Chapter 219: Ambush

GOR Chapter 219: Ambush

Those words uttered by the Countess finally moved Chen Xiaolian’s heart!

“Now then, are you willing to tell me?” asked the Countess. She looked at Chen Xiaolian with an eagle like gaze.

Seeing how the Countess had bit her lips to the point of causing blood to flow out, Chen Xiaolian’s heart became moved.

“Have you heard of the name Miao Yan?” said Chen Xiaolian with a sigh.

The Countess’ eyes immediately widened!

"I’ve heard that name before!" the Countess was quick to respond. "Someone once mistook me for that, the name… …”

“All right,” Chen Xiaolian interrupted the Countess’ words – they have already had this conversation a few days ago and he had learnt quite a bit about that matter. There was no need for them to repeat that conversation.

He looked at the Countess and said, “Since you know that name… then, I believe I can tell you something. No, it would be more accurate to say we can make an exchange.”

“What do you want?” The Countess took a deep breath. “I can give you money, an incredibly, huge sum of money! I am qualified to be called a very wealthy woman.”

Under normal circumstances, this shrewd woman would never give such a straightforward offer. She would also never reveal her distressed state of mind.

However, at this moment, on this day, and in this cemetery, she had clearly lost control of her emotions. Likewise, her normal state of calmness and shrewdness were also lost.

“What I need is not money,” answered Chen Xiaolian with a frown. After considering for a moment, he said, “What I need… … is an item.”

“An item?” The Countess’ eyebrows were raised.

Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly and hesitated a moment before sighing out. He asked, “Have you heard about King Arthur’s Sword in the Stone?”

Countess: “… … …”

After a very long time, a trace of change finally appeared upon the Countess’ face. She stared right into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes, seemingly in an attempt to gauge any changes within his expression. She slowly asked, “You… … how did you know about that item?”

"Legends? Stories?" Chen Xiaolian smiled.

“Don’t beat around the bush with me. You know well what I am asking about,” the Countess answered coldly. “If it’s an item from the legends, why would you come ask me about it?”

"You are a descendant of the Norman family," Chen Xiaolian gently said. "You are a descendant of William the Conqueror, and the direct successor to the Norman Dynasty."

“How unexpected. You actually know that much about British history,” said the Countess with a mocking tone.

She weighed her answer and said, “What if I was to say, that is a fictitious item that does not exist and that you have found the wrong person?”

“Then, I will turn around and leave right now,” Chen Xiaolian answered coolly. “Although your life and the tragedies you have experienced is worth pitying… I am not someone close to you; there is no need for me to pity you.”

Chen Xiaolian could distinctly feel it. After he finished uttering that sentence, the atmosphere coming out of this woman standing before him had become completely different!

Her entire being was like a cautious cat as she cast a hostile stare at him.

Chen Xiaolian waited.

The Countess hesitated as she weighed the matter.

“We should probably head back. This place is not suitable for the discussion of matters such as this,” the Countess suddenly said with a smile.

At that moment, the calm and shrewd Countess had finally reappeared.

After having calmed down, this woman had regained her sense of shrewdness and she would not be easy to deal with.

“Name your place then. Should we head to your house?” Chen Xiaolian said with an air of indifference.

The Countess suddenly threw a glance at Chen Xiaolian and said, “Oh, right. Just now, you said that you came to visit me and coincidentally saw me heading out… … that means, you know how to go to my home! You’ve been there before?”

Of course I had been there before… … Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly to himself: However, the one I met was not you, but the other you.

Seeing Chen Xiaolian maintain his state of silence, the Countess did not try to force the subject. Instead, she took a deep breath. “Then, my home it is.”

After saying that, she called out. Stewart the butler and the bodyguard quickly came over.

“Let’s go back. We’ve been here for long enough,” the Countess said coolly.

“Yes, my mistress.” Stewart nodded. He quickly went to inform the driver to bring the car over.

