Chapter 251: I Can Only Help You This Much

GOR Chapter 251: I Can Only Help You This Much

“Tian, Tian Lie?!”

Nolan’s face sank.

He stared intently at the stranger standing before him – although this fellow’s appearance had no similarities to the Tian Lie in his memories…

Nolan was familiar with Tian Lie’s abilities. He understood that Tian Lie had the ability that allowed him to change his appearance on a whim.

This fellow standing before him, the tone of his voice – no, not just the tone of his voice, even that infuriating attitude and those eyebrows that were slightly raised upward were enough to remind him of that bastard who had been a nightmare for him!

Indeed, within Nolan’s memories, Tian Lie was a bastard!

A damnable Awakened, a mere native of this world was actually recognized by the Guild Leader. This bastard was arrogant, overbearing and had no respect for others.

“This is disappointing,” said Tian Lie with a faint smile. He slowly stepped toward Nolan with traces of ridicule in his smile. “Nolan, did you know? Among all the fellows in the guild that I hate the most, you happen to be one of them. I have a deep impression on you. Yet, you no longer recognize me – this really pains my heart. Oh right, when you eat, do your teeth still hurt?”


Nolan clenched his teeth heavily and hissed out, “Tian Lie! It… really is you!”

“Of course it’s me,” replied Tian Lie with a smile.

“Aren’t you already dead, Sir Tian Lie?”

There was a trace of excitement in Akane’s expression. However, there was more disbelief etched on her face as she said, “No! How is this possible? You are already dead! You died back in Japan! Our Guild Leader confirmed that information. The system could not be wrong! You… how could you still be alive? You…”

“Oh, my dear Akane.” Tian Lie pursed his lips to the side and said, “In this world, anything is possible.”

Tian Lie walked until he was standing before Akane and reached out with his hand. He gently pinched Akane’s chin.

Akane revealed a look of extreme astonishment and traces of a struggle could be seen in her eyes. Yet, she dared not resist. She simply kept staring at Tian Lie with those terror-filled eyes.

“That’s right. Are you still fearful of me like you used to?” Tian Lie snickered and said, “Very good. Did you know? My dear Akane, I love this expression of yours the most. Looking at me… with fear and dread in your heart; yet, you dare not resist. Ha ha ha ha…”

“Sir, why would you appear here?” Akane’s skin turned slightly red – that was not out of embarrassment but anxiousness. Her voice quivered as she continued, “You, are you not dead? Are you returning to the guild?”

“Mm, let me think about it…” Tian Lie retracted his hand and lightly stroked his forehead. “Ah, right. I am the guild’s Inspector. Since that is the case, I should have the right to take over the command here, right?”

Akane was silent.

Nolan who was standing beside them suddenly shouted out.


Nolan’s face was utterly red and his cheeks convulsed. He was seemingly filled with rage as he stared viciously at Tian Lie. “Wrong! Don’t even think about trying to trick me! You are already dead! Tian Lie! Guild Leader Shen would never make such a mistake [1]! Even the system determined that you have died! You have been removed from Thorned Flower Guild! Inspector? You are no longer one of us! Tian Lie! No, you are not even Tian Lie! Tian Lie is already dead!”

All traces of the smile on Tian Lie’s face disappeared. He looked at Nolan with a peculiar expression and said, “Oh? You do not believe that I am Tian Lie? So, why do you keep shouting my name when you are looking at me? Nolan, you are the same as ever. You are still that despicable of a coward! Ha ha ha ha…”

“You are not Tian Lie! You are already dead! Your name is no longer in our guild members’ list! You are no longer a member of our guild! You… you have no authority to give me orders!” Nolan shouted loudly.

Tian Lie’s expression turned cold.

“When you put it that way… what you mean is, I am no longer a member of your guild?”

“Of course you are not! You are already dead! After dying, a guild member’s name will be removed from the guild members’ list!”

“Oh, I understand.”

Tian Lie’s smiled gradually turned even colder and he said, “If so, would I be wrong in interpreting your words as such?”

His icy cold gaze swept over Akane before falling back upon Nolan’s face.

“You think that I am no longer a member of your guild. And… in this war, our positions happened to be confrontational. In other words… you two…”

He pointed at the two of them as the corners of his lips curled into a grin.

“Want to make me your enemy? Is that how it is?”

Make me your enemy!

After those words left Tian Lie’s mouth, Nolan showed no reaction. However, Akane shuddered for an instant before the shocked her turned around to swiftly face Nolan. She shouted, “Nolan!”

“Shut up! I am in command here! This is the arrangement decided upon by our Guild Leader! In this instance dungeon, I am the one to be giving orders!”

Akane took a deep breath before exhaling.

“If so… there is nothing else for us to discuss.” Tian Lie deliberately gave a sigh and said, “This is interesting. Cowardly Nolan had actually suggested becoming my enemy in front of my face. Not bad, you’ve grown some.”

After saying that, Tian Lie slowly stepped back. After taking 10 steps back, he cast a deep gaze at Nolan and said, “However… this is quite interesting. I have killed many people before. There were Awakened ones and Players alike… but now that I think about it, I have never killed… a Thorned Flower member.

“I… am looking forward to savour this fresh new taste.”

After saying that, Tian Lie’s figure suddenly transformed into a clump of liquid metal and he disappeared into the ground!


Nolan was soaked from head to toe in cold sweat. After Tian Lie disappeared, his body wavered. It was as though every drop of courage within him had been exhausted from that exchange alone.

