Chapter 278: Unexpected Encounter

GOR Chapter 278: Unexpected Encounter


Han Bi let out a bitter sigh. He wrapped his trench coat tightly around him and pulled up the collars of his trench coat.

He set a 24-hour timer on his hiking watch.

Han Bi held on to a compass in his hand as he observed the sky above. After identifying the position of the sun and his bearings, he walked southward. Due to the fact that he was wearing steel-toe boots, every step he took created “kacha” sounds.

His lonely figure cast a very long shadow across the desolate wilderness.

After travelling southward for nearly an hour, the sun finally disappeared down the horizon.

The darkness then began shrouding the wasteland.

Han Bi made some calculations in his mind. During the past hour, he had walked a distance of roughly 10 km. By now, he could feel his body getting hot and his rate of breathing had become somewhat uneven.

He sighed and looked at the system prompt once more.

Familiarize myself with the terrain as much as I can within 24 hours?

What a joke.

Considering the vast expanse of wasteland stretching out before him, how was he to know just how far this instance dungeon would cover? Additionally, he had only been walking in a straight line. In order to familiarize himself with the terrain within 24 hours… unless he possessed some form of transport.

Han Bi enviously recalled his solo experience within an instance dungeon where he saw a team that possessed a storage equipment. They were able to carry a great deal of items with them – even cars.

If only I could have a dune buggy right now. Even a motorbike would be much better than walking right about now.

The sky turned dark and Han Bi could feel the temperature falling down. Within the wasteland, when night fell, the atmosphere would turn very cold. He checked the thermometer on his hiking watch to see that the temperature was presently at 11 º C. He estimated that the temperature will continue to fall.

His eyes were looking at a red coloured rocky peak somewhere not too far away. After thinking about it, he quickened his pace toward the peak – I’ll be resting there tonight then.

Although the red coloured rocky peak was within his line of sight, as the saying goes - racing toward a mountain will kill the horse. It took Han Bi 40 minutes to finally reach the red coloured rocky peak.

He trotted his way there; by the time he reached it, his breathing was out of sorts once more.

Thankfully, Han Bi found that the terrain was very satisfactory.

Due to the perennial effects of the winds, the surface of the red coloured rocky peak sported chipped out layers. It appeared like umbrellas that had been stacked together. Additionally, Han Bi also managed to find a concave part upon the peak. Although it was only three to five meters, it was enough for him to use.

Han Bi retrieved a small spade from his backpack and dug the ground. A few minutes later, he finished digging a hole.

He walked around and found some dry and withered thorny branches. He chopped down a good portion of it and brought them back. He then threw them into the hole.

Next, he sprinkled some alcohol that he carried with him at all times and lit a fire.

As night fell, this fire pit brought him a sense of warmth and security.

Han Bi was very calm. The system had made it clear that the first 24 hours would be the preparation phase. Participants were forbidden harming one another. Thus, he was safe.

Additionally, the fire could effectively deter any wild beasts that roam these wastelands.

Han Bi was certain that there were wild beasts living in this place. Back when he was walking over, he had seen bone remnants strewn across the wasteland.

He had inspected the bones in detail and he saw that there were bite marks on the bones! That meant that this place must house some dangerous carnivorous animals. It could be wolves or something equally dangerous.

Feeling the warmth of the flame, Han Bi’s pair of brush like eyebrows softened and gradually relaxed.

He carefully pulled out a wine flask that contained a strong whiskey. He took a gulp and felt the burning sensation flow down his throat. Then, he exhaled.

Tonight… I’ll be staying here.

He did not bring a tent with him. Truth be told, he possessed an equipment. That was also his biggest trump card.

However, the cost of using the equipment was not something to laugh about. Thus, he could only use it when necessary.

There were two military-grade cans inside his backpack. Surprisingly, the texts on the surface of the cans were in Russia – during his preparation process, he had surfed through the internet and found a shop specializing in selling items to military fanatics and ordered it from it.

Russia’s military-grade canned beef.

Han Bi cut open the can and saw a layer of white coloured oil floating atop the contents. He forced back the feeling of nausea in his stomach and took a bite. After that, he was unable to refrain from furrowing his brows.

Too salty!

However, after he recalled how much energy he had expended earlier, he fought back the feeling of nausea and chomped down half of the can’s contents. Then, he sealed the rest and tossed it back into his backpack.

He raised his head to look up at the sky and the bright stars above. Here in the great wasteland, there were no city lights or industrial pollution in the atmosphere. Thus, the stars could clearly be seen.

However, after only two minutes of stargazing, Han Bi lost the mood to continue.

Being alone was not easy.

