Chapter 291: Avenging Time

GOR Chapter 291: Avenging Time

“It really can become smaller.”

Seeing the look of distrust on Chen Xiaolian’s face, Ta Wang dared not hold anything back. His life was more important after all and he quickly said, “It’s true. I am not lying to you!”

“How to become smaller?”

“It’s very simple, just move backward.”

Move backward?

Chen Xiaolian was surprised to hear that at first. However, his eyes soon lit up!

While standing before the green curtain of light, Chen Xiaolian took two steps backward – the green curtain of light situated before him did not appear to be changing, however, Chen Xiaolian’s heart grew tense at what he saw next!

The green curtain of light did indeed feel bigger!

It was a very subtle feeling. A cursory glance would not have revealed anything as the difference was likely in terms of centimetres.

“It really can?” Chen Xiaolian mumbled to himself.

He took another step backward to ascertain that he did not make any mistake! The curtain of light did indeed become bigger in comparison. However, the difference was difficult to detect through the naked eye.

No, it would be more accurate to say that… he was the one who became smaller!

At present, Chen Xiaolian was three steps behind Ta Wang’s position. When he compared himself to Ta Wang, it would seem that he had become smaller by a few centimetres.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly stopped moving. He did not continue to step backward!

“You, get over here,” said Chen Xiaolian who stared at Ta Wang.

Ta Wang hesitated for a moment before letting out a sigh. He then moved backward until he was beside Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian carefully inspected Ta Wang’s body to verify that his body had indeed become smaller.

“What is the principle behind this?” Chen Xiaolian frowned as he strained his mind on the question.

At that moment, both their bodies were enveloped by the green coloured beam. Three metres were all that separated them from the curtain of light.

Chen Xiaolian stared at the curtain of light as he pondered the matter before giving a sigh.

Whatever. If I can’t figure it out, then I might as well stop thinking about it. Trying to think of the so-called principles at a time like this is just courting trouble for myself – this whole world is something that the Development Team created. When you think about it that way, that means the principles are also something that they created.

“But… there is quite a distance between us and the entrance. How do we enter it? If we move forward, won’t we become bigger?” Chen Xiaolian asked Ta Wang.

Ta Wang smiled wryly before answering, “If we are to walk forward slowly, then we will indeed become bigger again. However, if we are to move quickly and reach a certain level of speed… we can simply rush through it.”

Rush through it?

Chen Xiaolian was momentarily taken aback before recollecting himself.

Big and small. Those two were but forms of benchmark of this world. However, this whole world was in fact a virtual one. That meant that the difference between ‘big’ and ‘small’ does not exist. The reason for that was because the rules of this world were set down by the Development Team.

At the same time, the benchmark of ‘fast’ and ‘slow’… the same logic applied to them.

“In other words, as long as we run forward quickly… our bodies will not become bigger?”

“It will. However, if your speed of going forward is higher than the speed of your body becoming larger, you would be able to run through the entrance before your body could finish returning to its normal size.” Ta Wang reconsidered the matter and continued, “At any rate, that is the method that I had always used to get through it.”

Chen Xiaolian glanced at Ta Wang.

The method he had always used…

He abruptly smiled and reached out with his hand to seize Ta Wang. He pulled Ta Wang over and held him beneath his armpit, ignoring Ta Wang’s protests and struggles. Then, he quickly stepped backward until there was a distance of 20 metres between him and the curtain of light.

Chen Xiaolian gauged himself and speculated that he was presently about one tenth the size of his original size.

Still enveloped inside the green beam of light, he then looked at the wastelands around him. Due to the lack of reference materials, he was unable to pinpoint just how small he had become.

Then, Chen Xiaolian suddenly caught sight of a scorpion crawling out from behind a rocky mound. The scorpion that was moving its tail had a body that was as big as a basketball… Chen Xiaolian realized that he had become very small.

Next up is… speed, huh?

He took a deep breath.

Ta Wang had already guessed what Chen Xiaolian was going to do. He dared not continue struggling. He simply shouted out, “I say, you need to be careful here! My life is in your hands right now!”

Chen Xiaolian coldly retorted, “Shut up!”

After exhaling, Chen Xiaolian sprinted forward!

His feet slammed the ground with ferocity, causing a snapping sound. The gravel and sand on the ground were pressed down due to the impact, forming a footprint!

His body then vigorously shot forward!

At that very moment, Chen Xiaolian felt as through his surroundings, the green beam shining on both his left and right, the distant mountain peaks and the rocks were all rapidly whizzing to the back! It was as though he was on a galloping train!

