Chapter 225: New Pet

GOR Chapter 225: New Pet

“Waha ha ha ha ha ha! I am the true king of this world!”

Sasha 's unpleasant voice reverberated within the room.

The only light source of the dimly lit room was the three computer monitors. A variety of residual junk food and boxes were littered across the floor of the room.

An opened box of pizza was laid upon the table beside him. There was one more piece left inside.

Without any scruples, Sasha grasped his hair with his grease stained hands. Next, he stared at the monitor and revealed a smile on his face. “What nonsensical membership fee? You think you can get this senior’s money? To Hell with you! Humph! What famed biggest adult website in Europe, your site’s security is trash! Tremble before the heels of the Great Emperor Sasha!”

Displayed upon the monitor screen was an adult video site that featured the videos of some young and beautiful women of various races. The pictures shown… naturally, those were all 18+ content.

However, Sasha showed no hesitation in surfing the contents of the web. He entered the site’s server with ease. Not only could he freely browse the various adult videos inside, he could also easily pull out the personal information of the women from the members’ section.

“Ahh, this one is 21 years old, her face is not bad… … F**k, these breasts are obviously fake! This Great Emperor Sasha hates fake breasts the most! That is simply an act of deception toward customers!

“Oh, this Little Sweetheart seems quite good. A very well-proportioned figure… … a pity, that nose had clearly underwent surgery before. Who the Hell would like these artificial beauties? With a fake nose, they’ll need to be careful when kissing, otherwise the nose could get dislocated.

“That sucks! Sucks! Sucks!

“Aha! This one is good! This is a top-grade stuff! A redhead, I like! Perky breasts, curvy buttocks, long legs and a slender waist! Aha ha! Let me check your information, my dear little baby… …”

Sasha salivated. His one hand reached out to grab a piece of pizza while his other hand tapped his keyboard.


All three computer monitors blacked out at the same time!

“Oh b ‘lyad’!!!”

Sasha fiercely swore in Russian!

The room’s air-conditioning was still running. That was a clear indication that there was no power outage or anything of the sort!

Sasha threw the pizza away and frantically threw himself onto the keyboard. He tapped the keyboard in a frenzy before attempting to push the computer’s start button…

At that moment, the computer monitors suddenly lit up once again.

Displayed upon the screen was a 3D like face. The 3D face appeared somewhat odd and it made a weird face as it faced Sasha who was facing the computer monitors.

“{Hello}, I found you!”

The sound came from the speakers.

Sasha was momentarily shocked and his face was quick to change! He retracted both his hands from the keyboard and leaned backward. He stared back at the face within the monitor and asked, “You… … who are you?”

“Who am I is not important. The important thing here is you. I discovered that you were using the police’s surveillance system to do the same thing as me, little one.” The face within the monitor smiled. “Still, I have to say this. You did a good job. However, there is something that dissatisfied me. It seems that you were looking for the same thing I was, you were looking for the same target!”

“… … …” Sasha looked in horror at the face within the monitor.

At that moment, this Russian boy’s heart had been shocked to the extreme!

Sasha was originally a super hacker. After becoming an Awakened, he came to possess a special ability and he became like a tiger that gained wings [1]. At the very least, that was how things were in the world of computers. There should not be anyone in the world who was stronger than him in this field.

However, there was undeniable proof that an opponent had appeared before him. This opponent had hacked him, leaving no trace and making no sound. This opponent had found him and was now directly contacting him…

As for Sasha, he did not even know how the opponent had done so!

“I… I do not understand what you're talking about. What, what do you mean the same objective?”

“Ah, the fellow who thinks his face is very small and that aristocrat woman. [2]” The face in the monitor smiled. “I found out that you were using the police’s surveillance system to look for them. That made me unhappy… … You know? That little fellow… other than me, I do not like it when other people make a move on him!”

“You, what do you want to do? I…”

Sasha’s eyes swivelled around. He subconsciously accessed his system’s guild channel and attempted to contact Culkin and Lei Hu.

In the following moments, something happened, terrifying Sasha!

He was shocked to find that his system’s guild channel was unable to send out any message.

How is this possible?

Could it be that this opponent could even hack the ‘system’?

“Looking for your protectors to help you? You poor little boy.”

The face within the monitor suddenly twisted. The next scene caused Sasha’s eyes to bulge out!

The face suddenly stuck out from the monitor screen!

Countless streams of data flowed out like symbols made of light. They merged together before Sasha and formed the face.

Sasha's voice became incomprehensible. At that moment, it was hard to tell if he was panicking or… excited?

“Data… data… materialization of body?!” Sasha’s eyeballs were on the verge of popping out. “How did you… … how did you do that? Data materialization of the body?! This, this is impossible! Also… I can accept you controlling my computer… however, how did you end up controlling my ‘system’? Could it be, you could even hack the ‘system’? How is that possible?”

“Oh, you really are a stupid boy. I obviously do not have the ability to hack the ‘system’. However, you may turn and look at your buttocks and legs.”

Sasha looked down and was immediately stunned.

He was seated on a rolling chair. However, at an unknown moment in time, the handrails and the bottom part of the chair that were made of metal had transformed into something akin to tentacles. Without him noticing, the tentacles had attached itself to his body!

