Chapter 261: Final Words

GOR Chapter 261: Final Words

Chen Xiaolian who was looking out the window was surprised to see Mr San make such a childish action.

The monkey standing on Monster’s shoulder, opposite of Mr San, straightened its body. It stood as how a human would and stared coldly at Mr San.

“Well, if you want to attack, then be quick about it will you? I still have some matters to attend to,” said Mr San as he extended his hand out and checked his watch. Then, he yawned.

The monkey sneered.

Suddenly, cracks appeared amid the area where Mr San was standing.

The cracks spread out, intersecting with one another as they spread up and down…

That was a spatial crack!

Three to five meters of space surrounding Mr San split open due to the spatial crack.

It was as though someone had just torn out a portion of a picture away!

A portion of this world had been cut out from its original position.

In its place was utter darkness.

Mr San’s figure was left floating within that space!

“Is this… a spatial cage?”

Mr San continued standing there.

His feet remained standing upon cement. However, beneath that layer of cement, the spatial cracks had torn the rest asunder.

A small and special space was created as it gently floated upward.

And in the location that he was occupying earlier, the air distorted and both shadow and light were pulled out of shape as they twisted into swirling clumps of chaos before transforming into nothingness!

Chen Xiaolian remained standing in his room as he watched with bulging eyes.

“As expected, you want to catch me.” Mr San raised his umbrella as he regarded his surroundings that had been split asunder by the spatial cracks.

The monkey took a deep breath before raising its hand to point at Mr San. “The laws of the system is absolute! Mr San, as part of the system, you are an artificial existence. Thus, you are bound by the laws of the system! In the end, the power of the loophole that you have will be…”

“Are you done talking?”

Mr San suddenly smiled.

“… eh?”

“If you are done talking, then I’m leaving. I told you, I still have some matters to attend to.”

Mr San let out what seemed like a sigh. Then, he abruptly took a step forward.

What lay before him… was nothingness.

It was not a cliff.

If one were to step out from a cliff, then they will plummet deep down.

At that moment, Mr San’s foot was stepping into the chaos of the void!

When light from the surroundings fell upon the void, they were distorted. It appeared that the void was seemingly capable of swallowing even light.

It was this void that Mr San had taken a step into.

His figure was immediately distorted!

In an instant, the law of ‘colour’ appeared to have lost its effect within the void.

Mr San’s figure lost its three-dimensional appearance and was now a clump of distortion within the void.

He became like an impressionist painting, extremely peculiar in appearance!

His figure was like interconnected blocks of colour moving through the spatial crack…

He kept moving forward!

The monkey was completely stunned!

It’s eyes were widened as it observed what was happening before it. Its mouth lost its ability to speak. Then…


A few seconds later, Mr San’s figure reached the ‘other side’.

By reaching the other side, it meant that…

A foot suddenly stepped out from the chaos of the void and the block of colour transformed back into a foot.

The foot stepped upon solid, concrete ground!

Next, the ankle, the calf… black coloured trousers, and…

The corners of the trench coat.

Mr San walked out from the spatial crack in a relaxed manner.

When he finally made his way out from the spatial crack, he stood at the area outside the cut off space!

The rain falling down from above landed upon his head and shoulders once more.

He gently rearranged the lapels of his trench coat before turning to look at the monkey across the street. Then, he spread opened his umbrella once again.

Every one of his actions was done slowly and leisurely.

“You fellows think too highly of your own system.”

Mr San laughed softly and said, “If the system is so reliable, then where did loopholes come from?”

“You… you…”

The monkey suddenly screamed out, “How is this possible?! How could you possibly erase the restrictions of the spatial crack?! That is a fundamental directive of the system! You…”

It suddenly stopped talking.

The monkey took a deep breath and fear appeared within its eyes.

“You… you can travel through the spatial cracks! Travel through the chasm cut out of the system…

“You… you already have the ability to ‘bridge’?

“NO! Impossible!”


Mr San was surprised. Then, he smiled and said, “I like that name. This ability… from now on, it will be called ‘bridge’ then.”

He held onto the umbrella and slowly walked across the street until he was beside Monster. He looked at the monkey that was on Monster’s shoulder.

The monkey seemed to have gone stiff. It did nothing to stop Mr San from approaching it as it watched on in a daze.

“Impossible… how could you construct a bridge? This… this is a violation! A violation! If you can travel through the spatial cracks… then, doesn’t that mean that you already have the ability to go to…”

It abruptly screamed out. Its claws swiped out at Mr San!

Cracks of utter darkness appeared before its claws!

Mr San coolly regarded the monkey. Then, he extended his left hand out in response.

His left hand easily shot past the spatial crack that the monkey had created. Then, he caught the monkey by its neck.

In one move, he caught the monkey and held it aloft.

“Try to guess. Will I kill you?”

Mr San squinted his eyes and smiled in a childish manner.

The monkey struggled hard but was unable to utter a single word.

Suddenly, Mr San loosened his hand and tossed the monkey down the ground. The monkey fell into a puddle filled with muddied water.

The fur on the monkey’s body became a mess and it appeared miserable. It gasped for breath and raised its head to look at Mr San.

