Chapter 276: New York

GOR Chapter 276: New York

When Nicole re-entered the interrogation room, Chen Xiaolian observed her with a smile on his face. He then smiled and said, “So, are we going to be chatting again?”

This time, Nicole seemed more relaxed. She slowly walked until she was standing before Chen Xiaolian. She looked at the empty plates on the table and asked, “Did you eat your fill?”

“Not bad. Although the sandwich was a little dry,” Chen Xiaolian answered with a smile.

“I have this weird feeling,” said Nicole who stared at Chen Xiaolian. “It seems to me that when you are talking to me, there is something different with your voice.”

“… eh?”

Nicole carefully observed Chen Xiaolian’s eyes, seemingly in an attempt to find out something. Then, she slowly said, “It is the tone of familiarity. When you are talking with me, you don’t seem like someone who is talking to a stranger.

“Mm, maybe I am just imagining things.

“But… how do I say this. I feel that only friends who know each other well would use this tone of voice when talking.”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a pound and he was unable to stop himself from smiling wryly.


Of course you are not a stranger.

Back in Tokyo, we had to risk our lives together, we practically depended on each other as we braved through those difficult times.

In the end, if you had not chosen to sacrifice yourself…

At any rate, she was not simply a comrade-in-arms, but also their saviour.

“Have we met? I don’t recall doing so?”

Faced with this question from Nicole, Chen Xiaolian could only shut his mouth.

“Oh? You need to remain silent for this question as well?” Nicole smiled.

Chen Xiaolian turned to look at the empty glass on the table.

"Are you superhuman?"

After around one minute of silence, Nicole suddenly forwarded this question.

“What?” Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

“Superhuman, superpowers, or maybe supernatural powers?” Nicole narrowed her eyes and continued, “This is the US. We see these kinds of thing in the Hollywood movies all the time. You… are you a superhuman?  Taking on those terrorists barehanded… those terrorists must certainly had undergone military training. In terms of fighting techniques, they have what it takes to kill off tens of ordinary students. Yet, you managed to kill them off.

“Then there is the ability to open the airplane door when it was flying at a high-altitude; the ability to create a strange sword…

“Are these not supernatural powers? Or is it magic?

“Oh, right! You are an Oriental. Maybe you know Oriental magic?”

“You know… those questions… I don’t even know what to say.”

“But how do you plan on resolving it then?” Nicole faintly said, “You are right. We cannot hold you in custody forever.  We will have to let you go eventually. However, considering this issue, do you think we will just let this slide? We will be watching you, monitoring you, checking up on you, spying on you… or do you like that?

“Oh right. Could it be you have a secret that you cannot divulge to others?

“Perhaps… the meeting that you are going to attend… could the organizers be your superior? One of our higher-level departments?

“Who are you working for?

“CIA? NASA? Or Area 52?”

“Isn’t Area 52 something they made up for the movies?” Chen Xiaolian laughed.

Nicole looked at Chen Xiaolian and gave a soft sigh.

At that moment, the door was opened and the middle-aged special agent stood in the doorway. He made a gesture toward Nicole.

Nicole frowned. She got up and walked out, closing the door behind her.

“What happened?”

Nicole asked the middle-aged special agent when they were in the corridor.

“We need to let them go. It’s the captain’s orders.”

“Now?” Nicole’s face became ugly to behold. “This is our case!”

“Captain received a call. It came from way, way, way up high. The call instructed us to release them. Additionally… we are not allowed to take any actions on them. No monitoring, no bugging. None of those.”

“Damn it!” Nicole furiously punched the wall on her side.

“This is simply not something we can interfere in – those are the captain’s exact words. Let’s not go look for trouble. Clearly, these fellows belong to some high level department. Maybe they are specifically formed to deal with terrorists. Maybe they’re ours; our special agents.”

“Think about it! They have the ability to kill off a team of terrorists! With this level of ability, they would also be able to commit acts of terror! Without getting a proper picture, you want to release them?

“We're Homeland Security!”

