Chapter 266: Punishment Instance Dungeon

GOR Chapter 266: Punishment Instance Dungeon

“Since those protective rules do not apply to me, then…” Chen Xiaolian spoke out. However, as he was halfway through his words, GM interrupted him. “Wait.”


“Those rules indeed do not apply to you. However… why do I have to tell you?”

Those words left Chen Xiaolian surprised.

“Aren’t we in a cooperation right now?”

“Even if you do not cooperate with me, you will still need to struggle to survive through the instance dungeons and complete them,” said GM coolly. “Besides, I have given you assistance before. That Exchange System of yours is how I assisted you.”

“… that Exchange System that sells spicy bars?” Chen Xiaolian replied with a wry smile.

“In order to avoid being detected by the system, I had no choice but to do so. Theoretically speaking, this is a cheating program,” said GM with a wry smile as well. He continued, “All the equipment within the system is created by the system. All of these have their own code numbers. The system have its own set of rules on these code numbers. Matters like how much is being generated and how much is being consumed can be inspected through the use of these code numbers. As for me, I am not the Development Team; I am part of the system. If I try any hanky-panky stuff on this process, I will be easily found out by the Development Team.

“I can only exert power over part of the redundant values portion of the system.

“For example, some of the game participants who died would have some reserve items on them even after death. Those items could be equipment or medicinal substances. Following the death of the participant, these items would be recollected by the system before deleting them.

“All I can do is to take away part of those items, similar to taking away redundant values and putting it up for you – additionally, I am also unable to simply give it to you.

“That is because I am the GM, which makes me part of the system. And the system is unable to give items in such a way!

“The system only allows exchanges when giving out items!

“The exchange price is also similar to that of the system. That is the only way to avoid the anomaly scans.”

“But was there a need to make it so outrageous? Spicy bars, instant noodles, potato chips, van…” Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly. “In the heat of battle, when my enemy raises his sword against me, I react by raising an absorbent mop. Don’t you think there’s something wrong here?”

“As I said, this is for the sake of avoiding the system’s scans. Theoretically speaking, these items should not exist. They should have been deleted. I intercepted these data and redirected them into an external program I made for you. Naturally, there is a need to rename them. Otherwise, it would easily be found out by the system.

“Very well!”

Chen Xiaolian gave a helpless and bitter smile.

I just won’t use it for weapons or equipment.

As for the medicinal substances… spicy bars will have to do!

“So, what would it take for you to give me those fellows’ information?”

GM turned to look Chen Xiaolian in the eye and said, “An exchange.”


GM sneered and said, “Don’t you think that this cooperation of ours have been very unfair for me? Even if I don’t help you, you will still need to participate in the instance dungeons. You will have to do your best to complete the instance dungeon quests – it is your own life and death that is on the table.

“But did you really do anything for me?”

“… that makes sense,” said Chen Xiaolian as he nodded his head.

“I helped you solve your problem with the Exchange System. Thus, if you want to get more benefits from me, I feel that exchanges should be the way to go. I am not your nanny after all. There is no need for me to quickly help you with whatever you request from me.

Chen Xiaolian frowned and replied, “If so, what is it you want me to do for you?”

“It’s very simple, follow some of my arrangements,” said GM with a smile. “Thanks to the existence of your guild, there are times when you can choose to avoid instance dungeons that would normally have been mandatory. This is the special treatment given to guilds that managed to attain some rank. It also gives you the right to adjust the number of members to field and others.

“At some point in time, when faced with certain instance dungeons, there may come a time that you fellows do not wish to participate in that instance dungeon. Of course, you would also be able to utilize the guild features to avoid participating in that instance dungeon.

“However, there would be some instance dungeons that I would require you fellows to participate in!”

“For example?”

“For example, a punishment instance dungeon.”

GM said in a calm voice.

Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

Instance dungeons represented the biggest shackles chaining the hearts of Awakened ones.

If there were freedom to be had, no one would willingly choose to participate in an instance dungeon!

Each participation in an instance dungeon was a test that could end with death!

Why would Zero City be considered as a paradise for all Awakened ones? Because Zero City could block off the extraction for instance dungeons for everyone within it!

If there was an option to not participate in instance dungeons, then only a madman would choose to voluntarily enter the instance dungeon and risk their lives!