“You… … just who are you? What do you want?”

“In the beginning, after finding out that you had used the police’s surveillance system to find the fellow that I wanted to protect, I had wanted to just kill you off. But now… … I changed my mind. Your ability is quite good and I am very interested in it. So, how about I give you an offer?”

The floating face made of streams of data grinned and continued.

“As it so happens, my last human pet accidentally died on me. As of now, I don’t have a pet. This place remains vacant even now.  So… … are you interested in filling in this spot? Become my human pet!”

“I… … I…” Sasha was sweating profusely.

He was not simply constrained to being a programming otaku [3]. In fact, after becoming an Awakened and joining Culkin’s guild, he gained many benefits. Culkin had helped him enhance his body.

Sasha possessed a certain battle strength.

However… as he faced this mysterious face, Sasha realized that he had no ability to resist!

His programming skill, which was his pride was suppressed and crushed by this opponent. Even more terrifying was the fact that this opponent could materialize data into a body and control metal… thus, depriving him of his control over his body.

No, not just the body. Even his consciousness had fallen under his control!

He was even incapable of accessing his system’s guild channel!

Sasha was certain that it would be a piece of cake for the opponent to kill him off.

“I… … do I even have any other option?”

“Oh, sorry. Naturally, there’s no other options for you. Once I set my eyes on having you as my pet, even if you wish to die, that would be up to me.”

“In other words… I have no choice at all?” Sasha’s eyes suddenly lit up and he said, “Can you ensure my safety? Also… … can you tell me, how did you accomplish that materialization of data into a body?”

“After you become my pet, you will get the answers to those questions.”

“If so… … all right! Besides, changing bosses is not something unacceptable.” Sasha suddenly relaxed. There was seemingly no morality or sense of guilt in his face as he said, “I’ll accept! This is just a change of BOSS, so what if I do?”

“Good, my little pet. Now, the first thing you need to do is to remember your owner’s name. Remember, your owner’s name, that is, my name is Tian Lie.

“You may call me Sir Tian Lie.”

“Tian, Sir Tian Lie…”

“Mm, not bad, I like being addressed that way. Now, tell me, did you find that kid just now? Did you tell your team members his location?”

The pot of tea was quickly finished.

Chen Xiaolian stood up, walked to the window and looked at the sky outside.

It was getting late. It was almost over 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

He turned around to look at Xian Yin.

Xian Yin looked a little nervous. She took a deep breath and looked at Ambler. “Ambler, I think you can get off work. It’s getting late, so… …”

“Is there a problem with me being here?” Ambler maintained an expression of serenity and said, “I usually like to stay here until late at night.”

“We… … we need to do something here,” said Xian Yin with a sigh. “It’s something private.”

“Very well.” Ambler smiled and said, “Then, I will go back first. Right, when you are leaving, remember to switch off the lights and close the door.”

Ambler stood up. He walked to the window and looked outside. “Looks like it’s raining outside.”

“This is London. Rain is a very normal occurrence here,” said Chen Xiaolian calmly as he looked into Ambler’s eyes.

He kept getting the feeling that this man named Ambler was giving off a mysterious vibe.

However… … Xian Yin mentioned that she had known him for a long time… additionally, he was Xian Yin’s oil painting teacher.

Then, identity wise, this Ambler should be an ordinary NPC…

Ambler seemingly cast a casual glance at Chen Xiaolian.

Then, he turned around and walked toward a cabinet located behind. Opening the cabinet door, he retrieved two umbrellas with long handles from the inside.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes abruptly focused.

Those were two old-fashioned umbrellas!

The handles were made from wood and the fabric for the umbrella was black in colour. They had an old-fashioned shape.

“Gentlemen, unfortunately, I only have two umbrellas. I need one to go home. As for this remaining one, it can only be given to the miss.”

Ambler gave a faint smile and placed one of the umbrellas before Xian Yin. He leaned forward to embrace Xian Yin and kissed her cheek. He said, “It’s raining. Be careful, my dear. When you go out, use the umbrella that I gave you.”

As he said that, he reached his hand out and lightly tapped the umbrella. “Don’t forget to take it with you.”

“… all right.” Xian Yin appeared confused. However, she nodded her head.

“Well then, ladies and gentlemen, good bye.” Ambler was quick to leave the room. He walked out of the door and left.

Chen Xiaolian stood by the window and watched as Ambler left. Ambler’s movement was steady. Without turning his head back, Ambler quickly disappeared into the yard outside.

"What do we do now?" asked Lun Tai.

“Get ready for battle,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “Since those fellows can find Xian Yin once, I believe that they would certainly be able to find her a second time.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian shifted his gaze to the yard outside. Somewhere across the street, a surveillance camera could be seen on a street lamp.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes shone and he said, “I have this feeling. We will not need to wait long. Guests will be coming along soon enough.”


Lun Tai pulled out a gun and violently pulled up its slide.

1 If I am not mistaken, there is a belief that a tiger that can fly is superior to dragons.

2 Xiaolian’s name sounds like the words ‘small face’ in Chinese.

3 Otaku is a Japanese word for a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.

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