Chapter 315 3-man Group

GOR Chapter 315 3-man Group

Two groups of people were rushing forward across the vast wasteland.

The group in the front was a 3-man team. They were driving in a military off-road jeep. The surface of their vehicle was covered in bullet marks and one of its explosion-proof tires had been damaged. Their vehicle tilted and swayed as they drove forward. It was only thanks to the driver’s skill that the vehicle was able to barely keep on moving toward the little town.

On the rear part of the vehicle was an outfitted machine gun. However, it was already damaged as its barrel was split open like an umbrella. There were also bloodstains on the butt of the machine gun, evidence that a battle had taken place.

The two people at the back were wearing camouflage uniforms. One of them held onto an automatic rifle and fired bullets toward their back. The other fellow had his back against the back seat and he mumbled some curses like a madman. He hastily unloaded a bullet magazine and pushed in a new one inside…

The driver was a female. Although she also wore camouflage uniform, she sported a ponytail. Judging by the shape of her face, she appeared to be partially of Latin descent. Biting her lips, she held onto the steering wheel tightly and forced their vehicle to keep moving forward.

Somewhere around 50 metres behind their off-road jeep were two dune buggies, moving quickly after them. Both the dune buggies were equipped with machine guns and they fired out a hail of bullets toward the jeep.

The driver of the off-road jeep struggled to have the jeep move in an S-shaped manner. As the off-road jeep moved in such a manner, the bullets struck the ground just below the tires on both sides. “Pu pu pu” sounds rang out as dust and gravel burst into the air as a result. Occasionally, some of the bullets would hit the surface of the off-road jeep only to be stopped by the jeep’s steel plates.

Up in the sky, a drone was flying at a height of over 20 metres above ground as it kept constant watch over the off-road jeep. The weapon arsenal of this drone was empty, indicating that it had already shot out its missile. However, its monitoring function was still running and it ensured that the off-road jeep was constantly within its monitoring range.

If Roddy was here, he would immediately recognize the second group that was chasing the jeep. They were the ones that had fought him earlier, the members of Feral Tiger Guild.

The fellow with the Mohican hairstyle, Denzel was seated within one of the dune buggies.

His Feral Tiger Guild had two dune buggies and six members. The distance between them and the off-road jeep gradually narrowed.

“A small town! There is a small town in front!”

The off-road jeep’s driver shouted loudly. She hastily tossed away the sunglasses that she was wearing and exhaled, “We’ll charge in! Let’s use the terrain to shake them off!”

“What are you waiting for? I’m about to run out of bullets!” The fellow who was shooting at the back with a rifle turned his head around and shouted back. He then fired out several more shots and shouted again, “Hurry up!”

“I can’t go any faster! This is the fastest we’ll ever go!” The ponytail-sporting woman shot back. “We need to think of someway to slow them down! Given the current distance between us, even if we did enter the town, we won’t have the chance to shake them off! We need to put more distance between us and them!”

The other fellow who had reloaded his gun shouted, “We lack explosives! And heavy weapons! How are we to shake them off! Damn it! If only Mavis had not died…”

“Nonsense! Mavis is the one in charge of our logistics! All of our equipment and explosives is on him! Why didn’t you grab his Storage Watch when he died? Now you want to talk about this?” The rifle-bearing fellow quarrelled with the other fellow.

The other fellow angrily replied, “Those fellows’ ambush was too sudden! I had no time to react at all! Feral Tiger Guild! I’ll remember these bastards! If there is an opportunity, I will certainly take vengeance on them!”

“Let’s get out of this alive before you say that!” The ponytail-sporting woman harrumphed as she stepped on the throttle, pushing it down to its limits. “Hold on tight!”

As they were approaching the little town, the people on the off-road jeep executed their biggest move yet. They tossed out a cluster of hand grenades. The resulting explosion and flames were finally capable of slowing down the speed of the dune buggies chasing after them. The two dune buggies avoided the explosion and went around the flames. However, that also widened the distance between them and the off-road jeep.

Denzel who was sitting inside a dune buggy watched as the off-road jeep moved into the little town. His expression revealed that he was not worried about that. He sneered and said, “Don’t be hasty. We’ll let them go in first… our drone is watching them.”

The middle-aged man beside him, Olin nodded his head.

“This little town is strange. For a town to appear in the middle of this wasteland, something is definitely not right. It’s not a bad idea to let these rats go explore it first. Make sure the drone doesn’t lose sight of them. We’ll prepare our equipment before entering the little town,” said Denzel. He looked at Olin and continued, “You will be leading the vanguard unit. Go get one fellow to join you.”

Olin grinned and said, “Leave it to me.”

“There is nothing on the radar. We could very well be the first to arrive here… let’s take care of those three first. That’s 1,500 points. The other members will also get 100 points as bonus. This is a rare opportunity that we cannot miss.” Denzel exhaled.

He pulled out a cigarette and stuffed it into his mouth. Lighting it up, he took a drag and said, “Three minutes, we’ll use three minutes to prepare our weapons, equipment and ammunition. Once this three minutes is over, the vanguard unit will enter while I lead the rest to form the rear-guard. The distance between our two units must not exceed the range of our firearms.”

