Chapter 320 Floater VS Feral Tiger

GOR Chapter 320 Floater VS Feral Tiger

Denzel suddenly spread open his arms!

The golden tiger instantly opened up and its golden metal exterior transformed into countless small fragments, which then flowed toward Denzel’s body!

In but an instant, a golden armour formed over Denzel’s body!

Hovering beside him was a tiger head!

The tiger head opened its mouth in a roaring gesture and a golden light shone out from its mouth!

Seeing that, Roddy became shocked.

“You… that is… also… a Floater?”

The Latin woman, Selina who was standing beside Roddy had a contorted expression on her face and her body was faintly quivering.

“You… you bastard! You don’t even know how strong he is? He… he is a renegade of Zero City’s Floating Angel Guild! The disgrace of Floating Angel Guild! The Feral Tiger Angel!

Denzel harrumphed and stretched out his right hand. Reaching into the tiger head’s mouth, he swiftly pulled out a serrated war blade that was enveloped in flames!

The blade shone with the brilliance of a torch and had the shape of a tiger’s fang, a giant tiger’s fang.

“Bring it on, Floater! Although I have no idea where you got your Floater from, it has also been too long since I last killed one of my own!” Denzel’s eyes were seemingly spurting flames. “Killing a Floating Angel will bring me the biggest harvest for this instance dungeon!”

Roddy took a deep breath.

A Floater quickly materialized behind him!

A pair of wings spread open and wrapped him within its embrace. Instantly, the metal fragments attached themselves upon Roddy’s body. After that, the pair of wings spread open once more!

A miniature metal ring transformed into three miniature Floater Cannons and they floated above Roddy’s head.


Denzel unleashed a howl. At that moment, his howl became just like that of a fearsome tiger’s!

He rushed forward! The Tigerfang Blade in his hand chopped down!

A Beam Blade appeared from Roddy’s hand!


The Tigerfang Blade struck the Beam Blade and Roddy’s figure shook as the powerful force behind the attack forced his body backward!

A deep gully was created beneath him as a result!

The attack had sent Roddy backward by 10 metres!

With one hand holding the Tigerfang Blade and his other hand holding the shield, he shouted haughtily, “Come on! Let’s see which of us is the stronger!”

Roddy snorted and a metal veil slid down from his helmet to cover his face. Next, his wings spread open and the turbine behind him sprayed out ion flames, causing his body to propel upward like a bolt of lightning!

The blade of light in his hand became like a snake as it shot forward!

Denzel let out a long roar and stood his ground, placing the shield on his left hand before him to block the attack! Roddy arrived before him and the Beam Blade hacked down on the surface of the shield! After making contact with the shield, the tip of the Beam Blade broke. It would appear that the Beam Blade was incapable of breaking through the defence of the shield!

At the same time, Denzel laughed loudly and his robust body swung, bringing the shield along to heavily slam Roddy’s body. The impact threw Roddy’s body to the side!

Denzel followed up by rushing to the side, brandishing his Tigerfang Blade toward Roddy from the side!


The sharp edge of the Tigerfang Blade struck the wings of the Floating Angel mech armour and slid across their surface while creating dazzling sparks!

Roddy immediately received an alarm from the Floating Angel mech armour!

“Energy-tier attack received, Floating Angel’s defensive force field fractured. Energy reserves down to 78 %!”


Roddy was startled!

One slash reduced my energy reserves to 78 %?

Doesn’t that mean that the Floating Angel mech armour can only take four or five hits?

However, Roddy had a stubborn character and he howled. He forced himself to turn around and his left hand shot out to grab hold of the edge of Denzel’s shield. Next, his turbine was unleashed to its maximum power!

Their two bodies slammed together and smashed into a building by the street. Following a loud explosion, they broke through the wall of the building and smashed into another building…

The booming sounds continued non-stop as the two of them tangled with each other while slamming through four to five buildings! In the end, the figure of the Feral Tiger Angel dropped down and he fell to the ground. The impact and angle of his fall caused his body to bounce up once before slamming down on the ground once more.

Roddy’s figure charged out from among the ruins and he hovered up in the sky!

Denzel had just straightened himself when he noticed the Floating Angel up in the air rapidly spreading open its wings to envelope Roddy…. next, an arc of light flashed out!


An energy beam shot forward!

Denzel bellowed and raised his shield before him…

The huge energy beam descended upon Denzel’s figure!

Bolts of electricity flowed about as the vast power of bombardment flattened the area where Denzel was standing upon. An area with a diameter of around 10 metres was turned into an irregular looking pit!

As for Denzel who was at the centre of the bombardment, his bellowing voice became louder! He was like a mythical giant, forcibly supporting his shield to take on the beam slamming down on his shield. The momentum behind the beam forced him down to his one knee. However, even this energy-tier beam attack was unable to pierce through his extraordinary shield!

