Chapter 232: Second Phase

GOR Chapter 232: Second Phase

No matter how much Chen Xiaolian tried to remind himself that he should calm down, he…

Just couldn’t bloody *** calm down!

Just imagine:

Before a battle ensued, he would with a cold face, jump down from a Jinbei van…

Then, while he was in the middle of an intense battle with his opponent, his opponent would pull out a variety of swords and knives…

While he… pulled out a mortar brick from his bag?

Then… … after being heavily wounded during the intense battle and was bleeding all over, he… he would then tear out a packet of spicy bar and start munching on them?

I don’t even need to bloody fight! The opponent would probably die of laughter!

This scene is just too beautiful… … I dare not even look at it…

With a face of someone who was suffering from toothache, Chen Xiaolian continued browsing down.

‘Melee spear [B] class’ was surprisingly something that common housewives would use, the water absorbent wonder mop!

What kind of shitty Exchange System is this!

GM, did you move a supermarket inside?

Outside, Lun Tai and Bei Tai had just finished smoking a cigarette each. They then heard sounds of Chen Xiaolian muttering and cursing from inside the room.

The two of them walked into the room and looked at Chen Xiaolian.

“What happened?”

Chen Xiaolian’s face seemed unwell. He struggled to take a deep breath before suppressing his anger. Then, he said with a low tone, “It’s nothing.”

“What do you mean nothing?” Lun Tai knitted his eyebrows together and he said, “You don’t look too good.”

“I’m fine.” Chen Xiaolian stood up and walked to the door.

“If you’re fine, then good.” Lun Tai stopped questioning him further. “The time is almost up. We’ll make some final preparations. Mm, in the first phase, the reserve medicinal substances you prepared are more or less exhausted. Remember to get some more for back up from the Exchange System. Also, your weapon… … your Fearless War Axe is completely gone. Do you want to buy a weapon to substitute it first?”

Chen Xiaolian: “… … …”


Buy my ass!

Buy spicy bars, instant noodles and potato chips?

As for the weapon…

Am I really supposed to carry around a water absorbent wonder mop to go fight the enemy?

Would the enemy mistake me for a part-timer?

“Mm, I’ve already thought about that,” Chen Xiaolian replied with a muffled voice.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai did not question him any further. The three of them walked out of the warehouse and reached the place where they parked their car.

The countdown before the next phase began had finally ended.

[System prompt: Now issuing the second phase of the instance dungeon quest.

[Please arrive at the displayed coordinate: XXX, XXX.

[This quest is named: The King’s war.

[Time limit: No limit.

[Quest conditions:

[A . Please arrive at the specified coordinate within 60 minutes.

[B . Find and contact the important storyline character, the ‘King’.

[C . Assist the King in his war for the throne. At the same time, ensure that the storyline character survives! If the storyline character dies, the quest would be deemed to have failed. You will receive punishment].


War for the throne?

After reading the information provided by the system, Chen Xiaolian and the two brothers were stunned.

“In this age… … could there still be a war for the throne in London?”

“The King… … could it be that we are to go find the Queen of England?”

“Isn’t the royal status of present-day British royalty very strong? Why would there be any war for the throne?”

There was a thoughtful look on Chen Xiaolian’s face as he retrieved the Sword in the Stone. Holding it in his hand, he inspected it in detail for a while before slowly saying, “Let’s not speculate… … we’ll discuss about it after reaching the coordinates.”

Pausing, Chen Xiaolian looked toward Bei Tai and said, “You… … are you sure you want to participate? I think that you can stay here and rest. Just wait for us to get in touch with you.”

“Of course I’m going!” Bei Tai did not hesitate. He spoke with conviction, “I do not want to stay here. Even though I’ve lost an arm, I still have my Air Incarceration skill. I can still help you out.”

“… … all right then,” said Chen Xiaolian as he nodded his head.

Lun Tai started up the car and they left the remote warehouse.

The car drove on as it moved toward the displayed coordinate. However, it appeared that they were moving to the outskirts of London. Additionally… … it seemed that they were moving farther and farther away.

“This can’t be right… … according to this coordinate, it seems that we’ll need to move out of London.” Lun Tai calculated the position as he was driving.

“It seems like it,” said Chen Xiaolian. He was frowning as well and he said, “Could it be… could this be the same as the Tokyo instance dungeon? We’ll be going somewhere else to complete the next phase?”

After roughly 40 minutes, their car had officially left the London city area.

They continued moving to the suburbs, not encountering any resistances at all – it was apparent that the next phase would truly involve them leaving London.

There was a tunnel going through a mountain before them. Appearance wise, the tunnel did not appear too long. Lun Tai who was driving said, “It seems that once we cross this tunnel, we’ll be close…”

There were no other vehicles inside the tunnel and the atmosphere was seemingly still.

After two minutes, the car was close to exiting from the other end of the tunnel. At that moment, Chen Xiaolian suddenly caught sight of a screen of light from the exit point of the tunnel!

A green curtain of light was covering the tunnel exit!

“Quick! Look!” Lun Tai shouted out.

Chen Xiaolian was quick to calm down. He said, “It’s the green coloured light scanner. This is the correct way! Move forward!”

Lun Tai stepped on the throttle and the car sped madly to the exit of the tunnel.

The green coloured light flashed before disappearing.

After the green coloured light disappeared, shocked expressions came over Chen Xiaolian, Lun Tai and Bei Tai’s faces.

There was a vast desolate plain before them!

The road that they were originally driving on, the one made of asphalt concrete had disappeared. What was left of it was now a slightly muddy dirt road.

The two sides across the road were desolate plains with sparse number of plants.

Turning around, they saw that the mountain was still there. However, the tunnel had disappeared!

The most shocking change was what happened to their car.

It was originally a five-seater Land Rover SUV. Now, it had become…

A worn-looking horse carriage!

Wooden frame, wooden wheels and two skinny horses in front. Ropes were affixed across their body as they pulled the carriage forward!

“Our bodies?”

Lun Tai subconsciously muttered.

The three of them lowered their heads… and realized that the clothes they were wearing had also become different.

The three of them were wearing worn leather armour… … it was a type of armour that covered half the body.

Their armour were leathery, coarse and somewhat lacking. There was also a pungent smell coming off them.

Beneath their leather armour were coarse sackcloth clothes.

The same situation was true for all three of them. From the way they were attired, they clearly looked like those commonly seen in the movies… … those soldiers of the West during the era where cold weapons were used!

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes.

He stood up within the carriage and looked forward.

The carriage drove over a hill and turned around into a large flat area!

After giving it a glance, Chen Xiaolian and his team sucked in a mouthful of cold air!

Upon the vast flat area were a dense number of tents and fences. There was no end to those closely erected tents. At a glance, they could not see the end of those tents!

Among them, soldiers wearing helmet and leather armour could be seen walking around while carrying various types of weapons and equipment.

There was also a group of mounted soldiers, which quickly rode past through the outer area…

“This, we… … did we get transmigrated?”

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