The curtain of light located before him seemingly flickered and became slightly smaller – Chen Xiaolian could sense that the curtain of light was not actually becoming smaller; rather, he was the one who had become bigger!

However, he did not slow down. Instead, he increased his speed!

Thanks to the enhancement made to his Agility attribute, Chen Xiaolian’s body now shot forward like an artillery blast!

His body that was vaulting through the air grew bigger at a visible rate, but…

There was only a small distance left between him and the curtain of light!



With Ta Wang under his armpit, Chen Xiaolian disappeared into the curtain of light!


Without any light, he was unable to see what lay before him.

He could not even see his own hands that were before his eyes. It was an absolute darkness that would give birth to a sense of fear and loneliness within anyone.

Chen Xiaolian breathed lightly and he was able to hear the sound of his own breathing. That made him feel a hint of comfort.

He then closed his eyes and opened up his system.

His personal system was still there and was displayed clearly before his very eyes. Seeing that made Chen Xiaolian breathe a sigh of relief.

It was then that Chen Xiaolian suddenly noticed a new prompt within the system!

[System prompt: Entering Player safe zone. All forms of aggression are forbidden. Please confirm: Yes to enter the safe zone and No to be automatically sent out.

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to choose Yes.

Next, his surroundings were suddenly lit up!

Pa pa pa pa pa…

Sounds resembling those heard when switching on fluorescent lights echoed out.

As soon as the lights lit up, Chen Xiaolian was able to clearly see his surroundings.

The place… seemed like… a room.

A sealed room.

The room appeared quite old and the floor was formed of bricks. Many parts of the floor were cracked.

The surrounding walls were painted white. However, many parts were already turning yellow.

The ceiling above his head was not too high up. The lights fixed up there were all the old-fashioned, long-shaped fluorescent lights.

Due to some glitch, one of the lights in the corner was flashing, creating “pa pa” sounds.

The room was not too large and was only about the size of two to three classrooms.

There were no windows.

Chen Xiaolian stood in the middle of the room. Not far beside him were Qimu Xi and Ta Wang.

Qimu Xi was lying there, seemingly unconscious. As for Ta Wang…

Chen Xiaolian sneered and said, “Stop putting on an act. If you don’t open your eyes…”

Ta Wang’s body shuddered and he got up with a wry smile on his face. However, he simply glanced at Chen Xiaolian and said, “Right now, you cannot hurt me… this is a safe zone that restricts any forms of aggression. Not only would you be unable to kill me, you can’t even punch me.”

“Oh?” Chen Xiaolian became curious. He moved toward Ta Wang; with a sneer on his face, he suddenly raised his fist and sent a punch toward the area above Ta Wang’s chin.

The sound of the impact resounded outward and Ta Wang’s body flew in the opposite direction. However, when he fell to the ground, there was no mark on Ta Wang’s face. He also did not appear to be feeling any sensation of pain. He simply sneered at Chen Xiaolian.

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian abruptly felt something slam into his face.

Another impacting sound could be heard as he was thrown backward. When he fell to the ground, he felt pain followed by numbness on his face. It felt as though his face was swollen.

“Ha ha ha! See? This is the punishment mechanism! Any form of attack will be returned by the system to your own body. As for the target of your attack, that person will not suffer any damage at all!” Ta Wang laughed out triumphantly. “I did not suffer any damage or pain at all from your punch! But you should have felt that, right?”

Chen Xiaolian harrumphed.

Ta Wang subconsciously took two steps backward. “You want to try again? I’ll advise you not to cause problems for yourself!”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head and said, “I am not stupid, why should I go beat myself?”

He then moved over to look at Qimu Xi to see that her eyes were still closed. He asked, “What is wrong with her?”

“It’s nothing much.” Ta Wang shook his head. “Since this is her first time entering this place, the wrongness of the rules would cause a feeling of discomfort… but you…” There was a complicated look on Ta Wang’s face. “You are probably someone who had enhanced your body before. Besides, when we entered, you had made yourself smaller. The feeling of wrongness would be smaller as a result. That is why you are not that badly affected. This girl on the other hand will need quite some time to regain her consciousness.”

Chen Xiaolian grunted and subsequently ignored Ta Wang. He turned and moved around the room.

He then found a door in front of the room.

He walked over and gripped the door handle. Chen Xiaolian thought about it and turned to look at Ta Wang. He saw that Ta Wang was not saying anything. Instead, he had taken two steps backward.

“This door… what lies beyond it?”

Ta Wang shook his head and replied, “That is a strange thing to ask. Since this is the inside, the thing that lies outside the door… is naturally the outside.”


