Chapter 235: Your Name?

GOR Chapter 235: Your Name?

As the three of them were discussing, something suddenly happened in an area not far away from the mercenary camp. A group of soldiers marched forward in a straight line. The leader of the group wore clothes that were clearly different from the others. He wore a circular shaped cloak and a wide belt across his waist. A sword hung down from his waist.

Most importantly, this fellow was wearing a round hat with a sharp top. A white feather was inserted on top of the hat.

In the medieval period, this was the typical clothes worn by the people of higher status in French. The Norman family came from French, thus the influence of French designs were very strong within the Norman army.

This group’s arrival immediately caused a commotion among the mercenaries.

The fellow with the white feathered hat raised his head up high and pulled out a scroll made of sheepskin. Unrolling it, he coughed out twice before reading from the scroll aloud.

No small number of mercenaries attempted to surround the place. However, they were all violently pushed away by the soldiers beside the fellow. The soldiers made sure that no one could come within two meters of that fellow.

This action revealed the gap between them.

Those soldiers were clearly part of the regular army of the Norman army. They were all wearing breastplate; beneath the breastplate were clothes made from linen. Even their weapons and equipment were of better quality. Some of them wielded pole axes while most of them held onto swords and shields.

In contrast, the mercenaries around them were simply a motley bunch.

Chen Xiaolian, Lun Tai and Bei Tai quickly rose up. They followed the flow of people and moved forward.

The fellow who was reading aloud had nearly finished reading the contents of the sheepskin scroll.

In the end, he handed the scroll over to someone beside him who looked like a military officer. He then swept his gaze across the crowd of people – the fellow even used his hand to cover his nose. It appeared that he was feeling displeased with the bad smell coming from the mercenary camp area.

“What happened?” Chen Xiaolian randomly asked an unknown mercenary who was beside him.

The mercenary only had one eye and he wore a leather eye patch. Appearance wise, he had quite a bit of manliness. However, he did not answer Chen Xiaolian’s question. He simply turned around and gave Chen Xiaolian a glance before turning around and left, a cold expression on his face.

“He is a mute.”

A duplicitous voice came from behind. Chen Xiaolian turned his head around and saw a thin fellow with yellow hair. He had a big head, thin neck and seemingly slightly weak body. However, he sported a bulbous nose just like that of a Frenchman.

“You are?”

“Lockett from Nantes. However, you do not need to remember my name. Everyone calls me Bighead,” said Bighead as he chuckled. He then asked, “What about you?”

“I… I am Xiaolian from… … [1]

“Your hair looks like those of the pagans.” Bighead stared at Chen Xiaolian and said, “However, your French is good. Could you be a runaway slave? I have never seen any freemen with skin and hair colour like yours.”

Chen Xiaolian’s gaze toward Bighead quickly became one of vigilance.

“All right, all right, don’t get worked up,” said Bighead with a laugh. “There are all kinds of people in the mercenary group. There are fugitives and robbers as well. I know this fellow who is wanted by six different lords.”

Pausing, Bighead studied Chen Xiaolian and said, “Your nickname is Xiaolian (small face)? This nickname is quite interesting. However, your face is indeed quite small. It suits your nickname quite well.”

Chen Xiaolian appeared indifferent to that comment. This fellow was not someone he had intended to talk with. However, he asked, “May I ask, what did that fellow say earlier?”

“Oh, that is Tayloff. He is one of the knights serving by the side of the Duke. We should address him as Sir. Addressing him by his name will result in us getting whipped.” Bighead lowered his voice and pointed toward the fellow with the feathered hat before continuing, “He came to pass down the command. The Duke wants to gather some people to form a volunteer team. I guess there is a task that requires fights. The conditions are not bad. All the spoils obtained can be kept; none needed to be handed over to them. The way I see it, many people are tempted by this.”

Chen Xiaolian’s mind raced and he looked at Bighead. He said, “Oh? Are you tempted to join as well?”

“Me?” Bighead gave a self-deprecating smile and said, “I don’t have that much ability. My friend, we are mercenaries. Generally speaking, the better the conditions given by the Duke, the more dangerous the ensuing battle will be. My abilities are average. I only came here to get a little money on the side by following behind the army. I have no intention of throwing my life away here.”

