Chapter 252: Lifeblood

GOR Chapter 252: Lifeblood

At present, Chen Xiaolian was unable to feel the ‘help’ that Tian Lie was referring to.

He was in no state to care about anything else.

Although he had never fought against Phoenix before this, having fought side by side with her, he could tell that Phoenix was not someone to be underestimated.

Now that he had started fighting against her, Chen Xiaolian felt that… this young woman was stronger than him!

Two Garfield doppelgangers soared toward the two Titan brothers. As for Chen Xiaolian, he strode toward Phoenix. His objective was simple: Finish this fight quickly!

The other Garfield doppelganger arrived before Phoenix. He roared and his muscular paws arced forward like a gale!

Phoenix quickly moved backward.

Her dagger made contact with Garfield’s metal claws and a shower of sparks flew out.

Her body was like a ghost as she quickly circled around Garfield’s body. Then, without any assistance, she shot forward in the direction of Chen Xiaolian. Her movement was such that it was seemingly a violation of the laws of physics.

Chen Xiaolian threw the cut off wooden handle in his hand at her. Phoenix raised the dagger in her hand and easily cut it.

The cold dagger brought a chilling air with it as it swiped across Chen Xiaolian’s body. He sensed Phoenix’s body approaching close to him. As her cold fingers shot out toward his neck… he subconsciously dodged aside. He then felt a cold sensation coming from his neck.

Traces of blood oozed out from his neck!

Thankfully, that was when Garfield turned around to unleash his Cat’s Roar skill at Phoenix.

Cat’s Roar skill used!

As the translucent clump of air shot toward her, Phoenix quickly bent her waist. Her body performed a backflip and she evaded the attack.

Chen Xiaolian touched his neck. Seeing the blood on his fingers, he frowned.

“Consider this my repayment for earlier,” said Phoenix with a smile. “Now, we’re even.”

Chen Xiaolian gave a bitter smile and said, “You’re really not giving me any face here.”

By then, the Titan brothers had already thrown off the two Garfield doppelgangers. Having done so at the same time, they then charged toward him from both his left and his right.

Chen Xiaolian grunted and quickly took a step back. Then, he swiftly followed it up by pulling something out from the system!

It was an item that looked like a standard Knight sword from the medieval period!

Under the rays of the sun, the sharpness of the sword shone with a chilling sensation!

The Titan brothers both held onto swords and they stabbed toward Chen Xiaolian at the same time!

Chen Xiaolian held the sword with both hands. Then, he shouted and swung the sword, creating a circular glow of light.


Hearing the clear ringing sound, the Titan brothers were startled and they quickly retreated!

They looked at their hands and saw that their wrists were quivering lightly. It appeared that the shock of the impact was making it difficult for them to continue holding on to their swords.

Chen Xiaolian was quick to receive a prompt from the system:

[Special equipment Sword in the Stone had received an attack. This equipment has not been activated and cannot utilize its complementary skills!]

Sure enough, it still won’t work.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the beautiful sword in his hand.

Phoenix and the Titan brothers too, looked at the sword. Phoenix narrowed her eyes and said, “Oh? It seems that sword of yours is quite something.”

“Humph!” Chen Xiaolian turned to face the three people standing before him. The Three Garfield doppelgangers once again jumped in front of him to protect him.

However, Chen Xiaolian knew all too well that these three Garfield doppelgangers would likely be insufficient to help him deal with these enemies – Garfield’s doppelganger could not fight alone against any one of the Titan brothers. They only have a [B] class battle strength.

“One more time!”

Raising the sword, Chen Xiaolian took huge strides to rush forward. His objective was not Phoenix, but one of the Titan brothers.

The one targeted by Chen Xiaolian was the one on the left.

At the same time, he directed Garfield to make a move against Phoenix!

The three Garfield doppelgangers pounced onto Phoenix at the same time.

While Garfield’s damage may not be sufficient, his Agility was exceptional! All three Garfield doppelgangers charged toward Phoenix, causing her to lose her advantage in speed.

