Chapter 293 Messy Battle

GOR Chapter 293 Messy Battle

Seeing the demolished doorframe of the safe room, Culkin’s face grew increasingly ugly to behold.

“This place…” Lei Hu who was standing beside him whispered.

“Something must have happened,” Culkin sighed. There was shock in his eyes as he said, “Within this punishment instance dungeon, this place should have been the safest place to be in. This safe zone should have restricted any form of aggressive actions. It is a place of absolute safety where no battles are allowed to occur. For someone to die in here… look, clearly, a battle had taken place here.”

Culkin’s eyes flickered and he glanced around. Taking a deep breath, he said, “This is not right! We… I fear we cannot stay here! I think this place is no longer safe.”

Lei Hu hesitated for a moment.

Culkin walked to the door, extended his hand to feel the broken doorframe. “It appears to have been smashed by something incredibly brutish.”

After reaching the door, he peeked out of the door and was able to faintly hear a roaring sound coming from somewhere in the distance. He also heard the sound of buildings collapsing from the little town!

“We need to leave this place now!” Culkin turned to Lei Hu and said in a decisive manner. “We have to leave! My instincts are screaming danger!”

Lei Hu took a deep breath and held his chest tightly before slowly speaking, “All right, I’ll listen to your orders.”

Culkin glanced at Lei Hu and frowned, “Your injuries…”

“It’s nothing serious. I have already taken a healing substance for it. It will just take one or two hours to fully heal.”

As Lei Hu was talking, he suddenly paused before shouting, “Careful!”

It was presently night. A black shadow emerged from an alley opposite the street outside the safe room. It was a partially rotten wolf!

It had a large body and crimson red eyes. Its jaw muscles hung down its mouth as it growled; it slowly moved forward and then broke into a charge. It pounced toward the two who were inside the safe room, howling ferociously as it did so.

A peculiar looking liquid trickled down from the corners of its jaws.

Culkin did not hesitate. The moment he saw the monster, he pulled out a Remington shotgun, which he wielded with one hand. He aimed the shotgun at the wolf’s head and pulled the trigger.



He fired out two shots in a row.

The wolf was in the middle of charging toward them and was in the air when its head took the brunt of the shots. Half of its brains were battered; when it fell to the ground, it simply laid there without moving.

After releasing the two shots, Culkin quickly stepped out of the safe zone and looked around at the streets outside.

A series of wolf howls echoed through the night and a great number of dark figures appeared. Clumps of crimson red eyes that looked like ghosts flames could be seen moving along the dark figures in the night.

The number kept increasing and they felt a chill travelling down their spine.

Lei Hu’s face was somewhat ugly to behold as he watched the incoming wolves.

Culkin on the other hand had a cold expression on his face as he pulled out several oval shaped grenades. He pulled out the safety rings and threw them forward. Then, he turned around and pulled Lei Hu away.


A series of explosion went off and the flames rose to the sky!

An armoured vehicle with tank treads suddenly appeared behind Culkin!

The armoured vehicle was able to block off the resulting fragments of the explosion.

Culkin waited for the explosions to end before pulling Lei Hu into the armoured vehicle. Then, they drove the armoured vehicle and charged toward the street amid the roarings of the explosions.

Several wolves rushed forward in pursuit of them. Wounds were evident all over the bodies of some wolves. However, they ignored it and slammed against the armoured vehicle. Some of them simply jumped in before the tank treads…

“You drive!”

Culkin shouted to Lei Hu before climbing out toward the machine gun attached to the vehicle.

Tat tat tat!

The muzzle flash sprayed out and a hail of bullets rained down on half of the street. As a result, some of the wolves that were catching up to them were torn into pieces!

The armoured vehicle drove to the left side of the little town…

“Did you hear that?”

Chen Xiaolian who was holding onto the steering wheel suddenly tilted his head to the side and listened. Then, he turned his eyes to look at the back… in the darkness of night, a burst of flames suddenly appeared somewhere near the safe room.

Chen Xiaolian was quick to determine what it was he had heard. It was the sound of an explosion!

“What happened?” Chen Xiaolian turned to Qimu Xi who was inside the SUV.

The girl stared at him with a pair of innocent looking eyes – Chen Xiaolian sighed.

He asked the wrong person.

“This should be a Player mode area. How could an explosion occur here? Could there be other monsters? That can’t be right… how can monsters cause explosions? The sound earlier is clearly that of explosives. It is either bombs or hand grenades. And then there is that fire… that is the place we emerged. Someone is fighting there! How is that possible? Did someone else enter?”

“Be careful!!”

Qimu Xi suddenly screamed out sharply.

