Chapter 324 Against The Dragon! Reinforcements!

GOR Chapter 324 Against The Dragon! Reinforcements!

Seeing the colossal dragon, Chen Xiaolian became terrified and he quickened his pace as he ran toward a pile of debris.

“Roddy, get over here quick!”

Chen Xiaolian was well aware that with their present state, they would have no chance of defeating the dragon. It would be best if they manage to enter the base before the dragon entangled them.

He saw that the debris was only tens of metres away from him. As long as he could jump over the pile of debris, he would be able to enter the base…

A crashing sound rang out from behind him and the colossal dragon soared into the sky. It spread both its wings and its body glided forward through a distance of tens of metres in an instant. Then, it landed on the ground with a loud booming sound…

To Chen Xiaolian’s dismay, the dragon’s legs were standing directly on top of the entrance to the base! It became like a mountain, blocking his way forward!

Roddy had turned around. He picked up Selina using one hand and ran over toward Chen Xiaolian.

The two of them were finally standing side by side. They directed their gazes forward at the colossal dragon as it reared its head toward the sky and unleashed a roar that pierced through Heaven and Earth!

Roddy displayed his camaraderie by standing before Chen Xiaolian. He had noticed that Chen Xiaolian was in a weakened state. He asked, “Where did you run off to just now?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly and replied, “I nearly died. However, I did discover something huge…”

The colossal dragon crouched down; its head was almost touching the ground as it stared intently at them.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said, “We’ll need to deal with this issue first.”

Roddy tried his best to lift his left hand. However, the beam weapon on the arm simply issued out sparks in response.

“Damn it, the degree of damage taken is too high.”

Chen Xiaolian stared at the colossal dragon. He watched as it slowly crawled over and quickly said, “I have a method… however, it’s a little dangerous. Look, that pile of debris right behind him. Later, when we are fighting him off, find a way to charge behind him. There is something in the pile of debris and we can jump in… I had found a safe base there. As long as we make it inside, we will not need to be fearful of anything else.”

“A safe base?”

“No time to explain,” said Chen Xiaolian who shook his head. He stared at the colossal dragon and quickly said, “We’ll engage him while moving. Be careful not to get tangled up by him. Then, think of a method to jump into the pile of debris!”

A decisive glint flashed through Roddy’s eyes and he said, “All right, I’ll lure him away! You go in first.”

Chen Xiaolian did not argue with Roddy about that. He was very clear on his present state. His battle strength was practically zero right now. If he were to try and lure the dragon away, he would likely end up being killed without achieving anything.

“You haven’t used the Mech, right?”

“I saved it up.” Roddy nodded his head and said, “But this Floater is no longer useable.”

As he spoke, he handed the unconscious Selina to Chen Xiaolian. “Carry her. I owe her a favour.”

Chen Xiaolian did not ask anything and simply carried her on his back.

Roddy took a deep breath and said, “Let’s go! Remember, find the opportunity to run! I only have 18 seconds!”

Flames escaped from the mouth of the colossal dragon and its chest and abdomen heaved as it directed its mouth at the two fellows. Then, it suddenly opened its mouth!


Intense flames sprayed out from the mouth of the dragon! It was like a wall of fire rampaging its way forward!

Roddy bellowed and he pushed out the final bit of power left in the Floating Angel mech armour’s turbine. With his left hand, he grabbed hold of Chen Xiaolian and tossed him to the left. At the same time, the propelling power of the turbine pushed him to the right!

Chen Xiaolian and Selina were thrown to the side with a “bang” and the flames ejecting out of the Floating Angel mech armour’s turbine successfully pulled the dragon’s attention away from them.

The colossal dragon released a roar and turned its head around. The flames spraying out of its mouth was directed at an obvious target, the Floating Angel!

Although the movement speed of the Floating Angel was not slow, the area covered by the colossal dragon’s breath of fire was too big. By the time Roddy had moved through a distance of less than 10 metres, the area scorched by the flames had reached a length of nearly 30 metres!

Soon, the Floating Angel was enveloped in the sea of flames!

Chen Xiaolian rolled on the ground a few times before picking Selina up. He dragged her along as he moved forward through the area beside the dragon.

Roddy who was submerged within the sea of flames had activated the Floating Angel’s defensive force field. However, his energy reserves continued falling.

Seeing its target within the sea of flames, the dragon grew excited!

Suddenly, Roddy’s body jumped into the sky, escaping the sea of flames!

However, the dragon spread open its wings and flew forward! As it was rising up into the sky, it abruptly entered a down stroke posture. Then, its long tail suddenly lashed forward!

There was a sharp bone at the end of the dragon’s tail and it slammed the body of the Floating Angel like a battering ram! The Floating Angel was smashed down onto the ground.