Furthermore, this was the legendary punishment instance dungeon!

Punishment instance dungeons were more severe and brutal compared to normal instance dungeons!

It was a punishment meant for the game participants who failed to complete the normal instance dungeons.

After failing to complete the other instance dungeons, they will have another chance in the punishment instance dungeon.

However, the failure to complete the punishment instance dungeon… would normally lead to… death!

Additionally, punishment instance dungeons were generally of the competitive type. The Awakened ones who entered these instance dungeons must not only struggle to survive. They must also obey the rules of the system and kill one another.

The strong survives while the weak perishes.

“You mean to say… you want me to participate in a punishment instance dungeon?”


“Why?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“Because this time, I need you to go,” said GM coolly.

Chen Xiaolian weighed the matter carefully and said, “If you don’t explain things clearly, I won’t agree to it. Revenge is indeed important. Still, there is no need to throw my own life into doing so. If I end up dying in the punishment instance dungeon, then I will have no hope of getting revenge.”

GM sighed.

It finally answered the question.

“All of the instance dungeon storylines are used to make up the events provided by the system. In each of those events, the fundamental directives of the system could be seen.

“However, punishment instance dungeons are special.

“The participants of punishment instance dungeons consists of only Awakened ones.

“This is a specially set up event targeted at Awakened ones.

“It is also an arrangement used by the system to control the number of Awakened ones.

“It could ensure that the number of Awakened ones do not go overboard, which would disrupt the balance of the system.

“At the same time, it could weed out some weaklings.

“Also… even some who are too powerful. This would be an opportunity to get rid of them.”

“Wait, I understand the part about weeding out the weak. But, getting rid of the strong… what do you mean?”

“As I have said before, punishment instance dungeons are created following the appearance of Awakened ones.

“Theoretically speaking, the strong would never end up in punishment instance dungeons… since they are strong, they would have what it takes to grasp victory in instance dungeons.

“But there are always exceptions.

“For example, there are times when only one winning team is allowed in a normal instance dungeon.

“At the same time, the system would select several strong Awakened ones to participate in this instance dungeon.

“Then, it is only natural that some of the strong Awakened ones end up failing to attain the winning spot. They will then be forced to enter the punishment instance dungeon.

“This punishment instance dungeon forms the special means for the system to adjust and control the Awakened ones.

“The strength of the Players is something that the Development Team has total control over.

“However, since Awakened ones are the resisting natives of this world, there are many cases in which the system is incapable of fully controlling their growth.

“When it is found that the overall strength of an Awakened had become too strong, say to the point where they could threaten the overall strength of the Players, the system would determine that it had crossed the line that would lead to imbalance.

“At that point, punishment instance dungeons can be used to weaken the Awakened ones.”

“By letting them kill each other?” Chen Xiaolian sneered.


“But what did you mean when you say get rid of the strong?”

“The storyline for punishment instance dungeons can be freely controlled by the system.

“In other words, there could be a storyline quest similar to that of normal instance dungeons.

“It is also possible for the system to temporarily put up an additional quest.

“This quest could include, although not limited to making a powerful Awakened team who entered the punishment instance dungeon as the target objective. The system will have every other Awakened ones who were being punished attack the targeted team!

“Something like this could also be made into a quest!

“All against one. Have that most powerful Awakened team become the target and get everyone within the punishment instance dungeon to kill off that team!”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian swore out inwardly.

“You need to understand that punishment instance dungeons are not part of the earliest form of the system.

“However, after the emergence of the Awakened ones… the system was patched.

“Additionally, due to the fact that this patch was something added in later on, its powers of control is very strong.

“As for the system, its ability to supervise and regulate the punishment instance dungeon is relatively weaker.

“This is because punishment instance dungeons were not part of the original system. It was something added later on.

“The original system was created for Players only.

“It was only after the Awakened ones appeared that this subsystem known as punishment instance dungeon was added.

“Therefore, when within a punishment instance dungeon, there are many things that can exceed the original system – it is a backdoor in the system.

“There would not be any Players in the punishment instance dungeons.

“Still, there are times when the Development Team would send an inspector inside to adjust and control the situation – naturally, this is a very rare case.”

“Then, why did you want me to participate in a punishment instance dungeon?”