Chen Xiaolian turned the door handle and opened the door…


A gust of wind blew and two pieces of torn paper that appeared from who knows where flew up into the air and swirled around before being blown away.

The street before him was not too wide. However, it was empty, devoid of any figures.

The houses standing on both sides were very old wooden houses. The house in the opposite direction had a light box, but the light box was not turned on.

The fences were also old wooden fences and there was a vacant carriage at the end of the street – naturally, there was no horse.

Chen Xiaolian stood before the door and looked outside with a peculiar expression.

Beyond the door was surprisingly… a little town!

A little old town that could often be seen in the movies about the Midwest in the US.

If there were a few cowboys here, they could just start filming a Western movie here.

Chen Xiaolian noted that there was a row of nails hammered into the wall beside the door that he was standing before.

Some items were hung on them.

Worn out cowboy hats, saddles… and whips.

Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment before slowly taking a small step toward the outside of the door.

A gust of wind blew…

The little town was empty and quiet.

However, as Chen Xiaolian was halfway through his step outside the door, he saw a light distortion of space through his eyes.

“It would be best if you don’t go out.”

Ta Wang’s voice came from behind him.


Chen Xiaolian pulled his leg back and stood inside the door. Then, he turned to look at Ta Wang.

Ta Wang said in a whisper, “I mentioned this to you before. This is the original configuration of this instance dungeon, a mode meant for Players. Originally speaking, this should also be an instance dungeon. However, this place that we are occupying is the safe zone. And it is also in this safe zone that we will be able to stay safe, immune to all forms of harm and danger.

“However, beyond this door… is naturally an instance dungeon as well. Only, it is the original instance dungeon meant for the Players.

“What is inside an instance dungeon… there is no need for me to remind you about that, do I?

“There are monsters, quests, dangers… at any rate, what is meant to exist will exist beyond that door.”

“Oh?” Chen Xiaolian gave a smile and was about to say something. However, he suddenly saw a trace of anxiousness and fear inside Ta Wang’s eyes. Additionally, he also let out a cry. “Ah!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly turned around!

Right behind him was a monster!

Its entire body was mutilated and its flesh was exposed for all to see. It would appear that more than half of its flesh had already rotted away while bones could be seen protruding out from some parts of its body. As for its sharp jaw, both the top and bottom part of its lips had rotted away, revealing the gums on its fangs! Its eyes were red and it panted for breath as it stood there.


It appeared to be a big, rotten… wild dog?

No! It was not a dog!

It was a wolf!

Looking at its appearance, it looked just like the mutated dogs seen in Resident Evil!

Seeing such an abomination appear so suddenly behind him caused Chen Xiaolian to become shocked. He subconsciously stepped backward. At the same time, he shouted and summoned the Sword in the Stone into his hand!

However, before the Sword in the Stone could fully materialize…


The wolf had charged into the door! However, a loud booming sound erupted as a green light shone out, propelling the wolf away. It fell onto the street and wailed out before getting up. Then, it turned around and bounded away.

Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

Safe zone… this is what it means.

“I told you. Staying here is the safest thing to do. Going out will just lead to death,” said Ta

Wang who shrunk back against the corner of the walls. “Outside, there are all sorts of dangers inherent to an instance dungeon. However, by staying inside this safe zone and waiting for the instance dungeon to end, you can leave this instance dungeon alive.”

Chen Xiaolian frowned and gave a harrumph. He shut the door before walking back into the middle of the room. Then, he patted the unconscious Qimu Xi.

The girl reacted by grunting and turning around – it would appear that she was about to wake up.

Chen Xiaolian produced a bottle of water and poured its contents onto Qimu Xi’s face.

Qimu Xi screamed out sharply and bounced up. While remaining in a seated position on the floor, her eyes focused and she saw Chen Xiaolian. Only after she saw him did she finally stopped screaming. Next, she lowered her gaze to look at herself. Her face and neck were wet and the cold water continued to flow down into her clothes.


“Are you done sleeping? If you are, then get up,” Chen Xiaolian said coolly. “We are in an unfamiliar place. Under such circumstances, sleeping is a luxury that we don’t have.”

He then turned to look at Ta Wang who was pushing himself back into the corner of the walls and asked, “Why are you trying so hard to distance yourself from me?”

Ta Wang replied with a cold smile, “Not trying to distance myself from you, but the door… although this place forbids any acts of aggression, I am still worried that you will try to harm me. If I get too close to the door and you take advantage of my location to push me outside, I am a dead man.

“By hiding in the corner here, you will not have the chance to harm me. If you want to drag me outside, you will have to attack me… and that is something you cannot do.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and replied, “That does sound logical. Mm, so we should wait here until this instance dungeon ends?”