Chen Xiaolian caught sight of a shadow in the rear-view mirror and he immediately pulled the steering wheel, causing the SUV to swerve into a drift in the middle of the road.


Black coloured marks were left on the ground due to the friction between the tyres and the ground.

Next, an oak barrel containing beer fell from the sky and broke into fragments as it struck the street!

“Damn it!”

Chen Xiaolian swore loudly and turned his head back to see the Fallen Avenger raising up another oak barrel, which he threw toward them.

“Damn it!”

Chen Xiaolian kept pulling the steering wheel and the SUV was barely able to move away. This time however, it was unable to steer clear and the oak barrel struck the back of the SUV.

The SUV shook and was nearly overturned by the impact. Chen Xiaolian exerted his all to control the steering wheel and stabilize the SUV. However, the back of the SUV had been utterly damaged!

A large gaping hole was left where the oak barrel had struck it. As for the Fallen Avenger, it strode forward in pursuit as flames swirled around his body.

“You drive!”

Chen Xiaolian pulled Qimu Xi up from the front passenger position into the driver seat. At the same time, he crawled to the back seat.

“Ehh?! I don’t know how to drive…”

Qimu Xi cried out but Chen Xiaolian was simply in no position to care so much. He shouted, “Even if you don’t know how to drive, you must still drive! Just step on the throttle!”

Chen Xiaolian’s strength was too strong for Qimu Xi to extricate herself and she screamed as she was thrown onto the driver’s seat. She subconsciously stepped on a pedal.


The SUV that was barrelling forward abruptly jerked to a halt! Chen Xiaolian who was in the process of jumping to the back tumbled. The inertia of his movement nearly caused him to fall off the gaping hole left behind the SUV. In that critical moment, his hand had shot out to grab the handrail. If he had not, then by now he would be thrown outside the SUV.

“Bastard! You are stepping on the brake!”

“Ah ah ah! Sorry, sorry, sorry!”

Qimu Xi cried with a tearful expression and she stepped down on the throttle. She stepped all the way down to the throttle’s limit and the SUV’s engine roared loudly before the SUV charged forward.

Chen Xiaolian was thrown out of balance once more. In the process, his head slammed heavily onto the driver seat.

This time, Chen Xiaolian did not curse out. He simply threw a glare at Qimu Xi. Then, he opened up the sunroof and stood up.

He produced an automatic rifle from his Storage Watch. After getting into position, he aimed at the Fallen Avenger who was chasing after them and pulled the trigger!

Tat tat tat tat tat…

The bullets fell upon the Fallen Avenger’s body, causing him to stagger! His forward momentum became affected.

However, the bullets were unable to pierce through his armour. Instead, they were deflected all over the place.

Even so, the fact that his speed was lowered due to the shots made Chen Xiaolian happy.

What happened next however, wiped off any inclination of his to smile.

The Fallen Avenger roared loudly and his body swelled up by three notches!

The fiery black flames coursing through his body raged outward!

He suddenly raised the black sword in his hand.

The sword blade expanded, widening until it was half as big as a door!

The Fallen Avenger positioned the now broadsword before him, utilizing it as a shield. Now, his upper body and especially his face were protected by the broadsword.

The bullets struck the surface of the broadsword, resulting in “ding ding dang dang” sounds. Then, he sped up once more!

“You bitch!”

Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth and swore. However, he did not stop shooting. He used his other hand to retrieve a hand grenade from his Storage Watch.

“You think you’re the only one who can throw things?”

Biting off the safety pin, he then threw the grenade forward.


The flames from the resulting explosion soared to the sky!

Chen Xiaolian laughed out in glee. However, he then saw the Fallen Avenger sprint out from the flames.

“Son of a bitch! One more!”

Chen Xiaolian tossed out another grenade.

This time however, Chen Xiaolian saw something that left him shocked.

The Fallen Avenger suddenly gripped the hilt of his broadsword and got into position…

He did not wait for the grenade to fall. Instead, when the grenade was right before him, he suddenly swung his sword…


That move was similar to that of a baseball player!

The grenade formed an arc in the sky…


Chen Xiaolian quickly slipped back into the SUV.

The grenade was knocked back and it fell to the left side of the street.


The doors and windows of the houses to the left shattered – wood chips flew in the air!

The SUV itself shook from the shockwave.

Chen Xiaolian climbed up and saw that the windows of the SUV had cracked. He could not help but spit out, “He is actually so smart?”

He no longer dared to use grenades.

This fellow’s baseball technique seemed quite impressive. In the event that he somehow managed to knock the grenade into the SUV, then both Chen Xiaolian and Qimu Xi would have died.