Roaring out, Garfield then unleashed another Cat’s Roar skill.

This time, Phoenix had to make a somewhat miserable move to dodge the incoming skill. Right after she dodged away from the attack, a paw swiped across her shoulder. At the same time, a huge bloody mouth descended upon her neck.

Phoenix quickly retreated! After putting several steps between them, a wooden staff appeared in her left hand. She used the wooden staff to heavily strike the ground!


A circular burst of air broke out!

Like a shockwave, it caused the three Garfield doppelgangers to be thrown backward!

At the same time, Phoenix kept the dagger. Then, her hand grasped the air and a stack of yellow talismans appeared in her hand!

Those yellow talismans flashed with a golden light. Seemingly under the control of a certain force, the talismans flew out to quickly affix themselves upon Garfield’s body.

One of the Garfield doppelgangers was about to get up when two talismans pasted themselves upon his body. He roared out loudly and his hind legs weakened, causing him to fall to the ground.

“These are my Mt Tai talismans. You poor little kitty; stop struggling oh.”

After the two Mt Tai talismans affixed themselves upon that Garfield doppelganger, a Daoist magic of heaviness pressed down on him, making it very difficult for him to move.

One of the Titan brothers raised his sword and hacked down onto the cat’s head!

A “bang” rang out as the wooden staff in Phoenix’s hand intercepted the sword blade.

“Guild Leader?”

Phoenix shook her head without saying anything. She turned around to look at the other two Garfield doppelgangers. One of the Garfield doppelgangers had charged forward. Phoenix raised her staff up and a grey coloured clump of air shot out from it. In but moments, that Garfield doppelganger had been encased inside it. The clump of air turned out to be something akin to jelly. No matter how much that Garfield doppelganger struggled, he could not do anything but fall harmlessly down the ground.

The third Garfield doppelganger growled as his hind legs stepped back and forth with unease.

Phoenix quickly turned to look at the Titan brother and shouted, “I’ve leaving this one to you!”

However, by the time she turned to face Chen Xiaolian…

The other Titan brother had been tossed down the ground and he rolled to Phoenix’s side.

As for Chen Xiaolian… he had disappeared!

“The centre! He’s running toward the centre!”

Phoenix’s figure flashed and she quickly gave chase. The two Titan brothers moved to follow her. However, they suddenly heard a loud crash coming from behind!


A figure was tossed over and it fell before the two of them!

Monster struggled to crawl up from the ground, blood flowing down his mouth. After struggling for a bit, he finally fell to the ground.

“When it comes to a contest of strength, not just anyone could hope to best me!”

This voice was filled with an explosive force!

Lun Tai strode over; every fibre of muscle in his body was bulging out and he became like a giant berserker!

The armour on his body had already been torn apart and a few wounds could be seen on his body. However, under the effects of the Muscle Fruit skill, his wounds were quickly healing up!

It was even possible to make out the mending of flesh on his body!

Although Lun Tai’s body was covered in blood, those blood did not simply belong to him. A part of it belonged to Monster.

Monster was partially lying on the ground and one of his arm could no longer be moved. There was also a huge, bloody sword wound on his shoulder!

“Bring it on!” Lun Tai howled out loudly and raised the sword in his hand. His other hand was holding onto the iron mace that belonged to Monster. After letting out the roar, he charged toward the Titan brothers!

Chen Xiaolian quickly ran away from the left side of the hill as he made his way toward the middle location.

He slid down the slope while avoiding the random arrows flying down the hill.

Phoenix was hot in pursuit behind him. She also attempted to mess with him by talking.

“Guild Leader Xiaolian, could it be the only thing you can do when you see me is run?”

Chen Xiaolian did not stop running. He simply turned his head back and laughed. Then, he said, “If you have what it takes, then come after me.”

Phoenix watched as Chen Xiaolian ran toward the middle ramp of the hill. The two of them ran into the ramp. However, after taking just a few steps, her face abruptly flickered.

“Flatlands Mire?”