“Yes. It doesn’t matter who wins in this instance dungeon. Once this instance dungeon ends, we will be able to leave.”

Chen Xiaolian replied with a grunt.

The only thing causing him to feel uneasy was… he had tried to contact Roddy through the guild channel but was unable to obtain any reply.

He had constantly been maintaining contact with Roddy before entering the curtain of light.

The last message he sent to Roddy was: I found an instance dungeon BUG. I will go in to check it out. Be careful and stay safe. Don’t do anything reckless without discussing it with me.

Chen Xiaolian brought out some food and shared it with Qimu Xi. She seemed very fearful of Ta Wang and would always hide beside Chen Xiaolian. She was afraid of getting too far from Chen Xiaolian.

Ta Wang looked at the two of them as they ate and drank. However, he then turned his head away.

“Are you not hungry?” Chen Xiaolian laughed.

“I did bring my own rations. I left them at my hiding spot… back in the canyon. But you people caught me,” answered Ta Wang who shook his head. “No matter, I can endure it. This instance dungeon will not take too long. I won’t die from not eating or drinking for two or three days.”

“Mm, does that mean, even if I gave you food and water, you will also refuse?” Chen Xiaolian asked Ta Wang in a mocking manner.

“Of course, only God knows if you slipped some poison inside or some other medicine. If I eat it and faint as a result, you can throw me outside the door,” said Ta Wang. He stared at Chen Xiaolian and said, “I don’t trust you!”

“Likewise, I don’t trust you either!” Chen Xiaolian smiled and continued, “Then, go ahead and starve.”

After pausing a bit, Chen Xiaolian asked, “I have a question… if I want to leave this place halfway through and return to the instance dungeon outside, is that possible?”

Ta Wang thought about it and replied, “I wouldn’t know. I have never tried that… I entered this place because this place is safe. Since this is a safe zone, why run amok?”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and said, “True, since you don’t even dare to step outside this door, it’s only natural that you won’t know how to return to the instance dungeon outside.”

“Humph, although I have never tried it, my friend who told me about this secret had given me a rough idea about it. Leaving this Player mode is definitely possible… simply put…”

Ta Wang sat on the ground and used his finger to draw on the floor.

He drew a circle and made a cut through the middle of the circle.

“This was originally an instance dungeon. However, the Development Team had modified it so that the part that forms the Player mode becomes temporarily sealed off. That part is where we are currently at. If you want to leave this place and return to the punishment instance dungeon, that’s simple… just leave this place, cut a path through the entire area of the Player mode’s instance dungeon and reach the edge of the area… the edge of Player mode instance dungeon can be penetrated. However, since I have never tried it, I do not know the specifics on how to penetrate it.”

Chen Xiaolian thought about it.

There is a place that bonds this two instance dungeons together… we can penetrate it?

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and stopped speaking.

After having eaten and drank his fill, he sat down on the floor to rest.

The present situation was somewhat different from what he had planned earlier.

He had originally planned to target the two fellows from the London instance dungeon. At present, he had already entered this Player mode’s safe zone. If he wanted to re-enter the punishment instance dungeon, things might get problematic.

He wondered how Roddy was faring outside…

However, by using Thorned Flower Guild’s name, they can gather a great deal of participants and get them to keep the two fellows from forming alliances. That way, those two fellows will suffer considerably.

Additionally, Roddy have never met those two before. Thus, they do not know who Roddy was.

As long as Roddy was careful, there shouldn’t be any dangers.

Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows.

He had already reminded Roddy not to do anything reckless without discussing it with him.

If they failed to send the two fellows to their deaths in this instance dungeon… they can just find some other opportunity in the future.

In contrast, this system BUG was more valuable!

After having considered all those, Chen Xiaolian grew calm.

After having rested himself for a while, he looked at the time.

It was now night.

If it came down to it, he can simply wait inside here until this instance dungeon ended. At any rate, this was a safe place.

However… just as Chen Xiaolian was thinking about that…

A new system prompt caused Chen Xiaolian’s entire body to jump up!

[System prompt: Fallen Avenger phase activating! In five minutes time, the Fallen Avenger will enter and move to kill his target for a duration of 24 hours! Success in killing off the Fallen Avenger will lead to the conclusion of this Fallen Avenger phase. Either that or survive the attempts by the Fallen Avenger to kill you for 24 hours.

[Prompt: This is the first Fallen Avenger phase. Remaining Fallen Avenger phase(s): 4 times.]

When Chen Xiaolian saw the prompt, he could not help but swear!

“Damn you! Lancelot!!!”

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