Chapter 318 Siege

GOR Chapter 318 Siege

Roddy opened up the radar of his personal system.

“The point validation location is inside this little town. I think we can set up an ambush there… your two companions will be the bait. Harass the enemy and lead them to the designated spot. We will be waiting there to deal with the enemy. After that…”

“After that, you can validate your points right there, right?” Selina said coldly.

“Of course, this is quite a good plan. Besides, the other party will definitely take the bait. No matter what, they will have to move toward the point validation location.”

According to their personal radars, the point validation location was on the west side of the town!

Denzel entered the town alone.

He held the strange looking shield in his hand while his other hand held onto a sleek and long sword.

Upon his upper body was a vest-type of protective suit, which revealed both his arms and his bulging muscles.

He slowly walked into the town. Two unmanned ground vehicles with caterpillar tracks moved on the road in front of him. They had entered the town from two separate streets. Above him was a drone that had also entered the town’s airspace.

Olin’s voice could be heard coming from Denzel’s headphones.

“The video is showing me movements… it’s moving toward the west side of the town… damn it, it’s the two bastards, Rodriguez and Carmen! We were tricked! They were faking their deaths!”

There was a grim expression on Denzel’s face and he replied coldly, “I understand… later, I will personally peel off their skin! This must be that woman’s idea! That female fox!”

“Don’t forget, the drone only has one missile. So, it can only attack once. The other two unmanned ground vehicles are scouting around but they are not sensing any… eh? Carmen and Rodriguez is turning around. They are heading toward you.”

Denzel instantly stopped moving. Then, he swiftly moved to the edge of the road and calmly assessed the front position of the road.

“Front left. Carmen  is approaching you… Rodriguez is coming in from the right.”

Olin’s voice continued, “Do we rush in now?”

“No, ready the heavy weapons. The other side might have mechs. I will need heavy weaponry. Olin, how much longer will you need to finish charging it up?”

“Eight minutes.”

“… eight minutes? That’s all right. I will deal with these small fries myself first.”

Denzel exhaled deeply. Then, he suddenly bent his waist and his body abruptly propelled forward as he broke into a run!

His movement speed was extremely fast.

His entire body seemingly transformed into a blur!

When he reached the end of the road, Carmen who was on the other side saw Denzel who was still moving forward at full speed! Carmen quickly crouched down and fired out with his assault rifle!


Bang! Bang!

Carmen fired out several consecutive shots. However, Denzel who was running forward raised his shield before his body and sparks flew off the surface of the shield as it deflected off the incoming bullets.

Looking carefully, Carmen could see ripples forming on the surface of the shield! His bullets had bounced off before it could even make contact with the shield!

Carmen shouted, “He’s coming!”

As he shouted, he continued shooting non-stop.

Gunshots echoed out in succession as Carmen quickly retreated while he was shooting. Denzel charged him head-on, his other hand pulling out a sword!

Seeing as there was less than 10 metres between the two of them… Denzel suddenly let out a roar and his body vaulted up into the air!

As his figure was still in the sky, the sword in his hand viciously hacked down!

An invisible sword slash burst out from the blade edge of the sword and shot toward Carmen!

Carmen bellowed and raised his rifle to form a blocking posture. A breaking sound was heard as the barrel of the rifle was split and the sword slash struck Carmen’s chest!

A tearing sound burst out and the camouflage uniform that Carmen  was wearing was cut apart. The protective suit that he was wearing inside saved his life! A deep mark was evident on the protective suit. Thankfully, the slash did not manage to pierce through its defences.

Even so, Carmen’s body was still thrown backward.

After landing, Denzel raised his sword, getting ready to charge forward. At that moment, Rodriguez who was on the other side opened fire at him.

The sound of gunfire rang out as bullets flew toward Denzel who was standing in the middle of the street.

Denzel sneered and raised his shield once more. The shield that was circular suddenly changed shape into an elliptical shaped shield. The shield provided cover for his entire body.

Carmen who was on the ground held back the pain he felt and shouted, “Fire the mech’s primary cannon!”

As soon as he heard that, Denzel’s eyebrows twitched and he quickly placed his shield before him while kneeling down on one knee!

A transparent arc appeared on the surface of the shield!

However, after having prepared his defences, he sensed that the mech’s primary cannon had yet to be fired out…

Ten seconds later, Denzel removed his shield and observed his surroundings to realize that Carmen had rushed toward the intersection of the street. There, Carmen turned and was gone.

“Humph, you only know how to use these deceptive acts!” Denzel became enraged.

He held the shield in his hand and gave chase.