Truth be told… there had been a few times when he had wavered. Back then, his decision to leave Chen Xiaolian’s team, was it the right choice?

However, in the end, he would always put those thoughts behind him.

If the terrible incident back in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang had not occurred, perhaps he would have become companions with Chen Xiaolian. They would continue to help each other in instance dungeons. Until… until the day he die.

However, the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeon destroyed that possibility.

There was guilt in Han Bi’s heart!

Chen Xiaolian had made such a selfless decision to leave behind, guarding the rear so that everyone may be able to escape.

Han Bi suddenly felt a complicated feeling welling up from his heart.


Back in the deserted island’s underground labyrinth, they could be said to have helped each other. However, in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang, Han Bi felt that he had simply been relying on Chen Xiaolian to stay alive.

The plan to enter the instance dungeon was crafted by Chen Xiaolian. When they encountered a crisis, Chen Xiaolian had been the one to use his wisdom to figure a way out. And in the end, he was also the one to step forward.

As for Han Bi, he had one job: To look after a little girl no more than 10 years of age. And yet, he ended up losing track of her.

Han Bi was unable to stay in Chen Xiaolian’s team.

It was not just due to his mistake back then.

There was also a matter of self-esteem.

He felt that he was not Chen Xiaolian’s companion. He was not cooperating with Chen Xiaolian. Rather, he was slowly becoming… a subordinate.

Han Bi was someone with a lofty disposition. As a model aircraft enthusiast, he had participated in various competitions and would always come out with top results. His hobby had brought him a great deal of honour. At the same time, it had accumulated within him a rich amount of self-esteem.

He could be friends with Chen Xiaolian.

However, he was unwilling to become someone’s subordinate!

Even if it was Chen Xiaolian!

Additionally, Chen Xiaolian already had other friends around him.

Han Bi was well aware of the fact that the one known as Roddy had a better relationship with Chen Xiaolian. Then, there was the girl Qiao Qiao. There was also Xia Xiaolei…

How much friendship was there between him and Chen Xiaolian? They had only travelled on the same flight and ended up participating in the same underground labyrinth instance dungeon.

Han Bi could not stand it!

He could not stand the thought of getting protection from a friend.

He could not stand the thought of becoming a parasite!

“Maybe their team is doing all right now. After all, they do have quite some people to help out one another.”

A slightly sour sensation came over Han Bi’s heart and he took another mouthful of whiskey.

However, that was also his last mouthful. Drinking alcohol inside an instance dungeon was the equivalent of courting death.

Han Bi reminded himself that.

Before entering the punishment instance dungeon, he had already devised a well-thought plan out. That included getting his body to the optimum state and preparation of equipment. He set up a very harsh standard of living for himself.

He checked the time and saw that two hours had passed since the first phase that would last for 24 hours began.

He considered it and rose up. Then, he placed all his items into his backpack. Picking up the spade, he then used soil to put out the fire. After carefully flattening the ground there, he kept the spade.

With the fire pit extinguished, the cold from the night wind bit into him.

Han Bi shrunk back his neck and moved to the area beneath the red coloured rocky peak. He raised his head and checked the peak before taking a deep breath. Then, he put on a pair of gloves and began climbing up the peak.

Not long ago, he had found a place to learn up on rock climbing – naturally, he had only learnt a little.

However, that little bit was sufficient for Han Bi.

He did not need to climb too high up. All he needed was to gain some distance from the ground.

Like a gecko, he climbed up the red coloured rocky peak. When he reached a distance of about three meters from the ground, he stopped. He lowered his head to assess the distance and then he turned to assess the rocky cliff of the peak.

The area he was at was still somewhat flat.

He let go of one hand and pulled out an equipment from his system.

It was something that looked like animal hide and was as big as a tablecloth.

Han Bi carefully used his freed up hand to stick the animal hide on the rocky cliff.

Then, something wondrous occurred.

The animal hide suddenly became one with the rocky cliff; all but one side that was still being clutched by Han Bi.

Han Bi then used both hands and feet to climb up before raising up the part of the animal hide that his hand was holding on to…

After raising it, a small space appeared before Han Bi!

Its appearance was just like… a tent!

It was as though a cave had been carved out of the rocky cliff! Han Bi quickly moved inside it.

The space inside was not too big, only around four to five m2. However, the surrounding of its interior was not the cold hard rock but soft animal hide.

Looking at the tent from the inside, the cave appeared like a tent made of animal hide.

Han Bi climbed inside and carefully held the entrance of the tent – the edge of the tent that was spread out and tied it up with a rope.

After he was done doing that, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He knew that he was finally considered safe.