Seeing her car coming to a stop before them, Chen Xiaolian said, “My car will follow behind you.”


The Countess looked at Chen Xiaolian; a peculiar look flashed across her face and she said, “You come with me.”

“Eh?” Chen Xiaolian was somewhat stunned.

The Countess turned to look at the butler. She said, “Stewart, you drive.”

The butler knitted his eyebrows and turned to look at the driver. “Then, the driver…”

“Figure something to let him go back by himself.” The Countess shook her head. “You’ll arrange things for that.”

“That’s not safe!”

The bodyguard raised the issue and turned to look at Chen Xiaolian with a frown on his face. He said, “I should stay by your side…”

“No, there is something that I need to discuss in private with this gentlemen.” The Countess waved off his suggestion.

Chen Xiaolian hesitated a little before nodding his head.

When Lun Tai and Bei Tai drove their car over, the Countess did not appear surprise. She had a cool expression on her face. Only her butler and bodyguard revealed a somewhat vigilant look.

After exchanging some words with Lun Tai and Bei Tai, Chen Xiaolian entered the Countess’ car that was then driven by the butler, Stewart.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai drove behind them.

As for the bodyguard driver… … that was not something that warranted Chen Xiaolian’s attention.

Under Stewart’s driving skills, the car moved in a very stable manner.

The car moved through the road with a relatively decent velocity.

After the car was started up, the butler was insightful enough to quickly move up the partition separating the front side of the car and the back.

“Now we can continue our discussion.” The Countess sat down on the back seat and gave a light smile.

The car was a very old-fashioned car with dual back seats and furnishings placed before them.

The Countess opened a drawer within the car and took out a bottle of wine and two wine glasses from the inside.

It was champagne, chilled.

“Here’s to a successful exchange.” The Countess smiled and used an automatic bottle opener to open the bottle of champagne. She poured a glass of wine for herself before pouring another for Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian took a sip and said, “It tastes good, French?”

“Naturally, those from other places could only qualify to be called sparkling wine.” The Countess gestured with her head and looked at Chen Xiaolian. “May I ask why you think that the Sword in the Stone is with me? With the Norman family?”

Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment and he turned to look at the car’s partition.

“It is soundproof,” the Countess said coolly. “There is no need for you to worry. Additionally, Stewart is my most trusted person.”

“The answer is very simple. I learned a bit about British history and the Norman family is, in a sense, the one that had laid the foundations for a powerful British dynasty – it is the first strong dynasty.

“Thus, if the legends of King Arthur is based on someone, then I have to say that it is most likely based on your ancestor, the Great Conqueror, William.

“Additionally… the Sword in the Stone, the Sword that chooses the King, it would match the first great King. I feel that such a combination is very matching.”

“So, you speculated that my ancestor, William the Conqueror possessed the Sword in the Stone?” The Countess took a sip of the champagne.

The woman gave a faint smile and said, “Since you’ve read the legends, you should also know that the Sword in the Stone had been broken.”

“As a sword, it is indeed broken. However, as a symbol of royal authority, I believe that it being broken or not holds no importance. What is important is the meaning of its existence. No one would throw such an item away – that is, if it does exist.”

“See, you did not answer my question,” the Countess said coolly. “You simply made this speculation by chasing after the legends and the history of my ancestor, William the Conqueror…. however, what I am asking is… … how can you be certain that this item truly exists?! It is after all, just an item within a fictional legend.”

Without a doubt, this woman was extremely smart! She had already caught onto a key point!

The reason Chen Xiaolian could be certain that the Sword in the Stone truly existed… … was because the hilt was in his possession!

Naturally, he had no intention to tell her that.

“I think that now is not the time for you to be asking me questions,” said Chen Xiaolian in an indifferent manner. “I said it before. You may claim that you do not have the Sword in the Stone. If so, I will get off this car and leave.”

“… … …” The Countess subconsciously pursed the corners of her lips.

