Chapter 226: Countdown

GOR Chapter 226: Countdown

The two figures slowly walked out from the dark street as they headed toward the door of the museum.

“It seems they are waiting for us.” Culkin smiled. He looked toward the door of the museum. Through the door, they could see Chen Xiaolian standing inside with a smile on his face as he looked out of the door at the two of them.

"Come in, if you do not want her to die."

In Chen Xiaolian’s hand was a shining long sword used by knights. Judging from its appearance, it should be one of the items within the museum. Although it was not some high-class weapon purchased from the system, it was still a sharp weapon; that weapon would have no problems beheading ordinary people.

At that moment, that sword just happened to be placed before the neck of an ordinary person.

The Countess of the Norman family.

Her long and slender neck was trembling non-stop. Who knew if it was due to the coldness of the night wind or her fear toward the blade of the sword.

“How many times do you want me to say it? I already have the door opened to receive you guests. Yet, you people don’t even have the courage to enter?” Chen Xiaolian cast a provocative glance at Culkin and Lei Hu who were standing outside the door. “Could it be you fellows plan on letting this beautiful and noble lady die under my hand?”

“You wouldn’t dare kill her,” Culkin said with a sneer. “She is an important storyline character. Killing her? Aren’t you afraid of failing to complete your quest?”

Storyline character?

A though burst out from within Chen Xiaolian’s mind: As expected!

Chen Xiaolian smiled. Shaking his head, he said, "Of course I'm not afraid. Because the item… had fallen into my hands. She presently holds no value to me. Oh… … that’s wrong. She still has a bit of value, and that is as something to threaten you fellows with!”

Xian Yin's body suddenly turned stiff. She appeared to be struggling; however, Chen Xiaolian tightened his grip on the sword and pressed the blade of the sword further down upon Xian Yin’s neck.

Culkin furrowed his brows slightly. In but moments, he recovered and sneered. “You think this type of threat… … or should I say, did you think this lie would work? If you really got the item, why would you stay here to wait for us? You would have run off in anticipation of our pursuit.”

“Obviously, I am here to recover the debt you owe!” Chen Xiaolian replied frostily. “You’ve cut off one of my team member’s arm. Do you think it’ll end just like that?”

Culkin looked at the Countess who was held close to Chen Xiaolian’s chest. Seeing the irrepressible fear leaking out of the Countess’ eyes, Culkin’s heart gave a pound. Chen Xiaolian then spoke out in a slow and steady voice.

“You can make a gamble. Gamble on the possibility that I wouldn’t dare kill her, gamble on the possibility that the item is not really in my hands. However, can you afford this gamble?”

Lei Hu could not help but turn to look at Culkin, his eyes revealing a slight feeling of anxiety.

Culkin waved his hand and took a deep breath. With a solemn expression on his face, he said, “All right, it seems I really cannot afford to make this gamble.”

The other side were not aware of the relationship between him and Xian Yin. They do not know if they were cooperating or if Chen Xiaolian was truly threatening them. That was a very favourable condition for him. Chen Xiaolian was certain that before they manage to obtain the item they want, or at least, before determining the whereabouts of the item they want, they would not risk having Xian Yin die.

Culkin’s pair of eyes stared intently at Chen Xiaolian’s hand. Lei Hu who was beside him looked around, sweeping the area for any possible ambush locations.

They are being extra cautious? Even so, they will never find out Bei Tai’s ambush. Even after using the system to detect, the results will be the same. After all, we are not in a battle state right now. The system will not reveal Lun Tai and Bei Tai’s location. Chen Xiaolian thought to himself.

“If you want this woman, you may come snatch her away.”

Culkin frowned and he was seemingly hesitant for a moment. Finally, he walked forward.

“Snatch her, is it?” The tone Culkin used seemed rather relaxed.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes were firmly focused upon Culkin’s foot movement.

The moment Culkin reached a distance of 10 meters from Chen Xiaolian, Chen Xiaolian made his move!

Chen Xiaolian summoned the axe that had lost its axe blades and only had its pole tip left. He charged out fiercely toward Culkin.

Charging Stinger skill! When used, it will automatically increase its user’s Agility attribute to [B+]!