The slope of the middle ramp had been enveloped by the Flatlands Mire spell!

The advantage Phoenix had with her ghostlike speed was greatly reduced under the effects of this spell!

Chen Xiaolian turned around, used both hands to raise his sword and hacked down!

Phoenix tried to dodge the attack. However, due to the effect of the Flatlands Mire spell, her speed had been slowed – even though she had taken several steps back, her figure did not appear to have moved much at all!

Left with no other choice, she raised the wooden staff in her hand to block the attack!

A “keng” sound erupted!

Chen Xiaolian’s strength was clearly stronger than Phoenix’s. However, as the Sword in the Stone had yet to activate, it was unable to cut Phoenix’s wooden staff. However, this strike was capable of throwing her backward.

Phoenix fell to the ground. She did not give Chen Xiaolian any chance to pounce on her; she quickly pointed her wooden staff at Chen Xiaolian and a ball of light shot out.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes went wide and he abruptly swung the Sword in the Stone to cut the ball of light!

The ball of light was cut into two. However, a clump of fiery lights suddenly enveloped Chen Xiaolian’s body. The fiery lights then burst into flames with a “bang”!

Chen Xiaolian cried out miserably and his body was thrown out from the impact of the explosion. His face and body was charred; his outer skin rent!

He promptly retrieved a spicy bar (Beginner class Healing Substance) and vigorously stuffed it into his mouth. He did not even bother to chew it. Instead, he forced himself to swallow it down.

“Sure enough, your forte is magic!” Chen Xiaolian revealed a bitter smile.

“What about you? Why aren’t you using your best skill?” Phoenix coldly replied, “Where is the skill you used to defeat Jack the Ripper back then? Let me have a look at it!”

Chen Xiaolian did not answer her. He turned around and ran away once more.

The two of them struggled up the slope, running and chasing.

Thus, an interesting scene played out. The two of them could be seen running with all their might, one in front and one at the back. However, the distance between the two of them did not appear to be changing at all… furthermore, the distance they covered also seemed short. It was as though they were exercising, running on the same spot.

Seeing that she would not be able to reach Chen Xiaolian, Phoenix suddenly though of something. She raised her staff and chanted something. Next, her body suddenly rose up to the sky. After rising to a height of roughly half a meter, she drifted toward Chen Xiaolian!

“Isn’t that cheating?” Chen Xiaolian stared with widened eyes. Then, he saw Phoenix send a fireball toward him.

This time, Chen Xiaolian quickly turned around and rushed toward the fireball!

This action from him shocked Phoenix!

Chen Xiaolian turned his body just as the fireball exploded. The explosion occurred too close to Phoenix while the force of the explosion propelled Chen Xiaolian’s body forward at Phoenix like a bird. He knocked her down from the air and they both fell together down the ground. Tussling, they rolled about a few times. Even though Chen Xiaolian’s body was charred and blackened from the explosion, he kept pressing Phoenix down. He had one hand holding Phoenix’s shoulder while the other held onto the Sword in the Stone. The blade of the sword was pressed upon Phoenix’s neck.

Phoenix showed no fear. She suddenly bent her knees and lashed them at Chen Xiaolian’s abdomen area.

The pain caused Chen Xiaolian to break out with cold sweat. He used his own legs to press down on Phoenix’s knees and the two of them rolled upon the ground once more.


They rolled until they hit a stone. The impact caused Chen Xiaolian to feel dizzy while Phoenix cried out in pain. She let go off Chen Xiaolian and used both her hands to hold her head.

Chen Xiaolian endured the pain, the blade of the Sword in the Stone was now on Phoenix’s throat. He said, “Don’t force me to kill you, Guild Leader Phoenix!”

“It’s not like you were going easy on me before this!” Phoenix turned to face Chen Xiaolian.

“What do you think?” Chen Xiaolian sneered.

“Then do it!” Phoenix narrowed her eyes and looked at the blade resting on her throat. “Kill me!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed before finally moving the sword away. He then kicked Phoenix’s wooden staff away and said, “I do not want to kill you! Don’t force me!”

