Chapter 228: Do You Consider Yourself As One?

GOR Chapter 228: Do You Consider Yourself As One?

Standing before this man, Chen Xiaolian felt as though there was a mountain pressing down on him!

Those eyes casually swept over him, causing his back to stiffen and his breath to almost stop.

Ambler looked at Chen Xiaolian and he suddenly said, “Is the Sword in the Stone in your hand? Bring it out.”

“… … what?” Chen Xiaolian was surprised by those words.

“You accompanied her to the museum today. Was it not for the Sword in the Stone?” Ambler shook his head. “I figured it out back in the afternoon.”

“… …” Chen Xiaolian did not say anything.

Ambler shifted his gaze and looked at Xian Yin who was on the ground. His expression became one of concentration and he said in a whisper, “Where is the Sword in the Stone? Bring it out, it’s not too late.”

“… … not too late?” Chen Xiaolian was shocked yet again.

“To save her life.”

Hearing those words, Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to hastily retrieve the Sword in the Stone from his Storage Watch.

He opened the box and handed the two broken halves of the Sword in the Stone to Ambler. He asked, “This thing… can save her life?”

Ambler did not answer him. He gave the sword a glance; then, with an unfazed expression, he smiled and said, “So, that’s how it is.”

He held the sword hilt in his left hand while his right held onto the sword blade. His black coloured umbrella was casually left lying beside his leg.

Before Chen Xiaolian could comment on anything, Ambler suddenly revealed a sneer and his right hand tightened slightly.

A bang rang out!

The Sword in the Stone’s blade was destroyed by his grip! It turned into a clump of pulverized metal powder and drifted onto the ground.

“Ahh! You!” Chen Xiaolian shouted out in surprise.

“It’s fake,” said Ambler as he shook his head.


Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

“It’s fake.” Ambler glanced at him and said, “This girl tricked you. The sword blade is a replica forged based on the real sword blade to have matching shape and weight. In order to prevent thieves from stealing it, a counterfeit was made and hid inside the vault.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face twisted.

He was unable to restrain himself as he turned to look at Xian Yin who was lying on the ground… … this woman!

A counterfeit!

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian did not know if he should rage or smile.

However… … looking at how she was seemingly no longer breathing – could this woman have died?

If Miao Yan’s Exclusive Account were to die, then…


Ambler said he could save her life!

“The sword blade is fake… … are you certain?”

Ambler sighed and said, “Of course I am certain. This sword… I have wielded it so many times, I could recognize it with just a glance. Although… the reason I am certain that it is a fake is because… … I know where the real sword blade is at.”

Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

Ambler suddenly turned around and walked toward the fountain in front of the museum.

The earlier explosions caused countless glass fragments and debris to fall there. Some of the older areas of the fountain edge collapsed as a result.

Ambler slowly walked toward the central area of the fountain where the bronze statue was standing at.

It was the statue sculpture of Xian Yin’s great-grandfather who wore ceremonial clothes and held onto a walking stick.

Ambler cast a profound gaze at the statue and suddenly gave a gentle sigh. “It’s been so many years. Now, the two halves of the Sword in the Stone can come together once more.”

He suddenly stretched his finger out and gently tapped the walking stick that the bronze statue was holding.

The walking stick broke with a bang and fell into Ambler’s hand.

Surprisingly, the walking stick was… … hollow!

Ambler turned his hand and shook something out from inside…

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes lit up!

The sword blade!

With just a glance, Chen Xiaolian could instantly determine that, regardless of shape or size, the item was exactly the same as the counterfeit that Xian Yin had produced earlier!

No, it would be more accurate to say that the counterfeit that Ambler destroyed seemed to have more mottled rust on its surface.

The sword blade presently held in Ambler’s hand seemed to be of slightly better quality and appearance. At the very least, the rust marks did not appear to be as deep.

From where he was standing, Chen Xiaolian could also faintly see some of the patterns on the surface of the sword blade.

Ambler stared at the sword blade and hilt for a moment. He released a deep sigh and a complicated expression was evident on his face.

He placed both the sword hilt and sword blade together.

At first, nothing seemed to happen. However, in the blink of an eye, the connected part suddenly emitted a faint silver coloured light.

The light was not particularly intense. However, after the silver light appeared, the mottled layer of rust across the surface of both the sword hilt and sword blade dissolved away!

They dissolved into powder and drifted into the air.

Chilling blue light flashed out from the sword blade, rapidly spreading out through the air!

Ambler narrowed his eyes and his finger gently stroked down, from the tip of the sword and down through the sword blade. He uttered what seemed like a sigh.

The chilling light began to flash!

The Sword in the Stone!