“Captain’s got a lot on his plate as well,” said the middle-aged special agent as he pursed his lips. He whispered, “From what I’ve heard, this was the Secretary’s personal orders. As for who instructed the Secretary to release them, there is no way for me to know.

“Still, I have a friend in the White House. Maybe I can help find something.”

“White House? Stop joking around! ***** is just a worker there.” Nicole shook her head and said, “You know as well as I do that the relationship between the departments there are extremely complicated. The rabbit hole goes deep down!

“Even so, this is not Hoover’s FBI era 1! No one can trample on the law!”

“Stop being naïve, Nicole. Just let them go,” said the middle-aged special agent. His face was serious. “This is an order!”

Chen Xiaolian watched as Nicole walked inside.

He smiled and asked, “So, what now? How long do I have to keep staying in here?”

Nicole’s face darkened and she walked until she was standing before Chen Xiaolian. Then, she pulled out they keys. As she was about to unlock the handcuffs for Chen Xiaolian…

“No need for that.”

Chen Xiaolian lightly pulled his arms and the handcuffs broke! Then, as Nicole watched with widened eyes, he crushed the handcuffs with his hand.

He crushed it with his hand!

He twisted his wrist a little and asked, “Can I go now?”

“… how did you do that?”

“Chinese kung fu!”

“… … … F**K!!!”

Chen Xiaolian and Roddy were released at the same time.

Sawakita Mitsuo and his companions were also released.

To Chen Xiaolian’s surprise, Sawakita Mitsuo and his team had left first… he was told that the Japanese Embassy had sent someone to escort them away.

Chen Xiaolian gave a bitter smile… he almost forgot that Sawakita Mitsuo had the identity of a Great Teacher.

Two unfamiliar special agents drove them to the airport. Their luggage bags were inside the car. There were also two plane tickets headed for New York.

Their luggage had been put back and all the things were returned to Chen Xiaolian and Roddy – that included Chen Xiaolian’s Storage Watch.

During the trip, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy were silent. However, they were actually chatting with one another using the guild channel.

After weighing the matter, Chen Xiaolian decided not to inform Roddy about Nicole.

First, they were participating in an instance dungeon. Thus, Chen Xiaolian believed that it was not a good time throw in more complications.

Second… Roddy should already have known about Nicole being in the US. Not telling him may not be that big of a difference.

Getting entangled with Nicole while they were participating in an instance dungeon may prove detrimental.

This was an instance dungeon after all! One that was filled with dangers!

Only God knows if Nicole would end up being sucked into any dangers – the present Nicole was no longer a Floating Angel!

She was just an ordinary agent. Sure, she was a special agent with some combat skills… but even so…

After the two special agents sent Chen Xiaolian and Roddy to the airport, they left.

After getting off the car, Chen Xiaolian turned to Roddy and said, “Let’s go.”

There was a perplexed expression on Roddy’s face who turned around… he gazed in the direction of the city of San Francisco.

“What are you looking at?”

“Do you know?” Roddy suddenly said in a hushed tone, “Nicole… she lives in this city.”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian quietly observed Roddy.

“After the Tokyo instance dungeon ended, I went looking for her. In the end, I found her.” Roddy smiled wryly. “Back then, I found her in Texas. I secretly observed her from far away. I saw her riding on horses and play about in a farm. Later on, I found out that her family lives in Texas while she works in San Francisco. She was just there for a vacation with her family.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed and asked, “Back then… why did you not go meet her?”

“How? What should I say after I meet her? What do I say?”

The questions Roddy forwarded were something Chen Xiaolian could not answer.

Indeed… after meeting her, what should he say?

For the present Nicole, Roddy was a stranger.

“Maybe… her present life is good,” said Chen Xiaolian in a profound tone.

“Hopefully, that is the case.” Roddy abruptly took a deep breath and said, “After this instance dungeon is over, I will go meet her! No matter what happens, I must go face her at least once!”

“… … …”

The flight from San Francisco to New York did not encounter any special incidents.

No terrorists. No Sawakita Mitsuo and his team either.

