Chapter 340 Condition!

GOR Chapter 340 Condition!

No more words were exchanged that night. The next morning, Chen Xiaolian woke up from the bed.

Normally, since his good bro Arslan had come to visit from afar, there was a need to accompany him around Nanjing.

However, this was not Arslan’s first time in the city. Back when he was staying here for one whole year, he had already visited many of the places within the historical capital city. They had even climbed up the city wall of Nanjing in the middle of the night to drink.

During that night when they were drinking above the wall, the three of them joked around after having had their fill of wine. Roddy had pointed at the wall they were sitting on and laughed as he said, “This was the capital city built by the first Ming Emperor, the one who had chased your Mongolian ancestors out from the Central Plains. Now, you are sitting on the wall that he built. How does it feel?”

Arslan did not feel angry; instead, he smiled and simply replied, “The Yuan Emperor (Mongolian Emperor) is Tolui’s descendant, but I am not a descendant of their Imperial family oh.”

Back then, he had spent over half a year’s time to visit the many famous monuments of Nanjing and was no longer interested to see them anymore.

However, Arslan suggested going to visit the university. Since he had been admitted to one of Nanjing’s universities, he thought that it was only appropriate that he visit the university to familiarize himself with its landscape.

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy would accompany Arslan in his visit. However, as they were about to head out, Chen Xiaolian had gotten Yu Jiajia to follow suit.

Since he had ‘kidnapped’ her, it was only natural to have her beside him.

However, this kidnap hostage was unaware of anything and thought that Chen Xiaolian was being kind-hearted, allowing her to follow him out as he travelled around. Thus, she had happily followed them out.

The four of them moved out in a car with Roddy as the driver. Arslan sat in the first passenger seat while Chen Xiaolian and Yu Jiajia sat in the back seat.

The four of them arrived at the south of Jiangning District of Nanjing and stopped before the entrance of a university.

It was during the summer holidays, thus the entrance area of the university was very much devoid of people. Not many people could be seen even in the campus itself. Roddy and Arslan strutted in front with their arms crossed. They glanced around as they walked forward and Roddy sighed. Then, he reached out to pat Arslan’s shoulder. “Bro, this university of yours seems lacking in females. You’re probably in for hard times for the next few years.”

Arslan merely shrugged and replied, “My mother had already told me beforehand not to find a girl from down south. She said that your southern girls are mostly spoiled and won’t be able to endure. After I graduated and return home, my mother will find me a good partner.”

Yu Jiajia who was listening at the back was unable to restrain her curiosity. “Eh? Your people still have arranged marriages?”

“Stop talking nonsense,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile. “What arranged marriage? Nowadays, it is common to have family members introduce potential partners for the younger generation.”

The university was in a newly developed area and most of the facilities are quite good. The university campus covered a large area. There was a stately feel to the library, gymnasium and others. They assessed their surroundings as they walked and Arslan was moved by what he saw. They then reached a sports stadium and could see some students in the middle of a basketball match. They were running back and forth in a lively manner.

They stopped walking and watched. Arslan who possessed a tall and imposing stature was quite interested in this sport. Roddy was a hard-core Kobe fan. Naturally, he was also a fan of basketball.

As for Chen Xiaolian… although he did play basketball as well, his height was insufficient, his face childish and his body too thin. Roddy would often tease him with the words ‘Levi’s height’ [1]. Even back in his own school’s basketball team, Chen Xiaolian was only able to watch on the side-lines. After a long time, it was only natural for his interest in it to fade.

After watching for a few minutes, Chen Xiaolian then walked away. He walked around the basketball stadium, found himself two parallel bars and sat down with a dazed look on his face.

The stillness and tranquillity of the campus, the sweating students in the basketball court not far away; experiencing the scene and atmosphere, Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

Taking in the atmosphere of this campus, he could not help but feel somewhat lost.

The instance dungeons of the game and this place seemed to be of two different worlds.

“If only this normal life could go on forever, how good would that be…” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

It was at that moment that his mobile phone in his pocket rang out.

He pulled out the mobile phone and checked it, after which he raised his eyebrows.

What misery… just one phone call was enough to pull Chen Xiaolian out from his tranquil and wondrous state of fantasy.

After accepting the call, Chen Xiaolian spoke in a calm manner, “Boss Qiao?”