“Is that fellow’s shield very powerful?”

Roddy who was standing on the roof of a three-storey building far away observed Denzel with a pair of binoculars. He said, “Just now when Carmen tricked him by saying that a mech’s primary cannon blast was incoming, he did not try to dodge. He just used his shield to block… he is so confident that his shield could block off a mech’s primary cannon blast?”

“That shield is his strongest equipment.” Selina who was beside him had a gloomy expression on her face as she continued, “You actually do not know about Denzel’s strengths?”

Roddy chose to ignore the question. He said, “All right, let’s hurry over. Your team members are pretty fast when it comes to running. They seem very good at it.”

Denzel watched as Carmen ran off. However, Denzel did not hastily try to chase him. He slowed down his pace and instead moved slowly toward the west side of the town.

“Trying to set up an ambush against me?” Denzel chuckled haughtily.

He rapped his shield heavily, causing a clear sound to ring out from his shield.

Next, Denzel moved fearlessly toward the west side of the little town.

On the west side of the town was the completely collapsed clock tower.

However, due to the many wreckages within the little town, this collapsed clock tower did not raise any suspicion in Roddy.

Roddy jumped on a pile of debris of bricks and wood. After observing his surroundings, he said, “Let’s do it here! Selina, tell your team members to circle around him! I am not asking too much from you. Just disrupt his ability to coordinate with this team and I will handle him!”

Selina cast a complicated look at Roddy and said, “Are you sure? Denzel is an expert.”

Roddy harrumphed.

Selina frowned in response and said, “Are you not afraid of us using this opportunity to run away?”

Roddy smiled. “Did you not hear what I said? I said… have your team members go disrupt Denzel’s companions. You on the other hand will be staying here! You and me against him!”

Selina’s face flickered and she asked, “What about your team members?”

“Naturally, my team members will be hiding in the shadows to pick up cheap kills.”

Roddy laughed.

Feral Tiger Guild’s dune buggies had entered the little town.

Olin who was on one of the dune buggies instructed the other members to drive the dune buggies side by side as they drove to the west side of the town.

At the same time, the drone that was circling around in the air had made its way back and was presently hovering above the dune buggies.

Olin had already noticed Rodriguez and Carmen moving toward this path, circling around Denzel as they moved toward Olin’s location.

“Denzel, they are planning to cut off our support. Rodriguez and Carmen are moving back here now.”

Denzel’s voice came in through his headset. “Ignore that! How much longer will the recharging take? All you need to do is finish recharging. Small fries like Rodriguez… just kill him off if you can.”

“Four more minutes.”

Olin suddenly cut off their conversation. Through his monitor screen, he saw that Rodriguez and Carmen had appeared at the street’s intersection. He raised his head to see Carmen running into one of the buildings beside them. Not long after that, the sound of gunfire rang out.

The sound of bullets being fired filled the area.

The incoming bullets broke the windshields of the dune buggies and the two dune buggies immediately came to a halt. The members of Feral Tiger Guild jumped to the back of the dune buggies. Some of them raised their assault rifles to retaliate.

Carmen and Rodriguez were situated on both sides of an intersection and they unleashed a rain of bullets at the members of Feral Tiger Guild.

An intense confrontation broke out! Soon however, the difference in weapon began showing. Due to their superior weaponry, Feral Tiger Guild was able to gain the upper hand and they began moving forward with their dune buggies once more. One of the dune buggies slowly moved forward, approaching the intersection despite the incoming rain of bullets!

The drone in the sky slowly moved lower as it used its monitoring equipment to monitor Rodriguez and Carmen who were at the intersection area.

Olin observed the images relayed by the drone on his screen and was able to clearly see Rodriguez within one of the buildings on the left side of the street.

He held back the impulse to have the drone launch its missile.

Although he was aware that a missile would be able to get rid of this annoying ant… this was the last missile. Olin held back the impulse and decided to use their superior firepower to suppress them and move forward. Why waste a precious missile?

That was something that he had to buy from the system, using points.

In the next instant however, Olin realized that he had made a mistake!


A gunshot sound reverberated through the sky!

Olin was quick to realize that there was a different rhythm in the gunshot compared to Carmen and Rodriguez’s!

Following the sound of the gunshot, one of the Feral Tiger Guild members who were operating the machine gun on a dune buggy fell without making a single sound.


“System prompt: You have acquired 500 points. Every member of your alliance will acquire 100 points each!”

Nagase Komi put down the rifle in her hand and exhaled. Then, she turned to Han Bi who was beside her and said in a whisper, “Hurry! We must leave this place! We need to find a new sniping location!”

