Chapter 270 Part 2: Hijacking Event

GOR Chapter 270 Part 2: Hijacking Event

A resigned and frustrated voice belonging to the captain came out through the intercom.

“All right! Just don’t hurt anyone. We will cooperate.”

The captain then slowly put down the intercom handset.

He turned to look at his two companions within the cockpit and said, “Sorry, we’ll have to do it according to the rules. We cannot provoke these terrorists. We need to prioritize the safety of the passengers.”

After pausing for a moment, he revealed a firm expression and said, “God bless us all. Later on, when I open the door, don’t do anything to resist. Do what you can to protect yourself and wait for a chance.”

He turned to his vice-captain and asked, “Has the hijack signal been sent?”

“It has been sent repeatedly.”

“Send it out once more,” said the captain with a sigh.

“The security box…” The co-pilot glanced at the captain.

There was a safety box within the cockpit. There were some weapons stored inside – although there was no gun inside, there were knives, ropes and handcuffs.

“We’ll wait it out and see how things goes first.”

The captain stood up and said to the vice-captain, “You drive. Make sure the flight is stable and maintain the current course.”

When the door of the cockpit was opened, the captain walked out to find a terrorist moving toward him. The terrorist pointed a gun to his head and dragged him to the side.

The captain did not resist and was dragged to a passenger seat. As he sat down, he maintained his posture where both his hands were placed on his head.

These crew members have all received professional training. In face of such an incident, they will not recklessly try to do something heroic. During the course of their professional training, they would be taught that doing so will only provoke the terrorists, leading to an even more terrible consequence.

The captain was handcuffed – the handcuffs were obtained from the corpse of one of the air marshals.

The female terrorist and one of her companions quickly entered the cockpit.

The vice-captain cooperated with them and did not resist. As for the co-pilot, he was chased out from the cockpit and was handcuffed to a passenger seat beside the captain.

To the vice-captain’s dismay, the terrorists knew what they were doing.

That was especially true of the female terrorist; she pointed her gun at the vice-captain’s head and asked him to surrender the safety box within the cockpit.

Clearly, they already knew that the safety box within the cockpit stored some weapons.

He helplessly brought out the safety box from the cabinet and handed it over.

The female terrorist opened it and glanced at its contents.

Next, her companion sat down on the captain’s seat.

Clearly, this fellow possessed some knowledge in piloting planes.

“From now on, this airplane is completely taken over,” the female terrorist said coldly. “I know that you have already sent out the alarm. However, from this moment onward, we will be maintaining radio silence as we fly. No matter what the other side says, do not reply! Do not reply unless I give the orders! Maintain your current course and keep the airplane steady.”

At that point, it was clear that the terrorist sitting beside him was also a pilot. The vice-captain was incapable of doing anything.

The female terrorist then walked out from the cockpit. She glanced at the sobbing flight attendants. Next, she hauled the chief flight attendant up and tossed her into a passenger seat.

“You have very good luck. Your captain values your life a lot. Right now, you should be thanking him and not your God.”

By then, the chief flight attendant was so terrified she no longer knew what was going on. She simply sat there and sobbed.

There was a glint in the female terrorist’s eyes as she moved over and picked up the broadcasting handset. She took a deep breath.

“Ladies and gentlemen.” The female terrorist’s voice came out through the broadcast system of the airplane and fell upon the ears of everyone there. “I am very sorry to inform everyone that there will be some adjustments to this flight plan. As of this moment, this airplane has been taken over by us. We are the mighty military defenders in the holy war. We will be taking over all the affairs that goes on inside this airplane. Yes, you may consider this as a hijacking.

“Now, I am going to announce several regulations. I hope that everyone will agree to follow them. I don’t like to threaten people a lot; so, I will only state this fact. Those who violate the regulations I put forward will be punished with death.

“First, everyone is to remain seated and to not move about. All activities within the airplane are temporarily halted. That includes the trip to the toilet!

“Second, any actions taken against my men, even verbal attacks, will be considered as a provocation, resulting in a death penalty for the one who did so.

“Third, all forms of communication will be confiscated. My companions will collect all communication devices – I ask that everyone cooperate. If someone attempts to conceal their communication device, that person will also face the death penalty.

“At the same time, I am sorry to inform you that your lunch and dinner are also temporarily cancelled.

“However, everyone may be at ease for now. Our goal is not to kill off the people within this airplane. As long as you obediently listen to our instructions and not invite any trouble for yourselves or others, once we get some affairs sorted out with the government, you fellows will be allowed to safely return home.

“Lastly, I wish you all a pleasant journey.”

After hanging up, a cruel smile was formed upon the female terrorist’s face.

One of the terrorists brought an empty bag and started walking through the corridor to collect the mobile phones and other communication devices belonging to the passengers. Mobile phones, PADs and other electronic devices were all confiscated by them.

