Chapter 334 You Were Dumped By Me Before?

GOR Chapter 334 You Were Dumped By Me Before?

Not only did the poor Qimu Xi failed to find out how to find Chen Xiaolian and Roddy from Yu Jiajia… instead, Yu Jiajia had gotten the address from her.

Eh… something about this doesn’t feel right… that was what a certain foolish girl thought to herself.

“Is it this residential complex?”

She rolled down the windows and pointed at the entrance of the residential complex before asking Qimu Xi.

Qimu Xi replied in a timid manner. “That… aren’t you Roddy’s friend? Why… why ask… why ask me…”

Yu Jiajia waved the question away with a laugh and said, “You don’t understand. We don’t generally meet in his house. We normally meet outside.”

“Oh…” Qimu Xi nodded her head in a daze. “But, the security guards at the entrance won’t let me in.”

“They won’t let you in?” Yu Jiajia blinked before continuing, “Let me try!”

Yu Jiajia drove the car until it was at the entrance. There, she was stopped by the security guards.

The security guard greeted them courteously, “May I ask which unit you are heading to?”

With one hand on the steering wheel, Yu Jiajia rolled down the car window and answered, “Building B 1103.”

The security guard then asked, “I’m sorry. Are you a visitor or the owner? Please show your vehicle pass…”

Yu Jiajia replied coolly, “The pass is at home. I did not bring it.”

“This…” There was a troubled expression on the security guard’s face.

Yu Jiajia gently placed her finger on her Prada brand sunglasses and revealed an exquisitely beautiful face. “My friend lives here. So I came here to visit him. What? Are you afraid that I might be a thief?”

Seeing the stunningly beautiful face plus the fact that the car was a very striking luxury car, the security guard felt himself losing his ground.

“If you are unable to feel at ease, you can follow us in,” Yu Jiajia said indifferently.

“Err…” The security guard hesitated for a moment before smiling. “This… no, there is no need. Please enter.”

Soon, the electronic fence was raised and Yu Jiajia stepped on the throttle, driving her car into the residential complex.

Qimu Xi who was seated inside the car stared at Yu Jiajia and asked, “Eh? Why, why is it that you can enter?”

Yu Jiajia sighed before replying, “Yesterday, you were wearing simple clothes. It is only natural that he would not allow you in, for fear that you might be a thief.”

“Then… isn’t he afraid that you might be a thief?”

Yu Jiajia revealed a wry smile and said, “Have you ever seen a thief drive a Porsche to go steal? Let me teach you something, in this world, most of the people only respect the clothes and not the people.”

The car was stopped under Chen Xiaolian’s unit.

After stopping the car, Yu Jiajia brought Qimu Xi down the car with her.

She raised her head and looked at the building before her. Then, she asked, “Is this the building? Roddy and his friend are staying here?”

Truth be told, this was Chen Xiaolian’s personal home. However, back then, Chen Xiaolian was together with Roddy. After Chen Xiaolian gave Qimu Xi the address, it was only natural for Qimu Xi to think that both Chen Xiaolian and Roddy live here together.

And so, the foolish girl nodded her head vigorously and said, “Yes, it’s here.”

“Come, let’s head up!”

When heading upstairs, they faced another issue regarding access. Without a door card, they were unable to even get into the corridor.

Naturally, this problem did not give Yu Jiajia much difficulty.

She casually pressed a button on the access system for a random house.

After she was connected through, she coughed and said, “Hello, your delivery is here.”

The door was opened.

Seeing the electronic door open up, Qimu Xi cast a worshipful gaze at Yu Jiajia.

“Come on!” Yu Jiajia gently patted the girl's face.

They used the elevator to get to the 11th floor and reached Chen Xiaolian’s unit.

They knocked on the door. As expected, there was no one at home.

“What do we do now?” Qimu Xi looked at Yu Jiajia. “There is no one at home.”

Yu Jiajia simply smiled and replied, “Not a problem for me.”

After saying that, the young woman pulled out a clip from her bag. She straightened the metal pin of the clip and gently stuck it into the eye of the keyhole.

Seeing what Yu Jiajia was doing, Qimu Xi was shocked and she uttered, “Ah! You are picking the lock!”

“Hush!” Yu Jiajia quickly made a silencing gesture.

