Chapter 316 Putting On An Act? Let Me Help You

GOR Chapter 316 Putting On An Act? Let Me Help You

“I found something here!”

Putting his rifle on his shoulder, Rodriguez rushed into the ruins beside a street. Within the ruins was an oddly shaped tank. However, the front part of the tank was badly damaged.

“This could still be used somewhat. But, its controls for movement is damaged,” said Rodriguez with a sigh. “If only Mavis is still alive, we might be able to repair this.”

“Mavis is already dead! Forget him! Right now, there is only us… if it’s you, how long would you need to get this thing to move?”

“Me?” Rodriguez revealed a bitter smile before replying, “I will need at least one hour… mm, there are plenty of wreckages here, so replacement parts are aplenty. However, to repair this… to allow it to move, I will need one hour.”

“We don’t have an hour! Fifteen minutes… I can only delay that Denzel for a maximum of 15 minutes… you don’t need to fully repair it. As long as it can move and take us out of here, it’ll do!” Selina gripped onto Rodriguez’s collar.

There was no expression of fear on Rodriguez’s face. He snickered and lowered his head to take a peek at Selina’s valley. “Chief, there is no point in threatening me like this. My ability to repair machines is far inferior to Mavis’.”

Rodriguez then saw a pair of murderous eyes upon Selina’s face and he quickly raised up both his hands. “All right! 30 minutes! In 30 minutes, I will get this thing moving!”

“You’re the one who said it, 30 minutes!”

Selina sighed. She was faced with no other choice. “Carmen, you and me will go to the intersection to set up a line of defence. Check the wreckages here and see if there is anything of use. I need things that can explode! The bigger the impact, the better!”

“There are only three of us… no, Rodriguez is on repair duty. That means only the two of us will be fighting. There is no way the two of us can fend off the Feral Tiger Guild for 30 minutes,” said Carmen who shook his head.

“We can’t stop them, but this place can.” Selina pointed at the wreckages filling the entire street. Then, she pointed at the drone flying up in the sky. “Everything here is being recorded… Denzel must be watching this outside… he is a smart fellow and will not rush in here. This strange scene will make him hesitate, concerned and suspicious! What we can do is think of ways to increase the suspicions in his heart!”

“… huh?”

“Come on, we’ll be putting on an act.”

Outside the little town, Denzel wrinkled his brows. He watched the images shown on the screen of the monitor, his face filled with shock!

His eyes observed what was beneath the drone, the entire street that was filled with battlefield remnants!

Tanks, aircrafts and even mechs…

Denzel and the rest of this team let out cries of shock.

“What happened here?”

The middle-aged Olin who was standing beside Denzel frowned as well. He said, “Even the strongest guild would not be able to come up with so many equipment! Those mechs are far superior to the ones we saw in Zero City!”

After saying that, he continued in a hushed tone, “My unit is ready. Do we enter now?”

“Mm, you…” Denzel who was still watching the screen was suddenly shocked by what he saw. He stared intently at the screen!

Within the screen, he could see Rodriguez moving into a damaged building before disappearing from sight.

However, the drone was still keeping an eye on Selina and Carmen who were on the ground.

The two of them were conversing with one another. There was nothing seemingly strange about this situation.

Carmen even raised up a rifle and fired two shots at the drone in the sky. Unfortunately, the small-calibre rifle was unable to do much in terms of damage toward the drone. The drone automatically made a dodging move and the bullets shot past it. The only thing to affect the drone was the shockwaves from the passing bullets.

As for Selina, she walked until she was beside a street. She then randomly picked up a broken sword on the ground.

In the next instant, something strange occurred.

Both Selina and Carmen suddenly shouted out!

The two of them jumped to attention, seemingly filled with terror!

Through the screen, Denzel could see the two of them screaming out while their faces became distorted.

However, the drone did not have the ability to record sound. Denzel was only able to see what was happening; he was unable to hear what was it they were shouting.

Next, he watched as both Selina and Carmen …

Thump! Thump!

The two of them fell headfirst onto the ground! They stopped moving completely!

“… what is going on?” Denzel’s face was ugly to behold.

Olin frowned as well and said, “They… fell? Did someone attack them?”

“… there were no attackers just now!” Denzel answered with knitted eyebrows.

“Could it be… some invisible power?” There was a grim expression on Olin’s face.

“… … …” Denzel had a solemn expression on his face. “There is something wrong with the little town!”

Normally, he would send two of his men into the town to investigate it.

This time however, this instance dungeon had those rules. Thinking about the rules, Denzel hesitated!

Looking at the screen, both Selina and Cayman had remained immobile since falling on the ground… perhaps they simply lost consciousness, or perhaps they died!

If they had died…

In other words, within this little town was some unknown entity that would attack and kill others! Additionally, it was also something invisible!

If that were the case, then rushing into the little town would not be a good choice.

Most importantly, if Denzel decided not to go in and send in someone else…

He still dared not do so!

The rules of the system had been clearly stated! Once one of his men died, everyone on his side will suffer a deduction in points!

