Chapter 335 Scram

GOR Chapter 335 Scram

This matter could be considered complicated. At the same time, it could also be said to be quite a simple matter.

Yu Jiajia thought about it and was quick to identify one of the key issues.

This Roddy was not Roddy.

That fellow had been using a fake name to deceive her!

After realizing that, Yu Jiajia suddenly felt at ease. After the feelings of shock and anger had subsided, she felt a trace of relief.

So, it turns out he is not Roddy… if so, it would seem that the matter of hooking the little girl was not done by him?

“I recognize you. You are the one we met at Hangzhou, Yu Jiajia.”

“You are Roddy? Then, what is his name?”

“Yu Jiajia, why did you come to my house?”

“Guild… Guild Leader… so, sorry… I, I…”

Roddy, Yu Jiajia, Chen Xiaolian and Qimu Xi. The four of them spoke out at the same time, talking about different matters, resulting in chaos.

As for Arslan, the dark skinned muscular youngster stood beside them. He looked at them with a curious expression on his face.

Ten minutes later, they were finally able to somewhat sort out the chaotic circumstance.

Yu Jiajia looked at Chen Xiaolian and said, “So, you are not Roddy. Your real name is Chen Xiaolian, is that it?”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and a trace of peculiarity flashed across Yu Jiajia’s face. When she had ascertained the words ‘Chen Xiaolian’, her expression turned particularly odd.

The young woman continued, “So… this is your house?”

“This is my house.” Chen Xiaolian nodded.

“So… is Qimu Xi here to find you, or Roddy?”

Roddy who was standing beside snickered. Chen Xiaolian frowned and answered coolly, “She’s here to find us both.”

“Find you both? Why?” Yu Jiajia exclaimed in surprise. “No, what is this…”

A vexed look appeared on Chen Xiaolian’s eyes and his face turned cold. He said, “This is our personal matter. Is there any relation to you?”

He walked forward and stood before the table before casting his gaze at Yu Jiajia. “Young Miss Yu, why did you come here? Why did you appear in my house? If I recall correctly, I have never told you my house address. In fact, I did not even tell you my real name.”

There was a certain look of embarrassment on Yu Jiajia as she bit her lips and said, “You like to conceal yourself in everything you do.”

Chen Xiaolian replied coldly, “When someone is unwilling to even tell you their real name, that should have been enough to inform you of their behaviour toward you. They probably have no desire to become close with you. Young Miss Yu, could it be that some words must be stated clearly?”

Yu Jiajia’s face suddenly turned pale.

Truth be told, Chen Xiaolian was not a harsh person. He had no feelings of hatred toward Yu Jiajia. In fact, he had even saved her life before.

However… there was something that made Chen Xiaolian angry. Even until now, he was unable to know how Yu Jiajia was connected to Qiao Qiao’s father, Qiao Yifeng.

Regardless of what their connection may be, the relationship between them was quite the close one.

Speaking of Qiao Yifeng… truth be told, due to the disappearance of both Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo, Chen Xiaolian had been feeling extremely displeased with old Father Qiao.

This feeling of disgruntlement was not merely due to a normal ‘the girlfriend’s father is against their relationship’.

Rather, it was due to Qiao Yifeng’s excessively ungrateful and cold treatment toward him.

Thinking back, Chen Xiaolian had saved Qiao Yifeng before back in Hangzhou that night. When Qiao Yifeng was the target of assassination, Chen Xiaolian had taken action to help out. He had also saved Yu Jiajia. Later on, when Yu Jiajia was kidnapped, Chen Xiaolian had also stepped in to help.

Looking at all that, even if Qiao Yifeng was not feeling grateful toward him, at the very least he should not be treating him with such loathsome behaviour, right?

But, what did old Father Qiao do?

Regarding the help Chen Xiaolian gave when he was in Hangzhou… did old Father Qiao express any words of thanks? Did he take any concrete actions to thank Chen Xiaolian?


He had shamelessly taken Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo away from Chen Xiaolian’s side! He had forcibly taken them away from Chen Xiaolian’s guild!

This was not a simple matter of ‘a father not wanting his daughter to make contact with her boyfriend’!

This was something that could lead to death!

Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo were his guild members! Having them suddenly taken away from the guild could result in problems when participating in instance dungeons later on. This would lead to a predicament when preparing who to participate in instance dungeons that they have been selected for. Additionally, after entering the instance dungeon, they would also face the issue of not having their full power etc.

This was a game with their lives on the line!

This was not a simple matter of breaking up a loving couple!

This could lead to the death of others!

That was what old Father Qiao had done!

Chen Xiaolian had helped save him and Yu Jiajia before. But the old man simply ignored it.

He simply up and left! He certainly knew that this would lead to the danger of dying for the people on Chen Xiaolian’s side and yet, he did it anyways!

This caused Chen Xiaolian to feel extremely disgruntled.

