Chapter 256 Part 1: Class?

GOR Chapter 256 Part 1: [S] Class?

The rhythm of the falling rain gave the impression that it would last forever.

The continuous rainfall enveloped the skies of London and the streets seemed cleaner after being washed by the rainwater. The cars on the roads slowly drove by as the pedestrians hurried across the streets.

Amid the rain, the ancient London bridge appeared like an image from a classical painting.

Lightning suddenly streaked across the sky above.

The resulting light shone upon the skies of London before dissipating away.

If one were to look at London from above the sky, one would see something like a huge curtain sweeping rapidly over the city.

The police could be seen pulling up in front of the Westminster Cathedral.

Within the Tower of London, workers were cleaning up the damage dealt to the tower.

The scene on a certain street suggested that it had just been subjected to a terrorist attack. The ground floor of the building was damaged while the windows had been shattered…

The curtain of light swiftly swept through all those places.

It was as though someone had just rewinded a video.

The curtain of light flashed before quickly disappearing.

After that, the street seemed completely different from before.

The taxi that was moving through the road was now only just moving out from the garage.

The pedestrians that were holding onto umbrellas in dissatisfaction were now back in their living room, savouring the afternoon tea.

The police officers that were furiously arresting a thief were back in their police car where they ate freshly fried French fries. The thief who was wearing thick leather clothes slowly walked past the police car as he whistled…

The city remained the same city and the people remained the same people.

However, the time had seemingly turned back considerably…

Three figures walked out of the rain from beneath the London bridge.

No one knows when these three figures appeared. The pedestrians there did not turn around to look their way. It was as though, in their minds, the three of them had always been standing there.

Beside them was a worn out carriage. Under the effects of the curtain of light, the carriage was transformed back into a black coloured SUV.

Chen Xiaolian regarded the torn armour on his body. The blood on his body was washed away by the rain before his clothes quickly transformed into modern looking clothes – that was the clothes he was wearing a few days ago.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai’s expressions were ones of utter exhaustion. There were also traces of thankfulness and jubilation.

“I think… since we managed to return back alive, we should find a temple to properly burn some incense as thanks.”

Bei Tai looked at his cut arm and gave a bitter smile.

“Go buy the tickets as soon as possible. Then, get in contact with Roddy. He should be waiting for us outside London,” said Chen Xiaolian in a low voice.

“All right, we’ll head to the airport.” Lun Tai nodded his head.

“You fellows go first… I… there is a place I need to go first!” Chen Xiaolian looked at the sky and the rain. He took a deep breath, his face revealing an incomparably firm expression!

Chen Xiaolian walked until he reached the entrance to the private museum.

The bronze statue in the yard and the floors that were damaged back then had been restored to its original state.

He stood across the street and watched as a car slowly drove away from the museum.

Although the windows of the car was rolled up, Chen Xiaolian was still able to see the people inside the car.

In the first passenger seat was the middle-aged silver-haired butler.

And in the rear position was the faintly visible figure of the beautiful and cold looking young Countess.

Chen Xiaolian’s mouth curled into a peculiar smile, a smile that seemed to be concealing a bitterness within it.

He walked through the street. His leather boots plopped upon the waters on the surface of the street.

Standing under the rain, Chen Xiaolian pressed the doorbell before the entrance of the museum.

It was not long before the small door on the entrance opened up. Chen Xiaolian walked inside before heading into a small building next to the main building.

The door of that building was open. After walking inside, Chen Xiaolian could feel the warmth within the room.

There was a pot of hot tea placed on the table.

The middle-aged man, Ambler was quietly seated there with his eyes facing the door.

He raised his head and glanced at Chen Xiaolian. A trace of satisfaction seemingly appeared in his face and he said, “As expected, you made it back alive.”

Chen Xiaolian walked inside and moved to close the door behind him. However, he noticed something hanging on the wall next to the door… a black coloured umbrella.

“I was very lucky. Originally, I could not have won. However… very lucky.” Chen Xiaolian walked forward and sat beside the table.

“Take off your jacket. This rain can be quite uncomfortable.” Ambler gave a faint smile. “I just made this tea. Have a cup to get rid of the chill.”

Chen Xiaolian took off his jacket and hung it on the back of the chair. He then sat before Ambler, picked up a cup of tea and gulped it down in one go.

“That’s not the right way to savour tea.”

Chen Xiaolian raised an eyebrow and answered, “Since I am alive, I should drink more.”

Ambler smiled and said, “It would appear… this instance dungeon is very difficult?”

Chen Xiaolian considered the question for a moment before shaking his head. He said, “Like I said before… very lucky.”