Finally, the radiance on the surface of Roddy’s Floating Angel mech armour faded and its wings spread open once more.

Denzel stood in the middle of the crater, the shield in his hands. A portion of the shield had become charred and the extraordinary lustre on its surface had become much dimmer.

Cold sweat broke out from Roddy’s forehead.

He had received a prompt from the Floating Angel mech armour. The earlier main cannon blast had reduced his energy reserves down to 51 %!

Denzel panted for a bit. Then, he raised his head and his Tigerfang Blade in Roddy’s direction. “Come on! Do you have any more energy? One more!”

Roddy gritted his teeth and the Beam Blade rematerialized into his hand. Next, his figure dived down!

This time, the Beam Blade attack was blocked off by the Tigerfang Blade. Denzel then sent his shield slamming forward, hitting Roddy with it, sending him flying. Denzel quickly rushed after Roddy’s falling figure.

The two mech Angels rolled together on the ground with both their turbines running at full power, causing them to fly and smash through the buildings on the street. Everywhere they go, the buildings there would collapse!

A few seconds later, the two of them disentangled from each other. Denzel laughed loudly. He stood on the ground and bellowed out. The tiger head floated above his head and an arc of light appeared from its gaping maws!

A booming sound erupted as a circular ball of light shot out!

Roddy narrowed his eyes!

The ball of light with electrical bolts flowing through it was clearly an energy-tier attack!

Seeing that there was no time left for him to dodge the attack, Roddy had his wings envelop him and entered a defensive posture!

Another loud explosion rang out as the ball of light struck the Floating Angel’s figure!

The ball of light created something akin to a huge and dazzling entity of light submerging the Floating Angel’s figure!

Roddy’s Floating Angel mech armour furiously resisted the invasive power of the energy ball.

Prompts by the Floating Angel mech armour appeared before Roddy.

“Defensive force field overloaded! Energy consumption has exceeded the limit. Energy reserves down to 41 %... 38 %... 31 %... …”

Finally, the ball of light dissipated and Roddy saw that the energy reserves of his Floating Angel mech armour was down to less than 30 %.

He stared intently at Denzel who was standing on the ground.

This fellow…

Very powerful!

The renegade of Zero City?

The Feral Tiger Angel from the Floating Angel Guild?

Just now, he had done his best. The battle using the Floating Angel mech armour had seemed equal. However, Roddy was very clear on the fact that he was likely in a disadvantageous position.

After all, the Floater was not actually his. It was something Nicole had left behind.

Roddy was unable to fully utilize the Floater. Additionally… the present Floating Angel mech armour was not in perfect mode as well.

If so…

“Should I summon the Mech?” Roddy took a deep breath.

Summon the Mech and fuse it together with this Floater… Roddy was confident that he would be able to finish off this fellow by doing that.

After all, even Tian Lie was done in by the combination of those two.

But, what would happen after that?

He would be completely incapable of fighting after that.

Chen Xiaolian’s situation was unknown to him as well!

Damn it!

Roddy lowered his gaze to look at the Latin woman who was hiding by the street.

“Hey! Are you just going to stand there and watch?” Roddy shouted. “If I lose, you won’t be able to live as well!”

Selina clenched her teeth. She glanced at Denzel who was standing some distance away and was moved by Roddy’s words. She harrumphed and pulled the belt on her waist.

A long metal chain was pulled out!

The metal chain was oddly and incomparably long; it had been wrapped around the woman’s waist like a silver snake.

Roddy looked on in surprise.

What is that supposed to be?

Oh damn! Nebula Chain?! [1]

“Come here! Get over here!”

Clenching her teeth, Selina urged Roddy over fiercely.

Roddy quickly moved to land on the ground.

Denzel raised his Tigerfang Blade and charged at them! However, Selina’s metal chain seemingly came to life and it abruptly lashed out. Like a whip, it shot forward!


The metal chain struck and coiled itself on the Tigerfang Blade, causing a string of sparks to fly about. One part of the metal chain also struck Denzel’s shield, causing him to stagger a few steps backward!

Seeing that, Roddy’s heart skipped a beat!

He fell back beside Selina and asked, “What skill is this?”

“Shut up!” The Latin woman shouted furiously. “You deceived me! You actually engaged in a fight against Denzel even though you do not know who he is! Also, where are your companions? Why aren’t they showing up?”

Roddy snickered in response.

Selina’s face became pale and she said, “You don’t actually have any companions, do you? You were deceiving me!”

Denzel charged at them once more, but the metal chain lashed out as well. This time, it shot out in a spiralling motion and Denzel was forced back. He slashed out with his Tigerfang Blade but was unable to break through the defence put up by the metal chain and was forced to retreat once more.