That move of hers gave Chen Xiaolian a certain boost to his confidence.

“This price of yours is too high.”

After a long time had passed, the Countess uttered that sentence.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes brightened. "So, you admit that this item…”

“Is there any point to me denying it? You are already certain of it.” The Countess shook her head. “Even so, the preciousness of such an item is something that I need not even say. You want to take it from me with such a simple exchange; the price for this exchange is extremely unfair.”

“Even if the price involves the unravelling of the nightmare that had constantly been haunting your heart?” asked Chen Xiaolian as he looked straight at the Countess.

The Countess’ face turned taut.

She suddenly sneered. “Maybe… … I can get what I want without making an exchange! I can… rob!”

As she spoke, she suddenly pulled out a gun from a concealed compartment!

It was a compact handgun with short muzzle.

However, a handgun was still a gun!

Chen Xiaolian, who had the gun muzzle pointed at him, did not show any expression of fear. He simply looked at the woman with a faint smile.

The Countess appeared familiar with the way to handle the gun. Clearly, this was not the first time that she had held onto a gun. Furthermore, she was careful enough to lean her body and tighten her elbow while putting a distance between her and Chen Xiaolian.

Observing the calm expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face, the Countess frowned and asked, “Are you not afraid? I will really shoot. Given my identity, I might run into a bit of trouble if I kill you. However, it won’t be as big as you think.”

“I believe your words,” said Chen Xiaolian coolly. “The same thing with this champagne that you brought out… … you could have poisoned it. However, I still chose to drink it… isn’t that true?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled as he picked up the bottle of champagne placed beside him. He then made a show of gulping down half its contents. “It tastes really good. That’s right, your house seems to always have good wine. The red wine that you treated me to last time was very tasty as well.”

“I… … I treated you with red wine?” The Countess froze for a moment.

“Yes, ’85 Latour. It was worth tasting,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile.

Chen Xiaolian was able to smile, but the same could not be said about the Countess!

She abruptly pressed a button positioned by the window.

It was an intercom.

"Stewart!" The Countess' voice revealed a trace of anxiousness.

“Yes, my mistress. Is there anything I can do for you?” Stewart’s voice came through from the intercom.

“I want you to immediately check the remaining number of ’85 Latours in the house!”

“Err… right now?”

“Right now! Call them up immediately and have them check it!” the Countess spoke with a sharp voice.

“Very well.”

A few minutes later, Stewart replied.

“My mistress, I have gotten the attendants at home go through the inventory. There are currently 11 bottles of ’85 Latours remaining.”

The Countess’ body quivered! She cast a profound gaze at Chen Xiaolian.

“All right, I got it.”

After turning off the intercom, the Countess turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. “Those ’85 Latours. I had bought those in an auction some time ago and there were a total of 12 of them. As I recall, I have not yet drunk them yet!”

“No, you drank it with me at least once. We drank a bottle,” said Chen Xiaolian with a relaxed smile on his face. “It was in a dining room within your house… eh, do I need to describe the appearance and furnishing of your dining room?”

“… there is no need.” The Countess looked at Chen Xiaolian and her eyes revealed traces of anxiousness. She hesitated a moment and lowered her head to look at the gun in her hand. “It seems… you are really not afraid of this thing? You… are special? Are you not an ordinary human?”

“I wouldn’t know if I am special.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and said, “At the very least, I can honestly tell you that what you have in your hand is not going to kill me.”

In the instant that the Countess was shocked, Chen Xiaolian rapidly extended out his hand to snatch the gun away from her hand!

Mmm, it won’t kill me because, as long as I do not die on the spot, what will happen is me wasting one Healing Beast Blood… still, Healing Beast Blood needs points ah. Chen Xiaolian thought to himself.

Although the gun was snatched away, the Countess was only scared for a moment. Then, a peculiar smile spread across her mouth. “It seems, you are still… afraid of guns.”

