Chapter 243: Warrior’s Blood

GOR Chapter 243: Warrior’s Blood

Rays of light from the setting sun fell down upon the hills. A chilly feeling exuded outward from the dense number of enemy soldiers.

There was utter silence upon the plains. Even the birds seemed to have flown away from this area.

Atop the hill, Harold’s army was busy moving about.

The same was true for King William’s army within the wooden stronghold.

The soldiers were hard at work polishing the blade of their swords while the squires of the Knights were polishing their armours and checking the horses’ horseshoes.

A piece of mutton was thrown into a large pot. The soup gurgled as it boiled.

As it was clear that the coming battle would be a decisive one, King William gave the order to have their best supplies to be brought out.

Giving the soldiers a meal with meat before the battle was a way to enhance morale.

Some experienced 100-man captains would summon up their subordinates or go through their tents to utter words of encouragement to the nervous soldiers.

The mercenary camp was relatively silent in comparison. With the decisive battle looming ahead, the mercenaries quietly inspected their equipment and drank less alcohol.

Chen Xiaolian did not choose to do the same thing as the other 100-man captains of going to inspect his subordinates – he left the job to Lun Tai and Bei Tai.

Chen Xiaolian went to meet with William.

He had thought about it. Since the most critical factor in this battle was whether or not he could kill off King Harold… then, he would need to ensure one matter. Tomorrow, King William will need to send him together with the main force to fight against Harold’s main army!

If William were to refuse, Chen Xiaolian would not hesitate to go against his orders!

Chen Xiaolian was unable to meet King William.

According to King William’s personal guard, the King was performing a pre-war prayer and nobody was allowed to disturb the King as he performed his pious prayer at the time.

Chen Xiaolian contemplated the situation and was about to leave when his gaze swept around and fell onto a distant yet solitary large tent – the tents around the large tent were seemingly erected a good distance away from it.

Perhaps… it would be a good thing to go see him.

The thought arose within Chen Xiaolian’s heart.

Chen Xiaolian did not face any obstruction as he walked until he reached the entrance to Merlin’s tent – Merlin did not even allow his guards to come close to his tent.

Additionally, due to the secluded nature of his tent, generally no one in the barracks was willing to come close to this place.

As Chen Xiaolian was standing outside the tent, Merlin’s sound could be heard.

“Garen? I suppose it was about time that you came to see me. Come on in.”

Chen Xiaolian was startled!

Pushing open the curtains of the tent, a thick and odd scent of medicine surged out to meet him. The scent was also a little pungent.

Within the tent, a cauldron had been placed at the centre, hanging down from a frame. Beneath the cauldron, flames licked the bottom surface of the cauldron.

Chen Xiaolian noted that there was an ink like, black coloured, unknown liquid boiling inside the cauldron.

A skylight hole was cut out on top of the tent. A great deal of smoke billowed out from the hole – otherwise, the tent would become inhospitable.

Merlin stood by the cauldron.

His thin body was wrapped up with something like a blanket.

In his hand was an odd-looking leather skin bag. He poured out some unknown powder from the leather flask and sprinkled them into the cauldron.

Each time he sprinkled it in, the black coloured liquid would seemingly boil up for a moment.

"You came?"

Amid the flaming background, Merlin’s face appeared somewhat ghastly and heretical. After giving Chen Xiaolian a glance, he carefully sprinkled the rest of the powder into the cauldron in a uniform manner.

“What… what are you doing?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“Naturally, I am making a medicinal potion,” replied Merlin with a harrumph. He leaned before the cauldron and inhaled deeply. Seemingly satisfied with the scent, he turned around and picked up a bottle from behind him. He opened the bottle and poured some green coloured liquid into the cauldron.

A “boom” rang out and flames danced out of the cauldron only to quickly dissipate away!

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and he stared at Merlin. After a few seconds had passed, he slowly said, “This… is witchcraft? Magic?”

There was a calm look on Merlin’s face as he replied, “It’s just one of the names given to it.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face revealed traces of surprise and he said, “You… really are a warlock?”

“Haven’t you made any inquiries about me within the military camp?” Merlin looked at Chen Xiaolian; his voice had traces of mockery in them. “Many people here do talk about me. You must have inquired about it, right?”

“I just don’t quite believe them.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “I have never met a real life warlock before.”


Merlin cast a serious gaze at Chen Xiaolian and took a deep breath. Then, he said, “Now, you have.”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart froze!

This… was an admission!

“… in other words, you really are a warlock? What exactly is a warlock? What can you do?” Chen Xiaolian asked in detail.

“You don’t seem that fearful of me,” said Merlin with a smile. Due to the liquid in the cauldron turning green, the background caused his face to appear wretchedly green. He said, “Everyone is afraid of warlocks. They believe that bad things will happen when they encounter a warlock.”