Pausing, Bighead then leaned close to Chen Xiaolian and said in a low voice, “Right, if you have any needs when you are here, you can find me… … what I mean by that is, I can help you get some good stuff. For example… … wine and even meat or some other things. I am also acquainted with a priest in the army. If you are a devout believer, I can ask him to pray for you the night before the battle. Naturally… I’m sure you know that these types of personnel are all very busy, so…”

As he spoke, he extended out several fingers to form a hand sign.

Chen Xiaolian immediately understood the meaning behind the sign.

“Thanks, if there is a need, I will certainly go find you.” Chen Xiaolian patted the fellow’s shoulder. Then, he turned his head to face Lun Tai and Bei Tai before making a signal toward them.

Both of them understood.

The three of them squeezed their way forward through the crowd of people with the muscleman, Lun Tai opening the way for them. It was not long before they pushed the others aside and forced their way to the front.

“Stay back!”

A soldier from the Norman army threatened Chen Xiaolian and his team with a poleaxe.

“We are here to sign up.” He took the initiative to take a step back. However, he shouted out toward the fellow known as Tayloff.

Tayloff had taken note of Chen Xiaolian. However, Chen Xiaolian’s body stature was too small and thin to the point where it simply warranted little attention from him. Lun Tai who was standing beside Chen Xiaolian on the other hand, caused Tayloff’s eyes to light up.

“Allow them through,” said Tayloff with a wave of his hand.

Chen Xiaolian glanced at the soldier and watched as he retracted his poleaxe. Then, Chen Xiaolian took two steps forward.

“You fellows should give your salute to the knight!” One of the soldiers reminded them loudly.

Chen Xiaolian sighed, bent his waist and knelt down.

“You are mercenaries? Where are you from? Tatar?”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything.

“Oh well, I have no interest in who you are. However, His Lordship the Duke has given the order, whoever is willing to sign up is eligible to enjoy a good meal and a hot bath to wash up. It’s your lucky day.” After saying that, Tayloff paused and looked at Chen Xiaolian and then turned his attention to Bei Tai. He said, “However, we don’t take in just anyone.”

“I’m good at fighting,” Chen Xiaolian answered flatly.

“… … …” Tayloff was stunned for a moment. Then, he laughed out loudly.

It wasn’t just him. Even the soldiers beside him and the other mercenaries joined in the laughter.

Chen Xiaolian’s height was only 1.7 meters. It was a typical height for Chinese. However, in the eyes of these Caucasians, that was the stature of a weakling.

Even Bighead appeared somewhat stronger than him.

“Whether you can fight or not, we’ll know after the testing later. You can say whatever you want after you get selected. If you really can fight, I will allow you to serve as my attendant.” Tayloff gave Chen Xiaolian a haughty glance. When his eyes fell onto Lun Tai, his eyes appeared more satisfied and he said, “This one is not bad.”

It was as Bighead had said, despite the high rewards; many of the old-timers within the mercenary camp knew that meant the task involved was much riskier.

Thus, the number of people who came forward to sign up was not high. Tayloff stood there for at least 20 minutes only to have less than 100 individuals come forward to sign up.

This number had clearly caused Tayloff to feel unsatisfied.

“The Hell… … I need at least 150 people. This is too little,” Tayloff muttered in a low voice.

However, he had no choice… … his master, Duke William was unable to fork out any more money.

That fellow had gotten the help of his allies by opening a dishonoured cheque for them. He used the yet to be conquered lands of England as reward.

This move was the equivalent of financial fraud.

Maintaining his own Norman army had exhausted the Duke of his entire wealth.

Additionally, his army had to travel through the seas and money had to be paid to the pirates from Italy. He could not possibly have his men swim across the sea.

Seeing no other options, the dejected Tayloff could only lead the 100 men away.

Chen Xiaolian’s team of three left together with Tayloff who led them to the rear part of the central area of the encampment.

This place was apparently where the Norman army was stationed at. The order of the tents and its quality were much better.

A tent, which clearly belonged to the commander was erected upon the hillside. It was much bigger in size.

A sharp contrast was formed between the well-equipped soldiers and the mercenaries.

Chen Xiaolian had seen many of those armours and weapons back when he was in the exhibition hall in the Tower of London.

“All right, now the selection begins. I do not want weaklings.”

Tayloff had a listless look on his face as he pointed at Chen Xiaolian. He said, “You, the fellow from Tatar! Didn’t you say you are very good at fighting? Then, show me what you got. If you are lying, I will have you whipped before throwing you out.”

Chen Xiaolian grinned.

