Chapter 245: Cycle of Death

GOR Chapter 245: Cycle of Death

In the Western legends, the ending for the legendary magician, Merlin was such:

In all his life, Merlin appeared to be constantly avoiding women. It was as though there was a natural rejection toward women within his heart.

In the end, he still fell in love with a woman.

Thus, a tragedy came to pass.

Merlin fell in love with a woman and taught that woman some witchcraft. He mentored her to become a witch. At the same time, due to his deep love for that woman, he revealed the secrets of his magic to that woman, thereby giving her knowledge of his weakness.

In the end, the witch backstabbed Merlin, imprisoning him in an oak house within a forest before using witchcraft to kill Merlin.

One of the legends stated that the woman had taken advantage of the fact that Merlin was sleeping to cast a spell on him, sealing him within an oak tree, causing Merlin to die a miserable death from the inside.

With his dying breath, Merlin cursed out at all the women in the world.

This was a story that Chen Xiaolian was familiar with – he had read some of them in London. Before entering this instance dungeon, he had researched up on a considerable number of stories regarding the legends of King Arthur.

In the legends of King Arthur, Merlin was undoubtedly a very important figure.

Thus, it was only natural for Chen Xiaolian to know about Merlin and his ending in the legends.

At present…

Chen Xiaolian found himself incapable of speaking a single word!

Killed by a woman.

Cursing women in his hatred.

Proficiency toward herbs (or rather, the field of medicine). Truth be told, magicians could also be considered as outstanding alchemists.

At the same time, he was also proficient in witchcraft.

All those common factors gave Chen Xiaolian a feeling of absurdity!

“Your name really has the word ‘Jack’ in it?” Chen Xiaolian exhaled deeply.

Merlin’s expression was extremely ugly to behold as he stared at Chen Xiaolian. Each of his next words were uttered heavily. “How did you know that?”

“… answer my question first.” Chen Xiaolian was feeling somewhat nervous.

“… is this also part of being open when it comes to secrets?” Merlin sneered.

However, he still chose to answer Chen Xiaolian’s questions.

“Yes, my name, my middle name is ‘Jack’,” answered Merlin with a cold smile. “I was raised by the witch. However, I later found some baby clothes. Upon the baby clothes, the name Jack was sewn on it.

“I thought… that might have been my real name. Thus, I chose to have that as my middle name.”

Chen Xiaolian was almost unable to restrain himself from swearing out loud.

This… what is this supposed to be?

What you are telling me is, after Merlin was killed by his beloved, he became a vengeful spirit who curses and hates women?

Then, that vengeful spirit later on transformed into Jack the Ripper? And he began killing women for fun? He also used black magic to kill those women?

Then… after I killed off Jack the Ripper in this instance dungeon, I was sent a thousand years back to the past to meet the former self of Jack the Ripper – Merlin.

I have to obtain his trust and fight alongside him?

System! Development Team!

What kind of a shitty plot is this?

Are you trying to mess with me?

“How did you know?” Traces of hostility were clearly leaking out from Merlin’s gaze! He coldly stared at Chen Xiaolian and said, “The number of people who knows that name is very small! You could not be one of them! What I am curious about is… Xiaolian, where did you come to know about my name?”

“… … …”

Chen Xiaolian was speechless.

He was unable to answer!

How was he supposed to answer?

Could Chen Xiaolian tell Merlin: That’s because a thousand years in the future, I killed the vengeful spirit that is your incarnation?

Forget whether the other party would believe him or not!

Even if Merlin chose to believe him… they could forget about fighting alongside one another!

They might as well fight against one another right now!

A thousand years later, you will kill me! If so, you think I am going to have a harmonious relationship with you now? I am going to find an opportunity to kill you off!

This storyline quest…

Seemed to have hit a dead end!

This… how am I supposed to continue doing this quest!

“Truth be told, this quest is a very good one.”

At a worn down tent within the mercenary camp, a bald man was seated down as he stirred a cauldron filled with broth. He had a satisfied look on his face as he looked to his side with a smile.

Sitting beside him was the pale looking Russian hacker Sasha. He had a dejected look on his face as he crouched down, looking helplessly at the broth inside the cauldron.

“Generally speaking, the War for the Throne is the last phase following the Jack the Ripper quest.”

The bald man was naturally Tian Lie. At present, with the exception of his baldhead, all other aspects of his body appeared like that of an ordinary Caucasian.

“I say, boss. Is Jack the Ripper really Merlin?” There was an incredulous expression on Sasha’s face. “That’s too far out.”

“Truth be told, that is how this story is arranged. In the London instance dungeon, kill Jack the Ripper. When you complete the quest by defeating him, the system will give you the quest reward prop: Jack the Ripper’s vengeful spirit. That is something that will be sent out as a system item into the hands of the game participant.

“Then, in the follow up phase of the story, through the War for the Throne, give the Jack the Ripper’s vengeful spirit to Merlin.

“At this period, Merlin’s magical abilities are limited.

“However, once he acquires his vengeful spirit from a thousand years in the future… Merlin’s magical powers would increase substantially.

“Doing so will allow the game participant to obtain Merlin’s trust.

“During the decisive battle, Merlin would then be able to unleash his super magical powers and engage in battle everywhere.

“This is a very interesting quest involving the cycle of death.”

After saying that, Tian Lie picked up a spoon and scooped up some of the broth. Sipping some of it, he gave a pleasant sigh and said, “The taste is pretty good…”

“Let’s put it this way. The Meteor Rock Guild should have obtained a favourable state. They completed Jack the Ripper’s quest and acquired the quest prop, that vengeful spirit from the future.”

“And so, it’s as I have said. There may be no need for us to reveal ourselves this time. All we need to do is stay behind and fish in troubled waters,” said Tian Lie. After contemplating for a moment, he smiled and said, “Perhaps, that Chen Xiaolian is now meeting up with Merlin.”

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian’s present state was not as good as what Tian Lie had surmised.

No matter how smart Tian Lie may be, he could never have guessed that Chen Xiaolian simply do not have Jack the Ripper’s vengeful spirit!

Jack the Ripper had been completely devoured by Bai Qi!

There were simply no quest prop in Chen Xiaolian’s hand!

The present Merlin stared at Chen Xiaolian with a cold and distrustful expression. Additionally… the atmosphere was gradually becoming more tense!

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