“Because it had come to my attention that the system is about to open up a punishment instance dungeon and there is something special about this instance dungeon.

“I need you to enter this punishment instance dungeon and help me with some stuff.”

Chen Xiaolian listened quietly and asked further, “And?”

“… that’s it,” said GM as it looked straight into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes.

“What? What do you mean? What do you want me to help you with? Find a special prop? Search for information? Or kill someone? Also, what is the storyline of this instance dungeon? You should at least tell me these stuff!”

“I have no way of telling you those things now because I still do not know.”

“… … …”

“Do you still not get it? I am not the one who controls the system. I am also not the developer of the system. I am just a part of the system, a mere managing program for the system. Even though I have gained my own awareness, I remain part of the system.

“The Development Team are the developers. What kind of storyline they want to create and what kind of quest will they insert are naturally things that I have no way of knowing!

“It is only after this instance dungeon had opened that I, the managing program would be able to know what is inside the instance dungeon.

“Besides, like I said before, punishment instance dungeons are not part of the main system. They are a subsystem.

“In other words, the management of punishment instance dungeons do not fall into my jurisdiction.

“It is a subroutine that was added later. Additionally, its programming is also simpler in comparison.

“At present, all I can gather from the program is that a punishment instance dungeon will soon open up. Inside this punishment instance dungeon, something unexpected will appear. I want to know what this thing is. Thus, I hope that you can enter and help me figure out what this thing is.

“Don’t worry; I will be sure to assist you somehow.

“I will have no way to know until after the instance dungeon is opened.

“However, after the instance dungeon is opened, I will inform you about the situation.”

Chen Xiaolian was surprised. He asked, “I thought you cannot enter instance dungeons?”

“Indeed, I cannot enter. However, this is a punishment instance dungeon, a subroutine. The amount of rules that the main program faces is much weaker when it comes to the punishment instance dungeon. It is after all just a patch. Thus, I can find some loopholes and use it to make my move.

“Let’s put it this way. After you enter this punishment instance dungeon, I will figure out a way to send the information into the instance dungeon. You will receive the information in the form of prompts in the instance dungeon.

“After that, all you need to do is simply to follow the instructions in the prompt.”

Chen Xiaolian asked, “Can I even enter this punishment instance dungeon? I did not fail the earlier instance dungeon. Would I have the qualifications to enter this punishment instance dungeon?”

“This is little special treatment that you will be receiving from me, the managing program. I have ways to let you enter.

“Additionally, you also hold another advantage. Those Awakened ones inside this punishment instance dungeon must complete the quests given to them inside this punishment instance dungeon. If they do not complete it, they would be exterminated.

“That will not apply to you.

“Because you are not someone who is being punished. You are simply someone who, with my help, drilled a loophole to enter it.

“Thus, after entering, you will simply need to do what I ask of you. You can ignore the storyline quests.”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes lit up.

Hearing that, the level of difficulty seemed to have lessened.

“What if I refuse?” Chen Xiaolian decided to ask.

“Then I won’t give you the information you want,” replied GM with a frown. “A cooperation requires both sides to contribute.”

“If it’s simply about getting information on the enemy, I think that this price is too unfavourable.” Chen Xiaolian weighed the matter and said, “This exchange is not fair. Information on them is not a necessity for me. I can wait it out. There is always the possibility of encountering them again one day.”

“What if I were to tell you… that they will also be participating in this punishment instance dungeon?”

GM said.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flashed!

“I can tell you this, those fellows failed to complete the London instance dungeon. Following the rules of the system, they now have to participate in a punishment instance dungeon.

“Coincidentally, it would appear that they will have to participate in this particular punishment instance dungeon.

“Do not you want revenge?

“Think about it.

“In this punishment instance dungeon, you will hold an advantage!

“There is no need for you to complete the quests mandated by the instance dungeon! But they need to!

“You can simply hide by the side and secretly cause problems for them. As long as you manage to get them to fail… they will be killed off by the system. That is tantamount to having attained vengeance.

“Do you not want such a good opportunity?

“Compare this to encountering them in an instance dungeon sometime in the future. When that happens, you will have to face a gruelling battle where you will have to suffer heavy losses to win. Compared to that, is this not easier?

“Besides, say you do meet in an instance dungeon sometime in the future. But what if that instance dungeon do not permit Awakened ones to kill each other?