“Front, we’ve reached the end of the road!”

Qimu Xi suddenly shouted.

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian turned his head backward to see that the SUV had reached the edge of the little town!

The only thing beyond the edge was a wasteland covered in darkness. Even though the road continued to spread out before them, they were unable to see where they were going.

“Move forward!” Chen Xiaolian shouted.

However, as the SUV was about to charge its way out of the town, a green curtain of light suddenly shone out!


The SUV was fiercely propelled backward and was forced to turn. It nearly turned over as a result!

“The engine got turned off?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Qimu Xi.

“I,I,I,I… I did not do anything! It stopped itself!” Qimu Xi cried out tearfully.

“Don’t lose focus! Start up the SUV!” Chen Xiaolian slapped Qimu Xi’s head heavily and said, “Hurry! Start the SUV! Turn it!”

For some unknown reason, they were unable to get out of the little town.

An invisible force is blocking us?

Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank.

Seeing the Fallen Avenger chasing after him from behind, Chen Xiaolian quickly gritted his teeth and said, “Turn back! We’ll charge back!”


Chen Xiaolian moved himself to the front of the SUV. This time, he pulled Qimu Xi up and threw her to the back. He got into the driver seat, started the SUV and turned the SUV around.

The SUV made a U-turn. However, it did not run back in the same direction. Instead, it barrelled its way into a side alley!

Chen Xiaolian stepped on the throttle to the max. The various items placed in the alley, wooden fences, horse saddles, barbecue grills and trashcans were all run over by the SUV.

The front part of the SUV was riddled with dents as a result.

Chen Xiaolian struggled to step on the throttle while controlling the steering wheel. At the same time, he nervously looked to his side…

“Qimu Xi! Take this!”

Chen Xiaolian tossed a gun to the back and said, “If you see him, open fire! Understand?”

“I… I…” Qimu Xi trembled as she picked up the gun. Both her hands were holding onto the handle of the gun.

Chen Xiaolian looked at her through the rear-view mirror and was quick to shout out, “Don’t point the gun at me!”

Qimu Xi gave an affirmative “Oh” while trembling.

Then, a loud boom could be heard from the left!

The alley wall on the left suddenly broke down and the Fallen Avenger burst out from the house swinging his broadsword!

Another loud sound roared out as the broadsword sliced into the left side of the SUV!

The sound of metal twisting apart filled the SUV as the sword struck home.

The slash caused the car doors on the left to fall off!

Qimu Xi screamed out sharply while Chen Xiaolian continued to step on the throttle.

The Fallen Avenger’s sword became stuck in the back part of the SUV while his other hand grabbed onto the exterior of the SUV. He pasted his body onto the SUV and was knocked around together with the SUV. However, he was able to slowly climb forward.

“Open fire!” Chen Xiaolian shouted.

Qimu Xi raised the gun, pointed it at the Fallen Avenger’s head and pulled the trigger.

Ka ka ka ka…

“You didn’t open the safety catch!” Chen Xiaolian shouted out furiously.

There was nothing he could do but steer the SUV. He turned it around and slammed into a house of the left!

A loud booming sound rang out as the front part of the SUV smashed into the wooden wall, causing the walls and windows to break into pieces. The SUV continued to charge into the house.

Chen Xiaolian shouted as he continued stepping on the throttle and the SUV barrelled through the interior of the house, trampling through everything. The furniture and wardrobe inside the house were all knocked over. A few seconds later, the SUV burst out from the house to appear on the other side of the road!

The Fallen Avenger remained hanging onto the exterior of the SUV. However, there was a cowboy hat on its head now. Where that even appeared from was anyone’s guess.

Chen Xiaolian shouted, “Qimu Xi! Fire! Open the safety catch and open fire!”


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The gunshot sounds that Chen Xiaolian had been waiting to hear finally appeared.

Qimu Xi screamed her lungs out and emptied an entire magazine in one breath!

All the bullets struck the Fallen Avenger’s helmet. In the end, he fell off the SUV. The SUV then shook as the back tyre of the SUV trampled past the body of the Fallen Avenger.

Chen Xiaolian turned around to see the Fallen Avenger slowly getting up. He pulled off the cowboy hat on its head.

A burst of black coloured flames then turned the cowboy hat into ashes. Next, the Fallen Avenger started moving forward once more as it gave chase yet again!

“Son of a bitch! When will this bloody end?!”

Chen Xiaolian swore loudly.

It was then that a roaring sound came from the front part of the road!

An armoured vehicle with tank treads appeared before Chen Xiaolian!


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