One death will result in a deduction of 300 points each!

Two deaths… meant the deduction of 600 points each!

Even if Denzel could ignore the lives of his men, he would still need to consider the points!

He may not be above sending his men to their deaths…

But if their deaths would lead to the loss of points… then his goal of surviving through this instance dungeon might end in failure!

“We’ll wait!” Denzel gritted his teeth. “Send out another drone! And send out two unmanned ground vehicles as well! Everyone be on standby!”

Both Selina and Carmen were lying on the surface of the street. Selina was lying with her face against the ground while Carmen’s face was turned to the side with clothes covering his face…

The both of them appeared immobile, but…

“I say, Chief… this is your plan? You want to use this method to trick Denzel? Don’t you think this is a bit too childish?”

“Shut your trap, you bastard! Don’t move about! The drone is still on top of us!”

“I just think that this method is a little…”

“Can you think of a better method?!”

“I don’t mean…”

“That Denzel is a cold-hearted bastard. If we tried something else, he will send his men in to investigate. But if we do this, his concern for points will hold back his decision to send his men in… just wait. Soon, he will be sending in some of his toys in here. All we need to do is play dead here! I think we should be able to confuse him for at least 20 or 30 minutes with this.”

“All right… oh damn, sand in my eyes...”

“Just stay still! From now on, no more talking! You’re only allowed to communicate using the guild channel!” Selina lectured him through the guild channel. Next, she contacted Rodriguez. “Rodriguez, you better speed it up!”

“I’m doing my best!” Rodriguez replied using the guild channel. “Bloody Hell! The parts here are damaged as well! Don’t disturb me!”

“Just stay in that building and don’t come out! Don’t get exposed! The drone is still outside!”

Unknown to the three of them, Roddy was sitting inside a mech no more than 20 meters away watching their ‘performance’.

It took Roddy the better part of 10 minutes before he figured out what those fellows were up to.

He watched the way everything unfolded and listened in to their conversation.

Next, Roddy who was in the mech cockpit smiled to the point of shedding tears.

What a genius!

They actually faked their death?


Nagase Komi’s voice came through the walkie-talkie. “What do we do now?”

Obviously, Nagase Komi who was hiding inside the opposite building had also witnessed what happened earlier.

Roddy considered the matter before replying, “There are still people outside this town… the drone is their eyes and ears… mm…”

He weighed the matter and said, “I think these three people are quite interesting.”

“I think the points on them are more interesting,” Nagase Komi replied coldly.

“I say, you are a female. Don’t keep thinking about killing all the time, can you?” Roddy pursed his lips to the side. “Clearly the fellows outside this town are very powerful. If not for that, these three people would not use this method of faking their deaths… mm, that drone looks familiar. Could it belong to that Mohican-haired fellow?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Simple. I think that fighting the Mohican-haired fellow would be too much of a losing proposition; not that I am afraid of him. I just think there is a better method… maybe we should join hands with the weak to kill off the strong. In the end… if there is an opportunity, we’ll eat up the weak.”

“You really are Chen Xiaolian’s good friend!” Nagase Komi gave a harrumph and said, “You’re just as cunning as him.”

“You continue to hide first. I will go help those three people… since they want to play dead, I’ll help perfect this play.”

Roddy smiled gleefully.

After saying that, both his hands moved about to operate the controls…


The upper body part of the abandoned mech suddenly moved a little!

It abruptly sat up straight!

This huge action caused the wall that the mech was originally leaning on to collapse.

The drone that was hovering in the sky caught sight of what happened and Denzel who was outside the town quickly noticed it.

Denzel and his team members were all stunned!

Despite sitting upright, its lack of legs prompted the mech to crawl on the ground. Then, it used that posture to slowly crawl to the middle of the street!

Also, since one of its arms had been partially cut off, it could only rely on the one good arm for its movements.

Little by little, it moved forward!

This scene was quite the terrifying one!

In the beginning, Selina and Carmen who were lying on the ground had not noticed the mech crawling forward. Sensing the tremors on the ground however, they both opened their eyes and took a look while hiding their faces beneath their clothes…

Selina’s eyes went wide!


It came to life?

The mech crawled until it reached the middle of the street.

Suddenly, using its one intact arm to support its body, it got up!

Roddy then spoke out using the mech’s broadcast system!

His voice sounded ghost like and out of breath. Additionally, the broadcast system was aged, causing his voice to contain static interference…

“Who dares! Who roused us spirits from our sleep?!!”

Hearing that, both Selina and Carmen became stunned!

They nearly fainted on the spot!

Roddy moved on to his next phase of action!

The weapon system on the mech’s shoulder was activated. Then, it turned its muzzle to aim at the sky!

A swooshing sound was heard!

An electromagnetic beam was fired out!

The drone hovering in the sky attempted to dodge the incoming beam. However, the weaponry on the mech was clearly more advanced!

A burst of flames blossomed in the sky as the drone exploded into fragments!

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