Furthermore, this matter would not simply endanger Chen Xiaolian alone.

Due to Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo’s disappearance, the instance dungeon selection would bring such a risk to every member of Meteor Rock Guild!

That meant that everyone’s safety was at risk.

How was Chen Xiaolian not to feel furious at old Father Qiao?

How could he use a courteous behaviour to treat Yu Jiajia who had a close relationship with old Father Qiao?

Additionally, this Yu Jiajia had used some unknown methods to find out about him.

“M… Mr…” Qimu Xi stuttered. “This, this big sister, she… I was the one who brought her here… I was the one who told her this address, brought her here, I… I know I’m wrong now, please just punish me… this big sister is a good person who helped me… I… I…”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Qimu Xi in shock. “You told her about this address? You brought her here?”

Qimu Xi trembled and nearly cried.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said, “Very well, we’ll talk about your matters later.”

Seeing Qimu Xi’s display of weakness, Yu Jiajia was unable to stop herself from standing up for the sake of justice.”Qimu Xi! Why are you so afraid of him? What talk about your matter later? What right does he have to punish you? Why are you acting so submissive toward him?”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Yu Jiajia with narrowed eyes and frowned. “I haven’t seen you for quite some time. I wonder when did you suddenly like to poke your nose into other people’s business?”

Hearing the cold words from Chen Xiaolian, Yu Jiajia felt her heart turning sour and her eyes turned red. An unending stream of grievance gushed out from her heart.

Back when he was in Hangzhou, Chen Xiaolian’s behaviour toward Yu Jiajia was considerably all right. He had made quite a good impression on the young woman. However, Chen Xiaolian had chosen to be careful and avoid her.

Considering his temperament, he would never have said such harsh words toward Yu Jiajia. However, his anger at old Father Qiao had been subconsciously redirected toward her.

“I…” Yu Jiajia bit her lips. “I…”

Looking at her, Chen Xiaolian noted that she was crying. His eyebrows knitted together and he sighed before saying. “All right, why did you come to find me?”

“… … …” Yu Jiajia’s heart was filled with bitterness. However, she simply shut her mouth up and did not utter a single word.

Thus, Chen Xiaolian became irritated.

It was at that moment that Qimu Xi who was standing beside them spoke out in an awkward tone. “Mr, it is really not big sister’s fault. It is all my fault. This big sister was kind enough to help me… I…”

After saying that, Qimu Xi told them about her she came to Nanjing alone to find his house only to be unable to enter. After that, she had to wander in the streets, move to the school to find them, her meeting with Yu Jiajia… all the way until they came here.

Chen Xiaolian listened to it with a calm look on his face.

After Qimu Xi finished, he nodded. Then, he frowned and looked at Qimu Xi. “Mm, you mean to say, there was no one at home. You also did not meet my friend who is living here… if so, how did you two manage to enter my home?”

Qimu Xi’s body turned stiff as fear overtook her and her legs turned soft.

Chen Xiaolian threw a fierce stare at Qimu Xi and said, “Very well, we’ll continue discussing about your matters later.”

He turned around to look at Yu Jiajia and said in a calm tone. “In other words, you picked my lock and swaggered into my home?”

Chen Xiaolian’s tone had suddenly turned cold, becoming a deterring force, causing Yu Jiajia to become lost for words.

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. A trace of distaste flashed across his eyes.


“… … …” Yu Jiajia’s body shuddered and she said, “You, what did you say?”

There was no change in Chen Xiaolian’s expression as he said, “I said, scram.”


“What about me?” Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and said, “Do I owe you money?”

“… … …no.”

“Do I owe you a favour?”

“… … …no.”

“Are you my wife or my family member?”

“… … …no.” Yu Jiajia lowered her head.

“So, what makes you think you can simply pick someone else’s lock and break in. Did you think others would not get angry and will joke around with you?”

“I, I thought, I thought…”

Chen Xiaolian cut her off and said coldly, “No need for you to say anything else, you think… humph! You probably thought that I am one of those bad people who tricks others and had tricked Qimu Xi. Thus, your sense of justice overwhelmed you and you wanted to protect her, right? Did you think that because we were acquainted before back in Hangzhou, we are now friends? That is why you think you can just casually pick my lock?”

Chen Xiaolian pointed at Qimu Xi and said, “If you thought that I am a bad person who is cheating a little girl, you can protect her and take her away. You can even go report this to the police! However, you picked the lock of my home door? What kind of a shitty logic is that? Or is this how you treat your friends? You can casually pick the home door of your friends and just enter?

“You hold not a hint of respect for me, so why should I respect you?”