Denzel howled out and the tiger head shot out an energy beam. The metal chain responded by coming together to deflect the incoming energy beam!

The unbelievable sight caused Roddy to stare in stupor!

“This skill of yours is really powerful!” said Roddy with a smile. “It’s more powerful than I had imagined!”

“I cannot hold on for long!” Selina gritted her teeth and continued, “This is my equipment, not skill! Also, I don’t have enough strength to control it!”

She stared at Roddy and said, “This is a Chain Defensive Array. I can only maintain it for one and a half minute! Moreover, I have no ability to attack! Are you satisfied now?”

Roddy smiled and replied, “One and a half minute, that’s not bad. You defend while I attack…”

“Attack my ass!” Selina cursed out. “Don’t think I don’t know how much more energy your Floating Angel have! The advantage in the Feral Tiger Angel mech armour is that its energy reserves far outstrips the other Angel mech armours! It is also the king of melee battles among the Angel mech armours! You fool! Your Floating Angel mech is of the ranged type and you went in to engage in a melee with him? Cooperating with you… something must be wrong with my eyes! You had actually used a ranged type of Floating Angel mech to engage in a melee with the Feral Tiger Angel! Why aren’t you using the Recoil Cannon? The Ion Floater Cannon! The Blackhole Blaster, Dual Electromagnetic Wave… these weapons…”

Looking at the strange expression on Roddy’s face, it dawned on Selina. “You… oh my God! It can’t be. You don’t even know how to use those weapons? Could it be… could it be… this Floating Angel mech is not yours? You are not actually a Floating Angel?”

“Is there any point in talking about that right now?” Roddy harrumphed.

“Chalk it up to my bad luck!” Selina’s eyes were red. She then took a deep breath and said, “All right, this metal chain of mine have another skill. However… it can only be used once. This will be my biggest contribution! This metal chain is the thing that Denzel had been wanting to get from me all this time! Besides this powerful defensive array, this metal chain’s other skill is…”

“What is it?”

“Energy Transfer!” Selina sighed. She suddenly tossed one end of the metal chain over to Roddy and said, “Grab it. But it might hurt a little.”

“… hurt?” Roddy subconsciously accepted and held onto the other end of the metal chain.

The next instant, Roddy let out a loud scream!

An intense electrical current flowed through the metal chain into his body and the Floating Angel mech armour suddenly issued out a red coloured alarm!

“Warning! Vast electrical energy injected! Recharging process is occurring beyond the maximum rate! Overload warning!”

“Energy reserve at 23 %... 29 %... 36 %... 49%... 55 %... 69 %... 74 %... warning, recharging rate is highly irregular. Ion furnace rapidly melting, overload! Overload! … 88 %... 93 %... immediately cutting off the energy source! Overload warning!”

Roddy roared loudly and he hastily tossed the metal chain away!

A faint golden light shone out from every part of the Floating Angel mech armour!

Roddy was pleasantly surprised to see that the Floating Angel had been completely recharged!

Energy reserve at… 99.8 %!

“Holy shit! So powerful?”

However, when he looked at Selina, he saw that the metal chain had shrunk down to at least half of its original length!

The defensive area had also shrunk down to less than a third of its previous area!

There was a look of extreme pain on Selina’s face. She turned to Roddy and shouted, “What are you looking at me for! Go kill him! If you can’t then we’ll both die here!”

Tens of metres underground…

Within the Main Energy Control room…

Chen Xiaolian’s body was lying limply on the ground. The charred areas on his body had greatly receded.

Although his body was still immobile, something was happening not far away. A strange line of texts had appeared upon the surface of the round metal orb positioned not far away from him.

“Energy smelting successful. Smelting of unknown target object completed… Energy extracted: 30,015 points… Percentage of reserve: 30.2 %.

“Exiting power saving mode. Now entering normal mode.

“Activating base’s defensive systems, activating base’s offensive systems, activating base’s shifting systems.

“Retrieving weapons systems… rate of wholeness: 83 %. Weapons damaged… please inspect and repair. Do you wish to activate the automatic defensive mode?

“Do you wish to activate?

“Do you wish to activate?

“Do you wish to activate?

“Do you wish to activate?

“Do you wish to activate? … … …

“… … …”

The text “Do you wish to activate?” kept appearing on the interface of the orb. Perhaps it was because there was no response to the question. The text kept appearing again and again.

Chen Xiaolian lay not far from the metal orb, beside the conveyor belt for the Energy Smelting Furnace.

Then… the fierce battle and the explosions occurring on the surface of the ground above the base caused the entire underground base to shudder slightly.

Chen Xiaolian lay on the floor; his fingers abruptly gave a jerk …

1 Nebula Chain is the name of an attack by Andromeda Shun, a character in the Saint Seiya anime series. Roddy’s chuunibyou acting up again.

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