Chen Xiaolian did not know if this [B+] speed was sufficient to keep up with Culkin’s figure.

Most importantly, Chen Xiaolian had suddenly tossed Xian Yin to the back.

Chen Xiaolian made a gamble. At present, the Countess would be more important to Culkin compared to dealing with them.

This time, he made the right gamble!

Seeing Chen Xiaolian toss Xian Yin to the side, a change appeared on Culkin’s face. As expected, the direction that his figure was facing changed from Chen Xiaolian to Xian Yin.

The pole of Chen Xiaolian’s spear was stabbed precisely in the direction that Xian Yin was looking at.

“Bei Tai! Right now!”

Chen Xiaolian shouted out through the guild channel.

At the same time, an invisible Air Incarceration skill emerged before Xian Yin.

The instant that the spear shot out before Xian Yin’s body was the same time that Culkin’s body appeared there.

Culkin frowned. However, he did not panic. He raised his short blade to intercept Chen Xiaolian’s spear.


A clear sound rang out. Even though the short knife in Culkin’s hand was as thin as a layer of onion, the collision did not seem to cause any damage to it. Chen Xiaolian felt as though a strong force was coursing through the tip of the spear. The force became like a hammer as it beat straight toward his chest.

While he was parrying the blow from the spear pole, the Air Incarceration skill materialized around Culkin’s body.


However, this was not the end of this round of attacks.

A “bang” sound rang out from the top part of the small building.

Lun Tai’s snipe was executed at the perfect timing.

The first attack by Chen Xiaolian’s spear pole had been aimed right at where Culkin would most likely be, thereby forcing Culkin to stop going after Xian Yin. The second attack by Bei Tai with his Air Incarceration skill captured Culkin who was in the middle of parrying the spear attack. The third attack was the final killing blow!

Even though Culkin was very strong, Chen Xiaolian believed that he absolutely do not have the ability to resist a bullet from a large-caliber sniper rifle.

A jet of blood sprayed out into the air.

Under Chen Xiaolian’s detailed plan, Culkin finally suffered from an injury.

At the last minute, Culkin had slightly moved his body. It was only a little and he was barely able to avoid being critically wounded. Although the bullet had only grazed past his shoulder, it was a bullet shot from a 12.7mm sniper rifle. Despite the fact that the bullet had only grazed him, it was enough to draw blood from Culkin.

“Well done, Lun Tai!” Chen Xiaolian gripped onto the spear that was deflected off earlier. Drawing a semicircle with it, he then stabbed forward again.

“Guild Leader!” Lei Hu who was behind Culkin finally made his move. However, he did not move toward Chen Xiaolian who was executing his Charging Stinger skill at Culkin. He did not run toward Lun Tai who was equipped with the sniper rifle and he also did not bother looking around for Bei Tai. Instead, he ran straight back out through the yard.

He’s running? Chen Xiaolian became happy. If that was the case, then their fight would become much easier. In fact… they might even be able to kill Culkin without summoning Bai Qi.

At the same time, an inexplicable burst of fury exploded out from Chen Xiaolian’s heart. This fury was directed at Lei Hu.

Running away? You think you can run away? You actually… dare to run away?

His stab was supposed to be aimed at enemy Guild Leader who had been injured by Lun Tai. It twisted and drew an arc as it abruptly stabbed toward Lei Hu, who was running away.

This is… … Aura of Enmity?

Although Chen Xiaolian was able to think of that, he was still incapable of controlling his own emotions. This member of the opposing team was not really running away. He was utilizing the Aura of Enmity to unravel his well-laid plan.

Lun Tai was to snipe from a long range; Bei Tai was to control the field while he went in to engage in a melee. By adding this upper hand to the mix, as long as their sequence was not broken, their attacks would be akin to a continuous wave of tidal waves. But, if this rhythm that they created were to be broken…

As Chen Xiaolian was inwardly shouting out ‘not good’, the surging wrath within his heart receded and his attention once again fell upon the enemy Guild Leader.

Unfortunately, the delay allowed Culkin to dodge while in the air, causing the spear attack to miss. His hand covered the wound on his shoulder and both his eyes stared angrily at Chen Xiaolian who was standing before him.

The next shot from Lun Tai did not happen.