Chen Xiaolian raised an eyebrow in response. He then inspected the gun for a bit.

“No bullets?” Chen Xiaolian smiled and threw the gun back to the Countess. “Smart woman, you were testing me.”

The Countess retrieved the gun and said indifferently. “We are making a transaction. Before our transaction becomes successful, testing of the other side’s conditions is normal.”

“I am not that patient of a person,” replied Chen Xiaolian with a frown. “All right, my conditions are simple. I want the Sword in the Stone… as for what I will be giving in exchange; I will answer the questions in your mind.”

“What if I give you a fake sword?” The Countess suddenly smiled.

"Rest assured, I'm not so easy to fool." Chen Xiaolian shook his head in response.

The Countess stared at Chen Xiaolian. She stared intently into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes.

Then, she suddenly blurted out a sentence!

“The Sword in the Stone is broken! I only have the blade!"

Chen Xiaolian was shocked for a moment.

However, he quickly realized that he had been tricked!

The Countess pointed at Chen Xiaolian and said, “You knew! When I said I only have the blade… … there was no surprise toward that information! You were simply surprised that I would say that out!”

She kept staring at Chen Xiaolian as she continued, “Your reaction proves that you already know that the Sword in the Stone is broken. Additionally… … you are only looking for the blade! If so… … am I right to deduce…”

She suddenly took a deep breath "You already have the hilt!

This woman was indeed intelligent!

Chen Xiaolian felt his head aching.

At the same time that Chen Xiaolian was about to speak up, a guild channel message came over from Lun Tai!

"Be careful!"

Chen Xiaolian’s face stiffened and he instinctively rushed forward, pushing the Countess’ body down.

At the same time, he quickly opened his system’s radar.

Two distant green dots were rapidly approaching them!

The green dots on the radar represented…

Other game participants!

"You ... what are you doing! Let me go!”

The Countess was thrown onto the seat and was being pushed down by his body.

This calm and shrewd young woman appeared to have truly panicked. She struggled with all her might to push him off. She even bent her knee to place them upon Chen Xiaolian’s abdomen area.

"Do not move!" Chen Xiaolian roared loudly!

At the same time… …

Stewart the butler, who was driving the car could only watch helplessly as an orange coloured rocket-propelled grenade streaked through the air toward the car.

"RPG !!!!"


The rocket-propelled grenade struck the front left tire of the car. The impact from the resulting explosion lifted up the entire car!

The explosion happened when the car was still on the move and the car’s velocity was added to the impact of the explosion, causing the car to swerve sideways and flip!

Orange coloured flames rose up like a fireball blasting out into the sky.

Within the car, Chen Xiaolian quickly held the Countess within his arms. He used his own body to insulate the impact.

The two of them were stuck in the car as the explosion caused the car to flip around continuously. Chen Xiaolian’s back was slammed onto the insides of the car and the impact caused him to grunt out a few times.

The car finally stopped rolling. The car was badly damaged and deformed. That was especially true of the front side of the car. Even a part of the driver’s seat was caught in the explosion.

As expected, Stewart the butler who was in the driver’s seat had been killed.


The car carrying Lun Tai and Bei Tai caught up to them and came to a halt by the side of the road. Lun Tai jumped out of the car and was quick to run over. Bei Tai had a rifle slung over his shoulder as he ran forward!

“Up front! They are approaching!”

Within the car, the Countess uttered out a ***. She did not receive any harm as Chen Xiaolian took the vast majority of collisions on her behalf.

Although she felt somewhat dizzy, she was still fairly conscious.

Chen Xiaolian released his hold on her and crawled to the door.

The door had been completely deformed and could no longer be pushed open.

Then, before the astonished eyes of the Countess…

Chen Xiaolian adjusted his posture, placing both hands onto the interior of the car for support before striking out!


The deformed door was directly kicked away!

That… that is definitely an inhuman power!