There is also no…


As Chen Xiaolian was mumbling to himself as he sat inside the airplane, he suddenly caught sight of someone entering the airplane door.

Takashimoto Shizuka?

“Ha ha! What a coincidence!” Chen Xiaolian was quick to stand up.

Takashimoto Shizuka also caught sight of Chen Xiaolian. Her eyes twitched in a seemingly fearful manner. She forced herself to smile and said, “Truly, what a coincidence.”

Naturally, this Japanese flight attendant did not forget the scene that happened just now when the airplane had landed. Chen Xiaolian had jumped out and used a sword to split the poisoned passenger in half.

Additionally, when she was giving the police her testimony, two mysterious special agents came to talk to her as well.

Basically, they had informed her that she was not allowed to mention what happened during the hijacking event. Especially the ‘abnormal events’ displayed by Chen Xiaolian.

The special agents even produced a confidentiality agreement for her to sign.

Just who was he?

At that moment, to have that fellow appear before her and smile at her…


Coincidence be damned!

“You are taking this flight as well?”

“Ah, yes…”

If I knew this would happened, I would have gotten on the next flight!!!

“Do you want to sit together?” Chen Xiaolian asked with a smile. “The US government is really stingy. The flight ticket I bought back then was a First-class ticket to New York. But the San Francisco to New York ticket they got for me is actually an Economy-class. Let’s sit together. We’ll be able to chat as we travel. That way, we won’t feel bored.”

“… sure.” Takashimoto Shizuka forced herself to smile.

To the relief of Takashimoto Shizuka, this time, Chen Xiaolian did not ‘harass’ her too much.

Although they were seated together, Chen Xiaolian did not pepper her with words as he did in the last flight.

Takashimoto Shizuka who had been putting up a strong front while feeling fearful gradually relaxed. That coupled with the fright from the earlier hijacking event caused her to feel exhausted and she eventually fell asleep.


Howling winds!

Steep cliff!

Bottomless darkness!

This scene again!

Takashimoto Shizuka’s heart cried out in frustration.

There was only darkness around her as she stood atop a steep cliff. What lay before her was a bottomless chasm! Howling winds swept past her body like knives.

Her flight attendant uniform was in rags.

This is… a dream!

Takashimoto Shizuka was very well aware of that fact.

She had experienced this dream far too many times. Thus, at that moment, even though she was dreaming, she was very clear on the fact that she was dreaming.

This same dream had occurred many times.

This dream had been repeating itself for the past few months.

She had made a visit to the psychiatrists. However, she was unable to find any explanation for it.

Within the dream, when Takashimoto Shizuka gazed forward, she would see the figure of a man.

She could seemingly feel the other person’s body heat and skin.

She gently hugged him and her hands reached out to hold his face.

At that moment, although it was just a dream, Takashimoto Shizuka could feel the fiery passion coursing through her heart.

The passion that could seemingly burst out of her chest almost melted her.

It was a wondrous experience – truth be told, Takashimoto Shizuka had never experienced a passionate feeling of love of such heights before. This experience within a dream brought her to an intoxicating high!

She held on to the face that was shrouded within the darkness… yet the face’s silhouette was blurry.

Despite having experienced this dream so many times, despite having tried hard, she was never able to see the features on that face!

Next, Takashimoto Shizuka repeated an action that had been performed countless times within this dream.

Holding on to the face, she affectionately… kissed it.

The lips were cold.

But the heart was flaming hot.

Her mind and soul were enthralled by the kiss…

“I will be waiting over here! I believe you will make your way back!”

Takashimoto Shizuka heard herself shouting those words.

Emotional yet firm!

Although she had forgotten how many times she had heard those words in her dreams, each time she did, she would feel her heart pounding uncontrollably!

She could feel the man before her moving away, the face moving out of her grasp…

Like many times before, Takashimoto Shizuka attempted to stare at the other person’s face.


Takashimoto Shizuka thought to herself that this time would be the same as before and she would be unable to find out anything…

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed across the sky above, instantly lighting up the surrounding darkness!

