Chapter 274: The Last One

GOR Chapter 274: The Last One

This old man was truly an interesting person.

As Chen Xiaolian looked at Sawakita Mitsuo, he was unable to stop himself from smiling.

However, after exchanging glances, their eyes flickered and they started talking about something else.

This was the first time that Chen Xiaolian had an agreeable discussion with a Japanese.

This Sawakita Mitsuo was very knowledgeable. As expected, his title of Great Teacher was not something that he had simply bought. He was someone with a vast amount of knowledge.

After conversing for a bit, Chen Xiaolian turned his head around and saw Roddy walking out from the cockpit. He politely ended his conversation with Sawakita Mitsuo before moving toward Roddy.

“Go wash your face,” said Chen Xiaolian who patted Roddy on his shoulder.

Roddy smiled with pride.

“Sorry for interrupting,” a soft voice came from the side.

Chen Xiaolian turned around to see Takashimoto Shizuka looking gingerly at him. It appeared that she wanted to say something but was hesitant to do so.

“What is it?”

Takashimoto Shizuka hesitated once more before speaking out while blushing, “I, I just want to say thank you. Earlier, thank you very much!”

Chen Xiaolian observed her familiar expression.

Naturally, he still remembered back when they were on the deserted island. Back then, they had huddled together around the campfire, depending on each other.

Naturally… he also remembered that goodbye kiss in the underground labyrinth by the cliff.

Damn it! Stop thinking about the kiss!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes subconsciously fell onto Takashimoto Shizuka’s lips.

There was a faint colour on the young woman’s lips. She did not apply any strong lip gloss on it. Yet, they were ripe and beautiful.

Roddy who was standing beside him snickered.

Takashimoto Shizuka appeared to be panicking. Seeing Chen Xiaolian stare at her, she was probably reminded of what happened earlier when Chen Xiaolian had held her chin to stuff that spicy bar into her mouth. She shrank her head back and was about to turn away.

"Wait a minute."

Chen Xiaolian stopped her.


“That…” Chen Xiaolian clutched his head and smiled, “If there is nothing going on, how about we sit down and have a chat. Besides, this journey will still take some time.”

“…” Takashimoto Shizuka was clearly feeling nervous. However, perhaps it was due to the submissive behaviour within this Japanese woman and the fact that he had saved her earlier…

She was unable to voice out any words of rejection. She silently performed a bow and sat down beside Chen Xiaolian.

“What are you looking at? Go sit behind. You can just go sit in her seat.” Chen Xiaolian waved at Roddy.

Roddy gave him the middle finger before moving to the back.

It was at that moment that Chen Xiaolian suddenly noticed Nagase Komi who was seated beside Sawakita Mitsuo getting up. After getting up, she moved to the back area of the cabin.

She proceeded to sit in the passenger seat belonging to the passenger that was poisoned – that passenger had been transferred to the First-class seat to recover.

Chen Xiaolian then turned to glance at Sawakita Mitsuo who seemed to be looking at him.

As expected, he is a shrewd fellow. Chen Xiaolian sighed to himself.

Chen Xiaolian sat down and began to chat with Takashimoto Shizuka.

Judging from her expression, he could see that the flight attendant was feeling very nervous and somewhat fearful. While she was curious about Chen Xiaolian, it would appear that there was more fear…

She was after all, just an ordinary woman. To have to sit before someone who had used his bare hands to kill off several terrorists… even if he was a hero, she was unable to stop herself from feeling somewhat fearful.

The things Chen Xiaolian talked about were not some pointless stuff either. Additionally, his appearance was slightly comparable to Daniel Wu.

Chen Xiaolian could sense Takashimoto Shizuka’s apprehension when facing him. He pretended to not notice it and simply continued chatting with her.

“What are you going to America for?”

“… it’s work related.”

"How old are you?"

"Twenty-two years old."

“Which part of Japan do you come from?”


“How many family members do you have?”

"A mother and a sister."

For the most part, she would just carefully answer anything that Chen Xiaolian asked.

If Chen Xiaolian did not ask anything then this young woman would not speak at all.

This turn of event made Chen Xiaolian feel somewhat depressed.

Doesn’t the stories usually go like this: After the hero saved the beauty, the beauty would give her heart to the hero?

But why is it that this Takashimoto Shizuka is looking at me as though my body has some terrible virus?

“Miss Shizuka, why do I feel like you are very fearful of me?”

“… no. I am just feeling a little nervous… ah! What did you call me?”

Takashimoto Shizuka suddenly exclaimed out with widened eyes.

