Chapter 307 Found It!

GOR Chapter 307 Found It!

Chen Xiaolian was crouched behind a window as he held his breath.

On the street below, the Fallen Avenger was moving toward his general location.

There was a distance of over 100 meters between them. Logically, the Fallen Avenger should not be able to notice anything. However, Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from holding his breath. He simply dared not make any noise.

It was a most peculiar psychological compulsion.

The movement speed of the mighty Fallen Avenger did not appear to be too fast. The black coloured long sword that he was carrying scraped the surface of the ground, creating sparks wherever it went.

This game of hunting and be hunted created quite the suffocating environment.

Chen Xiaolian was unable to restrain himself from cursing out secretly: Damned Lancelot! Even in death, he refuses to let me go!

At present, there was nothing Chen Xiaolian could do. It seemed that he could only play hide and seek with him.

Fortunately, Chen Xiaolian judged that if he were to fully utilize their surrounding terrain, it should not be too hard to avoid being found by the Fallen Avenger and delay time…

He checked his watch and saw that there were still over 10 hours to go before this seek and kill phase ended.

However, as Chen Xiaolian was thinking that, the Fallen Avenger who was at an intersection suddenly changed his direction!

After reaching a four-way intersection, his mighty body halted and he turned around to observe his surroundings. Then, he suddenly raised his sword!

Next, the Fallen Avenger gripped onto his sword with both hands…

A black coloured flash of light slashed forward, shooting out toward one end of the street… a loud booming sound echoed out as a house collapsed from the power of the black coloured flaming slash! The old building that was made from wood collapsed. The wood then withered rapidly, at a visible rate, and became powder!

A three-storey building was transformed into ruins in but an instant!

The Fallen Avenger continued brandishing his sword!

Black coloured flaming slashes continued shooting out from his sword.

Buildings fell!

Several slashes later, the buildings around the crossroad had all become ruins!

Chen Xialian watched as the Fallen Avenger turned nearly half of the buildings on the street into ruins without showing any signs of weakening…

His heart sank!

Clearly, this fellow was ‘smarter’ than he had expected.

He would not continue to wander aimlessly in the streets. After searching for Chen Xiaolian for so long without any results, the Fallen Avenger had obviously lost his patience.

He began unleashing havoc in an unscrupulous manner.

Is he… attempting to force me out?

To the Fallen Avenger, the buildings in this town were the equivalent of obstacles. Now, he had begun to consciously destroy these obstacles.

It was just like how one would hunt a mouse. First, break and destroy the mouse hole and force the mouse out.

Chen Xiaolian frowned and he immediately decided on what to do. He quickly ran out from the room and headed downstairs.

Reaching the first floor, he surveyed his surroundings while standing in the doorway. Then, he pulled out a bomb and tossed it inside. Taking advantage of the time afforded due to the Fallen Avenger turning into another street, Chen Xiaolian ran out of the house. He crossed the street and ran into a house that he was hiding in with Qimu Xi earlier.

“Let’s go!”

Chen Xiaolian rushed into the house and saw that Qimu Xi was standing beside the window. He moved over and pulled her up.

Qimu Xi appeared somewhat shocked. She said, “Where did you go? I… I waited for you for so long.”

“Hurry up and move! This place is no longer safe!” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

“The monster is destroying houses.”

“I saw it too,” replied Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

He pulled Qimu Xi out of the door and checked the other end of the street to ascertain that the Fallen Avenger was not coming over. Then, he continued to pull her as he ran toward the safe house.

The safe house was very close. The two of them ran into the safe room and Chen Xiaolian said to Qimu Xi, “Try punching me.”


“Just do as I say!”

Qimu Xi was shocked. She closed her eyes and raised her hand.

The girl’s hand then gently swept toward Chen Xiaolian’s face. He did not feel much pain and simply stared at Qimu Xi.

“You… you are the one who asked me to hit you.”

“I told you to punch me, not slap me.” Chen Xiaolian did not know if he should laugh or cry. Then, he frowned and continued, “But we tried… it appears that this safe zone is no longer effective. You were not restricted by any constraints when you hit me.”

“You mean to say, this place is not safe?” Qimu Xi asked. “Then we…”

“I have a plan.” Chen Xiaolian sighed before continuing, “The success rate is not 100 %... however, it’s worth betting one.”


“Mm, we’ll bet on the item left by that fellow. Let’s see if it is what I think it is.”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said, “Now, I want you to wait here. Remember, unless I return, you shouldn’t come out!”

“Ah? You?”

“I’ll go out to find something.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “Remember, until I am back, don’t go out alone.”

“What if… the monster finds this place?”

“I don’t think you are that unlucky. But, I guess you’ll have to gamble on your luck.” Chen Xiaolian pondered the matter before saying, “If he does find you, you’ll have to run.”