Mr San was standing beside the monkey. He looked down at the monkey from up high and the umbrella that he held seemingly enveloped the entirety of the monkey.

Mr San then lightly bent his body and whispered something to the monkey.

Chen Xiaolian was unable to catch those words.

He was only able to see that, after hearing those words, the monkey suddenly became highly flustered!

Within the monkey’s eyes were shock, incredulousness, fury, madness and… a profound sense of fear!

It suddenly fell into the puddle of rainwater. Then, its body and fur rapidly transformed into a beam of light before disappearing.

“You… you will never… never succeed! You… you despicable… you are just an existence that we created!”

The monkey disappeared.

Mr San who was standing across the road suddenly turned around to face the window. He then waved at Chen Xiaolian.

It appeared that he was bidding him farewell.

He said something softly. While Chen Xiaolian was unable to hear what he said, he was able to make out those words by the movement of Mr San’s mouth.

The words that Mr San had said to him was:

“Work hard, junior.”

Mr San left.

He slowly left and disappeared amid the curtain of rain.

It was a few minutes later that Chen Xiaolian finally recollected himself. He rushed out from the room and ran across the many craters and cuts left on the courtyard.

The spatial crack that was cut out had disappeared and the nothingness left in the area had been patched up.

It seemed as though the surroundings had automatically moved in to make up for the tear in space.

Not a single shred of difference could be seen between that area and its surroundings.

Chen Xiaolian ran across the street.

Then, he saw Monster who continued to stand there with a blank expression on his face.

Monster’s breathing was shallow and his eyes were expressionless. Who knows what the monkey, the inspector, had done to cause Monster to lose his sense of consciousness. He now appeared like a puppet – a zombie.

Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment and turned to observe the distant end of the road. There was nothing there.

The monkey on the ground had also disappeared.

“You… are you all right? Monster?”

Chen Xiaolian patted Monster on the shoulder.

Monster’s huge body suddenly toppled down and he fell on his buttocks on the ground filled with rainwater.


Monster suddenly made a noise as he attempted to raise his head. His eyes were still in a daze. However, it seemed as though he was beginning to regain his sense of consciousness.

"Hey, Monster!"

Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly, “You… are you awake? Do you know what happened just now?”

“Mm…” Monster appeared to still be in a dazed state.

He suddenly whispered out something.

The words he whispered out started out with a very low voice.

Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a pound and he was quick to bend his waist and lean over. He asked, “What did you say?”

“Dream… dreaming. I… dreaming…”

Monster was trying his best to speak. However, he was unable to speak properly and the words were coming out in stutters.

“Dream? What dream?”

Monster exhaled and said, “Just now… someone… spoke with my… monkey…”

Chen Xiaolian was shocked and he quickly crouched down.

“Spoke what? What did that someone say to your monkey?”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart was stirred.

Mr San!

The final words that Mr San had said to the monkey! Those final words!

He had not been able to hear those words!

However, Monster had been standing right beside them. If it was him… perhaps he heard it!

“He said… this world… is a tree.”

After saying that, Monster fell down and became unconscious.

This world… is a tree?

Chen Xiaolian was rooted on the spot in shock. He then recollected himself and leaned over to wake Monster up, wanting to further ask him something…

It was at that moment that something suddenly appeared in his radar!

Chen Xiaolian discovered that 3 green dots indicating other Awakened ones were rapidly approaching his position within the radar!

Chen Xiaolian’s mind raced as he weighed the situation for a moment. Then, he turned the other way and quickly moved away!

He ran out of the road and hid inside an alley. Then, he calmed himself down, stabilizing his rate of breathing so as to not let his body be in an agitated state of combat.

He was well aware that this was the only way to stop the radar from revealing his position.

From the other end of the road, Phoenix and the Titan brothers quickly rushed over.

“Damn it! Where did Monster head off to? Weren’t you fellows looking after him?”

Phoenix uttered furiously in a low voice.

“We do not know…” One of the Titan brothers shook his head and said, “He went berserk and ran off by himself.”

“Hurry up! It’s just up front! We’re close!”

Phoenix had already caught sight of the ruined courtyard of the private museum where craters and jagged gullies filled the area.

Phoenix immediately stopped moving and she warily assessed the place from a distance.

Then, she caught sight of Monster who was lying on the ground.

“It’s him!”

Phoenix stopped hesitating. She pulled out a wooden staff and leapt over.

The three of them moved until they reached Monster’s side. The Titan brothers checked him.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything… no external injuries either. He’s just unconscious.”

Phoenix nodded her head and narrowed her eyes as she inspected the ruined courtyard. She said, “This place… it seems like there was a fight here.”

Her sharp eyes swept over the area. As her eyes swept past Chen Xiaolian’s hiding spot, Chen Xiaolian quickly shrank back.

Probing out once more, he saw that the Titan brothers were propping Monster up as they moved toward the other end of the road. Phoenix followed behind them while continuously scanning their surroundings.

Chen Xiaolian sighed. He hesitated for a moment and finally decided not to attempt to ask Monster anything anymore.

He stood beneath the rain, allowing the rainwater to fall on his face.

“The world… is a tree? What does that mean?”

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