Chapter 290: Venomous Heart

GOR Chapter 290: Venomous Heart

Ta Wang’s face was filled with emotion as he looked at the green light. If he were not tied up with the Black Widow spider silk, he would likely had jumped up.

Chen Xiaolian who was beside him had an odd look on his face.

This is the light, this is the light?

Son of a bitch, this bastard did that on purpose, didn’t he?

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian nearly blurted out: Let me give you a prescription~ specially made to treat your internal injuries~

Holding his rage in check, he then glanced at Ta Wang and asked, “What next?”

“Just follow this beam of light.” After saying that, Ta Wang’s face suddenly turned tense. He looked at Chen Xiaolian and said, “Let me warn you, there is another secret needed when entering it. If you kill me now, you will regret it later!”

Chen Xiaolian smiled and replied, “Do I look like someone who will go back on my words?”

“Don’t bring the SUV. The entrance is very small,” said Ta Wang as he glanced at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to accept his suggestion.

The three of them got off the SUV and Chen Xiaolian kept the SUV back into his Storage Watch. Next, the three of them rapidly walked in the direction shown by the green beam of light.

After taking less than ten steps, Chen Xiaolian was suddenly visited by a strange sensation!

As he moved toward where the green beam was shining at, he felt as though his surroundings were rapidly… slowing down!

The rules governing the flow of time were seemingly spiralling into chaos.

As they were moving along the green beam of light, the light itself rapidly enveloped their bodies. Inside that green beam of light, Chen Xiaolian found that there was no change in his movements. However, a sense of distortion seemed to have appeared between the outside world and the interior of the green beam of light.

It was like…

Mm, it was similar to when someone was sitting in a train and looking outside the window to see the scenery outside rapidly moving back…

Mm, that was how it felt!

Soon, a green coloured curtain of light appeared before them.

This green coloured curtain of light was just like the green curtain of light that would scan him whenever he entered an instance dungeon. However, it seemed to be somewhat smaller; much smaller compared to an ordinary door…

No, it would be more accurate to say it was only at the size of a window.

Chen Xiaolian regarded the strange green coloured curtain of light. Then, he abruptly shot his hand out to grab hold of Ta Wang, restricting his ability to move forward. There was a furtive look in Ta Wang’s eyes as he said, “This… this is the entrance. I know you don’t trust me, you can go first.”

Chen Xiaolian cast a faint smile at Ta Wang.

Ta Wang’s face grew tense and he said, “I don’t mean anything. If you want me to go first, that is fine with me too.”

The mocking expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face grew deeper. He ignored Ta Wang, turned around to face Qimu Xi and said, “You go in first.”

“Me?” The surprised girl pointed at herself.

“Mm, you go in first.” Chen Xiaolian said coolly.

She did not hesitate; she simply asked, “I will enter this area of light, right?”

After saying that, the girl bent down on her knees and got into a crawling posture.

Chen Xiaolian’s point of view just happened to give him a clear view of Qimu Xi’s slender waist and her upturned buttocks. It was the shape of a near-perfect peach…

The Hell… just what did this little girl eat growing up? How did she develop such a terrifying…

Chen Xiaolian let out a cough and dared not continue looking at her. He diverted his gaze away and stared coldly at Ta Wang.

Ta Wang’s eyes were swivelling frantically as he looked at Qimu Xi who was crawling toward the curtain of light.

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian’s stare became even sharper.

At that moment, Ta Wang felt his heart shudder and he blurted out, “Wait!”

Chen Xiaolian hastily rushed forward and held Qimu Xi’s shoulder, stopping her from moving forward – at that moment, there was less than one meter between the curtain of light and the girl’s head.

Chen Xiaolian turned around and sneered at Ta Wang. “What is the matter?”

Ta Wang took a deep breath. He mentally struggled with himself for a bit before finally giving up. He smiled bitterly and there was an embarrassed look on his face as he said, “There is one more matter that I forgot to mention.”

Pausing, Ta Wang then whispered, “When going through the curtain of light, your body must not get in contact with the corners of the curtain of light. In other words, your body must be completely within the curtain of light – you must never exceed the corners!”

Chen Xiaolian harrumphed and stared at Ta Wang coldly. His stare sent a chill down Ta Wang’s spine. Next, Chen Xiaolian exhaled and said, “Good, you have quite the good luck. I was just thinking just now: if you refuse to spit it out, I would have enough justification to kill you. You were the one to lie first, so I did not go back on my words.”

