Chapter 272 Part 3: Come Take A Bite

GOR Chapter 272 Part 3: Come Take A Bite

When Kallahn saw Chen Xiaolian lashing out at him, his face turned cold – the same was true for the female terrorist who was standing not far away.

However, they noted how Chen Xiaolian’s movements were unskilled and of no threat at all. Thus, a subsequent expression of disdain appeared on their faces.

A weak youngster who held no threat toward them.

Additionally, his attack involved him spreading his arms open, exposing the vital areas on his chest, waist and abdomen.

For these terrorists who had undergone rigorous military training… this was simply a fight with toddlers!

Kallahn had made up his mind to take this opportunity to give this Imperial Prince a brutal lesson.

He had already seen the sobbing image of the Prince lying on the floor within his mind.

He nonchalantly moved his body sideways and flipped his dagger around. Then, he slashed his dagger in the direction of Chen Xiaolian’s heart.

He believed that this would be enough to give this little fellow a good lesson.

The female terrorist too had shared his thoughts.

Yet, neither one of them noticed… the spark flashing through Chen Xiaolian’s eyes!

As he was rushing toward Kallahn, Chen Xiaolian suddenly shouted!


At the same time, he also contacted Roddy using the guild channel.

“Roddy, now!”

Chen Xiaolian slammed into Kallahn.

Kallahn could feel his dagger making contact with the youngster’s heart area. However, the scream of misery that he had expected to hear did not materialize.

Instead, he felt a sensation of impact coming from the dagger!

It was as though… it had struck a steel plate!

That sensation of toughness!

The magnitude of the impact knocked him off balance and his body was sent flying backward!

Is this fellow a ghost?

That, unfortunately, would be the last line of thought within Kallahn’s mind.


A roaring sound echoed through the cabin.

The sound had originated from both the front and the back.

The reason for that was because both of the cabin doors of the airplane had suddenly popped opened!

Their airplane was presently flying high in the sky. Now that its cabin doors had suddenly opened, an intense airflow abruptly swept inside and a chaotic tempest of airflow raged inside the cabin! A huge suction force swept Kallahn’s body up!

The only reaction he was able to make was to shout out. However, he did not get the chance to make any sound inside the cabin as he was the first to be chucked out of the airplane!

The same thing happened to the back of the cabin where the airplane door automatically opened itself.

The terrorist standing guard at the back of the cabin shared Kallahn’s fate. Without being given the chance to even shout, he was sucked out of the airplane!

The fierce winds continued to rage chaotically within the cabin!

Due to the sudden change, the entire airplane gave a shudder and became seemingly weightless.

Yet, the intense winds continued raging inside while the roaring sounds of the airplane permeated the air!

Just now, Chen Xiaolian had slammed into Kallahn. The resulting impact then threw Kallahn out of the airplane. However, Chen Xiaolian’s body was also situated near the door of the airplane!

Chen Xiaolian’s enhanced body came into play as he resisted the powerful suction force.

He forced himself to twist his waist.

He took a step to the side with lightning like speed. With movements that seemed to defy physics, his hand shot out!

His hand grabbed the female terrorist!

Thanks to his high level of strength, he was able to pull her over in one attempt.

The two of them slammed into each other!

Chen Xiaolian tightened his grip and cracking sounds could be heard.

The female terrorist screamed wretchedly – however, her screams were drowned out by the buffeting winds!

During all these, her dagger and gun had fallen on the floor and were swiftly swept up by the wind and chucked out through the airplane door.

Chen Xiaolian followed up by sending his knee flying toward her abdomen area and the female terrorist was sent flying… out of the airplane!

With a swooshing sound, her figure disappeared from the cabin.

Three down!

In the middle segment of the cabin, Roddy was crouched down as he kept his hand in contact with the floor.

With his Mechanical Heart skill, he was able to instantly take over the control of the airplane and forced open the doors!

At the same time that he opened the doors, the terrorist who was standing guard in the middle found himself unable to maintain his balance and he staggered before falling down.

Roddy straightened himself and was about to make his move when he heard a sharp bellow: “Die!”

He watched as the bald girl, Nagase Komi suddenly lashed out with her hand!

Her palm opened and her five fingers were like sharp swords!

Like… Wolverine?

Her sharp fingers pierced straight through the terrorist’s neck!

Blood sprayed out and was scattered through the cabin due to the intense flow of air inside.

With five holes in his neck, the terrorist was immediately silenced!

Four down!

After using his knee to strike the female terrorist, the movement caused Chen Xiaolian’s body to become overextended. His body was sucked up and he flew toward the door as well!

Chen Xiaolian howled out and both his hands clawed vigorously at the edges of the door!

He was able to stop himself from being thrown out but the powerful suction force placed a heavy burden on his body. He could feel his entire body groaning in pain.

The tearing pain that resulted from this ordeal nearly made him black out!

He roared furiously and used his [B+] class strength to, little by little, claw his way back into the cabin.

Roddy shouted and attempted to rush over to help him.

