Chapter 253 Part 2: Kings Courage

GOR Chapter 253 Part 2: King’s Courage

“Good sword.”

Nolan cast a cold stare at the Sword in the Stone held by Chen Xiaolian – he was somewhat taken aback by what happened. After taking his one finger attack, his opponent’s weapon had actually managed to stay intact!

That one finger attack was one of Nolan’s skills!

He had experienced a hundred battles. In all those battles, his one finger skill had destroyed who knows how many weapons belonging to game participants! Weapons under the [B] class could be easily destroyed by his skill!

Even if the weapon was an [A] class weapon, it would still end up being seriously damaged by his skill.

At that moment however, the Sword in the Stone in Chen Xiaolian’s hand had taken no damage at all!

Chen Xiaolian was not moving; he stood there as he vigilantly observed the opponent standing before him.

Nolan looked at Chen Xiaolian. One glance was enough for him to identify the protective suit worn by his opponent as [B] class goods.

However, the weapon he was holding appeared to be of a higher class. That caused a trace of doubt to rise within Nolan’s heart.

Still, that doubt was soon dispelled!

No matter who it may be…

Just! Kill!

Kill him!

The same thought appeared within Chen Xiaolian’s mind. It was the exact same as Nolan’s!

At that point in time, Harold’s flag was located not far away!

What was the point in having a nonsensical debate?

This fellow is definitely an enemy. Since he is an enemy who’s blocking my way…

Just kill!

Chen Xiaolian bent his knees and his figure blasted forward!

A chilling flash of light glinted off the Sword in the Stone as it slashed toward Nolan’s head!

Nolan sneered and retreated. His retreating speed did not appear too fast and Chen Xiaolian watched as the blade of his sword descended onto Nolan’s head…

At that instant, the peculiar scene happened once more!

At a certain point in time, his movements became slower by a beat once more!

It was just like something that would happen years ago when he was watching a show from a DVD and the disc encountered an interference, resulting in jolting movements!

That jolt caused Chen Xiaolian’s blood to boil!

The inertial force behind his move and the constrictive force descending down on him brought a heavy load on his body.

It was then that Nolan made his move once more. His finger moved to flick the blade of Chen Xiaolian’s sword once more!


A series of sharp, loud pitched noises echoed out!

After his momentum was forcibly stopped, the power of the one finger attack came into play. Those two factors caused Chen Xiaolian to feel as though a heavy hammer had just slammed him in the chest. His entire body felt as though he had just been electrocuted and he opened his mouth to spray out a mouthful of blood. His blood was splattered onto the surface of the Sword in the Stone!

Chen Xiaolian was no longer capable of holding onto the Sword in the Stone. He watched as the sword flew up into the air before stabbing down into the ground. The hilt of the sword quivered even as it rested on the ground!

Chen Xiaolian staggered backward. His heart sank!

This opponent… is very strong!

This time around, Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate!

The fact that he was standing on the battlefield gave him no time to hesitate!

He rushed forward and picked up the Sword in the Stone by its hilt. His own blood was still clinging onto the surface of the sword.

He charged toward Nolan and shouted, “Those who block my way will die!”

Goddesss of Dawn! Overwhelming Sunlight Purification!

Skill executed!

Physique attributes!


Endurance attributes!


Agility attributes!


Nolan stared with widened eyes as Chen Xiaolian rushed toward him. Behind him, in the middle of the air, a tremendous radiance seemed to have appeared!

In the middle of that radiance, the faint silhouette of a Western Goddess of War could be seen.

A regal appearance, mighty and awe-inspiring! A figure shrouded by an inviolable and venerated holy light!

The radiance suddenly intensified!

Nolan’s heart gave a heavy pound as a faint feeling of anxiety gripped his heart!

He rapidly retreated. Once again, he utilized the same trick. Seeing how Chen Xiaolian was rushing forward, he unleashed his skill once more!

This [Spatial Motion Disruptor] was Nolan’s infamous ultimate skill!