His position was three meters above ground. Even if some wild beasts did make their nearby, they would not be able to jump up the rocky cliff of the peak.

The name of the equipment in the system was: Chameleon Tent.

It was a piece of animal hide that, regardless of where it was placed, would create a space that was as big as a tent. At the same time, it would blend in with its surroundings, making it hard for others to notice it.

Most importantly, the Chameleon Tent possessed a certain level of defence.

Even if an enemy did locate the entrance and wished to charge in, the tent would be able to stop them for at least 10 minutes.

It was an [A-] class equipment.

Han Bi had obtained it in his previous instance dungeon.

It had belonged to another Awakened. However, that person was killed and this equipment unexpectedly fell into Han Bi’s hands.

After getting familiar with the equipment’s function, Han Bi became ecstatic.

As Han Bi did not have an outstanding amount of strength, an equipment that could help him hide while possessing a certain level of defence was most suitable for him.

However, if there was one thing that made Han Bi dissatisfied, it would be the requirement to utilize it.

There was a price to using this equipment.

After utilizing it, it will create a hiding space in the form of a tent. However, every hour would consume one point from its user!

For Han Bi who was lacking in points, each time he had to use it, he would feel pained.

At present, Han Bi’s reserve of points were less than 300 points.

To his frustration, these 300 points were accumulated from back in the deserted island’s underground labyrinth and the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeons.

In those two times, the instance dungeons were completed thanks to Chen Xiaolian.

Later on, he left Chen Xiaolian’s team and participated in an instance dungeon alone. In the end, he failed to complete it. Although he managed to survive through it, he did end up spending some points inside the instance dungeon.

At present, he had less than 300 points remaining.

By Han Bi’s calculations, he would need at least 6 hours of sleep a day to ensure a state of body and mind that could cope with any dangers he might encounter during the day.

If so, he would have to utilize the Chameleon Tent within the instance dungeon and spend 6 points per day.

If the instance dungeon were to go on for longer, say five days, then he would have to spend 30 points on it…

That was almost a tenth of his reserves!

Thinking about it made Han Bi somewhat distressed.

After reaching that point of thought, he quickly reminded himself: Hurry up and sleep! This moment of safety is for the sake of resting! This is obtained through the use of points!

He closed his eyes and started counting sheep.

Unfortunately for Han Bi, tonight was going to be one devoid of a sound sleep.

As he reached the hundred and twentieth sheep…

He suddenly heard a voice!

The crashing sounds were somewhat familiar to Han Bi’s ears.

Those were the sound made by sand shoes that were trekking across sandy ground!

Han Bi was quick to sit upright. He vigilantly used his ears to listen to what was happening outside.

In the beginning, Han Bi prayed, hoping that it was just the sound of the wind. It was not long before he was able to ascertain that was not the case.

The sounds were very rhythmic. Additionally… from what he could hear, there was more than one pair of feet!

He quickly extinguished the lights inside the tent. After the tent was engulfed in darkness, he crawled to the entrance of the tent and carefully opened up a small gap to peek outside.

Han Bi peered down from his high vantage point in the night and was able to see quite nicely.

He saw a few shadows.

There were two figures standing beneath the red coloured rocky peak.

One of them possessed a tall and thickset body and was like a towering building!

The other was somewhat slim. Judging by the shape of the figure, this figure was a female.

As expected, when the figure pulled off the hat on her head, the wind sent her long hair billowing.

She wore a thick layer of trench coat on her person. She also wore a large belt with two guns fixed to the sides.

“Let’s rest here.”

The female’s voice could be heard saying that. Listening to her tone of voice, it would appear that this female was fairly young.

The thickset figure nodded his head and walked to the area beneath the red coloured rocky peak.

Han Bi held his breath and stared.

The thickset fellow walked around the place, seemingly carefully checking the area.

The female produced a wine flask and took a gulp before quickly saying, “The Titan brothers are at the north side. They said they found a river. But the river is dried up. It seems like there is some activity there. We can go check it out tomorrow morning.”

The thickset fellow nodded his head and said, “All right. Truth be told, I feel that… we might be too cautious. We could split into four; since the system had said that the first phase of the quest is about familiarizing ourselves with the terrain, then it must be a factor that would help us in the later quests. We are now split into teams of two. But if we had split into four, the amount of ground we could cover would double. At any rate… the system had stated that within 24 hours, participants are not allowed to kill each other. This means that we are presently safe.”

“No, we should still practice caution.” The young woman shook her head and said, “I keep getting this feeling that things are not what they seem. A punishment instance dungeon could not possibly give us such a comfortable condition to work with. There must be something wrong within this situation.”