Chen Xiaolian shrugged his shoulders.

“In truth, there is nothing remarkable about warlocks… I meant the majority of warlocks. We can tune in to some sounds of nature and gain knowledge on some of the mysteries of life. If possible, we try to remain humble and try to borrow a little bit of their power… that is all.”

“You mean, you can summon the wind and rain?” Chen Xiaolian’s eyes lit up.

“No.” Merlin shook his head and said, “More accurately, I am incapable of doing that. Summon the wind and rain? In all my life, even the strongest warlock I’ve managed to encounter was incapable of such a feat. We can only borrow a little bit of the power of nature. For example, big trees and the wind can tell me if there would be rain tomorrow. Birds could tell me if there is anyone present within a few miles of me.”

Pausing Merlin then continued, “I think I understand what you meant earlier… you think too highly of us warlocks. It is very difficult for us to do something so powerful. Summon a storm to attack the enemy? That is not something a warlock is capable of doing… mm, or more accurately…”

Merlin’s face suddenly turned peculiar and he said, “To be precise, it is something that majority of warlocks cannot do.”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian seemed to have figured something. He probed further, “What do you mean?”

“Theoretically speaking, since we can communicate with nature, then we should be able to use the forces of nature… theoretically, summoning the wind and rain, a lightning storm, those should be possible. However… in reality, we are incapable of such feats.”


“Archimedes said: Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I can move the Earth. Unfortunately… theoretically speaking it should be possible. However… we do not have such a lever. Do you understand?”

Merlin smiled wryly and said, “If my ability is a hundred times stronger, I might be able to summon the wind and rain and lightning, just like the legends – however, a legend remains a legend. Real warlocks do not have such powers.

“Take the present me for example. All I can do is predict the weather, communicate with nature to understand some of the enemy movements. Also… I can figure and select out some herbs with fairly good effects.”

He pointed to the cauldron before him.

“What is it?”

“A type of medicinal potion.”

Chen Xiaolian rolled his eyes!

“Of course I know this is a medicinal potion. What I am asking is, what is it for?”

Merlin smiled and said, “My personal creation. Everyone only needs to drink half a teaspoon and they will become fired up, their blood would boil and their courage would multiply. Additionally, its effect would last through half a day.”

Chen Xiaolian rolled his eyes yet again.

Isn’t this like a doping agent?

Are you a warlock or a pharmacist?

“Truth be told, even if you did not come to find me, I would still go look for you.” Merlin pointed at the cauldron and said, “This potion is still lacking a component that could only be obtained from you.”

“Me? What is it?” Chen Xiaolian was suddenly visited by a sense of foreboding.

“A warrior’s blood,” answered Merlin with a grin.

Chen Xiaolian’s scalp tingled!

Looking at the grinning Merlin, Chen Xiaolian subconsciously took a step back!

“This is quite the good scenery.”

Atop the hill, Phoenix was seated on a branch from a crooked tree.

Her two legs dangled down from her position.

The Titan brothers and Monster were standing beneath the tree.

Those members of the Coffeehouse Guild were wearing medieval leather armour. Monster had a large sized war axe in his hands. His appearance was a resemblance of the God of War from Greek mythology. The bulging muscles revealed from his exposed arms were incredibly stunning.

Beside him, the monkey chattered as it climbed up the tree and crouched down beside Phoenix.

Phoenix narrowed her eyes and surveyed the wooden stronghold located in the distance.

“William the Conqueror… I wonder if he is any fun. I think he should be more pleasing to the eye compared to the idiotic Harold… sigh.” Phoenix sighed.

She abruptly lowered her head to look at her team members who were standing beneath the tree. She asked, “Say, do you fellows think we would end up meeting some acquaintances? I have this strangest feeling. Chances are that kid we met in London is in the opposing camp.”

Monster muttered something and looked up. He said, “Guild Leader, if we really encounter him, could you bear fighting against him?”

Phoenix lowered her head again and contemplated the matter seriously. Then, she gave a sigh.

"I want to live."

The middle-aged man stood behind the big camp erected behind the hill.

Beside him, the longhaired beauty was placing her arrows into her quiver. Then, she took her longbow down and began testing and adjusting the string.

“I hate working together with Awakened ones.”

The blonde woman suddenly stabbed an arrow heavily down the ground before her.

Coldness radiated out from her bluish green eyes and she said, “Cooperating with those dirty Awakened ones makes me want to puke! Seeing that young woman, I feel this desire to snap her neck!”

The middle-aged man laughed out and walked over. He gently seized the blonde woman’s waist and extended a finger to nudge her cheeks. He smiled and said, “All right, don’t be so violent, my dear.”

“You are thinking about getting that girl, aren’t you?” The blonde woman sneered. “You’ve always been a pervert!”

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