Chapter 222: Pleasant Sounding Name (Teaser)

GOR Chapter 222: Pleasant Sounding Name

The Countess could sense that Chen Xiaolian’s gaze toward her was gradually becoming peculiar. She frowned and asked. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Chen Xiaolian gave a faint smile and turned his gaze away – he was not one to blindly ask her about something like that.

Even if those things were really in the Countess’ hands, this shrewd woman would never admit to it.


The Holy Grail or Holy Lance might not necessarily be in the hands of the Norman family…


There was a very high possibility that they possessed the Sword of Promised Victory!

The Sword of Promised Victory was like the Sword in the Stone, one of the weapons used by King Arthur!

The sword with unparalleled sharpness, the Sword of Promised Victory, the Sword of the Lake… that sword was an existence superior to the Sword in the Stone!

“Well then, let’s stop beating around the bush,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “Since you’ve admitted that the Sword in the Stone is in your hands, then… … what would it take for you to give it to me?”

The Countess was silent for a moment, and she began to speak in an odd tone.

“I do not understand just what kind of people you fellows are or how your world looks like.” The Countess shook her head. “The so-called Sword in the Stone, the so-called symbol of royal authority… in my eyes, all of these are but legends.

“What era are we in right now? Even the royal family currently holds no power. Who would view a sword as the symbol of royal authority?

“In my opinion, no matter how precious that object may be, it is only an antique within my family collection.

“That is what I have always thought about it.

“From what I know of history, my family have once exhausted all their efforts to find the other half. As for me, I have never placed any real consideration into this matter.

“Perhaps I had interpreted their actions as an act of one who was unable...

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