Ambler gave Chen Xiaolian a glance and then turned his gaze toward Bei Tai who was not too far away.

He suddenly said in a low voice, “It might get a little bright.”

“Hmm?” Chen Xiaolian did not understand.

Suddenly, Ambler gently raised the Sword in the Stone and stabbed it into the ground!

The sword blade was stabbed down beside Xian Yin’s body and into the pool of blood.

Something odd instantly occurred.

The pool of blood on the ground suddenly wriggled lightly. Then, the blood rapidly flowed toward the Sword in the Stone.

A visible light quickly shone out!

It was a pure silver coloured holy light!

The light was incomparably bright and Chen Xiaolian felt stinging pain in both his eyes. Subconsciously, he closed his eyes and turned away.

At that moment, he felt as though he was standing before an explosion.

After the light gradually faded, Chen Xiaolian opened his eyes to see Xian Yin who was lying on the ground… … there was seemingly no change.

However, after carefully observing her, Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank!

Xian Yin… … was completely silent! The weak trace of breathing from earlier had completely disappeared!

Her face was shockingly pale!

Chen Xiaolian cried out and subconsciously took two steps forward.

By then, Ambler had already pulled up the Sword in the Stone with care. He turned it around and handed it hilt first to Chen Xiaolian.

"Take it, take good care of her."

“Mm… … what did you say?”

"Take good care of her." Ambler sighed.

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

Ambler walked over and the sword hilt arrived before Chen Xiaolian. Ambler then lowered his head to look at Xian Yin. He said, “I mean… … ‘she’ is dead.”

"Wait, wait… … your words are making me even more confused."

“Her corpse is here,” said Ambler with a frown. “However, I pulled out her soul and temporarily attached it to the Sword in the Stone. The Sword in the Stone is the Sword of the King. It comes with a special skill that can heal the living.”

“Heal? Then Xian Yin…”

“Her fleshly body is already dead.” Ambler shook his head. “I am neither God nor the Development Team. Her heart was stabbed through and she had died. I do not have the ability to resurrect the dead. I could only use the supplementary skill of this Sword in the Stone to temporarily store her soul within it. As for later on… … you can find some prop to remodel a body to resurrect her.”

“Store soul? Remodel? Resurrect?”

Chen Xiaolin was stunned by what he heard.

“You should have already come to the understanding that our world was created by the Development Team.

“If our bodies are host bodies, then the so-called soul is our memories. You can consider that to be the case. After her host body died, I pulled her memories out.”


“Although she is an ordinary NPC who can be refreshed, I think you must have encountered other Awakened ones before. Among Awakened ones, there is this thought process: A resurrection that occurs through the refresh process does not give back the original person. Instead, the system had made a copy by using the backed up memories.

“As for me, I agree with this perspective.

“Thus, although I can ignore her and let the system refresh her after the instance dungeon has ended, I believe that the refreshed her will no longer be her. Instead, she would simply be a copy that looks exactly the same.”

Ambler looked at Chen Xiaolian and said, “Take the sword!”

Chen Xiaolian was startled and he subconsciously took hold of the sword hilt. Next, his hand fell; Ambler had let go off the sword.

Ambler turned around and picked up the black umbrella placed on the ground. He looked at it before keeping it.

Seeing that Ambler was about to leave, Chen Xiaolian quickly shouted out, “Wait a minute!”

Ambler turned his body around and looked at Chen Xiaolian. He asked coolly, “Is there anything?”

“I… … I have so many questions to ask of you,” said Chen Xiaolian as he stared at this man. “The Sword in the Stone… … her soul is now stored inside the sword? But, the things you said about resurrecting her, how should I go about it? Also… just who are you?”

Ambler considered the question and replied, “I cannot stay here for too long. If you have any questions, then wait until after this instance dungeon is over. Then, come find me once more.”

Pausing for a moment, Ambler then cast a glance at the Sword in the Stone in Chen Xiaolian’s hand. Then, he continued, “That is, if you can survive through this instance dungeon.”

“You… … are you not worried that I would die in this instance dungeon? This Sword in the Stone contains her soul.”

“Naturally, in the event that you end up dying, I will have certain ways to get back the Sword in the Stone,” said Ambler. He shook his head and continued, “If you manage to survive, then after this instance dungeon is over, come to this museum to find me. Remember… … after the instance dungeon is over, I will wait for you for one day.”

“Are you an Awakened?” Chen Xiaolian asked in a loud voice.

Ambler’s figure had already drifted far away. Then, from afar, he sent his reply.

“Do you consider yourself as one?”

That final sentence caused Chen Xiaolian’s body to shudder!

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