“… … …” Naturally, the one on the other end of the phone was Qiao Yifeng. He remained silent. However, Chen Xiaolian could hear the sound of his heavy breathing through the phone.

Chen Xiaolian gave an amused smile before saying, “You are the one who called me. Surely, you did not do so to play a silence is golden game with me, right?”

“… declare your conditions, what will it take for you to release her!” There was hoarseness in Qiao Yifeng’s voice and Chen Xiaolian could sense a hint of anxiousness within them.

“Those words sound like something that I should be saying. What will it take for you to return Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo.”

“… bastard! That is my daughter!” Qiao Yifeng suddenly roared out.

“They are also my guild members.” Chen Xiaolian did not let up and he slowly continued, “You are not an ordinary person. So, you should understand that the instance dungeon selections will not care who your daughter may be. If they get selected to participate in an instance dungeon, people will die.”

“I have my own ways of keeping them safe.”

“Then what about others?!” Chen Xiaolian snapped coldly. “If my entire guild gets selected to participate and they don’t enter, the instance dungeon will mete out punishment!”

“That's not my problem!” Qiao Yifeng grunted.

Chen Xiaolian felt somewhat furious. However, he forced himself to calm down and slowly replied, “You made this call. Surely it is not just to argue with me?”

“What will it take for you to release her?”

“It’s simple. Return Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo to me,” Chen Xiaolian said coolly. “Then, you can send someone over to retrieve Yu Jiajia.”

“Dream on!” Qiao Yifeng spat out furiously. “Get them to quit the guild! You are the Guild Leader, you have the authority to do so!”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian fell silent for a moment. Then, he slowly spoke up, “Unless Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo take the initiative to leave, I will never force it upon them.”

After pausing for a moment, Chen Xiaolian then continued with a cold voice, “If Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo were willing to follow your words, they would have quit my guild long ago. Since they have not chosen to do so, that shows you have forcibly taken them against their will.”

Qiao Yifeng uttered in a hoarse tone, “Chen Xiaolian! Don’t go overboard! Even though there are some feelings between you and Qiao Qiao, don’t you think your actions are too selfish? If you let them go, I can keep them safe! If you truly love her, then you should not allow her to follow you and risk her life! Naturally, I have ways to help her avoid the instance dungeon…”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave an abrupt pound and he blurted, “You… you sent them into Zero City?”

Qiao Yifeng was silent for a moment before answering with a stern tone, “There is no need for you to know about this. I only need you to use your Guild Leader’s authority to have them quit the guild. As for what happens later, there is no need for you to know!”

Chen Xiaolian fell into a state of silence.


If this was merely due to his feelings for Qiao Qiao, then Chen Xiaolian might have chosen to do so.

If doing so would allow Qiao Qiao to acquire a refuge and hide somewhere and avoid being sucked into the instance dungeons… then Chen Xiaolian might end up listening to Qiao Yifeng’s request.

However, Qiao Qiao was not simply someone he loved. She was also his guild member, In addition, she also possessed a third identity!


This identity was something that not even Qiao Yifeng knew about!

This identity must be hidden from the other Awakened ones and Players!

This identity would naturally bring certain danger to Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo.

Thus, how could Chen Xiaolian calmly hand over Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo to an Awakened guild that he was not familiar with?

Additionally, in that guild, Qiao Yifeng was neither the leader nor someone of importance. He was simply a representative of the guild in the secular world.

One could only imagine, if Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo entered the guild and the guild found out about the secret of the Irregularities existence, then… just how much trouble and danger would result from that!

“I refuse!” Chen Xiaolian gave a very direct answer. “If you want Yu Jiajia, then you will have to exchange her with Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo.”

“Brat! Don’t think that I don’t dare to kill you.” Qiao Yifeng harrumphed and continued, “Although you saved Yu Jiajia and helped me before…”

“Then just bring it,” Chen Xiaolian replied coldly.

After reaching that point of their conversation, Chen Xiaolian suddenly thought of something.

A strange thought appeared in his mind.

This call by Qiao Yifeng... although he was talking in a tough manner, there was something seemingly weird about it.

This old man had an obstinate and obnoxious temper and would never compromise.

However, Yu Jiajia had been beside Chen Xiaolian for roughly two days now.

The first time around, the people who came were likely just ordinary bodyguards from her home. Back then, it was likely that Qiao Yifeng still did not know that Yu Jiajia had left home.