Chen Xiaolian rose up and was about to leave when he suddenly felt a wind coming from beside him. He turned around and saw a fist flying toward him. The fist landed on his face!

He fell to the ground and saw Phoenix standing before him!

Beside him, the ‘Phoenix’ that he had been tussling with had become a piece of wood!

“Body Substitution Spell! Never seen it before, have you? Did you really think you could kill me?” Phoenix panted and stepped forward. Her feet stepped onto the Sword in the Stone’s blade.

She bent down to pick up her staff. At the same time, she placed the yellow coloured Mt Tai talisman on Chen Xiaolian’s head.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt his body sinking! He felt as though a strong force was pressing down on him.

“Don’t struggle. This is my Mt Tai talisman. The more you struggle, the heavier it gets. So, don’t struggle, unless you want to be crushed to death!”

Chen Xiaolian stopped moving. He looked into Phoenix’s eyes and said, “When you put it that way, I guess you are really not going easy on me?”

“Mm?” A sense of unease suddenly blossomed within Phoenix’s heart.

“Truth be told, I really do not want to kill you.” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “I am going to give you this one chance. Turn around and run, right now!”

“… run?”

Chen Xiaolian had a grim expression on his face as he said, “Run! If you do not want to die, run!”

After saying that, he roared out, “Bai Qi! Come out! Didn’t you say you need lifeblood?!”

King William had already made his way to the bottom of the slope. He looked up the slope and was somewhat able to see a figure there. That figure was none other than Chen Xiaolian.

King William saw that Chen Xiaolian was lying on the ground and that his opponent had him suppressed.

King William immediately pulled out his personal bow. Nocking an arrow, he pulled the bow and aimed it at Phoenix… behind him; his mounted soldiers shouted loudly and swarmed up the slope!

A white light!

The white light was the only thing Phoenix could see!

Then, she was vaguely able to notice a figure coming out from the white light.

Then, her face instantly twisted and she rapidly retreated!

She had been holding onto her staff.



A chilling light flashed up into the sky and Phoenix cried out in pain!

When she landed, the staff in her hand had been cut into two!

Bai Qi stood before Phoenix with the translucent sword in hand. A faint black qi swirled around the sword.

The clothes on his body that had been as white as snow now sported black coloured stripes.

Bai Qi panted in a low voice and he cast a cold gaze at Phoenix.

Phoenix looked at her staff that had been cut off… at the same time, the talisman on Chen Xiaolian’s head went up in flames and disappeared.

Chen Xiaolian quickly jumped up. He shouted loudly at Bai Qi, “Bai Qi!”

“Blood… blood! Lifeblood!”

Bai Qi muttered in a low voice and his eyes finally fell upon Chen Xiaolian’s body.

By then, Chen Xiaolian had already begun running toward the top of the hill with all his might.

As for Phoenix, she was still looking at Bai Qi.

Then, she made the correct move. She turned around and ran!

That powerful atmosphere and that seemingly tangible killing intent had almost suffocated Phoenix!

Her instinct screamed out at her: This opponent must never be provoked!

Phoenix turned around to escape. However, before she could move far away, she heard a sharp sound!

A sharp arrow pierced through the air toward her. Although she had already turned her body and moved away, the Flatlands Mire spell made it so her attempts to avoid the attack was reduced by up to 5 times!

A “pu” could be heard as the arrow pierced through her shoulder! She cried out in misery and fell to the ground.

Hearing Phoenix’s cry, Chen Xiaolian turned around and saw Phoenix who had been struck by the arrow.

He turned his attention to Bai Qi who had been chasing him. Seeing how Bai Qi was now looking at Phoenix, he abruptly clenched his teeth and used the Sword in the Stone to make a cut on his arm!

Seeing his blood flowing down, Chen Xiaolian raised his bloody hand to get Bai Qi’s attention before using big strides to run up the hill.

“Bai Qi! Come! Didn’t you say you want the blood of the living?”

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