Chapter 254: Final Decisive Battle

GOR Chapter 254: Final Decisive Battle

Nolan’s head tumbled down and rolled toward Chen Xiaolian’s feet. Even in death, his eyes remained opened, staring out!

[System prompt: Player Nolan killed. Following the amount of contribution, an equipment was dropped. Do you wish to pick it up?]

Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat… what a stroke of good fortune!

The last time he encountered equipment drops was in the secluded island’s underground palace. There, Newton who was killed by him had dropped some items.

This Nolan’s strength seemed superior to that of Newton’s. He wondered what items could have dropped out?

His heart pounding, Chen Xiaolian subconsciously selected Pick Up.

[System prompt: Picked up equipment Sun Book (Copy version, Pseudo) x 1. Unknown type, identification required.]

Sun Book? And a copied Pseudo version at that?

Needs to be identified?

Looking at the name, it appeared to be something related to magic.

However, the present Chen Xiaolian was in no mind to care about all those factors – having loot was better than none.

However, the biggest gain at the moment was the Sword in the Stone’s ‘King’s Courage’ that King William had activated.

All attributes were instantly recovered. In addition, they gained a 10 % increment!

The duration was only for 15 minutes.

Even so, Chen Xiaolian had just utilized his Goddess of Dawn skill to combust his attributes. At present, his body should have been in a weakened state.

Although he had taken the Power Propagation Serum back in Japan, the recovery effects of the Power Propagation Serum required some time.

Yet, he was now able to instantly recover. This was akin to having a complete restoration on the spot!

Chen Xiaolian watched as King William rode his horse toward King Harold’s royal flag. Beneath the flag, the personal guards to King Harold had already moved to form a circular formation. Their shields and spears were set together and the spears protruded outward like a forest.

Behind King William, the other Norman mounted soldiers would occasionally charge up the hill. Killing their way through the chaotic encirclement of soldiers, they rode past Chen Xiaolian, roaring loudly as they followed their King!

The bodies of these mounted soldiers were seemingly glinting with light. It would appear that they too have been blessed with the ‘King’s Courage’!

Some of the injured mounted soldiers did not even notice that the wounds on their bodies had instantly healed up! All they felt was the thumping of their hearts as blood coursed through their veins. Feeling energized, they rode forward!

Chen Xiaolian lowered his head to look at Nolan’s corpse. His heart suddenly skipped a beat as he noticed a Storage Watch on Nolan’s wrist.

Chen Xiaolian recognized the item. After considering it for a moment, he went over to loot the Storage Watch. Although the item temporarily cannot be opened, he was unfazed and tossed it into his own Storage Watch.

Subsequently, Chen Xiaolian picked up a spear that was discarded by some unknown person and he charged forward in the direction taken by the mounted riders.

King William brandished the Sword in the Stone in his hand. The Sword in the Stone dazzled under the rays cast down by the sun like a flaming torch!

King William charged and arrived before the circular formation. His horse riding skill allowed him to somehow avoid the spears sticking out from the formation. At the same time, the Sword in the Stone in his hand hacked down with might!

A series of clear breaking sounds rang out and the row of spears were cut off!

Having fallen into the hands of a real King, the Sword in the Stone became astonishingly sharp!

King William cut off over ten spears before charging using his warhorse to slam his way through the circular shield wall. The impact of his charge caused several soldiers behind the shield wall to be thrown off.

That was the moment when the mounted soldiers riding behind King William arrived!

That was especially true of his brother, Odo. His originally robust body wore a full body heavy armour and he rode forward furiously like a roller. The shield wall was forcibly broken through by his charge as he smashed his way in; the axe in his hand hacked out left and right, up and down.

The number of mounted soldiers who made their way here gradually increased.

The circular defensive formation was badly shaken as gaps appeared in every direction. It gradually crumbled.

Due to Nolan’s death, the effects of the Flatlands Mire spell disappeared completely.

Even more soldiers from the Norman camp managed to kill their way up the hill.

Additionally, even the Blessing of Courage used by Nolan earlier had stopped.

The London soldiers that were just moments ago brimming with courage suffered a collapse in morale.

As for Bai Qi, he was being surrounded by countless number of soldiers.

Some valiant soldiers rushed before Bai Qi without a care for their own lives and threw themselves upon him. Tens of soldiers threw themselves onto him and formed a human pyramid as they attempted to suppress Bai Qi.

At that point in time, several rays of light suddenly appeared from the top part of the human pyramid formed by the soldiers. Then, a loud explosive sound echoed out as a sword radiance overwhelmed the scene. Tens of corpses flew into the sky only to be slashed into pieces while in mid-air by the resulting sword beams.

Bai Qi reappeared. Standing on the ground, not a single trace of blood could be seen on his body. The black coloured qi that were swirling around his body had disappeared!

However, his face was becoming increasingly pale, seemingly becoming transparent!

Chen Xiaolian instantly sensed Bai Qi’s presence.

At any rate, Bai Qi was the War Soul that he had summoned out. According to the rules of the system, he was a pet under Chen Xiaolian. Thus, Chen Xiaolian was able to sense that he had somehow managed to re-establish a connection of sorts with Bai Qi once more.

Bai Qi slashed out with his sword, creating a sword beam, which paved open a path. He then strode forward in a manner that made it seemed like he was flying. Soon, he arrived before Chen Xiaolian.

“Had enough blood?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Bai Qi. He saw that Bai Qi’s expression appeared very calm, a clear contrast to his earlier state where he seemed out of control.

Bai Qi cast a cold gaze at Chen Xiaolian. Then, he suddenly spoke out.

“Still need three layers of Heaven, then I shall become me.”

That was a very strange sentence.

Before this, Bai Qi’s consciousness had always appeared rather fuzzy. He could not even utter out complete sentences. After all, he was just a War Soul.

At that moment though, those words of his were spoken smoothly without any issues. With the exception of the coldness of his voice, there was no difference in his manner of speaking when compared to ordinary people.

His consciousness… seemed to have gotten clearer.

“Three layers of Heaven? What is that?”

Bai Qi frowned and considered the question for a moment. Then, he spoke out, “The same as earlier, another three times.”

Three times?

Chen Xiaolian was scared stiff!

Absorb undead qi, then absorb lifeblood to attain balance.

Repeat that three times?!

Forget three times, if Bai Qi were to run amok one more time, Chen Xiaolian might very well end up being killed off by this powerful pet!

“Remember, after three more layers of Heaven, I will return to being me!”

After saying those words, Bai Qi’s body suddenly emitted rays of light, which quickly transformed into a cocoon of light. The cocoon wrapped itself around Bai Qi. Then… it transformed into a beam of light and disappeared.

[System prompt: The pet War Soul, Bai Qi is undergoing enhancement, reason unknown. It cannot be summoned out within 100 hours.]

“I… damn it!” Chen Xiaolian was left gaping!

Under the effects of the ‘King’s Courage’, the Norman army that charged up the hill had more or less had their health fully restored. As for Harold’s soldiers, they lost the blessings on their side. The shield wall formation that was meant to stop them was singlehandedly broken down by Bai Qi. Now that they have lost their Blessing of Courage, they began to run away in all directions.

The teams of soldiers wearing the colours of the Norman army charged forward and killed their way as they closed in on the location where King Harold’s flag was being raised.

This war… had seemingly concluded!

“It seems, the final moment has arrived.”

Tian Lie was standing far away. He observed the hill and saw the ever increasing number of Norman soldiers charging up the hill.

“The final decisive battle has arrived…”

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