Ta Wang’s body trembled and he asked, “You’ve guessed it? Just now, you just wanted to test me?”

Chen Xiaolian shrugged his shoulders and said, “What is so difficult? This damned curtain of light is so small, there is surely something wrong with it.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian sneered and casually picked up a piece of rock from the ground. Weighing it for a bit, he then threw it toward the corners of the curtain of light.

The rock turned into a straight line as it shot forward, heading right toward the corner of the green curtain of light…

A “chi” sound was heard!

The piece of rock struck the corner of the curtain with half its body within the curtain while the other half was outside. A seemingly invisible force split the rock!

Split into two!

The half part that was within the curtain disappeared while the other half that was outside fell to the ground.

Chen Xiaolian sneered once more. He stepped forward and bent down to pick up the other half of the rock that was lying outside the curtain of light.

The split area was as smooth as a mirror! Not a single mark!

Qimu Xi screamed out sharply and abruptly took a few steps back. She was terrified to the point where her face had grown pale.

Just now, if she, who did not know anything had continued to try to enter the curtain of light, then any part of her body that came in contact with the corners of the curtain of light… would be directly cut!

Observing the terrified expression on the girl’s face, Chen Xiaolian patted her head and said, “Relax, just now, I just wanted to test this bastard. Since I am here, of course I figured out there was something strange. I would not have really let you go in first.”

There was a look of misery on the trembling Qimu Xi’s face as she looked at Chen Xiaolian. At that moment, there was no telling what the girl might be thinking about. However, it was likely that whatever words she might want to say would be nothing good.

Chen Xiaolian ignored it and cast a look of ridicule at Ta Wang.

Ta Wang was well aware of the fact that he had lost once more.

He forced himself to say, “Just now, I just forgot to mention it.”

“Forgot?” Chen Xiaolian deliberately revealed a cold smile and continued, “In that case, I hope that your memory would prove better next time. Otherwise, if you do forget anything else important, you won’t be able to endure the consequences of your mistake.”

Ta Wang’s face was ashen pale in colour.

Indeed, he had malicious intentions by doing so.

Just now, he had deliberately told Chen Xiaolian to enter the curtain of light first. The reason for that was that he had figured out something. He believed that since the entrance was so important, Chen Xiaolian would likely not be at ease with letting Ta Wang enter first! Ta Wang thought to himself: if Chen Xiaolian could not figure out that rule, then he could end up being killed by the cutting power of the curtain!

When that happened, the only one left would be this stupid girl. How was she a match for him?

Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaolian had the little girl enter first…

Ta Wang’s venomous plan was destroyed.

Assume the girl did go ahead and crawl forward. Then, she would be cut by the corners of the green curtain of light…

However… Chen Xiaolian would remain unharmed. With his abilities, dealing with Ta Wang was a simple matter!

Since that was the case, there was no reason for Ta Wang to keep silent about the matter – harming Qimu Xi would not bring him any benefit. Rather, it would only enrage Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian tugged Qimu Xi and pointed at the green curtain of light. He said, “Look, considering the surface area and your body shape, there is actually more than enough space for you to enter it. All you need to do is be careful not to bump into the corners of the curtain of light. Go!”

Qimu Xi cried out, “I, I, I… can I not go?!”

Chen Xiaolian replied with a cold face, “Of course you can. However, if you choose that, you can leave now. You’ll have to fend for yourself now. If you encounter another evil fellow like this fellow, you will have to deal with him yourself.”

Qimu Xi was shocked.

She thought about it. After following Chen Xiaolian, she was able to fill her stomach. Additionally, he had quite some abilities. When she encountered this evil fellow, he was able to protect her. Although his way of talking was somewhat overbearing, when she thought about it, he did not really bully her.

If she were to leave such a dependable pillar, considering her own ability… Qimu Xi was well-aware that competitive type punishment instance dungeons were the hardest type of instance dungeons. With her skills, the chances of her walking out alive from this…

After considering all those, Qimu Xi could not help but clench her teeth. She wiped her eyes and looked at Chen Xiaolian with an aggrieved expression before bending down once more. She looked at the green curtain of light and slowly crawled forward.