“But, but, but picking locks is something that only thieves will do.” Qimu Xi seemed to be on the verge of tears. She wanted to stop Yu Jiajia. However, this beautiful young woman had been so good to her that she found herself unable to do so.

“Ay, I am only picking the lock, not stealing.” Yu Jiajia said. “Just think about it. Only those that wants to steal something is a thief. I am just picking the lock. After entering, we’ll just enter and wait for Roddy to return. We won’t be taking anything from his house. As long as we don’t take anything, we won’t be considered as thieves!”

“But, but…” Qimu Xi had a lost look on her face. She kept getting the feeling that something somewhere was not right.

“Done!” Yu Jiajia suddenly let out a jubilant whisper.

With a clicking sound, the door was opened!

“Hah!” Yu Jiajia happily kept her clip.

“You, how did you learn to pick locks?” Qimu Xi cast a suspicious gaze at Yu Jiajia.

Yu Jiajia gave a rather embarrassed smile and said, “Back at home, there is a room that my old man uses to store wine. Normally, he would not let me in. Thus, I would use the time when he is not at home to secretly pick the locks… since I kept doing it, I eventually picked up the skill.”

As she said that, Yu Jiajia pushed open the door and took a big step into the unit. Qimu Xi who was behind her however, was hesitating on whether she should enter or not.

“Sigh, stop hesitating. Since the door is already open, you standing outside would not be able to change that fact.”

Yu Jiajia turned around and pulled Qimu Xi in.

The room was not exactly dirty… for the past few days, Xia Xiaolei had been the one staying in there. Xiaolei was an honest and diligent child. As long as he was living in the house, he would clean the room and sanitize it every day.

Thus, the room was very clean and bright to look at.

Yu Jiajia casually walked inside. With one glance, she caught sight of the few picture frames placed next to the TV cabinet.

Within the photo frame was the photo of Chen Xiaolian and Roddy smiling as they sat together.

“Humph! Human scum!” Yu Jiajia stared at the picture of Chen Xiaolian. “I did not think that you are such an animal, Roddy!”

“Eh? What are you talking about?” Qimu Xi only heard Yu Jiajia mumbling something and was unclear on what exactly she had said. Thus, she asked.

“Ah, I was looking at Roddy’s picture,” Yu Jiajia answered as she pointed to the picture frame.

Qimu Xi glanced at the pictures before nodding her head.

“This unit is not small. It seems Roddy has quite some money. A unit as large as this don’t come cheap.” Yu Jiajia smiled and plopped down on the sofa. After feeling it for a moment she said, “The furniture are quite high-grade as well. This fellow sure knows how to enjoy himself.”

She then bounced up, ran into the kitchen and opened up the refrigerator. She glanced at the contents… beer, cola, fruit juice.

When Yu Jiajia walked out, she had two bottles of fruit juice in her hands. She tossed one to Qimu Xi and said, “Take it. Now sit down and rest up.”

Qimu Xi was hesitant; her limbs remained unmoving and she dared not sit down.

“Sigh, just sit down.” Yu Jiajia moved over and pulled Qimu Xi down to the sofa. Then, she said in a solemn tone, “Come, let me discuss something with you.”

“Ah? Oh…”

“Listen up!” Yu Jiajia said with a grim expression. “Originally, I did not think that Roddy is such a kind of person. I had originally thought that he is a good person! But now… humph! To think that he would even bully such a young little girl like you, he is simply inhuman!”

“Actually… he didn’t really bully me.” Qimu Xi whispered. “It’s just that he would sometimes speak in a rather fierce tone. And… big sister, you might be misunderstanding something. I am not taking his money for nothing. I can generally help him out and attend to his needs when needed.”

“Attend! His! Needs?!” Yu Jiajia shouted loudly. “NO! Never! What kind of joke is this? Does he take you for a fool? What era is this? He cheated a little girl like you to come here and actually wants you to attend his needs? This animal scum! This won’t do! Listen to me! We’ll wait here for the bastard to return! When he returns, I will lecture him on your behalf! I must pour dog’s blood on his head [1]! After that, we’ll leave! You come with me! After this, you must make sure to stay far away from bastards like him!”

After saying that, Yu Jiajia sighed and she angrily slapped down on the pillow next to her. She muttered furiously. “I had originally thought of him as a good fellow. I travelled so far from home to meet him and discuss something with him. But now, it seems this trip had been for nothing. Humph! If not for you, I won’t even want to meet him!”