Qimu Xi was unable to refrain from rolling her eyes.

What kind of arrangement was this supposed to be?

“Don’t worry. He won’t come here. I will lure him away.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian left Qimu Xi and ran out of the safe zone – alone.

Qimu Xi ran to the door only to see Chen Xiaolian’s figure disappearing into the end of the street.

“… why am I so unlucky…” the girl whimpered.

Chen Xiaolian ran quickly through the little town.

The area that he wanted to search was obvious. The little town received heavy damage. However, it was only from the entrance up until the safe house. Roughly half of the little town was ruined by the battle.

The other half was in a much better state. It would appear that those buildings did not suffer too much in terms of damage. It was likely that the battles waged by the members of the Conqueror Guild did not spread there… they had all died before reaching there.

However, Chen Xiaolian had an intuitive thought. The reason they had desperately fought back… was it because they were trying to defend this half of the town?

Assuming that the damaged part of the little town was the front… then the other half would be the rear?

If there was something hidden here, then it must be hidden in the rear part, right?

After running out of a street, Chen Xiaolian pressed down on a remote control to detonate a bomb.

A loud noise could be heard originating from far away. Chen Xiaolian watched as the flames from the explosion soared to the sky. Then, he moved to the other side of the town... hoping that the explosion would attract the Fallen Avenger’s attention.

Half an hour later, Chen Xiaolian ran out from a house.

He was no longer able to recall just how many houses he had searched through.

After searching through two streets’ worth of houses, all he came up with were empty houses.

Some of them were indeed completely empty while some others had remnants left there, which implied that someone had lived there before.

In the process of searching through the houses, Chen Xiaolian picked up several items; Two daggers, a shield and even a protective suit – it was actually an [A] class item! However, it was damaged.

The system prompt showed that it was 60 % damaged.

Even so, Chen Xiaolian had chosen to wear the protective suit over his body.

A familiar building appeared before him.

It was a clock tower.

In the previous town, the trap that he set up to screw the fellow who looked like Qiu Yun had involved a clock tower that looked exactly the same as this one.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes lit up!

In a small town like this, a clock tower could be considered as a landmark.


He did not hesitate and rushed inside!

The clock tower consisted of three storeys. In one breath’s time, Chen Xiaolian rushed all the way up to the third floor. Inside, he saw several large gear wheels and a clock dish. The pointer had already broken down due to the rust and most of the gear wheels had also been broken.

Some of the rotating shafts had cracked while others had collapsed.

Chen Xiaolian checked every corner of the place, tapping around while he was at it.

He discovered nothing on the third floor.

He felt slightly disappointed and ran down the stairs. When he reached the first floor, he looked around aimlessly.


Chen Xiaolian suddenly realized that there was something strange within this clock tower.

There at the centre of the first floor, hanging on the wall was a sword.

It was an ornamental long sword. Chen Xiaolian moved over and with a glance, determined that it was made from normal materials and had become rusty. The edges of the blade were not sharp and the tip itself was blunt.

For some unknown reason, the sword was hung in a crooked manner. The blade of the sword was lying at a 45 º angle from the floor.

Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a pound. Then, he moved closer and attempted to change the angle of the sword.

A “kacha” could be heard as he moved the blade of the sword…

The wall before him suddenly flipped open!

Chen Xiaolian was overjoyed!

It’s here!

Hearing the sound of explosion coming from afar, Qimu Xi hid inside the safe room while she cautiously observed the far end of the street.

A few minutes later, a figure that caused her hairs to stand on its end appeared in the street!

The Fallen Avenger!

The terrifying armour-clad figure that was just like the devil in the stories appeared.

Qimu Xi was so petrified, she felt as though her heartbeat rate had crawled to half its normal rate. She quickly shrunk back into the safe room.

She peeked outside through the damaged door.

The Fallen Avenger was walking over!

Qimu Xi was aghast!

This time… why did it not get attracted by the explosion?

Could it be… this monster, it, it, it is becoming smarter?!

The heavy footsteps came closer and Qimu Xi’s body turned soft. She lay on the ground behind the damaged door, her body trembling.

The Fallen Avenger reached the front of the safe house and he turned his neck. His head turned as well and his pair of ghastly eyes swept over the door.

Qimu Xi was so scared she could not even breathe. She could only clench her teeth heavily.

A few seconds later, the sound of footsteps could be heard once more and it gradually moved farther away…

Qimu Xi felt as though her entire body had collapsed. She gasped for breath and anxiously peeked out of the door. She saw that the monster was moving far away and into the little town – in the same direction that Chen Xiaolian had taken!

I… I have to tell him that the monster have become smarter.

Qimu Xi thought to herself anxiously and she pulled out the walkie-talkie that Chen Xiaolian had given her earlier…

A few seconds later, Qimu Xi was shocked.

No… no response?

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