Chapter 264: Sword In The Stone

GOR Chapter 264: Sword In The Stone

“[S] class weapon?” Roddy’s eyes went wide.

“Additionally, it comes with three complementary skills.

“King’s Courage: Bless yourself and your surrounding companions. Immediately restore all attributes once and increase them by 10 %. Lasts for 15 minutes.

“Killing Blow: Carries the passive effect of directly breaking the enemy equipment. 50 % chance to break equipment that is of a lower class compared to this weapon. Of course, the bigger the gap in class, the higher the chance of breaking.

“When encountering equipment of the same class, there is a 10 % chance of breaking them. When encountering equipment of a higher class, there is a 2 % chance of breaking them. However, this skill will not affect spirit entities. It has to be used against physical beings.

“King’s Eminence: When utilized, this blessing strikes fear and creates a sense of deterrence in the hearts of enemies. At the same time, this blessing will also eliminate any negative mental effects. In other words, as long as I have this sword, I can go against magical mental attacks!”

Roddy and the others sucked in a mouthful of cold air.

“Holy shit!” Roddy stared with bulging eyes at the Sword in the Stone that Chen Xiaolian was holding. “This is simply a bloody divine artefact!

“Those three skills will surely come in handy!

“The first will restore all health!

“The second can cut off the enemy weapon! Let’s not talk about low-class weapons… this sword here is [A+] class! It is already a very high class! Even if you were to encounter an [A] class equipment, you would still have a 50 % chance of breaking it! [A] class weapons are rare to begin with!

“You even have 10 % chance of breaking equipment of the same class! That is a one in ten chance! When you encounter someone with an [A+] class weapon as well, ten sword strikes is all you need to break their weapon!

“You even have a chance to break weapons of a higher class than yours! This is simply too Heavenly defying!

“This weapon of yours is of the [A+] class! But even if you were to encounter an [S] class weapon, you still have a 2 % chance… that means a one in fifty chance!

“That weapon would be directly broken! This is too Heavenly defying!

“Won’t this disrupt the balance?

“Right, there is also the King’s Eminence… you can ignore all magical forms of mental attacks! And eliminate all negative mental effects!

“What does that mean… that is a dual-attribute, military and magical!”

“It’s not perfect.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and continued, “It is not as perfect as you think.”

He sighed and said further, “The blessing of King’s Courage can indeed fully restore health. However, it is not a real restoration of health. It simply buffs you for 15 minutes. After that 15 minutes is over, you will return to the injured state that you were in before the blessing took effect.

“Take the War for the Throne for example. There, I fought against a Player and used my Goddess of Dawn skill, burning up all my attributes.

“The blessing of King’s Courage instantly restored me.

“However, after the War for the Throne ended, I was weakened back down again.

“Thankfully, I got the Power Propagation Serum from the Japan instance dungeon and my attributes can slowly recover. Even so, it has been one day and night since then and I have yet to fully recover. At present, my physical attributes should be at around [C] class. I think I’ll need a few more days before I can fully recover.

“Still, this King’s Courage has given me the ability to fire out the Goddess of Dawn a second time.

“Normally, when in battle, I can only use it once. After which I will enter a weakened state. Then, I will need to wait for the Power Propagation Serum to slowly help me recover. That takes a long time.

“With this skill, after using my Goddess of Dawn once, I can use the blessing of King’s Courage on myself to immediately restore my attributes and fire out another one! Additionally, my second salvo will be even stronger than the first because my attributes will be increased by 10 %!

“In other words, my final card can now be used twice.”

“Not bad, not bad. Your Goddess of Dawn can now be used more than once. It is no longer the Great Art of Demonic Dissolution. Ha ha ha!” Roddy laughed.

“And then there is the Killing Blow skill… this skill is indeed Heavenly defying.

“However, in my case, I fear that this could be a weakness.

“My evaluation of this Sword in the Stone is that this is a weapon for the strong!

“Let’s not talk about encountering those of the lower class. Just think…

“If I were to encounter someone of the same class… someone who wields an [A+] class weapon.

“Think about it, if someone has the ability to pull out an [A+] class weapon, what class would that opponent be at?

“My highest attribute is only [B+]. Although I have a one in ten chance of breaking the opponent’s weapon…

“With my strength, would I have the ability to exchange ten moves with the opponent?

“It is likely that I would be beaten after only two or three exchanges.

“As for those higher than [A+]…

“If the enemy is someone who uses an [S] class weapon, even with that 2 % chance to break the opponent’s weapon…

“Think about it, what kind of person would be qualified to wield an [S] class weapon? How strong would that person be?

“Exchange 50 sword strikes with the opponent? Break their weapon?

“Maybe, I would have died with just one hit.

“There would be no chance to make use of the Shattering Blow skill.

“For the present me, this Shattering Blow skill could only break the weapons of those who are my equal in strength or lower. I can gain an overwhelming advantage when fighting against them.

“But if I were to encounter an enemy that is stronger than me, this skill would be a white elephant.”

Roddy listened to his words and considered it before smiling bitterly. He said, “That does sound true.”

Pausing for a moment, he then continued, “Still, I am curious. If this sword is to be 100 % activated, what would it look like? These three skills are already so incredible! Could it be that after it is fully activated, a new and even more powerful skill would be unlocked?”

“There is no way to know that,” said Chen Xiaolian who shook his head. He said, “If I have to guess, that’s probably how it is. If we find the opportunity to activate it in the future, then we’ll get the answer.”

Xia Xiaolei spoke with an expression of envy as well, “Brother XIaolian, you must bring me with you for the next instance dungeon! I don’t want to keep fetching soya sauce anymore. I want to get my hands on some powerful equipment as well.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Xia Xiaolei and laughed. “Very well, you will need to make sure to train hard. It won’t be possible for you to stay at the rear forever either. The system would never allow for an Awakened to stay away from instance dungeons.

“Mm, right. There is one more thing that you need to do now.

Chen Xiaolian continued, “For this London instance dungeon, we completed the final War for the Throne. Me, Lun Tai and Bei Tai got quite the harvest.

“For Jack the Ripper’s quest, each of us received 300 points. Since I permanently killed off Jack the Ripper, I acquired an additional reward of 1,000 points.

“Thus, in the Jack the Ripper quest, I acquired 1,300 points while Lun Tai and Bei Tai each acquired 300 points.

“After completing and getting the Sword in the Stone, we acquired 500 points each.

“In the final War for the Throne, Lun Tai and Bei Tai both acquired 800 points each. Since I got to fight more, I acquired 1,700 points. It’s probably because King William used the Sword in the Stone he got from me to kill off Harold.

“Thus, our total gains is:

“I have 3,500 points, Lun Tai has 1,600 points and Bei Tai has 1,600 points.

“We have a total of 6,700 points.

“I’ve decided; the three of us will pay for the cost of purchasing a new arm for Bei Tai!”

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