In but an instant, the Countess felt her throat becoming parched. She had been left dumbfounded.

Because ...

She was clear on the fact that her car was special.

The glass and the car itself were bulletproof!

The door was much more durable compared to normal cars; it also weighed so much more.

Chen Xiaolian sent the door flying with a kick and quickly moved out. Next, he promptly reached back and grabbed onto the Countess’… … … hair.

Err, he wasn’t being rude. However, due to the position they were in, the only thing he could reach was the Countess’ hair.

He pulled her out through her hair.

The Countess attempted to struggle against it, however, Chen Xiaolian pulled her out in one move and held her within his arms.

It was then that she finally managed to collect herself.

“Stewart!” The Countess saw the blown up driver’s seat and screamed out mournfully.

“He’s dead!” Chen Xiaolian forcefully grabbed hold of her and had her move together with him toward Lun Tai with a bent forward posture.

Lun Tai had a rifle in his hand, which he aimed at the way Chen Xiaolian was coming from. Suddenly, he narrowed his eyes and shouted, “It’s coming again! RPG!”

Another rocket-propelled grenade streaked over, releasing orange flames behind it as it flew toward them!

This time, Chen Xiaolian’s reaction was quick. He caught the woman in his arm and pushed out his [B+] class strength and his figure charged forward.

Lun Tai had thrown his body forward to roll to the side of the road. The grenade struck the destroyed car and exploded. The resulting flames and shockwave forced them to fall to the ground.

Chen Xiaolian who was carrying the Countess had already run over tens of metres to the side of the road. Following which he threw himself to the ground.

The terrain of the road formed a natural barrier for them.

Thanks to that, the heat and shockwave from the explosion did not cause them any harm. Even so, Chen Xiaolian continued to hold on tightly to the Countess.

"Ten o'clock!"

Bei Tai shouted out. The rifle he carried with him had a scope equipped upon it. He used the scope to survey the area and caught sight of a figure!

Lei Hu was quick to put away the rocket launcher. Next, he rapidly dodged to the side.


A bullet pierced through the tree that he had been hiding behind earlier!


Lei Hu crawled up and made a middle finger gesture while facing the distant direction where the bullet came from – he was aware that the other side could see him.

“Bastard!” Bei Tai spat out violently. “Big bro!”

Lun Tai had suddenly run forward.

With a military knife in hand and a rifle in the other, he bent his body forward and rapidly rushed forward through the side of the roadside bushes.


Chen Xiaolian’s face sank and he shouted out. “Lun Tai! Get back!”

However, Lun Tai had already ran forward. At that moment, Chen Xiaolian became hesitant for a while before letting go of the Countess’ arms.

“Damn it! Miao Yan! Hurry up and come out! I can’t help you any longer!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian quickly ran forward.

In his hand was the Fearless War Axe that only had the pole tip left… … oh well, it would be more accurate to call it the Fearless Spear at this point. He went to pursue Lun Tai.

“Miao Yan? What do you mean? Come out?” The Countess lay upon the ground with a surprised expression. “What did he mean by that?”

Chen Xiaolian exerted his all but was unable to catch up to Lun Tai. He could only watch as Lun Tai charged into a copse of trees.

"Damn it!" Chen Xiaolian cursed loudly.

Lun Tai was unable to hear Chen Xiaolian’s shouts.

It was more accurate to say that he had, in that moment entered an odd state.

It appeared as though he was able to accurately pinpoint the location of his enemy.

A fiery and powerful impulse surged into existence within his heart.

It was an immense feeling of hatred and anger directed toward the one who had ambushed them!

Only one voice existed within his mind: Charge forward! Kill the bastard!”

“Lei Hu, this Aura of Enmity skill of yours is just too handy. Just make sure to be careful.”

Culkin smiled as he sent a message through the guild channel.

Next, he moved in from the other direction and approached Bei Tai… … or more accurately, he was moving toward the Countess.

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