Showing no hesitation, he walked forward and stood in the middle of the open space.

“Who is willing to test him out? I will gift the one who successfully defeats him with a lamb leg,” Tayloff shouted loudly.

The enticement of a lamb leg was clearly not small. Additionally… … Chen Xiaolian’s appearance was not too deterring and was seemingly of negligible danger – if it was Lun Tai, then the others might have reconsidered.

The moment Tayloff finished speaking, a mercenary with about the same height as Chen Xiaolian jumped forward – although their height was nearly the same, the mercenary appeared much stronger.

“Bring it, little kid! You will be my lunch!” This fellow revealed a grin and his incomplete set of teeth was exposed – this was the medieval period after all, after losing his teeth in a fight, there was no dentist for him to go to for dentures.

As for the gold teeth that the nobles go for, that was not something that the common people could afford.

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai suppressed their laughter, crossed their hands and took two steps back.

What a joke! Chen Xiaolian who had already enhanced his body now possessed a [B+] class strength. Holding down an elephant with his bare hands would not even be an issue!

While this level of strength would still be insufficient to deal with those highly positioned experts, he was pretty much the standard for a peerless general among ordinary people!

“I need a weapon,” Chen Xiaolian suddenly said in a loud voice.

Although he now had the Sword in the Stone, the sword was not something that could be taken out here.

“The Hell? Don’t you have your own weapons? How did you become a mercenary when you don’t even have a weapon?” Tayloff was slightly dissatisfied. His mouth moved to show his displeasure and he said to the soldier beside him, “Give him an axe.”

A crude looking axe was tossed over to Chen Xiaolian.

The blade of the axe was not made of metal but stone.

It was tied onto a wooden stick.

Chen Xiaolian did not mind. He accepted it and weighed it in his hand.

“Kid, are you ready?” The mercenary who was his opponent appeared impatient. He jumped anxiously while holding onto a short axe – at least that one was made of metal.

“All right, then… … begin!”

Tayloff gave a bored yawn. He believed that there was no suspense to be had in this battle…

However, the moment he opened his mouth to yawn, the expression on his face changed. It was as though someone had just delivered a punch onto his face!

The axe-wielding mercenary charged toward the Tatar kid. In the next moment…


A human figure flew through the air, soaring above Tayloff’s head! Then, the figure fell into a muddy area!

After the fellow slammed down onto the ground, he could only lay there and cry. No matter how he struggled, he was unable to get up.

Tayloff widened his eyes and stared at the Tatar kid standing before him.

“You… …”

“Do I still need to continue the test?” Chen Xiaolian casually let the long axe slid down to rest on the ground.

Tayloff froze for a moment. His eyes flickered and he gestured with his head and said to a soldier beside him, “You go test him… … two of you go together.”

Two soldiers took off their helmet and stepped forward, one on the left and one on the right. They moved to surround Chen Xiaolian.

Both of them held onto swords while one of them also held onto a shield.

Tayloff’s eyes were now wide open as he stared carefully at the kid from Tatar…

“I think we can choose to have the decisive battle at… …”

Within the big tent, a young man dressed in aristocratic attire was talking loudly to the point of spitting saliva.

The ventilation within the tent was very bad and the scent of animal skin was evident.

However, the aristocrats inside did not appear to care about that.

The man sitting there was a fellow sporting a beard and a valiant looking body who wore red coloured robes. He listened seriously, disregarding the saliva spitting out from this fellow’s mouth.

It was at that moment…


Something suddenly smashed into the area near the entrance of the big tent, causing a large piece of the tent to be torn down!

The seven or eight generals within the tent were quick to jump out of their seats. Their swords were immediately pulled out and they rushed to place themselves before the man with the beard. They shouted, “Protect the King!”

“What happened?”


The surrounding men moved forward to inspect the situation and found that the fellow who had smashed into the tent was surprisingly a soldier wearing the colour of the Norman army!

The bearded man gave a harrumph and stood up. He walked down and gently pushed aside the generals and officers protecting him and said coolly, “Do not panic! This is our own camp! I don’t believe that there is anyone who can assassinate me while I am protected by my warriors!”

The bearded man led the others out of the tent.

Beneath the hillside, Chen Xiaolian stood about tens of meters away from the tent. Standing before him were seven to eight soldiers who had their swords unsheathed and shields raised. They stared intently at him with tiger like eyes as they surrounded him.