The off-road jeep rushed into the town. Seeing an intersection, the ponytail-sporting woman turned the vehicle, making a sharp turn.

Perhaps it was too sharp of a turn to make. In the end, the tire reached its limit and it flew out of the vehicle even as it was making the turn. The jeep skidded forward and half of its body tilted up in the air before slamming into a wooden house beside the street.

With a booming sound, the jeep broke through one of the house’s pillars before smashing through the house’s wall and into a room.

After around 10 seconds later, the two fellows in the back of the jeep jumped down. The ponytail-sporting woman kicked down the deformed door of the jeep.

A slender, wheat coloured leg moved out of the jeep and stepped heavily on the ground. After getting out of the jeep, the ponytail-sporting woman tore off the damaged camouflage uniform that she was wearing and tossed it on the ground.

Beneath the uniform was a skin-tight elastic sleeveless vest, which revealed the voluptuous curves of her body.

“Damn it!” The woman swore loudly as she assessed the deformation on the front part of the jeep. She could also see smoke rising out from the hood. She leaned her upper body into the jeep to retrieve a gun, which she then inserted into her belt.

This Latin woman possessed a sensually sinful body with undoubtedly ample curves, snake like waist, luscious buttocks, strong and slender legs…

“Carmen, you pig! I told you we need a more durable car!” The Latin woman stared at the man holding onto the rifle. Then, she turned to face the other fellow and said, “And you, Rodriguez! Now that Mavis is dead, I am appointing you as the new logistics officer for our guild!”

Carmen pulled his rifle’s bolt and used his shoulder to bump Rodriguez. He said, “Well then, new logistics officer, it’s time for you to get to work! Your new task is to help us find a new transport.”

Rodriguez rolled up his eyes.

“Don’t complain. We don’t have much time,” said the woman who looked up into the sky. She pointed at the drone and said, “This damned fly keeps following us! We’ll need to find a way to bring it down.”

“We’ve lost our heavy arsenal,” said Carmen who patted the rifle in his hands. “This will not be able to do it.”

“That thing had already used up its missile. Otherwise, there would be no way for us to escape this far.” Rodriguez shook his head. “All right, I will go check the surrounding area to see if there are any cars here. This town is quite big, there should be some cars.”

“Shouldn’t we leave this place at once?” asked Carmen as he pointed at the drone flying in the sky.

“No, that Denzel from Feral Tiger Guild is a smart fellow. He will arrange things properly outside this town before bringing his men in. We will have a few minutes.” The woman walked until she was on the main road. She looked around and frowned. “An empty town?”

Rodriguez who had ran 20 metres forward reached another intersection. Then, he quickly turned around and shouted loudly, “Selina! Hurry over! Oh, my God! Look at what I found!”

He shouted with such a sharp voice that Selina knitted her brows in response. As she was moving over there, she said, “It better be a vehicle for us! Otherwise, I am going to make you a horse!”

When Selina and Carmen reached the intersection, they looked in the direction that Rodriguez was pointing at and became shocked!

“My… God!”

Lying on the surface of the 500-metre long street and also on both sides of the street were the remnants of battle! Ruined aircrafts, tanks, mechs… all kinds of armours and weapons were left lying on the ground!

The ground and the surrounding buildings had all been bombarded, leaving collapsed buildings and craters on the ground.

Selina and her team members formed the ‘品’ formation as they carefully treaded forward on the street, observing every place in detail.

“Bloody Hell! What happened here?”

“How could there be so many weapons here… oh my God! Is that a mech? Oh, there are also tanks… this is a Thunderstorm Tank!”

Selina had a gloomy expression on her face. Unlike most women, she did not have soft features on her face. Her facial lines were slightly more prominent, a match for her skin tone and body shape. At the same time, it also gave her a stalwart atmosphere.

At that moment however, her face appeared to have been enveloped by frost. She said, “I have a bad feeling about this. This instance dungeon is too weird! These remnants of battle… oh God! These are all real!”

“A pity, they’re utterly ruined.” Rodriguez walked until he was beside an abandoned Thunderstorm Tank. He climbed up the tank and inspected it for a moment. “The controls to move and arm it have been destroyed. Otherwise… even if we could just operate one of them, we would be able to give the Feral Tiger Guild a painful lesson.”

“Stop thinking about useless stuff!” Selina abruptly felt vexed. She had a feeling that a terrible crisis was getting nearer. The feeling made her emotions swirl and she shouted, “A transport! What we need right now is a transport! I don’t want to die in this Hellish place! Especially not under that bastard Denzel’s hands!”

“If you surrender, he might accept it. I recall that one time last year in Zero City when he was trying to woo you,” said Carmen with a smile.

Selina threw a vicious stare at Carmen.

Selina. Raw: ‘赛琳娜’, pinyin: ‘sài lín nà’.

Mavis. Raw: ‘马维斯’, pinyin: ‘mǎ wéi sī’.

Carmen. Raw: ‘卡曼’, pinyin: ‘kǎ màn’.

Rodriguez. Raw: ‘罗德里格斯’, pinyin: ‘luō délǐ gé sī’.

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