Chapter 31: Quest Complete

GOR Chapter 31: Quest Complete

It was not as he had imagined. The feeling of his consciousness being deprived did not occur.

Rather, it was as though he had become drunk. His mind turned faint and blurry and his body reaction became slow. Chen Xiaolian was barely able to stand up. However, after taking just one step, he felt himself tilting.

“This, what is going on?”

Chen Xiaolian muttered.

Then, he heard his own mouth uttering another sentence. “Stop talking nonsense. Move forward and find the pillar.”

At this moment, Chen Xiaolian felt extremely fragile. It was as though he was drunk and his mind was increasingly drowsy, about to fall asleep at any moment. However, a trace of consciousness remained within him. He gritted his teeth tightly to maintain the last vestige of his consciousness!

Apparently… even when taking over another’s body, this Amon was unable to instantly devour his consciousness. Some amount of time was required to complete this process.

Probably… because his core spirit had been sealed, this Guardian spirit who is on the outside could only utilize a small fraction of its power.

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian’s heart pounded. Perhaps… he is not as powerful as I imagined!

Both his hands came in contact with one of the stone pillars, but the cold stone pillar showed no reaction.

Chen Xiaolian forcibly shook his head and heard a strange voice coming out from his own mouth. “Go to the next pillar, hurry up!”

Chen Xiaolian looked at his own legs as it stepped forward… this time, he almost lost control of both his legs. Although their movements were a little tilted, it was obviously more coordinated compared to earlier.

This was a bad sign.

Clearly, Amon was gradually gaining control over his body. As for his own consciousness, it was becoming increasingly incapable of controlling his body.

Perhaps… it was about to be completely devoured.

“Stop resisting,” Chen Xiaolian seemed to be talking to himself. Although it was his own voice, the tone obviously belonged to Amon. “The more you resist, the more you provoke me. If you obey me, then I can consider sparing your three companions.”

“Really?” Chen Xiaolian laughed bitterly. He struggled to raise his hand, extending it towards one of the nearest pillar.

His cooperative attitude seemed to be satisfying Amon. Unfortunately, this pillar also did not give any reaction.

Finally, after they have checked more than ten pillars…

When Chen Xiaolian came in contact with one of the pillars, he suddenly felt a sense of iciness! A trace of coldness spread out from the pillar, seemingly spreading through his hand and arm. In an instant, it had penetrated deep into his soul, causing him to shiver uncontrollably.

“It is here!”

Amon’s shout of joy emanated out from Chen Xiaolian’s mouth. “Hurry! The rod!”

Chen Xiaolian turned his head and spoke resentfully towards Han Bi. “Bring the rod over.”

Han Bi was momentarily stunned; he had seen that cue from Chen Xiaolian’s face again.

Han Bi noted that Chen Xiaolian’s gaze was directed upon Snow Edge for a moment. Even though it was only a moment, it did not go unnoticed by Han Bi.

Han Bi struggled for a moment. He crawled as he picked up Snow Edge, then the metal rod before moving towards Chen Xiaolian. As he handed the metal rod to Chen Xiaolian, Chen Xiaolian could feel that he could no longer control his own hands – Amon had already gained control over them.

The metal rod was lifted up, then…

It lightly tapped the stone pillar.

Suddenly, a green radiance shone out! The green radiance burst out of the stone pillar and enveloped Chen Xiaolian. After that, a clear cracking sound…

Like a glass that was smashed to pieces, a crack appeared on the surface of the stone pillar and extended rapidly…


As the stone pillar collapsed, Chen Xiaolian gaped at the countless green lights that entered his body at an insane rate!

“Life! The feeling of life! This is the feeling of a fresh new life!”

Chen Xiaolian raised his head and opened his mouth to let out a loud laugh. Amon’s shrill voice was channelled out as laughter using Chen Xiaolian’s mouth. “I am alive! I am finally alive again! The taste of that detestable and damnable stone is finally cast far away from me! Hahahaha! This fresh new life, this flesh… these blood vessels, this palpitating heart! Hahahahahahaha! I am finally alive again!”

Chen Xiaolian’s consciousness gradually weakened, he could feel his control over his body diminishing. It was as though he could barely sense his whole body anymore!

A chilling flow instantly occupied several positions within his own body, leading to a loss of perception there.

“Are you… satisfied?” Chen Xiaolian bit his lips.

“Hahahaha! I am very satisfied,” Amon gave a triumphant and joyous laughter.

“Satisfied? In that case…” Chen Xiaolian suddenly took a deep breath – one of the last few movements that he was capable of at this moment. “… then… die!”

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian suddenly gathered up the remnants of his consciousness with fervour. In that instant, he managed to seize back control of one of his legs. He then vigorously moved it to let him fall towards Han Bi’s location!

“Han Bi! Kill me!”

Han Bi was shocked; he instinctively raised up the Snow Edge in his hand…

Chen Xiaolian directed his body to charge straight towards the scimitar!

Amon shrieked out. “What are you doing?”

Chen Xiaolian’s body twisted itself, seemingly trying to stand straight. However, under the directions of two consciousness, the body continued moving towards the scimitar!


Chen Xiaolian witnessed with his own eyes… as his own right wrist fell upon the scimitar’s blade! The momentum of his body in addition to the sharpness of Snow Edge caused his right wrist to be instantly cut off!

With a “bang”, Chen Xiaolian fell heavily onto the ground!

Amon miserably screamed out in pain!

What an absurd feeling.

