “What about you, Mr?”

“I… I respect everyone’s opinion.” Schneider sighed.

Hans appeared very resolute. However, he inwardly sighed in relief. Then, he clapped his hands and said, “All right, now! Inform everyone the time for rest is over! We’ll be moving immediately!”

He turned to the African minister and said, “You will be sitting in our leading vehicle and lead the way!”

“Ok, ok! No problem!”

Everyone then dispersed and went on with their tasks.

Suddenly, Hans pulled Chen Xiaolian to his side.

“What is it?” asked Chen Xiaolian who looked at the German fellow.

“I… I don’t know if my decision is right or wrong. But at this moment, I need to follow my beliefs and my heart.” Hans shook his head and there was fear on his face. “Chen… I know that you are a very powerful person. So, I’m begging you… I beg you… if, I’m saying if we meet any danger on the way; please don’t just stand by the side, please?”

“I’m just one man,” Chen Xiaolian said coolly.

“I know that! I’m just asking you to do your best.” Hans whispered. “For God’s sake, all right? If anything dangerous happens, if you can save one more life, then save one more life, all right?”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Hans. He looked at the German fellow whose eyes had turned red.

“Although I do not believe in that God you are talking about… all right, I promise to do what you asked.”

Hans was making a huge gamble. He was placing all his hopes on the information provided by the African minister, hoping that it proved to be true.

When their vehicles turned back, a burst of riots erupted from the group of people. Hans and his other team members came forth to earnestly explain things to them.

As for Randall and his mercenaries, they sat inside another pickup truck and watched on the side-lines. There was a sneer on Randall’s face as he watched what was happening.

When he noticed Chen Xiaolian observing him, Randall acted in an overbearing manner. He faced Chen Xiaolian and made a throat cutting gesture with his hand.

Chen Xiaolian was in no mood to pay attention to the madman.

It would appear that there was quite a high amount of pressure on the African minister as well. If they arrived at the spot he had mentioned and were unable to find the pier and boats that he had mentioned, then they would certainly tear him to pieces!

Along the way, that fellow could be seen praying all the time.

It would seem that they were in luck!

After riding on the vehicles through a jungle for nearly one hour, they arrived at a riverbank.

At the end of a dirt road was surprisingly a pier!

Although it appeared somewhat dilapidated, it was still a pier! Its wooden boards were old, its iron fences rusty and several incomplete buildings served as a warehouse.

Seeing the pier caused everyone to cheer joyfully.

That was particularly true after seeing several boats tied beside the pier!

It was similar to the small ferryboats that Chen Xiaolian had seen before in China. The size of the boats was not big and each boat could only carry no more than 10 people.

Seeing that dashed Hans and the others’ hopes of ferrying their vehicles across the river.

Fortunately, there were many boats. There were at least seven to eight boats tied to the pier and were enough for their group that had 60 people.

Although the boats appeared old, they were no leaks and their shape was more or less intact.

Seeing that reignited everyone’s hopes!

Hans brought several people with him to check on the pier. Lin Leyan strode forward and followed them while Chen Xiaolian leisurely followed.

Although Winston had one arm on a sling, he was the first to jump onto one of the boats. He quickly went to check the propeller and the rudder.

The Australian youngster became overjoyed and he excitedly said, “The boat is in good shape! God bless us!”

A cheering shout came from the shore.

Hans jumped onto another boat. After this detailed middle-aged man inspected the boat however, his originally joyful expression sank!

Chen Xiaolian had noticed the German fellow standing in a stunned manner there. His body had clearly turned stiff and his face had turned extremely ugly to behold!

“What happened?” Chen Xiaolian sensed that something was wrong. So, he walked over and asked Hans in a hushed tone.

Cold sweat emerged from Hans’ forehead and he answered, “The boats… there is a problem with the boats!”

“The boats are damaged?” Chen Xiaolian was puzzled and he frowned. He turned around and inspected with his eyes and saw that there was nothing wrong with the boat.

“No, it’s not the boat that’s damaged.” Hans suddenly sighed out. “We made a mistake!”

“What is going on?”

Hans shook his head and suddenly shouted, “Winston! Hurry, get that pickup truck and drive it over. Try to put it as close to the riverbank as possible! Go! Find two other people to help you!”

After saying that, Hans took a deep breath and continued, “Suck up the fuel in the fuel tank!”

Winston who had been elated earlier heard Hans’ order and a look of realization dawned upon him. Then, this Australian youngster’s face fell into a depressed state.

Chen Xiaolian looked at Hans and asked, “What is going on here?”

“These boats are… diesel engines!” Hans face was gloomy as he continued, “The fuel that we brought with us are mostly gasoline! Only one of our pickup trucks have diesel engine. Its fuel tank should still have some diesel in it. But, even if we do extract all of it out, there won’t be much.”

Hans gritted his teeth and looked at the boats stationed at the river. Then, he suddenly slammed his palm on the fence.

“Get two people to go search inside the warehouse! See if you can find anything. See if there are any leftover fuel! Hurry! Hurry! Move it!”

Hans shouted loudly and led several people toward the dilapidated warehouse by the riverbank.

Chen Xiaolian stood on the pier. He had understood the problem.

Diesel engines.

It’s diesel engines!

The vehicles they rode on mostly had gasoline engines, thus their group had stocked up on gasoline as spare fuel, not diesel.

Diesel engines could not use gasoline as fuel.

Because diesel engines and gasoline engines worked differently.

Diesel engines depended on compression for ignition while gasoline engines depended on spark plugs for ignition.

Although they were both classified as fuel, putting gasoline into diesel engines would do nothing.

This was truly a huge own goal!

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