Yu Jiajia’s face was pale and she forgot to shed tears. She was filled with regret. Her impulsiveness and curiosity…

With trembling lips, she said, “I, I… I came to Nanjing to find you. I have something to discuss with you…”

There was a cold and indifferent expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face. “If there is something that you want to find me for, you can phone me. If you can’t reach me through the phone, then wait until it does. You are looking for me. If there is something you want me to help out with, then you should show the attitude of someone asking for help! I may not be that old, but I have never heard of someone going to pick the lock of the home door of the person they intend to ask help from!”

Without covering the look of vexation in his eyes, he said, “Young Miss Yu, you are a young, beautiful and wealthy miss, leading to the people in your life, your driver, your attendants to flatter and coax you. In school, the other male students and your other classmates will tolerate your temper due to your beauty. However, you had better get this straight. This world does not revolve around you. Not everyone in the world has to put up with your actions. This world does not belong to your mother!

“Someone like you who thinks that everyone should give way to you and flatter you because you are beautiful and have a family that is better than others, you are the type I don’t like getting along with.

“Now, please scram! Scram from my home!”

Yu Jiajia’s body lurched. In the end, she bit down on her lips forcefully and ran out with both hands holding onto her face.

As everyone in the room was looking at the scene, Qimu Xi appeared to want to move out to follow her…

“If you want to follow her, then go. But don’t bother coming back,” Chen Xiaolian casually said.

Qimu Xi was shocked and she dared not make any move.

Chen Xiaolian cast a cold stare at the girl and said, “You know what? Right now, I am feeling very angry. I am very angry at you and very disappointed.”

“… … …”

“Do you feel yourself pitiful and wronged?” Chen Xiaolian asked in a cold voice. “Very well, I can tell you why I feel angry and disappointed with you. If you think that what I said is wrong, then you may refute me. If I am wrong, I will apologize.

“First, you may feel that after coming here to find me only to find no one here to accept you as something pitiful. Then, let me ask you… back in… that place, you had no ability to protect yourself and needed someone to protect you. Considering how dangerous that place is and how difficult it is to survive there, I don’t blame you for that. But where are we now? This is a normal city! Compared to that ‘place’, there is no danger here, no enemies here.

“If you don’t even have the ability to survive alone in this normal world… what qualifications do you have to enter my guild?

“You don’t even have the ability to survive alone in the normal world? In the future, when we enter that place once more, won’t you just end up becoming extra baggage?

“For a young, ordinary girl, perhaps you are right.

“However, did you forget your identity?

“Second, since I have accepted you into my guild, that means you are a member of my guild.

“What is this place? This is my home! OUR home! Did you brain fall off? You brought a stranger back here? To top it off, when she picked the door lock before your very eyes, you simply stood back and watch?

“We are your companions! Yet, you simply stood by and watched as an outsider picked open the door of our guild’s home?

“What is the point of having a guild member like you?”

Hearing that, Qimu Xi was terrified to the point of speechlessness. In the end, she broke out in tears. As she sobbed, she said, “I, I am wrong! Mr, Guild Leader, I am wrong!”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath.

Roddy walked over and put his one hand on Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder. “All right, you’ve vented your anger. She is just a little child after all. Children do absurd stuff all the time, just teach her slowly.”

Next, Roddy winked at Qimu Xi and said, “Hurry up and go into your room to reflect on what you did! Mm… the second room on the left. Don’t come out unless we call for you.”

The expression on Qimu Xi’s face was as though the pressure bearing down on her had dissipated. She quickly ran into the room.

“Now you look more like a Guild Leader.” Roddy looked at Chen Xiaolian. Then, he used his lips to point. “All right, we still have guest here.”

Arslan stood in the living room near the door with a lost look on his face.

He did not have a fluent grasp of the Chinese language. Just now, the words exchanged between Chen Xiaolian, Yu Jiajia and Qimu Xi were done quite quickly and Arslan found himself unable to understand part of it. As for the other part, he was only partially able to understand.

At that moment, the Mongolian youngster walked forward and looked around the room. Then, he turned to look at the door, smiled and said, “Ba’er, those two females, which one is acquainted with you? From the way I see it, that beautiful one looks like… could she be your girlfriend?”

“No.” Chen Xiaolian exhaled. The anger in his heart had been vented out somewhat and he sighed. “Sorry for showing you such a laughable matter. It’s a private matter but I have finished dealing with it. Come, sit.”

Arslan did not hesitate. This was not his first time coming to Chen Xiaolian’s home. Last year, he had stayed here for quite some time. Thus, he did not stand on ceremony and tossed his luggage bag at the wall. After walking to the windows, he looked down for a while and said, “Eh? Ba’er, that woman… the one who ran away just now is sitting downstairs. She did not leave.”

Chen Xiaolian furrowed his brows and replied, “Ignore her first.”

Roddy whispered to him, “Could she have anything important for seeking you out… perhaps, it is related to old Father Qiao?”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and said, “I’ve my plans. We’ll leave her be first. Even if she is facing something and wants to find us for it, she must at least understand the meaning of showing respect to others.”

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