This time, when he tried to disrupt Chen Xiaolian’s motion by forcibly suspending space…

Nolan felt that the power of his skill was akin to a rock sinking down the ocean! Not a splash!

Seeing the blade of the sword arrive before him, Nolan roared, pushing out every last drop of strength from his body and forced his right hand to flick forward!


This time, when his finger made contact with the tip of the sword, the resulting sound was like a clap of thunder! The thunderous sound resounded within their ears!

Chen Xiaolian’s body quivered!

As for Nolan, he roared out in pain.

His fingertip had been instantly pulverized into dust!

The cracks spread out through his arm. In a blink of an eye, Nolan’s entire right arm was turned into dust and it disappeared.

The blade of the sword held by Chen Xiaolian forced its way through and slashed downward. With a “pu”, the sword hacked its way down Nolan’s shoulders, going all the way down until his chest!

Blood sprayed out!

Nolan screamed out in misery. The enormity of the force caused his knees to shatter and his entire being was forced to kneel down the ground. His knees were pushed deep down into the ground.

With the might of this one sword strike, Chen Xiaolian defeated this powerful Player from the Thorned Flower Guild!

His opponent’s two infamous skills were easily ripped apart!

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian felt a sense of weakness rapidly devouring him up!

Both his legs softened and he too fell on his knees on the ground!

The two of them knelt there, facing one another. Chen Xiaolian’s hands continued holding onto the sword piercing into Nolan’s body.

Nolan roared loudly, “I… Impossible!”

His left arm shot out and he forcefully pulled out the sword piercing into his chest. The Sword in the Stone was tossed aside and it stabbed into the ground once more!

However, that was all Nolan could do.

Chen Xiaolian knelt there, gasping for breath. At that point in time, he had no strength to even lift a finger.

He watched as Nolan stared at him, his breath gradually weakening…

It was at that moment that Chen Xiaolian heard the rapid sound of hooves coming from behind him!

He turned around…

Amid the chaos engulfing the soldiers, someone rode forward on a warhorse. Under the rays of the sun, that person’s armour glittered as if made of gold! A brilliant light seemingly enveloped him as a bright red cloak billowed behind him!

William charged through the chaos on horseback, galloping toward Chen Xiaolian.

Behind William, more Norman mounted soldiers followed suit. They killed their way through the chaos!

William noticed Chen Xiaolian and an enemy soldier before him.

He shouted and urged his horse forward. The sword in his hand was sent piercing through the chest of that enemy soldier. That aristocratic general in body armour was knocked over and William’s sword also disappeared along with him.

However, William continued urging his horse forward. When his warhorse reached a spot not far behind from Chen Xiaolian, William saw the Sword in the Stone that was thrust into the ground.

William bent his waist, extended his hand out and easily pulled out the Sword in the Stone.

The horse galloped furiously forward and it leapt high, vaulting over Chen Xiaolian’s head!

At the same time, the Sword in the Stone in King William’s hand slashed out in a blinding arc to decapitate Nolan!

His head flew up into the sky!

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian received a prompt from the system!

[System prompt: Special prop Sword in the Stone added with the courage of the King, 30 % activated! One skill activated: King’s Courage!]

King William held the sword in his hand and charged forward. At the same time, he shouted, “Knight Garen, to battle!”

A wave of light expanded out from his body!

The light then swept over and enveloped Chen Xiaolian.

In that instant, Chen Xiaolian felt the blood in his entire body boiling!

[System prompt: You have acquired ‘True? King’s Courage’ blessing. All attributes forcibly recovered. At the same time, all attributes will be increased by 10 %. Lasts for 15 minutes.]

To Chen Xiaolian’s surprise, he could feel his strength returning to him at a rapid pace. Even the feelings of pain from the wounds he took earlier had seemingly disappeared!

His entire being was seemingly filled with endless power!

He quickly got up from the ground. Then, he watched as King William rode toward Harold’s flag…

Courage… of the True King?

Damn it! It turns out the Sword in the Stone really had to be given to the King for it to activate!

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