Olin was livid!

The loss of one member meant that every other member will suffer a deduction of 300 points each!

He stopped hesitating and sent his drone forward!

He had already deduced where the bullet had been fired from! It was from the third storey of the building at an intersection!

The missile instantly roared forward!

A loud explosion rocked the town and orange flames rose to the sky! A good portion of the three-storey building was blasted to smithereens by the explosion while the rest collapsed.

However, that did not satisfy Olin.

Through the radar, he was able to see two green dots. The green dots were in front of him and quickly moving away!

“Run into the town and meet up with Roddy!”

The bald girl grabbed Han Bi and shouted. Then, she turned and moved toward the intersection!

She ran into the intersection and her figure fell within the line of sight of the members of Feral Tiger Guild.

Olin was quick to notice her. He shouted loudly and aimed his gun at her. Then, he fired furiously at her.

Using a standard infantry move to dodge bullets, Nagase Komi bent her waist forward as she rushed toward the edge of the street.

Nagase Komi jumped. She broke through the window of one of the buildings beside the street and landed inside the building.

“Humph! Fool!”

Olin harrumphed. Just now, he had clearly seen his bullets striking her chest and waist!

Olin was very confident in his marksmanship.

Although the green dot had yet to disappear from his radar… that person was surely a goner. Even if she had yet to die, she would have lost any ability to fight!

“Charge! We’ll charge in!”

Olin roared.

He personally drove the dune buggy and charged toward the intersection.

After jumping into the house, Nagase Komi rolled forward once before getting up. Then, she felt her chest and waist.

The earlier bullets had hit those two areas and blood quickly flowed from them.

Those were clearly life-threatening wounds! Should ordinary humans suffer from bullet wounds there, even if they don’t end up dying on the spot, they were still pretty much goners!

However, a peculiar glint flashed within Nagase Komi’s eyes.

She abruptly took a very deep breath.

She forcibly tore off the clothes on the wounded areas…

Blood and flesh could be seen on her exposed skin. However, a metallic lustre, seemingly similar to liquid metal, suddenly appeared on the surface of her flesh and blood!

The liquid metal slowly wiggled and even the blood that was flowing out earlier had seemingly transformed into liquid metal! The blood slowly moved upward back into her wounds.

The liquid metal on her wounds quickly fused together before disappearing. Then , the metallic lustre slowly faded away and once again returned to become a layer of white skin… smooth without a single scar!

Nagase Komi took a very deep breath. Next, she opened her mouth and spat something on the floor.

Surprisingly, they were…

Two bullets!

“Sir Tian Lie, thank you for granting me this gift!”

Once again, the peculiar glint flashed across Nagase Komi’s eyes.

She sneered and strode forward all of a sudden, moving out of the house!

She walked into the middle of the street!

“He’s coming.”

Roddy who was standing atop a pile of debris jumped down and moved to stand in the middle of the street.

He was not alone. He had pulled Selina down there with him along the way.

Selina appeared to be in a miserable state. There were annoyance and fury within her expression. At that moment however, she had no choice but to fight alongside Roddy.

Fight against…

Fifty metres away, Denzel slowly walked forward!

“So, it’s you!”

Denzel stared at Roddy. He frowned and said slowly, “To think that it would be you. I did not think we would meet again so soon.”

Roddy waggled his eyebrows and said, “You recognize me? If I recall, the last time we met, I was wearing something else.”

“There is that familiar scent of metal on your body,” said Denzel. He raised his eyebrows and tossed the sword in hand down the ground. With only the shield in hand, he slowly walked toward Roddy. “So, you think that because you have a Floater, you can defeat me? Humph… although Floaters are powerful, they are not invincible! You are too arrogant!”

“Who says I’m arrogant? Don’t you see that I have a companion beside me?” Roddy laughed shamelessly and pulled Selina over. “See? Now, we will begin our two on one battle!”

Denzel gave the Latin woman a glance. There was disdain in his eyes and he said, “Oh? Her? You think that she is a reliable companion? You probably don’t know who she is, right? She might be a cunning fox, but she is certainly not a capable fighter.”

Selina who was standing beside was in turmoil!

She turned around to stare at Roddy.


He actually possesses a Floater?

Amid the debris beneath the clock tower, a pair of miserable looking eyes observed the confrontation between the three people from within a pile of debris.

The sound of gunshots continuously rang out from far away.

The sense of helplessness grew within Qimu Xi.

What, what to do…

What should I do…

So many terrifying fellows suddenly appeared here… that fellow, how am I supposed to dig him out like this?

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