A loud noise broke out as the sea of flames on the ground undulated outward. The shockwaves forced the flames down as a crater was formed; lying within the crater was the Floating Angel.

Looking at the colossal dragon up in the sky, Roddy forced both his hands up.

Sparks scattered out from the beam weapon on his left arm. Clearly, that part had been shorted. However, the beam weapon on the right arm was able to successfully shoot out a beam!

The beam shot directly toward the colossal dragon that was hovering in the sky! To Roddy’s disappointment, as the beam was about to make contact with the dragon’s body, a transparent layer of protection could be seen. The layer deflected the beam away!

“Magic barrier?”

The now red coloured layer of protection appeared like flames that were enveloping the colossal dragon’s body.

Roddy was left without any other option. This time, he had no other way to buy more time…

“Come out, my Mech!”

A huge rift seemingly split the sky and countless electrical current flowed about around the rift.

A gigantic human shaped mech appeared in the middle of the air!

Blue and black coating, its metal surface glistened under the rays of the sun!

The moment the Mech appeared, Roddy’s figure transformed into a beam of light that shot into the sky. The Floating Angel mech armour on his body fell off, transforming into numerous metal fragments. The metal fragments quickly fused together into a circular metal body. However, the circular metal rings were terribly damaged and some parts were missing.

The beam of light that was Roddy shot into the Mech’s cockpit…

The Mech that was hovering in the sky executed a battle posture!

Light shone out from the right hand of the Mech.

Phantom Particle Beam Blade!

Roddy roared out loudly and the Mech’s turbine rotated at full speed. The Mech that was in the sky entered a downward dive; with the beam blade in front, it charged down on the colossal dragon!


The moment the steel giant descended from the sky, the dragon issued out a loud roar of its own.

As the beam blade arrived before the colossal dragon, the colossal dragon’s red coloured magic barrier came into effect and the beam blade could only skid across the surface of the magic barrier. Electrical currents burst out due to the collision!

The colossal dragon howled and reached out with its front claws to grab hold of the Mech’s right arm! The sharp claws scraped the metal arm of the Mech and crackling sounds could be heard!

Roddy bellowed and moved the other hand to form a fist, which suddenly smashed into the dragon’s abdomen area!

His gamble paid off!

The magic barrier could only block energy-tier weapons and was ineffective against physical attacks.

After receiving the punch, the colossal dragon’s huge body staggered back for a bit and its thick hind legs ended up utterly destroying a partially collapsed building.

Although the beam blade had failed to pierce through the magic barrier, the colossal dragon had still suffered from a punch to its gut. It turned its mouth toward the Mech that was close by and opened it. A faint flicker of fire flashed out!

Roddy’s heart pounded and he desperately reached out with the hand that had thrown the punch. He grabbed the dragon’s neck and forced it to turn away by a few degrees…


Violent flames sprayed out from the dragon’s mouth once more. However, the flames merely shot past the Mech’s head.

Roddy who was struggling against the attack suddenly felt the Mech shook.

A powerful force had sent it flying!

Through the 360 º monitor screen, Roddy saw the dragon brandishing its tail…

Son of a bitch!

Roddy controlled the Mech and stabilized it’s positioning.

“Defensive systems damaged: 3 %. Pressure on main steel plate…”

The data quickly appeared through the neuron-controlled system.

Roddy grunted.

The Mech quickly turned its body as its right hand swiftly reached for its back. Next, it pulled out a large rifle!

The high-energy Beam Rifle that was behind it was now in its hands!

Holding the rifle in its hand, the Mech aimed at the colossal dragon!

The muzzle of the rifle quickly charged up and lights flashed!


An orange coloured beam swiftly whizzed out!


Weng! Weng!

The high-energy Beam Rifle shot out continuously!

The colossal dragon let loose a loud roar. Although the three consecutive high-energy beams successfully struck it, the magic barrier did not break. Even so, the colossal dragon had been sent staggering backward due to the power of the blasts. Additionally, the light of the magic barrier had also become dimmer as a result.

The colossal dragon opened up its mouth and unleashed another breath of fire!

The Mech was quick to bend down one of its knees. As it was in a partially kneeling posture, a Beam Shield appeared on its arm!

The flames struck the Beam Shield and was dissipated.

The dragon continued howling as it sprayed out its flames. At the same time, it approached the Mech, one step after another!

“The Beam Rifle cannot break through his defence?” Roddy sighed.

Primary weapon, Multi-phase Beam Cannon! Obliterate him!

The surface of the part beneath the cockpit of the Mech suddenly opened up and a flat muzzle protruded outward!

Specks of beam power rapidly gathered onto that spot before a huge beam of light blasted forward!

The colossal dragon which was moving forward was suddenly struck by the Multi-phase Beam Cannon! It had struck its body!

The light of the magic barrier suddenly shot up in intensity!