“What if the storyline assigned you to the same camp?

“These are all possible.

“But a punishment instance dungeon… if you want vengeance in there, things become so much simpler.”

Those words were truly tempting for Chen Xiaolian.

“The punishment instance dungeons may be brutal. However, the rewards offered inside are also extremely high.” GM laughed and stood up. It then patted Chen Xiaolian on the shoulder and said, “Carefully think it through. I will give you one day to think about it. After that, tell me your answer.

“Oh right, while you may enter punishment instance dungeons, your team members, Lun Tai and Bei Tai cannot.

“Because you are an Irregularity. Thus, I am able to open up a backdoor for you. But they are just ordinary Awakened ones. I have no way of letting them enter – besides, I don’t think you will be able to explain it to them. You fellows have clearly completed the instance dungeon. Why would you need to enter the punishment instance dungeon?

“You will be unable to explain these things to them.

“Of course, your other companion, Roddy may enter.

“Remember, only Irregularities can enter.”

After saying that, GM stood up and walked toward the flower garden while carrying his plastic bag. Suddenly, he sneezed. Then, he lowered his head to look at the plastic bag in his hand.

“Eh? What happened to the beers I bought?”

Clearly, GM had left, leaving an ordinary NPC.

Chen Xiaolian’s face was grim as he considered the matter.

“Punishment instance dungeon?!”

Roddy’s face was quick to distort and he shouted, “Are you mad? You definitely cannot agree to this! This is the equivalent of putting your life on the line! Besides, there is no such need to begin with!”

Chen Xiaolian’s face was still as he slowly said, “I understand what you are saying. However, I have three reasons to do so.

“The first, our enemies have also entered this instance dungeon. After I enter, I will gain an advantage. With this advantage, it will be easier to get our revenge. I don’t even need to fight them. I just have to cause problems for them in secret to disrupt their ability to complete their quests. Just by doing so, I will be able to lead those bastards to their deaths!

“Second, we need to maintain our cooperation with GM!


“The third reason is the most important!”

“What is it?”

Chen Xiaolian inhaled deeply and said, “GM said that punishment instance dungeons are a patch used to deal with Awakened ones. It is something used to control Awakened ones.

“Don’t forget, there is no way we can ensure a 100 % winning rate for our future instance dungeons!

“In the event that we end up failing a quest in the future and are required to participate in a punishment instance dungeon, then what?

”We lack a clear understanding of the punishment instance dungeon!

“This is a subroutine. According to GM, this subroutine is weaker in comparison. The amount of control that the main program have is weaker there.

“Perhaps I can find something there.

“Or perhaps discover something.

“This time, I will be entering it while holding an advantage.

“At the very least, I do not have to worry about things like storyline quests and whatnot. Even if all I do is hide and do nothing until the instance dungeon ends, I will still survive.

“Thus, I feel that the risk involved is much lower here.

“If so, this will become an opportunity for us!

“We can use this opportunity to seek information about the features of the punishment instance dungeons, its rules, restrictions and etc.

“In the event that we do fail to complete a quest in the future and are required to enter a punishment instance dungeon, we will not be unprepared. We won’t have to go in blind and clueless.”

Looking at Roddy’s heavy expression, Chen Xiaolian deliberately put on a relaxed smile and said, “Relax, I will be careful. Safety first.

“If the price of taking revenge is too high, I will just do nothing and hide.

“At any rate, there is no need for me to complete the punishment instance dungeon’s quests. All I need to do is find a safe place, close the doors and take a nap. Once the instance dungeon is over, everything will be fine.”

There was a serious expression on Roddy’s face. After thinking it through, he said, “I’ve decide, I will go with you!”

Chen Xiaolian frowned and said, “You don’t have to…”

“No! This is my decision!” Roddy said firmly. “In the London instance dungeon, my ability cannot be used. Additionally, there is also a limit on the number of members we could field. Thus, I did not participate. But this time, I will not just watch as you risk your life alone!

“An Irregularity? So am I!

“Besides, Qiao Qiao is not here right now. I am the only one here. I am the only one who can help you!

“You do not have to say anything. And don’t try to persuade me. I have made up my mind!

“I must go with you into this punishment instance dungeon!”

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