Han Bi who was on top of the red coloured rocky peak carefully listened in on their conversation and was somewhat envious… clearly, this was a team. Since this team had a number of people, they were able to split into sub teams to check out the terrain.

As for himself… he was alone. He could only rely on his own two legs to get to know the terrain here.

The two people standing beneath the rocky peak surveyed the surrounding area… seeing that, Han Bi felt frustrated.

It would appear that the other side had decided to make camp here.

Coincidentally, they spot they had chosen was the same spot as his.

Han Bi felt both thankful and frustrated.

Thankful that he was the first to come here and was able to hide up.

Frustrated that he would end up staying in the same place as other participants. If this was a solo participant, then it might not be that bad.

Perhaps, if this was an ordinary instance dungeon, then the situation might not be that bad as well. However, this was the punishment instance dungeon!

The most widely accepted fact here was that most punishment instance dungeons were of the competitive type!

This time around, the system had stated that they were allowed to create alliances.

However… which of the Awakened ones who had to live their lives participating in instance dungeons would not be vigilant toward strangers?

Jump down to ally himself with them?

Han Bi was not an idiot. What if the other side had malicious intentions?

Even if they were not allowed to kill him now, they could still capture him and wait for the 24 hours to pass…

Han Bi also did not think that he was stronger than them.

At any rate, someone as weak as him would certainly have a great deal of worries.

Han Bi prayed silently – please don’t let them find me.

It was at that moment that he heard something that made him feel depressed.

“Eh? Guild Leader, there is something here!”

The towering fellow shouted and the young woman quickly ran over.

The towering fellow held a shovel in his hand and unearthed the ground with it once. He said, “See!”

The young woman looked at it and whispered, “Ashes from a camp fire? Someone was here!”

The tall man then crouched down and reached out with his hand to touch the ground. “The ashes are still somewhat warm They could not have gone too far!”

Han Bi who was lying atop the red coloured rocky peak broke out in cold sweat!

There was endless regret welling up in his heart! If only he had been more thorough when covering up the fire pit earlier…

After reaching that line of thought, he quietly pulled out a sword.

Although there was one right beside him, Han Bi chose not to reach for it. That was just an ordinary weapon.

He accessed his system and summoned out his weapon.

Snow Edge!

This was the weapon that he had gotten from Chen Xiaolian from back then, a [B] class weapon.

Gripping Snow Edge tightly, he lay at the entrance of the tent with his body curled up into a state of readiness – every fibre of his muscle was taut.

The two people beneath inspected the ashes and the young woman walked to the side. She looked at the ground…

Han Bi felt his anxiousness growing.

When he climbed up the rocky cliff, he had checked to ensure that there were no traces of his movements left behind. However… there was always a ‘what if’.

This time though, Han Bi’s prayer was answered.

The young woman and the thickset man checked the area for a while but was unable to find anything else.

“There are no footsteps on the ground,” said the thickset man in a heavy tone.

“The winds here are very strong. It is only natural for the foot tracks on the soil to be blown away by now.” The young woman said in a seemingly relaxed manner. Then, she laughed and continued, “This place is not bad. Since we would think about setting up camp here, it would not be surprising for others to do the same. Strangely though, since someone had come here with the clear intention to make camp, why did they leave?”

“Who cares? We’ll need to rest up first.” The thickset man snorted and said, “Since we are here, this place is now ours.”

The two of them quickly got a fire going.

To Han Bi’s envy, the other party possessed storage equipment. Although they did not carry any bags with them, they were able to pull out various items from thin air.

They even had firewood prepared!

Aren’t they being a tad bit too extravagant here?

A trace of concern sprouted out from Han Bi’s heart. Awakened ones who could possess storage equipment must certainly be more experienced compared to himself. Storage equipment was not cheap.

Then, he saw how the young woman started the fire… she had raised a wooden stick and tossed out a fireball…


Han Bi stared with widened eyes!

That young woman was actually a magician?

He was silently thankful that he had decided to stay hidden.

It was clear that the other side’s abilities far outstripped his. If he had rushed down… in face of such strength, his life and death would depend on the other side’s whims.

The two people then sat down around the campfire and the illumination from the fire shone on the young woman’s face. She was seated with her side facing the rocky cliff. Thus, Han Bi was able to catch the side view of the young woman’s face.

Her silhouette was highlighted by the illumination from the fire, showing the extraordinary beauty of her side face while her eyes shone like the stars.

This young woman was without doubt an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

“Guild Leader? You should eat something.”

The thickset man handed over some heated food that was wrapped up in paper.

The young woman smiled as she accepted the food. She then looked at the thickset man and said, “Monster, you and the Titan brothers… do you fellows still feel dissatisfied with me?”

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