It was clear that his own hand had been cut off, it was also clear that his own mouth had screamed out in misery… yet, Chen Xiaolian’s consciousness was unable to feel any shred of pain.

Not being able to do anything more, Chen Xiaolian shouted out. “Han Bi! Act quickly! Kill me! He can no longer leave my body!”

Han Bi abruptly woke up. He gave Chen Xiaolian a deep stare… he could see that Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were filled with absolute determination!

Han Bi raised his hand and slashed down!


Chen Xiaolian’s body acted by lifting the metal rod to block off Han Bi’s slash!

Amon screamed in horror. “This is wrong! This is wrong! Why is your body so weak?”

Although Chen Xiaolian’s consciousness was becoming increasingly faint, he laughed out. “You fool… all my attributes have been combusted and purified… the current me, my current body’s strength is no better than that of a dying patient. Han Bi! What are you waiting for! Kill me! This instance dungeon can be completed! Kill the Guardian!”

Han Bi’s face was flowing with tears. He raised the scimitar with both his hands and shouted. “I am sorry! Chen Xiaolian!”

The bright edge of the Snow Edge swept down!

Amon struggled for life, attempting to lift the metal rod to block it off…

Unfortunately, the strength of Chen Xiaolian’s body was simply… too weak!

All his attribute points have been combusted to become the Goddess of Dawn’s Overwhelming Sunlight attack… although the current Chen Xiaolian seemed normal, the truth was his Physique, Endurance and Agility… all of his attributes have plummeted to the lowest of the low!

Seeing the descending scimitar, Amon howled loudly and sent out a green light… he was attempting to break away from Chen Xiaolian’s body…

However, the green coloured light was only able to partially fly out. It appeared that a certain force was pulling it back, leading to its inability to free itself from Chen Xiaolian’s body!

Chen Xiaolian… won his bet yet again!

Back then, Amon was able to possess and confuse Newton, leading to an uphill battle in which they finally killed Newton. However, due to the nature of his spiritual body, Amon was able to break away…

Now though, Chen Xiaolian had unsealed Amon’s core spirit, allowing Amon to resurrect himself within Chen Xiaolian’s body…

This resurrection meant that Amon is no longer a spiritual body… he is no longer an unkillable entity!

That meant… Amon could now be killed!

As for Amon… his biggest mistake was… to choose Chen Xiaolian’s body to take over.

Chen Xiaolian had utilized the Goddess of Dawn’s Overwhelming Sunlight Purification skill, combusting all his attributes away!

Thus, at that moment Chen Xiaolian was even weaker than the seriously injured Han Bi!

Han Bi’s scimitar viciously slashed onto Chen Xiaolian’s chest!

Followed by… a horizontal slash…

After spurting out a spray of blood, Chen Xiaolian slumped onto the ground and looked blankly at the scimitar blade stuck on his chest.

This slash… was absolutely fatal!

Chen Xiaolian’s face broke into a mournful smile. “Good… good blade, one, one more slash!”

Amon shrieked out miserably as he attempted to emit more green light. He tried to seal the wound and blood flow… unfortunately…

As mentioned before, he is no longer an unkillable entity!

Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that Chen Xiaolian is not unkillable!

Han Bi extracted the scimitar and waved it forward again!

This time, the scimitar drew a mark across his neck…

Chen Xiaolian could hear the sounds of “chi chi”… followed by a spray of blood leaking out from his windpipe!

His mouth was opened as Amon seemed to be attempting to shout something. However, with his neck cut off, he could only emit the sounds of “ge ge”.

Chen Xiaolian’s consciousness looked towards Han Bi; traces of tranquillity and delight flickering out from his eyes.

Han Bi’s grip loosened and the scimitar was thrown onto the ground. He then knelt down.

“Xiaolian, I am sorry!”

Chen Xiaolian could sense he was beginning to slowly feel pain again… it appeared that Amon’s soul was losing its strength as it died… slowly fading away…

His ability to sense his own body gradually returned…

His body fell down face first, his one good hand gave Han Bi the thumbs up…


Chen Xiaolian’s face fell onto the ground.

Han Bi watched as a green light rapidly flowed out of Chen Xiaolian’s body before dissipating in the air…

Suddenly, he felt the ground underneath shaking!

Han Bi raised his head upwards to see a silver screen of light descending from the ceiling… just like… a curtain had been spread down on them… the entire square and underground valley… they were all enveloped within it.

Han Bi was shocked to observe that once the curtain of light had reached a certain altitude, some of the stone pillars crown area that had been broken would be rapidly repaired.

Han Bi suddenly found that his body was feeling cold.

Lowering his head, he saw both his hands and arms… rapidly disappearing!

On a flat area of the cliff, Takashimoto Shizuka was in a kneeling position. She stared foolishly into the distance, her eyes blank.

From above her head, the silver curtain of light descended. However, she did not appear to notice at all, as she continued staring ahead foolishly.

There was only darkness before the eyes.

The remaining scene resembled a screen that was about to receive a transmission broadcast from the station but had its switch suddenly flipped. The screen flashed and all that was left was utter darkness…

Chen Xiaolian could sense his consciousness becoming increasingly faint and weak…

At that moment…

A tiny dot of light suddenly flashed out from within the darkness.





“….. Prompt, Instance Dungeon Quest Complete, Guardian is dead, Instance Dungeon Reward acquired.”

“… Instance Dungeon refresh launched…”

The prompt disappeared… next, the only thing within his line of sight was that blinking ‘.’(dot).

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