In that instant, the features on the face became clear!

A fairly decent face with soft facial features; the area between the eyebrows had yet to sink inward and the corners of his lips seemed set into a faint smile. It was as though he possessed an intellect that could see through all…

Once she saw that face, Takashimoto Shizuka was shocked.




The dream burst into pieces!

The man within the dream followed suit and disappeared completely!


Takashimoto Shizuka jumped out of her seat and she frantically straightened her body. Both her hands shot toward her chest as she vigorously gasped for breath; her voluptuous chest heaving up and down.

“Are you all right?”

Chen Xiaolian who was beside her was in the middle of eating a plate of Italian pasta that he got from the airplane.

His one hand held onto a fork that still had some pasta on it. There was a blotch of red coloured tomato sauce on his lips.

He then moved his tongue out to lick off the tomato sauce.

Takashimoto Shizuka’s face blushed rapidly as she recalled the scene inside her dream.

“So… sorry, please excuse me!”

She suddenly said and ran to the restroom.

“Eh?” Chen Xiaolian frowned as he watched the back of the Japanese flight attendant.

Inside the restroom, Takashimoto Shizuka stood before the mirror and splashed her face with cold water. She breathed heavily.

She regarded the face that was staring back at her from the mirror. The face was filled with a rosy blush and vestiges of a fawning expression. Seeing that expression made Takashimoto Shizuka feel ashamed.

How… how did it turn out this way?

How could it be that person’s face?

Could it be because of what happened today? When he saved my life, he left too deep of an impression while my heart was so shocked that it ended up disrupting even my dreams?


This must be it!

How could the one in the dream be that ‘person’?!

No! Definitely no!

Takashimoto Shizuka then walked out of the restroom and returned to her seat. She glanced at Chen Xiaolian and saw that he was rubbing the tomato sauce on his face without a care for his image. She then sighed.

See… how could it be this fellow…

Half an hour later, the plane landed at the New York International Airport.

Takashimoto Shizuka gave a sigh of relief and cast a complicated gaze at Chen Xiaolian.

The passengers inside the cabin were already getting up and reaching for their luggage bags as they prepared to get off the airplane.

Chen Xiaolian smiled at Takashimoto Shizuka. Her face was a mask of red.

After getting off the airplane, they moved into the airport. There, Chen Xiaolian extended his hand out to her and said, “So… this is goodbye.”

“Eh? Ah, right! Goodbye!”

Takashimoto Shizuka ignored his outstretched hand and took a step back to perform a bow. She said, “Once again… thank you! Thank you for your help! I will never forget it!”

After saying that, she ran off with a panicked expression on her face.

“Looks like she is really afraid of you.” Roddy who was beside turned to look at Chen Xiaolian with an amused expression on his face.

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

“You didn’t give her your number?” Roddy winked.

“As you said… what is there to talk about? She don’t remember me at all.” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand and stretched his waist before continuing, “All right, we’ve reached New York. Let’s see how the punishment instance dungeon looks like!”

“You’re leaving? Going back to Texas for a vacation?”

The middle-aged special agent looked at Nicole as they stood outside the elevator. His hand reached out to help her press the button on the elevator.

Nicole pursed her lips.

The middle-aged special agent observed Nicole as she got into the elevator and suddenly broke into a smile. He then whispered, “It’s currently raining in New York, be careful.”

“… what?” Nicole’s face revealed surprise.

“I know you are not happy about what happened. Besides… we’ve been partners for so long now, how can I not know your character? You won’t let go of your case so easily. I have some friends in the New York Police Department. I will send a phone number to your mobile phone. When you get there, if there are any minor issues, you can get them to help you out,” the middle-aged special agent said. Then, his face turned stern and he continued, “Remember, don’t go overboard! If there is too much obstruction, just give it up. Don’t be so stubborn.”

“… thank you, Charles.”

1 John Edgar Hoover, first Director of FBI who was found (after his death) to have acted beyond his jurisdiction to amass power and influence.

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