Throughout their exchanges so far, this was the first time that this woman had taken the initiative to ask a question.


“You, what did you call me just now? How did you know my name?” asked Takashimoto Shizuka who stared at Chen Xiaolian warily.

Oh shoot.

Chen Xiaolian mumbled to himself.

He quickly recalled their encounters within the airplane… she had not introduced herself to him.

“You are the one who told me.” Chen Xiaolian began to bluff. “When we were chatting earlier, you were the one who introduced yourself.”

“… did I?” Takashimoto Shizuka felt somewhat dubious.

Chen Xiaolian stared at her with a seemingly moral high ground until the young woman felt a sense of guilt welling up her heart.

She did after all just suffered from a head concussion. Although the blood flow had been stopped and the wound had been wrapped up… Takashimoto Shizuka started to doubt herself.

Did I really introduce myself before?

Did the concussion made me forget that?

“Are you done yet? Don’t push it, man.”

Roddy’s resentful voice came through the guild channel. He continued, “Chen Xiaolian, you had better remember the fact that you already have a girlfriend. Although Big Miss Qiao is not here, I would advise you to not act recklessly. You dare to go flirt about in front of me? What? You think I won’t report this to Qiao Qiao?”

Chen Xiaolian sighed to himself and replied, “You know, it’s not that I want to argue with you. But, did you get kissed too much by the flight attendants? Did your head get too high from that?”


“Think about it. We’ve killed off those terrorists. So, why haven’t the system send us a prompt stating that the quest is over?”

“… oh shit!”

Roddy abruptly jumped up!

The hijacking event was the first quest issued by the instance dungeon.

Normally speaking though, after a quest had been completed, the system would issue out a prompt stating that the quest had been completed and the scores would be tallied.

However, after they finished off the terrorists, the system did not send out any prompts.

That meant…

The quest was not over!

“There are more terrorists on this airplane!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed and glanced at the seemingly bound Takashimoto Shizuka. At the same time, he used the guild channel to communicate with Roddy. “Did you think I was flirting? Since you are at the back, make sure you mind your surroundings carefully. Check around for any suspicious person. Mm… Nagase Komi had also moved to the back, didn’t she? That old man probably realized this as well. That is why he had her move to the back. You need to be careful now!”

Two US military fighter jets flew into sight once more and they cruised alongside the civilian airplane.

The captain who was inside the cockpit had already reported the change in circumstance to the government.

These two fighter jets were sent by the US military to escort the airplane.

When the passengers aboard the airplane saw the two fighter jets flying beside them, many of them applauded. Some brought out their phones to take some pictures.

Chen Xiaolian had long since retrieved his own mobile phone. He joined in and took some pictures of the fighter jets outside. At the same time, he pretended to glance around to survey what was going on at the back area of the cabin.

“Did you find anything?”

“… no,” replied a frustrated Roddy. “I have been looking carefully. There are several passengers who are clearly passengers from the Middle East. But they are also using their mobile phones to take picture and seem very happy. They don’t seem like the terrorists’ companions – could it be their acting is just too good?”

“Idiot, don’t just stare at those Middle Eastern fellows.” Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes.

“Mm…” Takashimoto Shizuka saw that Chen Xiaolian was no longer saying anything. After hesitating for a moment, she spoke up, “Mr, if there is nothing else, then I’ll…”

“Err, don’t go just yet. Let’s keep talking for a bit,” said Chen Xiaolian with a grin as he turned to look at the Japanese flight attendant.

Takashimoto Shizuka’s expression changed – clearly, she believed he was trying to woo her.

True… Chen Xiaolian did save her life earlier. However… Takashimoto Shizuka felt an instinctive desire to shy away from him.

In fact, for the past few months, Takashimoto Shizuka had been resistant and averse to attempts by any males who wanted to get close to her.

It was probably… due to the fact that she was constantly having a strange dream.

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian did not know what Takashimoto Shizuka was thinking about – he simply wanted her to stay by his side in case anything unexpected occurred. That way, he would be able to protect her.

At any rate, they were companions that had gone through hardships together.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I would like to inform everyone that, due to the earlier hijacking incident, the safety inspection required by the US government and the military demand that we temporarily adjust our flight destination.

“We will be landing in San Francisco in two hours. There, security personnel will be boarding this airplane to conduct an investigation. After that, the airline company will re-arrange this flight and ensure that everyone here be sent to New York.

“I am very sorry for all the inconveniences you have had to endure on this flight. I ask that everyone cooperate. Thank you.”