“I picked his house lock, then I will give him a good lecture. This is all to help you give him a lesson!

“Trust me. Next time, make sure you don’t pay any attention to scumbags like this anymore! Humph, to have designs on an under aged girl, he is simply a pervert!”

“Since you’ve come, then come live in my house.” Chen Xiaolian smiled and put his arms around Arslan’s shoulders. Although Arslan had a huge constitution and was one head taller than Chen Xiaolian, these youngsters simply chatted passionately, not feeling anything wrong at all.

The three of them took a car and drove home. On the way, they casually talked about some stuff that friends would usually talk about after meeting again. Arslan talked about what he had experienced in the past year. Chen Xiaolian and Roddy also talked about their past year experiences. Their chat was quite the warm and passionate one.

When their car reached the bottom of his unit, Chen Xiaolian noticed a patrolling security guard looking at him with a peculiar expression.

He ignored it and simply led Arslan with them into the corridor.

Arslan saw that Chen Xiaolian was using just one hand to easily pick up his bag. He was unable to stop himself from exclaiming, “Ba’er! In the one year that I haven’t seen you, you don’t appear to have developed much in way of muscles, but, your strength has shot up!”

The backpack was stuffed with quite a number of tea bricks, beef jerky, lamb jerky etc. In total, it was tens of jin in terms of heaviness. Even the muscular Arslan would need to exert quite some strength to pick it up.

However, Chen Xiaolian had casually used one arm to pick it up.

Chen Xiaolian snickered while Roddy said in a loud voice, “Arslan, originally, you were the strongest among the three of us. But now, you are no longer capable.”

Arslan laughed and replied, “If you want to compete, then let’s compete. The one who loses must drink three bowls of Bored Donkey wine! No one is allowed to back out on the deal.”

When the elevator reached the 11th floor and they stepped out from the elevator, Chen Xiaolian noticed that his house door was open and was surprised.

When he walked to the doorway, he saw two females in the living room. One of the females had her side facing the door. While she seemed vaguely familiar, Chen Xiaolian was unable to recognize her.

However, he was quick to recognize the one facing the door. It was Qimu Xi.

Chen Xiaolian did not think too much about it.

He had been the one to give Qimu Xi the address and told her to come. Calculating the time, he believed that she must have arrived early on. Now that he had returned home, it was only natural for Chen Xiaolian to not consider that someone had picked the lock of his house door. He simply thought that Qimu Xi had been staying here for the past two days or so.

Chen Xiaolian who was standing at the doorway simply gave Qimu Xi a nod.

However, Qimu Xi suddenly jumped up. Her limbs were all immobile as she stood there, looking at Chen Xiaolian gingerly. She hesitated and did not know what to say.

Yu Jiajia who was beside her turned her head and saw the three youngsters standing at the doorway. Chen Xiaolian was in front while Roddy and Arslan were beside him…

“Ah! You’re back!”

Yu Jiajia immediately jumped up. She swiftly placed her body before Qimu Xi to block off Roddy’s ‘heretical and perverted’ gaze.

After Chen Xiaolian saw Yu Jiajia, it took him about two seconds before he was able to recognize her. “Eh? It’s you?”

Chen Xiaolian’s face suddenly turned serious!

“How could you be in my house? How did you find this place?”

Yu Jiajia shouted loudly. “Why can’t I be here? Ah! You’re afraid that I will stop you from doing something that shouldn’t be done, aren’t you?! Roddy! You are a bastard… to think, to think that I had… had once thought of you as a good fellow!”

After saying that, for some unknown reason, Yu Jiajia’s eyes suddenly turned red and she stared at Chen Xiaolian. She shouted, “Roddy! You’ve seriously let me down!”

Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

A few seconds later, Roddy’s head poked out from behind Chen Xiaolian. There was a bitter smile on his face as he said, “Err… young miss, I think… I have never done anything wrong toward you, have I?”

“You… you, eh, I have seen you before, you are…”

“I am the bastard that you are scolding, Roddy.” Roddy spread out both his hands and continued, “Although I used to be a bit of a playboy… could it be I had wooed and dumped you before? Why don’t I remember it at all?”

1 ‘Pour dog’s blood all over someone’ means to lecture someone in a very ‘powerful’ way. Dog’s blood is believed to be able to seal off a demon’s power when poured onto them.

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