But now that Qiao Yifeng had found out about it, why didn’t he send any Awakened experts over?

Normally, with his temper, he would have sent some Awakened experts over right off the bat.

Ignoring all others, that bodyguard in black suit that was beside Qiao Yifeng alone was a considerably strong Awakened.

Yet, this old man had waited a whole day only to make a phone call without taking any real action.

Although he was showing a tough side on the phone, he ended up revealing something…

A tough exterior but a soft interior?

Chen Xiaolian’s mind clicked into place and he had a faint feeling that he had gotten hold of something important.

He smiled softly and said in a cold voice, “If you want to send someone over to trouble me, then I can only accept it! However… Mr Qiao, I fear you can’t even take care of yourself right now.”

“… you, what did you say?!” There was rage in Qiao Yifeng’s voice. However, Chen Xiaolian could detect traces of shock in his voice and also… anxiety!

Mm? It seems that really is the case…

“You can’t even protect yourself, what more others. Yet, you still dare talk big.” Chen Xiaolian deliberately spoke in a disdainful tone. “Mr Qiao, you truly do live up to your reputation of a powerful businessman.”

Qiao Yifeng became silent for a few seconds. Then, he spoke with a lowered tone.

“You… how did you find out about it?”

Chen Xiaolian pumped his fist tightly!

His bet was on the mark!

“There is no need for you to care about that,” Chen Xiaolian answered calmly. “At any rate, if you want Yu Jiajia, then return Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo.”

“… I want to talk to Yu Jiajia.” Qiao Yifeng’s tone seemed somewhat dispirited.

“I also want to talk to Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo,” Chen Xiaolian deliberately said that. “This way, it will be fair.”

“… no, they cannot talk to you.”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart became tense.

He became increasingly certain of one thing.

Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo… did this old man really bring them into Zero City?

If not, how could Father Qiao be so confident that he could protect the two sisters from the instance dungeons’ selection? Additionally, they cannot talk with him…

In Zero City, all contact with the outside world would be cut off.

Let alone a phone call, even the guild channel would be blocked!


In a rare moment, Qiao Yifeng’s tone suddenly became slightly softer. He lowered his voice and said, “Chen Xiaolian… could it be you do not really love Qiao Qiao? You should understand, compared to being reunited with you, having her stay safe is more important! If you truly love her, shouldn’t you wish that she could live a safe and proper life? Isn’t that better for her?”

Chen Xiaolian exhaled and said, “There are many things that you alone do not get to decide. She has the right to make her own choices. I repeat, if you can convince her to quit the guild, then do so. But since she had not done so, that means… she is being held against her will.”

After pausing for a moment, Chen Xiaolian then gritted his teeth and said, “We promised, no matter what happens, we will never give up on each other. We will watch over one another!”

Qiao Yifeng took a sharp breath and coughed out softly a few times. Although he attempted to conceal it, Chen Xiaolian could sense the weakness within it.

“I’ll give you one hundred million…”

“Ha ha ha ha!” Chen Xiaolian caould not restrain himself from laughing out. “Mr Qiao is a secular person after all. But don’t you think you are forgetting something? Does secular wealth hold any meaning to us Awakened ones? One hundred million? If we really want money, with our abilities, would we not be able to gather money?

“Additionally… one hundred million? Are you joking? In your eyes, your daughter is only worth one hundred million?”

“How much do you want? State your price!”

“I don’t need money. I just want people,” replied Chen Xiaolian as he shook his head. “Let’s not continue talking nonsense. I won’t change my condition. If you cannot accept it, then just send your men over to snatch her. I will be waiting for your guild’s experts.”

“Chen Xiaolian! Don’t get too greedy, you…”

Without bothering to listen to Qiao Yifeng’s curses, Chen Xiaolian simply cut off the call.

Chen Xiaolian was not interested to know how furious Qiao Yifeng was.

After cutting off the call, Chen Xiaolian stared off into the distance and silently counted to himself.

One, two three, four…

As expected, before reaching 30, his mobile phone rang out once more.

After the call went through, he heard Qiao Yifeng’s voice. Although the old man was still very furious, he had calmed down considerably.

“Help me out with one matter. If you succeed, I will let you talk with Qiao Qiao once.”

A few seconds later, Chen Xiaolian ended the call with a serious look on his face.

1 Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan. Apparently, he is quite short at 160 cm.

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