“King William won the throne? Was the process very difficult?”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were seemingly in a daze as the scene reappeared in his mind…


When King William raised the Sword in the Stone against Harold, no one could have guessed that Harold would only require one move to…

Send him flying!

It was like a giant taking on a little child!

There was no moment of suspense at all!

It was simply a one-sided battle!

King William was on his knees as his hands used the sword to support himself, stopping himself from falling down. Blood flowed out from his mouth and even both his hands were covered with blood!

The surrounding soldiers were shocked. Some were quick to shout out and raised their weapons against Harold…

At that moment, Harold finally revealed his true face as the storyline BOSS of this instance dungeon.

He thrust his sword to the ground, raised his head to the sky and said faintly.

“The throne is bestowed to me by God! Who can snatch it away?!”

A terrifying light of gold with a diameter of around 30 m shone out with Harold as its centre. The surrounding Norman soldiers were suddenly incapable of standing. The powerful force seemed out of this world!

Not a single one of the soldiers could continue holding onto the weapon in their hands or point it at Harold!

Then, some began kneeling on the ground.

Despite their struggles and roars, none was able to take even one step toward Harold!

That included even Chen Xiaolian!

He was incapable of any movement. He sensed that his own body would no longer listen to his commands! He could not take even one step toward Harold!

At that moment, the only one who could barely stand up and raise his sword against Harold was…

King William!

And in his hand… the Sword in the Stone!

The Sword that chooses the King!

“Have you experienced this instance dungeon before?” Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes as he looked at Ambler who was seated before him.

Ambler’s fingers were unwavering as he firmly held onto a cup of tea. He slowly drank it.

Ambler did not seem to have any intention of answering Chen Xiaolian’s question.

Chen Xiaolian sighed and said, “At that moment, I thought that I had failed the quest. Harold was too strong. He was simply inhuman. His strength back then was a match for those [B] class monsters that I’ve encountered before.

“Most importantly, the system had restricted me from interfering in the duel.

“All I could do was watch from the side… William is just an ordinary man. Yet, he had to challenge an inhuman opponent.

“I thought I lost.”

“And? Aren’t you sitting here safely?” Ambler said with a smile.

“Yes… because I remembered one thing.” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said, “The system will not issue a quest that cannot be completed!”

The system will not issue a quest that cannot be completed!

Those words caused Ambler’s eyebrows to raise up a little.

He put down the teacup and exhaled. Then, he quietly regarded Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian said in a low tone, “The Exchange List for spells!”

After pausing for a moment, he said wryly, “I had made an error in assuming that the spells were meant to help us win the war. The Blessing of Courage, the Blessing of Strength, favourable winds or sunlight… and even that trampling effect for mounted riders…

“Those were all placed there as a smokescreen!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian angrily smacked the table and clenched his teeth in a bitter smile. He said, “Truth is, this thing is a setup. What matters is if we could identify it.

“This is the War for the Throne. The final outcome would be decided by this duel between the two Kings.

“A challenger for the throne would duel against the King.

“The key point is whether Harold could be killed!

“That is why; most of the spells in the Exchange List are worthless! They are pretty much garbage.

“There are only two that could be used:

“The first, designate a character on my side and have the damage he takes halved.

“The second, designate an character on the enemy side and have the damage he takes doubled!

“By utilizing these two spells properly, one could make up for a 4 times difference in strength!”

Ambler smiled and said, “So… you used those spells? Did you have enough marks in the end?”

Chen Xiaolian gave a wry smile.

Designated character on your side takes half damage – requires 150 marks.

Designated character on the enemy side takes double damage – requires 150 marks.

The system’s calculation was spot on!

The amount of marks he had was 300 marks!

However, during the battle, he had used the Blessing of Courage twice, each of which required 50 marks!

Originally, it would have been insufficient.

Thankfully… that fellow known as Conan gave him his marks.

Conan contributed 100 marks…

When the Sword in the Stone in King William’s hand hacked down upon Harold, it shone with a dazzling light!

The radiance emanating from the surface of the blade instantly suppressed the golden light from Harold’s body!

With a “keng”, Harold’s sword was broken.

[System prompt: Special equipment Sword in the Stone’s complementary skill activated: Edge Breaker. Breaks enemy weapon.]

The blade of the sword descended and cut Harold’s wrist, causing blood to spray out!

[System prompt: Special equipment Sword in the Stone blessed with the enemy King’s blood. 90 % activated. Complementary skill activated: King’s Eminence. Sword user will be blessed with an aura of eminence, which will eliminate any negative mental effects.]

Harold’s cut hand flailed upward as his body staggered backward!

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