Chen Xiaolian frowned. However, he did not make any move. He simply turned his head to look at Tayloff.

“Sir Knight, is this the reward for winning?”

Tayloff was flabbergasted.

He had come to accept the fact that this Tatar kid was good at fighting… … however, he did not expect him to be this good!

Those two heavily equipped soldiers who were also his personal guards were men with considerable skills. However, in just one moment, they were defeated!

This Tatar kid had lightly slammed into the soldier with the shield. Seemingly made of straw, the soldier’s body had been sent flying, shield in tow.

As for the sword-wielding soldier, he had his sword blade seized before both him and his sword was sent flying!

Oh, my God! That was a man he sent flying!

Not a rabbit!

When that soldier who was sent flying slammed into the big tent, Tayloff finally reacted.

Those placed in charge of defending the big tent had rushed out and surrounded Chen Xiaolian. As long as Tayloff give a signal, those men would have charged forward to cut this Tatar kid into pieces.

“Wait a minute! Don’t attack!”

Tayloff suddenly recovered. An excited glow appeared within his eyes and he shouted loudly while jumping up. His hat became tilted and that white feather dropped off to who knows where. He quickly stepped forward.

“Do not harm him! Do not attack!”

Tayloff’s eyes were seemingly shining with light.

At that moment, he heard a familiar and majestic voice. “Tayloff, would you please explain to me why a soldier suddenly flew into my tent?”

Tayloff turned his head around and saw the bearded man standing before the entrance to the big tent. Tayloff’s face paled and he quickly bent his waist.

“My, My Lord Duke!”

The soldiers below turned around. With their faces directed at the tent, they bent their waists.

Tayloff scrambled to run up. Then, he leaned close to the bearded man and whispered a few words to him. Next, he pointed at Chen Xiaolian.

The bearded man’s eyes also flickered.

He suddenly strode forward.

He walked until he was in front of Chen Xiaolian and regarded this seemingly weak Tatar man.

"How old are you?"

“… eighteen."

“Do you know who I am?” ask the bearded man with a frown.

Hearing the question, Chen Xiaolian then bent his waist and answered, “Lord Duke.”

This bearded man was without question Xian Yin’s ancestor, the founding monarch of the Norman dynasty, William I!

“I heard you are very good at fighting and had defeated three men?”

“Yes,” said Chen Xiaolian as he raised his head.

William turned his head and looked at the big tent. It seemed he was making an estimate on the distance between them. He asked, “Tayloff, how far is this place from the tent?”

“There… …” Tayloff was drenched in cold sweat. He quickly said loudly, “My Lord Duke, there is roughly fifteen feet in between.”

“Fifteen feet? To be able to send a man flying up to fifteen feet away, that takes quite the strength,” said William with a smile. There was a seemingly happy expression on his face. “Even the best warriors I have met before may not be capable of such a feat.”

He turned to look at Chen Xiaolian with a pleased expression and said, “Tell me your name, man from Tatar!”

“… … I am not from Tatar,” answered Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“Oh? In that case, tell me where you came from and your name.” William did not appear to care about that.

Tayloff’s eyes quickly darted toward Chen Xiaolian and he said, “Hurry up and say it! The Lord Duke wants to reward you! You’re in luck, kid!”

“… I… …” Chen Xiaolian considered the question and said, “Lord Duke, I came from somewhere very far in the East. The name of my hometown is…


“My name is Garen.”

William laughed and said, “Very good! Garen of Demacia! From this day forth, you are no longer a mercenary! You can enter the Norman army! If your performance in battle is outstanding, I don’t mind granting you the title of knight after the battle! I am the King of England, that is the right given to me by God!”

Lun Tai and Bei Tai were standing some distance away and Bei Tai’s mouth twitched as he heard the conversation. He said in a low voice, “Big bro… … Garen of Demacia… this name that Guild Leader had given himself is a bit too… … ah right, shouldn’t we also give ourselves a fake name?

“How about it? I will be Jarvan and you be Zhao Xin.”

“You son of a bitch! You’re the one who should be Daisy Xin!”

“Hey! We are brothers, my mother is your mother oh.”

Lockett. Raw: ‘洛克特’, pinyin: ‘luò kè tè’.

Tayloff. Raw: ‘泰勒佛’, pinyin: ‘tài lēi fú’.

1 Xiaolian is giving a name with a slightly different pinyin which means ‘small face’.

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