There was only a furious roar as Lun Tai jumped down from the building behind them.

Due to the rage of having his little brother’s arm cut off, Lun Tai was automatically targeted by Lei Hu’s Aura of Enmity skill, overriding Chen Xiaolian who was closer to Lei Hu. He was then lured away by Lei Hu.

"Damn it!"

Chen Xiaolian swore.

What a powerful Aura of Enmity!

It was too late for him to catch up to Lun Tai. Then, he caught sight of Culkin who stood before him, sneering.

Culkin’s eyes were narrowed and his anger quickly dissipated. His face swiftly changed back to its original state of calmness and he said, “It seems I had underestimated you. However, that opportunity you had just now will not reappear again.”

“If I don’t try, how would I know?” Chen Xiaolian sneered and replied, “It is currently still a one on two.”

“What happened just now was just a mistake on my part. I have decided now, I will first kill you fellows off. Then, I will take my time to pull out the whereabouts of the sacred artefact from her.” Culkin extended his hand, which slowly moved over the wound on his shoulder. Next, his tongue lightly licked the blood on his fingertips. “Prepare yourself for death!”

Chen Xiaolian stared at Culkin and quickly thought to himself.

This time, we are not in the enemy’s designated ambush location and his spatial coordinates ability cannot be utilized… if so…

I might be able to fight against him! Additionally, there is also Bei Tai’s Air Incarceration skill to control the field!

In the next instant, Chen Xiaolian discovered that he had miscalculated!

Culkin gave a sneer and his figure became a blur!

So fast!

Chen Xiaolian’s pupils quickly shrank!

Seeing the figure arrive before him, Chen Xiaolian was only able to shoot out with the spear to parry the incoming blow!


“Bei Tai!” Chen Xiaolian shouted out into the guild channel.

“His speed is too fast! I can only try my best to affect him!”

Chen Xiaolian grunted and narrowed his eyes as he struggled to stab his spear forward.

Culkin moved his body to the side to dodge. This time though, his figure suddenly became sluggish for a moment. Culkin’s face revealed surprise; noting that he was unable to dodge, he raised his short knife to block the incoming attack from Chen Xiaolian’s spear.


Both their bodies staggered at the same time!

“Well done, Bei Tai! Keep blocking his move!”

“It seems the time is nigh for me, the great master Tian Lie to make my move,” said Tian Lie. He was leaning heavily against the chair that Sasha had originally been sitting on. His legs were raised and placed upon the surface of the computer table as he languidly observed the computer screen.

It was connected to a surveillance camera situated across the road from the museum.

Although the video was not too clear, it showed the real time events that were happening and the battle that was going on within the museum’s yard.

Upon the screen, Chen Xiaolian and Culkin could be seen engaging in a melee battle.

“Tian… … Sir Tian Lie, whose side are we on?” Sasha stood to the side and he carefully asked Tian Lie. Since this man before him had attacked him who was a subordinate of Culkin, then he should be on the opposing side of his former boss.

“No, no need to hurry. Considering this kid’s character, he must certainly have a trump card hidden,” said Tian Lie as he considered the matter. Then, he grinned and said, “When he is truly out of options, that will be the time this great master makes my debut!”

“Your spear technique is not bad. A pity the level of your skill is too weak.” Culkin flashed to the side as he pulled back the dagger he used to cut a wound on Chen Xiaolian’s upper arm area. His lips curled into a smile and he said, “The Air Incarceration skill upon my body is getting weaker and weaker. You can’t afford any more of this.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at the wound on his upper arm area and he waggled his eyebrows.

Time left before he could summon Bai Qi… about two more minutes!

“Guild Leader! My incarceration ability is not going to hold on much longer!”

Bei Tai’s message came over from the guild channel.

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth.

This time’s gamble… seemed to have failed?

Chen Xiaolian had originally thought that he could hold on until the time came. However, after Lei Hu lured Lun Tai away, breaking their organized group combat, these two minutes had become something of an insurmountable moat.

Could it be that I have to resort to using the Great Art of Demonic Dissolution [1]?

“Do you have no other moves? In that case… just die!” Culkin sneered.

