Chapter 231: Exclusive Exchange System

GOR Chapter 231: Exclusive Exchange System

Once Chen Xiaolian woke up, he got up from the bed and straightened himself.

He checked the time and found that he had slept for roughly 12 hours. Taking into account the Healing Beast Blood that he had taken before, these 12 hours of sleep was enough for the wounds on his body to fully heal up.

His stomach growled and Chen Xiaolian walked to the side. He took out the water and food that were placed on the table before casually munching down on them.

“After this instance dungeon ends, I must treat myself to a really good meal,” said Chen Xiaolian with a frown as he stuffed the last piece of dried meat into his mouth. After chewing for a while, he gulped down some mineral water.

As for the questions stewing within his mind, Chen Xiaolian decided to temporarily put them aside – since he could not come up with the answers now, any attempt to think further about the matters would only make him confused. He might as well wait until the instance dungeon was completed before going to look for Ambler and ask him about it.

He calculated the time remaining and found that there was less than an hour left before the opening of the next phase of the instance dungeon.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai’s voices came through the door. Chen Xiaolian moved out of the door and glanced around to see the two of them sitting on the ground outside while smoking. Bei Tai seemed much better. However, the loss of his one arm gave him a rather miserable appearance.

“You woke up?” Lun Tai glanced at Chen Xiaolian and asked, “Do you want a cigarette?”

“No, I originally don’t smoke. It’s all you old smokers who dragged me into doing bad stuff.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and walked back inside. He found a faucet and washed his face.

Before moving to wipe the water off his hands, Chen Xiaolian subconsciously gave his system a glance. Then, he received a shock!

There was a message in his personal system!

Bizarrely, there was something off about this message.

Normally, the messages that appeared in the system will start with the words [System prompt].

However, this message started with a series of ‘… …’ symbols.

Chen Xiaolian’s mind raced as he saw that. He wiped both his hands with his own shirt and quickly opened up the message.

After giving it a mere glance, Chen Xiaolian’s eyes shone with light.

[… … prompt: Your personal exclusive custom-Exchange System has been issued to your personal system. Please inspect the function of the system. Due to it being a custom-made version, a variant of the system’s standard Exchange System, some of the functions may be different or lacking. Please inspect it before use].


Chen Xiaolian immediately became excited!

Son of a bitch! This senior finally got my hands on my own Exchange System!

The Exchange System promised to him by the GM as compensation had finally arrived!

Back before this London instance dungeon had begun, the GM had already said that it would be released within the instance dungeon. Chen Xiaolian did not expect that it would only be released after the first phase of the instance dungeon was over.

Chen Xiaolian did not give much thought to the ‘some of the functions may be different or lacking’ part.

At any rate, this was a substitute that the GM had created. It would only be normal for it to possess certain differences to the standard version…

Chen Xiaolian quietly returned to his own room in a hurry. Then, taking a deep breath, he carefully opened his own Exchange System.

A few seconds later, Chen Xiaolian lost control of himself and cursed out in a low voice!

“What in tarnation is this shit!”

Due to the battles fought up until now, the Healing Beast Blood that Chen Xiaolian bought as reserve had nearly been exhausted. Thus, the first thing he did was to open the ‘Healing Medicinal Substances’ section.



He saw a row of familiar items placed within the ‘Healing Medicinal Substances’ section.

The item was labelled ‘[Beginner] class Healing Type Medicinal Substance’ – price wise, it appeared similar to a [Beginner] class Healing Beast Blood. Even the function was estimated to be the same.

But… this damned thing is wrong argh!

The item placed in the row that he saw was surprisingly a…

Flat plastic packet!

Within the packet were strips of something that resembled chopsticks. The parts shown were of a brownish colour with a greasy glaze to it. Upon its surface… there were star like dots… … traces of chilli oil?

Chen Xiaolian rubbed his eyes heavily.

That was right!

This item labelled as ‘[Beginner] class Healing Type Medicinal Substance was surprisingly the immensely popular and the standard go to food for otakus… …

Spicy bars!

Chen Xiaolian sucked in a deep breath and nearly fainted on the spot!

Spicy bar?

He inspected it in detail once more. No question about it!

It really was a *** spicy bar!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart palpitated.

He turned away and looked elsewhere.

Under the label of ‘[Mid] class Healing Medicinal Substance’ was another familiar item!

This item was likewise placed within a plastic package with a picture plastered across its surface…

Chen Xiaolian was certain he was not mistaken.

This item was too damned familiar!

The item labelled as ‘[Mid] class Healing Medicinal Substance’ was surprisingly packets of…

Earthenware pickled noodles!

Chen Xiaolian suppressed the dark visage threatening to overcome his face. Then, he glanced at the ‘[High] class Healing Medicinal Substance’.

After giving it just one glance, Chen Xiaolian could not help but reveal a wry smile. He said, “As expected… … I guessed it right!”

Under the label of [High] class Healing Medicinal Substance… … was a long paper bucket…

Judging by the way it was packaged, he was absolutely certain…

“High class your sister argh! Healing your sister argh! Medicinal substance your sister argh! This is obviously POTATO CHIPS!”

A vast number of ‘mother f**ker’ words stampeded through Chen Xiaolian’s mind.

Spicy bars… … instant noodles… … potato chips…

These are simply the three otaku treasures!

These are simply the foods sold in trains!

GM, did you subcontract this Exchange System to a high-speed rail company or something?

Chen Xiaolian’s heart was vexed to the apex. Then, he opened up another item.

“Antidote Type Medicinal Substance.”

A familiar…

Wangyaoji’s herbal tea!

He looked at it once more. Yup, no question about it! A familiar red can was placed before his eyes…

Herbal… herbal tea…

It can relieve heat and detoxify the body… is that why it became an antidote type medicine?!

Hey, GM, where are you? Come on out if you dare. I swear I am not going to beat you to death!!!

Chen Xiaolian was at a loss.

Damn it… … these things… can they even be used?

He continued looking at the items…

Medicinal substance to recover from energy…

As expected, it is Redbull!


Chen Xiaolian simply turned his gaze away and looked at the equipment type items.

The first item that his gaze fell upon nearly caused him to spit out blood.

[B] class melee weapon (Blunt type, can use both axe and hammer skills).

In the next icon…

“This is just a bloody mortar brick oii!”

Looking down…

“[B+] class infantry fighting vehicle (Tank type).”

The icon below showed…

A Jinbei van!

This is supposed to be a bloody tank?

This looks more like a courier service!!!

TL: Wanglaoji’s herbal tea, Jinbei van… those are product brands.

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