Seeing the muzzle of the gun pointed at them, no passenger dared to resist and they all obediently handed over their devices.

Soon, the terrorist came to Chen Xiaolian’s row. Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to toss the mobile phones belonging to both him and Roddy into the bag.

Sawakita Mitsuo and his team also did not hesitate to do the same.

Chen Xiaolian discussed the matter with Roddy through their guild channel for some time before turning to look at Sawakita Mitsuo.

Sawakita Mitsuo also turned to look at Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian noted that Sawakita Mitsuo had secretly extended out an open palm toward him.

The move surprised Chen Xiaolian who responded with a nod of his head.

Sawakita Mitsuo’s action meant: There are five terrorists.

Chen Xiaolian pointed at him and Roddy before pointing at Sawakita Mitsuo’s side. Then, he opened up his palm as well, which meant: We have five on our side as well.

Sawakit Mitsuo replied with a faint smile. He quietly unfolded his white coloured fan. The surface of his white coloured fan swiftly changed and a line of words appeared upon its surface. The fan was positioned such that only Chen Xiaolian and Roddy would be able to see those words.

The wondrous skill made Chen Xiaolian raise his brows – clearly, this old man’s fan was not some ordinary goods. There was a high possibility that the fan was some equipment from the system.

The words written on the surface of the fan were: One each.

The line of words disappeared as soon as it appeared.

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. Hesitating for a bit, he made a few hand signals.

Seeing the hand signals, Sawakita Mitsuo was able to somewhat understand what Chen Xiaolian meant to say: The terrorists are too spread out. We cannot act on all of them at the same time.

The old man’s eyes glinted and he reopened his fan.

Another line of words appeared on the fan: Follow my lead.

Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows before nodding his head.

Next, Sawakita Mitsuo suddenly raised his hand and shouted, “Hey, I have something to say!”

After saying that, he stood up.

“Hey, sit down!”

One of the terrorists was quick to walk over. He pointed his gun at the old man and shouted out in agitation.

“I have something important to say!” The old man coughed and continued, “It is very important!”

The terrorist ignored him and sent a slap flying toward him.

Sawakita Mitsuo moved half a step away and his figure seemingly staggered. That move from him caused the terrorist’s slap to strike thin air. He then shouted, “I want to talk to your leader! I have something important to say!”

The terrorist swore and pointed his gun at Sawakita Mitsuo.

The old man maintained a calm face as he raised his head to look at the terrorist.

By then, the female terrorist who was at the front side of the cabin had heard the commotion. She reacted by shouting something.

The terrorist who had his gun pointed at Sawakita Mitsuo lowered his gun and took a step back.

The female terrorist then moved over and stared at Sawakita Mitsuo.

“Mr, I do not like having problems. Did I not say that just now? Are you thinking of questioning my authority?”

The female terrorist raised her head as she looked down on him coldly.

“No, I am not trying to stir up any troubles,” said Sawakita Mitsuo with a calm tone of voice. “However, there is an important matter that I have to tell your leader directly – it’s very important!”

“Then tell it to me. I am in charge here. I hope that what you are going to tell me is really important. Otherwise, you will pay the price for your actions.”

The female terrorist gripped onto a sharp dagger in her hand.

Sawakita Mitsuo raised up both his hands, showing that he had no thoughts of resisting. “I have a document that I need to show you. It is on my assistant’s person and I will let him to bring it out.”

“Very well, just don’t try anything,” answered the female terrorist who frowned as she looked on with curiosity.

The middle-aged man who was beside Sawakita Mitsuo carefully brought up his bag and retrieved a piece of document from within it.

The female terrorist accepted it, opened it and glanced through the contents. There was a puzzled expression on her face and she asked, “Japanese? What does it say?”

“Please turn to the back. There are English words written there,” said Sawakita Mitsuo in a calm manner.

The female terrorist turned the document over and read it, “Japan… Imperial… House…”

“Japan’s Imperial Household Agency,” said Sawakita Mitsuo coolly. “Simply put, it is an agency established specifically for the Japanese Imperial family.”

“Japanese… Imperial family?” The female terrorist’s eyes lit up.

“My documents will prove my identity. I am the Vice-Grand Steward of the Imperial Household Agency of Japan. You can equate it to being a Deputy Minister of the Imperial Household.”

“Deputy Minister of the Imperial Household?” There was dubiousness in the female terrorist’s voice.

“Yes, the Deputy Minister of the Imperial Household. If you are unable to understand that, then I can only explain it as such. I have a rank that is equivalent to that of a government minister.”

The female terrorist’s eyes lit up!

A ministry level official of any country would be considered as a high-level executive. Not to mention, this was a minister from Japan, a world-class economic power.

To think that there was a ministry level official among their hostages. This was an unexpected harvest!

This hostage would prove to be a very useful bargaining chip when dealing with the US government.

TL: Something to note; this chapter was written on Oct 2015.

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