Chen Xiaolian’s pupils contracted and he bounced up vigorously from the ground. He dodged the slash by the incoming short knife that Culkin was brandishing and retreated toward Xian Yin who was behind him.

Run? Hide?

No matter what, as long as he could last through these two minutes, everything will work out! Chen Xiaolian was confident that as long as the cool down period came to an end, this man before him would be no match for Bai Qi.

Rolling on the ground, Chen Xiaolian picked up Xian Yin before she could even respond. Then, he ran into the museum building behind them.

“You think you can run escape?” A trace of ridicule flashed across Culkin’s face. His figure flashed once more to reappear before the escaping Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian who was holding onto Xian Yin in his left hand clenched his teeth. His right hand held the spear and stabbed it forward in Culkin’s direction.

This time, Culkin did not dodge at all.

Light burst out from both of Culkin’s eyes and he reached out with his left hand with a ghost-like move.

Culkin intercepted the tip of the spear with his bare hand!

Culkin stood before Chen Xiaolian. His head was lowered as he examined the tip of the spear that he was holding onto. A faint smile was etched upon his face.

“This weapon is [A] class, right? It’s not bad… … so, next, I want it to – BURST!”

Following Culkin’s words, the spear, all that remained of the axe that had lost its axe blades, broke and shattered!

With a pinch, he caused an [A] class weapon to burst apart!

Due to the bursting spear, countless metal fragments shot out toward both Culkin and Chen Xiaolian. In that instant, Chen Xiaolian quickly embraced Xian Yin and sprang to the back. Then, after rolling over a few times, he curled into a ball on the ground.

The shockwave and fragments of the spear blasted outward, adding to the injury that Chen Xiaolian was suffering from. At the moment, however, the shock Chen Xiaolian felt within his heart outweighed the injuries that he was suffering from. The shock he felt was comparable to the endless roaring of thunder.

They had confronted each other twice so far and he had gained a certain grasp of Culkin’s strength. Although Culkin was stronger than him and Bei Tai combined, he was certain that Culkin did not have the strength to easily destroy an [A] class weapon.

He was shocked because – the move he just saw was clearly Metal Burst [2]!

Qiu Yun’s Metal Burst skill!

“Qiu Yun! You are Qiu Yun… … you did not die?” Chen Xiaolian stared with widened eyes. He stared intently at the man standing before him who shared the same face with Qiu Yun.

The same appearance and the same skill.

But, Qiu Yun… … Qiu Yun should have already died in the Qin Shihuang instance dungeon!

“I told you before, I am not Qiu Yun.” Culkin gave a faint smile and shook his head. “You who have taken over Meteor Rock Guild should know this better than me.”

“Then… … then, why are you…” Chen Xiaolian staggered as he tried to get up. Yet, after struggling for a long time, he finally slumped down to the ground and spat out a mouthful of blood. He had used his body to block off the aftermath from the explosion earlier in order to protect Xian Yin, ensuring that she did not suffer from any injuries.

“There is no need for you to know,” said Culkin as he shook his head. He raised the dagger in his hand and said, “Now, the woman in mine.”

Culkin sneered and walked past Chen Xiaolian. He did not even bother giving him a glance; instead, he directed his attention at the Countess and slowly walked over.

"Do not come!"

Seeing the dagger held within Culkin’s hand, both of Xian Yin’s legs trembled slightly. Her voice was hoarse and her eyes were filled with panic.

Xian Yin held on to a black coloured old-fashioned umbrella and she directed the tip of the umbrella at Culkin, putting on a show of intimidation that possessed no strength behind it.

“What? An ant finally found its courage?” Culkin smiled subconsciously and said, “A weak woman holding onto an umbrella… …”

Culkin’s voice trailed off and his eyes that were mocking Xian Yin abruptly turned incomparably serious. It was so serious to the point where a trace of something else could be seen – fear.

Indeed, fear!

However, those fearful eyes of Culkin were not directed at Xian Yin. Rather, they were directed at the black coloured, old-fashioned umbrella in her hand.

An old-fashioned wooden handle, black coloured umbrella fabric and an ancient design!

“This… … this umbrella. Where did you get it from?” Despite doing his best to suppress it, traces of trembling could be heard within Culkin’s voice.

