Chapter 228: Do You Consider Yourself As One? (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 228: Do You Consider Yourself As One?

Standing before this man, Chen Xiaolian felt as though there was a mountain pressing down on him!

Those eyes casually swept over him, causing his back to stiffen and his breath to almost stop.

Ambler looked at Chen Xiaolian and he suddenly said, “Is the Sword in the Stone in your hand? Bring it out.”

“… … what?” Chen Xiaolian was surprised by those words.

“You accompanied her to the museum today. Was it not for the Sword in the Stone?” Ambler shook his head. “I figured it out back in the afternoon.”

“… …” Chen Xiaolian did not say anything.

Ambler shifted his gaze and looked at Xian Yin who was on the ground. His expression became one of concentration and he said in a whisper, “Where is the Sword in the Stone? Bring it out, it’s not too late.”

“… … not too late?” Chen Xiaolian was shocked yet again.

“To save her life.”

Hearing those words, Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to hastily retrieve the Sword in the Stone from his Storage Watch.

He opened the box and handed the two broken...

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