In but an instant, the beam pierced through the magic barrier and struck the colossal dragon’s body!

The beam of light collided with the colossal dragon’s body and a dazzling explosion erupted! The resulting radiance completely enveloped the colossal dragon’s body, making it nearly indiscernible.

The colossal dragon cried out in pain and its body stumbled back and smashed down onto the pile of debris that was right beside the entrance to the base!

Following the loud explosion, dust rose up to cover the sky!

One third of the colossal dragon’s body was wounded, its flesh and blood exposed while its scales were torn! A gaping hole had appeared on the colossal dragon’s body, through the hole, it was possible to faintly see the light of flames flowing through the dragon’s body.

After having suffered from this heavy wound, the colossal dragon forced itself up only to fall once more. It roared furiously and used its forelimbs to prop itself up.

That blast had seemingly pierced through the colossal dragon’s body!

Dragon blood stained every inch of the ground!

The colossal dragon howled in rage and it suddenly screamed in the human language, “Damn you! Damn you! You damnable bastard! I will definitely kill you! Kill you!”

Although this attack from Roddy was a success, his heart sank.

The time left for the Mech…

Eight more seconds!

It’s not enough!

Considering that the system had appraised the Mech as an [A+] class pet, it was definitely capable of killing off the colossal dragon.

However, there was not enough time!

Roddy was certain that if he was given enough time, say 10 minutes, the Mech would be able to go as far as to tear out even the colossal dragon’s bones!


There were only a few more seconds left.

A strange sound suddenly surfaced along with the colossal dragon’s roar .

The sound was sonorous and powerful, yet it was also laborious and seemingly ancient! It sounded like… a song?

Suddenly, Roddy felt his mind aching!

The neurons controlling the Mech were suddenly obstructed!

The Mech’s body suddenly stumbled and it nearly fell onto the ground. It was barely able to kneel down on one knee while using its hands to support itself!

As for the colossal dragon, it had reared up its body. Although blood was still flowing out from its wound and it had to stagger, it continued to move toward the Mech!


The colossal dragon slammed head first into the Mech and it was thrown to the ground!

The song was still resonating out from the colossal dragon’s mouth and Roddy sensed that there were countless invisible forces suppressing the Mech’s body. He attempted to push the Mech’s power to the maximum…

As a result, the joints of the Mech issued out “ka ka” sounds, indicating that it was overloaded!

Despite that, the Mech was still incapable of moving!

“Magic? Damn it!”


The dragon’s claws fiercely struck the Mech on the chest area and the main steel plate endured the blow!

Next, the colossal dragon bit down on the Mech’s shoulder!

This creature, the most powerful magical creature had utilized its most primitive ability!

Melee battle!

It bit down on the Mech’s shoulder. The terrifying power behind the bite and the sharp fangs were actually capable of piercing through the steel plates on the Mech’s shoulder!

Roddy could immediately sense the incoming alarm coming from the shoulder area!

A tearing sound could be heard as a huge hole was ripped out there!

Chen Xiaolian who had reached the entrance of the base watched the battle anxiously. He looked at Roddy who was thrown to the ground by the colossal dragon.

Clenching his teeth, he quickly summoned out the Sword in the Stone. His face pale, he quickly ran toward Roddy!


A large rock suddenly descended from the sky!

The large rock was about the size of a building wall and it smashed onto the colossal dragon’s head!

The colossal dragon abruptly turned its head and roared out in rage.

A five-metre tall figure stood at an intersection!

The figure wore yellow coloured ancient Oriental clothing.

The figure’s hands were placed together, but his arms and neck revealed astonishingly powerful muscles!

His face was stiff but his nose and mouth was panting.

“Guild Leader Phoenix, this mighty yellow-robed warrior of yours might not be a match for the colossal dragon…”

There was a troubled look on Sawakita Mitsuo’s face as he looked at the one standing beside him. Beside him was Phoenix who was casting a spell.

There was a grim expression on Phoenix’s face and both her palms formed seals as she chanted something in a low voice.

On the ground before her was a small yellow coloured man-shaped paper. Phoenix manipulated it and it slowly stepped forward…

The mighty yellow-robed warrior that was standing on the street strode toward the colossal dragon!

Phoenix then put down her hands and shouted in a distant direction, “Chen Xiaolian! You bastard, hurry up and hide!”

Chen Xiaolian was startled! He turned to look at the end of the street and saw Phoenix and the others standing between two damaged buildings. He became shocked!

The mighty yellow-robed warrior suddenly broke into a sprint. He bellowed and charged forward; reaching the colossal dragon in an instant! The dragon and the warrior became tangled and they rolled about!

The Mech was finally able to extricate itself away from the colossal dragon’s subjugation. However, following a flash of light…

The Mech disappeared!

Roddy was on the ground. He gasped for breath and struggled to get up.

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