Xian Yin did not say anything. She simply stared cautiously at Culkin as she tightly gripped onto the umbrella with both her hands and brandished it. The difference in strength between the weak her and Culkin could be compared to being thrown alone in the wilderness where she had to face off against a pack of wolves.

“I am asking you a question! Where did you get the umbrella from?!” After observing it in detail for a moment, the look of fear upon Culkin’s face resurfaced. Then, after forwarding his question, he began to mumble to himself. “No… … it cannot be that person… … impossible. That person, should be a mere legend… besides, she is clearly not an Awakened. She should have no connection with that person! This is just a coincidence! This umbrella simply happened to look the same!”

On the other end of the screen, the relaxed expression on Tian Lie’s face completely disappeared. His face had become solemn and his face was almost making contact with the surface of the monitor as his eyes stared intently at the black coloured umbrella in Xian Yin’s hands.

It was as though that was not an ordinary old-fashioned umbrella but a wondrous artefact that could incinerate the Heavens and destroy the Earth!

“Not, no… … that cannot be possible…”

The situation had turned into a stalemate. Chen Xiaolian had his hand on his chest as he half knelt on the ground, Xian Yin was holding onto the umbrella, Culkin was in a trance as he kept mumbled to himself. Time seemed to have stopped for the three of them.

“No matter… … a legend is just a legend after all.” After a long while, Culkin made his decision. He clenched his teeth and raised the dagger in his hand.

"Wait a minute!"

Chen Xiaolian suddenly forced himself up from the ground.

“Oh? Do you plan on stopping me?”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head and said, “Just now you have the opportunity to kill me. However… … I think you won’t have the chance to regret this anymore.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian quietly looked at the time.

Countdown… … complete!

“Come out, Bai Qi!”

The God of Slaughter, Bai QI’s cool down period was finally over!

A sword light flashed out!

Both of Culkin’s pupils contracted into pinholes. He instinctively reacted. Before Chen Xiaolian could even finish his sentence, Culkin had flashed over to the side.

The moment Culkin’s figure disappeared from where he was standing, a sword light pierced through the spot where he had been standing at.

A drop of blood dripped to the ground as Culkin looked on with a horrified expression.

Although he had dodged quickly before the sword light appeared, the sword light that had been issued out after he made his move had managed to stab him in his lower abdomen in the last moment.

The sword had pierced through Culkin’s abdomen!

“Life qi… … blood… … life qi…”

A white robed figure appeared on the spot where the sword light dispersed.

What powerful strength!

This opponent was much stronger than him!

Lowering his head to look at the wound on his abdomen, Culkin quickly determined the difference in strength between the enemy and himself.

He used his hand to cover the wound on his lower abdomen area before quickly taking out a [High] class Healing Beast Blood and swallowed it.


That was the first thought that appeared in Culkin’s mind.

“Bai Qi, kill him!”

Chen Xiaolian shouted.

Culkin could feel the cold eyes staring at him. The powerful killing intent was seemingly capable of piercing through his skin, causing him to feel a faint sensation of pain!

However… Bai Qi suddenly turned his body around.

Bai Qi who had turned around cast his gaze at Chen Xiaolian.

There was no pupil or sclera in his eyes. Instead, there was only a darkness that resembled a deep abyss in them.

His body that was originally wearing white coloured robes were now exuding traces of black qi. The black qi billowed lightly in the wind.

“Bai, Bai Qi?” Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

“… blood… lifeblood!” Bai Qi spoke out with a parched and hoarse voice. Then, he slowly raised the sword in his hand and pointed it at Chen Xiaolian.

Due to his earlier fight with Culkin, Chen Xiaolian’s body was presently suffering from wounds everywhere and blood stained his body.

Bai Qi’s eyes were focused onto… the wounds on Chen Xiaolian’s body!

And the blood!

Within the pair of cold eyes, something flowed out. It was a maddening…


Indeed – it was a desire for blood and life qi!

“Bai, Bai Qi?”

1 His [S] class skill, Goddess of Dawn’s attack: Overwhelming Sunlight Purification which combusts all his attributes for an all-out attack. Even though his stats will be restored, it takes quite some time.

2 Metal Burst is Qiu Yun’s special skill which appeared in Chapter 63.

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