Akane who was standing beside him turned to face him. She cast a deep gaze at him before walking over to stand beside him. She asked, “Is this your decision? Sir Nolan, are you determined to make Sir Tian Lie as your enemy in this instance dungeon?”

“… yes! He is not Tian Lie! I have said it before, Tian Lie is already dead! Our Guild Leader personally confirmed it! The system will also not make that mistake! You know this all too well, damn it!”

“If that is how it is, then very well,” replied Akane. There was a very cold expression on her face.

She suddenly walked away. Taking big strides, she moved toward the back of the hill.

“What do you think you are doing?”

Flames seemingly burst out from Nolan’s eyes as he shouted, “Akane! Where are you going?!”

Akane turned around to look at Nolan. Looking him in the eye, she spoke with a trace of pity, “Me? Naturally, I am leaving this place.”

“Leave?” Nolan clenched his fists and said, “Don’t forget. In this instance dungeon, the authority to give command is in my hands! My rank is higher than yours! You must obey me!”

“There is no need for you to tell me about the guild’s structure.” Akane sneered and said, “I know about our guild’s structure very well. However… I also know something else.”

“… what is that?”

“That person just now is Sir Tian Lie!”


“Nolan. Truth is, you also know that. Although I do not know what has happened, some sort of mistake must have occurred somewhere. You know very well that he is indeed Tian Lie! As for me, not only do I know that, I also understand another simple fact!”

Akane looked at Nolan and said coolly, “I am not Sir Tian Lie’s match! You are also not a match for Sir Tian Lie – no, it would be more accurate to say that even if the two of us were to join hands, we will still be no match for him!

“This is a fight we simply have no chances of winning. Besides, there is no need for us to go fight to the death against him. For me, the thing that takes the highest priority for us now is to report this to the Guild Leader; tell him that Sir Tian Lie is still alive. I believe that the value within this information far exceeds the completion of this instance dungeon!

“Sir Tian Lie’s importance to our Thorned Flower Guild is far greater than one instance dungeon!

“Thus, following the rule for special instances that was personally set down by Guild Leader Shen, I refuse to obey your command. I will be giving up on this instance dungeon quest. Then, I shall return and convey everything that has happened so far to our Guild Leader!

“As for the final judgement, that will be up to our Guild Leader! If he believes that my action here is wrong, then, following the rules for special instances, I am willing accept the penalty for not obeying the commanding officer!


Akane gave a wry smile and said, “At the very least, the punishment given by our Guild Leader will not involve me losing my life. But to stay here and be an enemy of Sir Tian Lie… he he, I am in no hurry to knock on Death’s door!”

“You… Akane! You bastard! Coward!”

“Humph! Nolan, this time, you have indeed gotten very courageous! You are correct; this time, I am the one who is being cowardly. However, I can at least be certain that I will make it out of this instance dungeon alive! As for you… Nolan, I wonder… maybe this will be the last time I get to see you. I wish you good luck!”

After saying that, Akane turned her head and no longer bothered with Nolan. She quickly left.

Going against Sir Tian Lie?

Stop joking around!

Guild Leader Shen is not here! The other Inspectors are also not here!

Akane coldly committed Nolan’s name into her memory – to her, it was as though he was already a dead man!

“Err… boss?”

Sasha who was in the rear of the central army suddenly saw Tian Lie appearing beside him. He said, “Boss, didn’t you go charging up together with the forward teams just now?

Sasha was staying in the rear position within the mercenary team.

Tian Lie pursed his lips and said, “Meh, I just stopped by to meet up with two old friends.”

He sat down on the ground, placed his hand on his head and gave a gentle sigh, “Sigh… this empty fort strategy really does not fit my style. [2]

“What? Boss, I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

“What I mean is, this boss of yours is now just a paper tiger in front of some old friends. One poke is all it takes to reveal the truth. However, due to the terror they felt from this great master’s might back then, they simply did not have the guts to poke me.”

Tian Lie let out a bitter smile.

He then whispered, “That was dangerous. But, as expected, Nolan is still the coward. Back then, if both him and that chick, Akane had joined hands to fight me, I fear they would be able to hold me down. Humph… cowards!”

Sasha watched as Tian Lie mumbled to himself. Hesitating for a moment, he said, “Boss… the battle up front is getting intense. Boss… aren’t you going to go help out?”

“Help?” Tian Lie laughed out loud and said, “I have completed my role as a helper. Do you understand? At present, your boss’ strength had decreased. If I still had the same former strength, I would have long since gone over and snapped those two buggers’ necks. But now… all I can do is show up in front of them and create a sense of fear in their hearts.

“I can only become a source of deterrent. It would be best for me to not make any move.

“If I were to make a move and expose my circumstance, this paper tiger would be torn. Then, what am I going to use to make them fear me?

“Don’t worry… now that they know about my existence, they will be fearful of me… when they are fighting, they will be distracted and they will also hold back a portion of their strength in order to deal with me.

“Chen Xiaolian oh Chen Xiaolian, this time… I can only help you this much.”

1 The character here is ‘辰’ which also translates to ‘chén’, not to be confused with Chen Xiaolian's '陈'. He is Augustine Chen, the Guild Leader of Thorned Flower Guild. However, in order to avoid future confusion, I’ve taken the liberty to change it to Shen, Augustine Shen. I’ll be going back to change the earlier chapters... … soon… … very soon... ... anytime now…

2 The Empty Fort Strategy is the 32nd of the Chinese Thirty-Six Stratagems. The strategy involves using reverse psychology (and luck) to deceive the enemy into thinking that an empty location is full of traps and ambushes, and therefore induce the enemy to retreat. [Source: Wiki]

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