Chapter 319 Rise of Nagase Komi

GOR Chapter 319 Rise of Nagase Komi

Nagase Komi walked into the middle of the street. Miraculously, the incoming bullets simply flew past her figure, missing her.

She stood there in the middle of the street, facing the descending rays of the sun.

The brightness of the sun was somewhat too dazzling and the bald girl squinted both her eyes and raised her left hand to cover them. She took a deep breath; looking at her, it would appear as though she was lost in thought as she listened to the sounds of the incoming bullets.

“This feeling… it’s really not bad at all…”

At the moment, Rodriguez and Carmen had been suppressed by the Feral Tiger Guild’s firepower to the point of being unable to even peek out. The Feral Tiger Guild’s dune buggies advanced forward like tanks while sending out a hail of bullets at Rodriguez and Carmen’s hiding spots. The situation had become a one-sided dominance.

Then, Olin saw the girl walking into the middle of the street. Under the dazzling rays of the sun, her baldhead was especially conspicuous.

Olin… was stunned!

For a few seconds, he thought that there was something wrong with his eyes.

He had absolute confidence in his marksmanship. Just now, he had most certainly hit her. Moreover, it was not just one shot! Both shots had struck a fatal spot!

His firearm was purchased from the system and the bullets were indestructible steel core bullets! The firepower and penetration power of his firearm were far superior to ordinary weapons!

And yet, this girl had casually walked out into the middle of the street. It was as though she was leisurely basking in the rays of the evening sun…

Olin was stunned for a good few seconds. Then, he instinctively took action!


The sound of a gunshot rang out.

Nagase Komi who was standing there shuddered as a bloody hole appeared upon her shoulder! Blood sprayed out from behind her shoulder!

The powerful penetration power of the bullet caused Nagase Komi’s body to reel to the side!


Bang! Bang!

Another three gunshots came in succession.

Nagase Komi’s chest, abdomen and left leg were shot!

Like a ripped doll, her body staggered a few times before going down on her knees.

Blood stained the whole ground!

“Survive this, won’t you?” Olin said as he lowered his gun.

Nagase Komi lowered her head. Then, she raised it once more.

Amid the hail of bullets, the girl’s eyes locked on to Olin! Despite the distance of tens of metres between them, the bald girl stared intently at the middle-aged man who was in the dune buggy.

“That hurts!”

Olin watched as a change happened to Nagase Komi.

The blood on the ground that was originally bright red in colour suddenly changed into something of a metallic colour. Next, it flowed like droplets of water back into Nagase Komi’s body!

The wounds on her shoulder, chest, abdomen and left leg…

The wounds were rapidly healing up!

There was seemingly a layer of metal on the surface of her skin!

That was something that a human definitely should not have!

Olin suddenly recalled something terrifying!

He roared loudly, “Concentrate firepower! Fire on the target in the middle of the street! Concentrate firepower!”

He hastily put the dune buggy on reverse gear and slammed down on the throttle!

The intense hail of bullets struck Nagase Komi’s body and her outer clothes were torn apart due to the incoming bullets. However, her body had transformed into something metallic. The many bullets striking her simply sank into her body as they would into water. The only evidence of them striking her were the ripples on the surface of her skin.

She stood up while facing this intense barrage of bullets. Next… she bent her knees and waist and went into a readying for a run action…

What happened next caused Olin to stare with widened eyes.

He watched as the girl…

She… flew?

In one leap, she crossed a distance of 30 metres!

Nagase Komi then descended before the dune buggies. The powerful momentum behind her fall caused a crater to form on the ground! The girl stood there before the dune buggies as the liquid metal flowed across the surface of her face. By then, even her eyes could no longer be seen.

She raised up both her hands, which transformed into long, sharp blades. Then, she hacked down heavily on the hood of the dune buggy before her!

A loud sound erupted as the dune buggy was rocked up by the impact and the two Feral Tiger Guild members on the dune buggy were thrown out.

As for the front part of the dune buggy, it was cleaved apart by the sharp blades!

The engine inside was sliced apart!

It then exploded and Olin bellowed as he jumped out from the side of the dune buggy.

When he landed, he instinctively pulled out a handgun, rolled on the ground once, threw himself on the ground and pointed his gun at Nagase Komi. Then, he pulled the trigger again and again.

As he opened fire, Nagase Komi slowly walked toward him, unaffected by the bullets striking her body.

“A ah ah ah ah ah! Die!!!”

An extreme emotion of fear could be seen in Olin’s eyes!

In one breath, he used up every last bullet in the gun. Even so, he continued pulling the trigger subconsciously and the clicking sound of the hammer echoed out.

“No more bullets?” asked Nagase Komi who was now standing no more than two metres away from Olin.

She bent forward and coldly regarded Olin’s face.