Qimu Xi’s head, neck and upper body moved into the green curtain of light without anything unusual occurring. Qimu Xi then continued to crawl inside.

When both her legs finally disappeared into the green curtain of light, Chen Xiaolian finally let out a sigh of relief.

Ta Wang who was standing beside had a forced expression on his face as he said, “See? I didn’t lie to you. So… now what? Do you go first or do I go first?”

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and looked at Ta Wang.

Facing Chen Xiaolian’s stare, Ta Wang’s heart pounded.

“By any chance, do you think I am easy to con?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a cold smile.


“You are dishonest.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “Since the moment I caught you, you have been dishonest with me. When you were leading us at the bottom of the canyon, you purposely walked for a long time. You were in fact, just buying time to think of some idea to help you escape.

“Back on the cliff, you tried to pull a little trick on me.

“Just now, you purposely omitted how dangerous the corners of the green curtain of light can be. You did so because you were hoping you would be able to trick me into walking into my own death.”

The more Chen Xiaolian said, the more contorted Ta Wang’s face became.

When Chen Xiaolian finished saying his last sentence, Ta Wang’s head was covered in cold sweat. He hesitated and was unable to find any way of arguing against those points – the truth was laid out right before him. There was no way for him to deny it even if he wanted to.

“Once again, you are now pulling another trick on me,” said Chen Xiaolian with a sneer. “This entrance is so small and would only allow one person to enter at a time. If I were to let you enter first… that girl inside, could she be a match for you? After you entered, with me not around, you could easily take care of her… I do not know what is waiting for me in there. Maybe there will be some kind of mechanism that can harm me inside. Therefore, if you entered first, you might be able to get your hands on some controls that benefit you. And I who entered after you will then suffer a huge loss.

“However, if I were to enter it first… leaving you outside, what happens if you use this opportunity to escape?”

Ta Wang was speechless.

Chen Xiaolian’s words stabbed straight into his heart! It had exposed pretty much everything that he had considered! All of them were clearly laid out!

He looked at Chen Xiaolian in fear.

Chen Xiaolian continued sneering and pointed at the green coloured curtain of light. He said, “Normal people can forget about walking through that. They can only crawl through it. However, since this place was made for Players, does that mean that Players are a group of dwarfs?”

Chen Xiaolian glanced at it again and deduced that some fellows with fatter constitution would have a hard time crawling through it.

Even with his lean body shape, he would only barely be able to make it through the green coloured curtain of light.

That little girl, Qimu Xi was naturally able to enter it without an issue.


Chen Xiaolian glanced at Ta Wang.

Ta Wang’s body shape was nearly the same as Chen Xiaolian’s, perhaps a little more on the burly side.

If someone of his body shape wanted to enter the curtain of light, things could get dangerous!

The green coloured curtain of light was very powerful. Even a minor contact would end with the contact area getting cut. There was no room for errors!

“That means there must be another secret that you are holding back on,” said Chen Xiaolian with a sneer. He looked and Ta Wang and said, “And now, my patience has run dry. Seeing as you still won’t tell me about it…”

“You cannot kill me! There are still some things inside the curtain of light that you do not know of!” Ta Wang shouted sharply.

“That would still be better than having you continuously trying to come up with some schemes to harm me.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and continued, “Your heart is simply too venomous. It is too dangerous to leave someone like you alive. Killing you would ensure my safety.”

“You… we had an agreement!”

“You are the one who went back on your words first. You keep trying to pull tricks on me. You even tried to get me killed.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head once more. “I am not going back on my words by killing you.”

Ta Wang was shocked.

Chen Xiaolian cast a condescending smile at Ta Wang and said, “What? You still won’t tell me? At a time like this, is there any point for you to hold onto that secret?

“How about this? I will make one final agreement with you. I promise that I will definitely honour this agreement.

“Now, tell me the secrets regarding this entrance, every single one! Then… I will bring you inside. Additionally, I also promise you that I will not harm a single finger on you. What do you think?”

Ta Wang was in a great dilemma. Finally, he gave out a sigh and said, “All right, I give up! I admit defeat! This curtain of light does indeed have another secret…”

“It can grow bigger?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Ta Wang.

“No… it cannot grow bigger, but…” Ta Wang hesitated for a moment before saying, “We can become smaller.”

Become smaller?

Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

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