Suddenly, a shrill scream rang out!

A figure was suddenly thrown up from the passenger seat. The figure then slammed heavily upon the cabin ceiling, causing the luggage compartments to pop open. A few bags fell out as a result.

Takashimoto Shizuka’s head was stained with blood as her body fell to the floor. Then, she was pulled toward the door!

She had fallen unconscious!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a pound as he watched Takashimoto Shizuka fly toward him. She was going to fall out of the airplane!

Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth. One of his hands let go and shot out to wrap around Takashimoto Shizuka’s waist.

The Japanese woman slammed into him, causing his body to shudder once. Thankfully, his other hand was still holding tightly onto the door. Otherwise, they would both be sent flying out of the airplane!

It was then that Chen Xiaolian suddenly caught sight of Sawakita Mitsuo. The old man walked toward him.

Despite the surging winds within the cabin, the old man was able to walk steadily. It was as though the bottom of his feet were able to root themselves upon the floor of the cabin! He took one step after another, each step producing an odd sound.

When he was before Chen Xiaolian, he extended a hand out toward him…

Chen Xiaolian’s heart became tense!

At this moment, if this old man were to have any malicious intent toward him…

There was nothing else that the old man needed to do. All that was necessary was to kick him out of the airplane…

Although he was an Irregularity, he could not fly!

Considering their present altitude of thousands of meters up in the sky, falling down would certainly result in death!

He was also not Roddy who could summon the Mech!

Chen Xiaolian panicked and was about to subconsciously summon Garfield!

No! He was already thinking of summoning Bai Qi!

However, he then heard Sawakita Mitsuo’s voice, “Guild Leader Xiaolian, I have no malicious intents. I am here to help you.”

Guild Leader Xiaolian?

He knows my name?

After saying that, Sawakita Mitsuo grabbed hold of Chen Xiaolian by his wrist. Next, he pulled him inside the cabin!

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate. After falling into a passenger seat, he pressed Takashimoto Shizuka down on the seat before fastening the safety belt for her.

“Roddy! What are you waiting for?”

Chen Xiaolian roared out through the guild channel.

Roddy charged over!

Even with his enhanced body, Roddy had a difficult time moving through the cabin. He was barely able to stabilize himself.

He quickly made his way to the back of the cabin and forcefully closed back the door!

Due to their altitude, it was easier to close the door.

The resulting air pressure when flying at high altitudes cased the airflow to flow outside.

At the same time, Sawakita Mitsuo also reached the door at the front and closed it.

Thanks to the powerful suction force, the doors were tightly closed!

After doing that, Roddy quickly ran to the front!

There was no need for Chen Xiaolian to remind him; he quickly rushed into the cockpit.

There, he found the last terrorist slumped inside with his head tilted over.

As for the vice-captain, he was unconscious.

The scene surprised Roddy for a moment. However, there was no time for him to hesitate. He pulled the terrorist out of the seat and sat down on the pilot position…

The airplane quickly flew up once more before gradually stabilizing itself.

The screams and sobs within the cabin also slowly subsided.

Two minutes after the airplane had stabilized itself, Roddy’s voice could be heard coming from the broadcast system.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to inform everyone that the terrorists have been taken care of. Sorry for the fright earlier. However, the incident have been resolved and everyone will be able to safely return home. At present, everything is within our control! I am your temporary captain, Captain Roddy.”

After a few seconds of silence…

A maddening outcry of jubilation flooded the cabin!

Chen Xiaolian had Takashimoto Shizuka pressed down on the passenger seat with his chest. He observed the woman whose head was bleeding all over and he gently held the wound.

Perhaps it was due to the impact, but Takashimoto Shizuka was barely able to regain her consciousness. She forced herself to open up her eyes to see Chen Xiaolian before her. Then, she subconsciously uttered:

“Your… Your Imperial Highness?”

Chen Xiaolian snapped at her, “What nonsensical Imperial Highness? I’ve had to save your ass twice now…”

Then, he breathed a sigh of relief and turned over to seat himself on the passenger seat by the side even as he was gasping for breath.

Just now, he had nearly died!

His whole body was racked with pain. The tearing force from earlier was something that even his enhanced body found difficult to cope with!

Chen Xiaolian was certain that his body had suffered a considerable amount of injuries.

He dared not hesitate. He pulled something directly out from his Storage Watch and tore it open. It was a packet of…

Spicy bars (Healing substance)!

He bit down on the packet and tore it open before chomping down on it!

Then, he turned to look at the Japanese flight attendant who had a considerable wound on her head. He shoved a spicy bar toward her.

“Come, take a bite.”

“Na… Nani? [1]” Takashimoto Shizuka stared in befuddlement at Chen Xiaolian and the strange item in his hand.

“That’s more like it! Did you know? Your English sounds really bad! Speaking Japanese suits you better.”

Without giving her any chance to say anything, Chen Xiaolian shoved the spicy bar down the Japanese flight attendant’s mouth.

1 ‘Nani’ is ‘what’ in Japanese.

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