“Ang… Angel… … Angel killer! You are the Angel Killer?!” Olin’s eyes were on the verge of popping out of his face.

“Angel Killer?” Hearing his words, Nagase Komi thought for a moment before replying, “Mm, that name… is that Sir Tian Lie’s nickname? I quite like that name.”

After saying that, she extended her hand toward Olin.

A sharp metal blade pierced Olin’s chest, right where his heart was! Then, it slowly cut down.

Olin howled and blood gushed out from his mouth. The flames of life slowly faded away from his eyes.

“You… Denzel will, will, for me… avenge me…”

Olin gripped the sharp metal blade with his hands and had his fingers cut off as a result. Blood flowed from his wounds.

With his dying breath, he howled, “Long live the Feral Tigers!”

“Recharge countdown… zero.”

The cold metallic voice came through Denzel’s headset.

The distant gunfire sounds seemed to have stopped.

Denzel raised his head to glance at Roddy who was standing before him. He said, “Your men did quite well.”

Roddy harrumphed in response and said, “You don’t seem to care about your companions’ life and death. They are all points, aren’t they?”

Denzel shook his head and said, “The weak are not qualified to be my companions. If they cannot even accomplish something like this, then their death is nothing to be concerned about.”

“A team member has been killed. 300 points deducted.”

“A team member has been killed. 300 points deducted.”

“A team member has been killed. 300 points deducted.”

These three prompts appeared consecutively before Denzel.

“900 points?” Denzel said coldly. “Not an issue. I will kill off all of you. The amount of points should still be sufficient.”

Nagase Komi killed off Olin and another two members of Feral Tiger Guild.

Including the one she sniped earlier, she now had a total of four kills!

A ranking list quickly appeared in her personal system – according to the system, after a kill was performed, an immediate ranking list will be compiled and shown.

Immediate ranking list for instance dungeon points:

First place: Nagase Komi – 2,283 points.

Second place: Culkin – 2,000 points.

Third place: Phoenix – 1,039 points.

Fourth place: Sawakita Mitsuo – 1,031 points.

Fifth place: Denzel – 821 points.

Sixth place: Jacob – 607 points.

When Nagase Komi saw the ranking list, she smiled. She was acquainted with most of those who were on the list.

She had killed four people, each giving her 500 points. However, than middle-aged fellow must have killed someone else. Thus, allowing her to get one tenth of his points – 50 points. There were also some extra points in there. Those must have been the result of her killing the wolves from back then.

As for Culkin… the one known as Dong Shi, he had killed off four people, thus giving him a total of 2,000 points.

Phoenix and Teacher Sawakita Mitsuo were actually able to acquire so much points. There was only one explanation to that. Since they were in an alliance, her killing off the four people just now allowed the two of them to get 400 points each. Additionally, judging by the number of points they have, the two of them should have already killed one person each.

As for Denzel… despite losing four team members and losing 1,200 points, he still had 821 points.

In other words, he originally had 2,021 points! He had personally killed off four people before this!

As for the one on the sixth rank, Jacob… this name was unfamiliar to her. He was likely another powerful participant within this instance dungeon.

The final member of Feral Tiger Guild had already run far away. Nagase Komi considered what to do for a moment before deciding against going after him…

In fact, she was unable to.

The legacy of Tian Lie, the liquid metal data stream body was not invincible.

It was something that consumed too much of the physical strength.

Truth be told, after receiving the hail of bullets and consecutively killing off several of the Feral Tiger Guild members, she could already feel her body becoming extremely weak! Her vision was beginning to blacken as well.

There was a limit to this skill!

She wondered. Back in the Tokyo instance dungeon, Sir Tian Lie had been able to singlehandedly pursue Chen Xiaolian and his team to the ends of the Earth. He also went against a Floating Angel alone… just how powerful was he to be able to accomplish that?

Nagase Komi slowly sat down beside Olin’s corpse. She retrieved a stamina recovery medicinal substance and gulped it down…



A loud sound rocked the town!

The dune buggy that was burning suddenly exploded apart!

A metal monster roared and jumped out from within the flames!

Pale gold lustre, as though it was a pure golden…

Feral tiger?

Although its body seemed somewhat smaller than most, this feral tiger had a body that was completely metal. It leapt forward and into the sky before flying away, creating contrails in the air!

It went…

Toward Roddy’s position?

The golden feral tiger descended from the sky!

Like a divine beast, it hovered in the air behind Denzel!

Standing beneath the protective atmosphere created by the feral tiger, Denzel’s aura burst forward explosively!

Roddy stared at the golden feral tiger. Observing the streamlined body shape of the feral tiger, he was unable to stop himself from becoming shocked!

This thing feels… rather… familiar?

Jacob. Raw: ‘雅各布’, pinyin: ‘yā gè bù’.

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