The captain’s voice sounded through the broadcast system.

The announcement was repeated three times.

The passengers within the cabin issued out helpless sighs.

Everyone expressed their understanding of the situation.

After what had happened, everyone knew that the original flight plan to New York would no longer be possible. It was necessary for them to land at the nearest airport for a security check.

Additionally, only God knows if those terrorists had installed any other explosives inside the airplane.

Additionally… all the passengers would likely be put through a strict identity verification process.

After 911, the US government’s response toward such a kind of incident had always been so strict.

After hearing that, Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat. San Francisco? As expected, they will be making a landing on the West Coast. They will not be given the chance to fly past US territory and certainly not into the East Coast 1.

The fighter jets outside escorted them for some time before leaving. However, new fighter jets soon appeared to escort them again.

Naturally, these escorts were also meant to monitor their movements.

Although the terrorists on the plane had been killed…

The US government would not view this situation lightly. Just because they were told through the radio that the airplane was safe, how was that sufficient to verify that it was actually safe?

Two hours later.

The airplane began to descend to a lower altitude.

The fighter jets flying beside the airplane moved some distance away from it.

Seeing as how the airplane was about to descend, the helpless Takashimoto Shizuka was unable to say anything else but to fasten her seat belts and prepare for the landing.

During the past two hours, Takashimoto Shizuka had been maintaining her vigilance as she conversed with Chen Xiaolian. There was a clear sense of resistance and vigilance in her behaviour – any other men trying to woo her would have long since quit trying. Yet, this young man before her seemed oblivious to her acts of resistance. He was like a stalker who refused to leave her side!

Their plane finally descended through the clouds. Moments later, the airplane slowly landed on the airport runway.

The airplane slowly decelerated as it glided forward.

After the airplane had smoothly touched down, another round of applause erupted from within the cabin as the passengers cheered.

At that very moment, everyone’s minds were most probably focused on getting off the airplane as soon as possible.

However… it appeared that this desire of theirs was not about to come true just yet.

After the airplane landed, it did not move toward the airport’s landing area.

Instead, it slowly moved toward an open area.

Siren sounds soon filled the surrounding area.

Over 10 vehicles of various kinds rushed out and surrounded the airplane from various directions.

Some of them were police cars, some were Special Forces and some were fire trucks. Chen Xiaolian even spotted two military explosive-proof vehicles.

The vehicles were parked around the airplane and a large number of heavily armed military and police officers emerged. They then moved to position themselves beside their vehicles.

It was then that the flight captain opened the airplane doors.

The military and police officers outside moved to board the airplane.

It was at that very moment that Chen Xiaolian was suddenly beset by an intense feeling of vigilance!

He felt troubled!

Extremely troubled!

But where did this troubling sensation originated from?

He suddenly stood up and moved to the middle of the corridor. Then, he turned to look at the back.

During the past two hours, Roddy and Nagase Komi had not been doing nothing. They had been secretly monitoring the passengers who were on board the airplane.

However, they did not find anything of note!

If the terrorists were hiding on this airplane, then…

Where will they be hiding?

Who could it be?

Crew members?

Highly unlikely. The flight captain of this flight was a Caucasian man.

Chen Xiaolian also excluded the flight attendants from the equation.

The passengers who were seated behind had been monitored by Roddy and Nagase Komi. However, nothing came of it.

At that moment, an extremely troubling sensation descended…

Chen Xiaolian subconsciously turned to look at Sawakita Mitsuo.

There was a rather grim expression on the old man’s face. He too, stood up and they glanced at each other…

Then, Chen Xiaolian suddenly exclaimed!

He realized that he had ignored a very important person!

If a villain wished to hide his identity, what would be the best way for him to do so?

Disguise himself as an ordinary person?

No, that was not enough.

The best method to hide his identity was…

To disguise himself as…

The victim!

How many victims were there on the airplane?

Theoretically speaking, the ones who had been hurt during the hijacking event were: the flight captain who were struck, the chief flight attendant who were threatened…

However, there was only one who had really been harmed…

The poisoned passenger!

Chen Xiaolian abruptly jerked his head, turning to face the First-class seats.

In the first row of the First-class seats; in the seat located closest to the cockpit…

The poisoned passenger had already woken up. After washing his stomach with water, it appeared that he had managed to get rid of the symptoms of being poisoned. Although his body was still somewhat weak, he was for the most part conscious.

It was precisely due to this reason that Chen Xiaolian had not suspected him at all!

After he had finished off the terrorists earlier, the US fighter jets came to escort them and the passengers on the airplane cheered and took out their mobile phones to snap pictures…

However, the poisoned passenger had remained relatively silent – for Chen Xiaolian, he felt that to be a natural reaction. For a fellow who had just been poisoned, it was only natural for him to feel weak and devoid of the strength to move about!

But now that the veil had been pierced, his doubt toward this fellow rose up!

How was he poisoned?

How did he end up ingesting something poisonous?

It was possible that he was secretly poisoned… however, if someone unrelated tried to slip a poison for him to take, wouldn’t the chances of being discovered be high?

Perhaps… he was one of them!

What if the fellow was actually a terrorist as well?

If so, this plan was truly flawless!

First, have one of your own members ingest a non-fatal poison to disguise himself as a victim!

And by doing so… cause a commotion!

That would also expose the identity of the air marshals traveling on the airplane.

At the same time, doing so would allow this fellow to hide himself among the passengers. No one would ever suspect him!

If the hijacking plan went south…

This hidden terrorist would have the opportunity to stay hidden until the end.

And when the critical moment arrived, he would be in the best position to deal the fatal move!

After considering that possibility, Chen Xiaolian broke out in cold sweat!

“Mr, please return to your seat. There will be a security check soon. Please do cooperate.”

The chief flight attendant walked over and spoke in a polite manner to Chen Xiaolian. He was after all, a hero who had saved the entire flight.

Chen Xiaolian’s gaze swept past her and went to the front… the poisoned passenger was seated just opposite of Chen Xiaolian. He was put on intravenous therapy using the items prepared within the airplane’s emergency kit. It was likely that he was given a normal saline packet or something similar.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and pretended to be talking with the chief flight attendant with a smile, “Sure thing. I just wanted to ask something…”

As he replied with those words, he took the opportunity to take a few steps forward.

At that moment however, the poisoned passenger noticed Chen Xiaolian there.

Their gazes met.

In that one moment, Chen Xiaolian confirmed that his speculation was correct!

Within the eyes of the poisoned passenger, he sensed a trace of coldness, malice, and…


Chen Xiaolian’s face distorted and he abruptly shouted, “Make way!”

He dashed forward hastily and pushed the chief flight attendant to the side!

The poisoned passenger grinned savagely. There was a watch on his left wrist.

His right hand was moving toward a certain part of watch to press it…

There was no room for hesitation!

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian chose to do something.


An exquisite knight shaped sword appeared within his hand!

Without hesitating, he tossed the knight shaped sword in his hand out!

Sword in the Stone!

A chilling flash shot toward the poisoned passenger!


A wretched cry erupted and blood dyed the air!

Blood sprayed and the cabin was filled with the smell of blood.

An arm could be seen flying up in the air!

The Sword in the Stone descended upon the poisoned passenger’s shoulder, slashing off his left arm that was wearing the watch.

At the same time, the Sword in the Stone stabbed into the airplane.

The poisoned passenger screamed out miserably and his body shuddered! However, he jumped up frantically as he attempted to grab his cut arm! However, Chen Xiaolian had managed to make it there. He performed a flying kick, striking the poisoned passenger on his chest, causing him to fall backward and onto the blade of the awaiting Sword in the Stone…


Blood scattered as his body was directly sliced into two!

The bloody scene left everyone around shell-shocked.

That was especially true for the chief flight attendant who screamed out sharply before fainting on the spot.

The passenger around also screamed out sharply!

As for Chen Xiaolian, he had already run forward. He grabbed the cut off arm and removed the watch from the arm.


Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly and Roddy was quick to run over.

Roddy caught the watch that Chen Xiaolian had tossed to him. His face distorted and he quickly gripped the watch. Then, he breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s all right now!” Roddy looked at Chen Xiaolian with a complicated expression. “That was dangerous! This watch is a detonation device! It’s all right now.”

Chen Xiaolian too, breathed a sigh of relief. Then he turned around and saw that everyone on the airplane were staring at him with fearful expressions.

At the same time, the military and police officers rushed into the airplane.

The police officers rushed in through the airplane door and saw Chen Xiaolian who was in the corridor with blood all over his body. They quickly raised their gun at him and shouted.


“{Hands up!}”

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate. He obediently raised both his hands.

He knew that the US police officers would actually open fire.

The terrorists did not manage to harm him. But, if he ended up being shot at by the police here, that would be an unreasonable turn of event.

Naturally, he also did not forget to summon back the Sword in the Stone into the system.

1 Washington DC and Capitol Hill (the seats of power of the US) is at the East Coast.

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