Chapter 214: Curse

GOR Chapter 214: Curse

Chen Xiaolian rushed up once more!

This time, he did not utilize his axe skill. The Fearless Roar skill from Fearless War Axe was still in its cool down period. Thus, Chen Xiaolian wisely chose to utilize another skill.

Charging Stinger skill!

As a pole arm weapon, Fearless War Axe was compatible with pole arm skills. In addition to its fearsome attacks, Charging Stinger skill also had another function. When used, it will automatically increase his Agility attribute to [B+].

That was an easy decision to make.

If he were to use axe skills, under this circumstance where he was unable to utilize ‘Fearless Roar’, Chen Xiaolian’s strength remained at [B+] class while his Agility was at [B] class.

However, by utilizing ‘Charging Stinger skill’, even though his strength remained at [B+] class, his Agility would increase to [B+] class.

At present, this was the best choice for Chen Xiaolian,


The sharp point atop Fearless War Axe spiralled like a cyclone, breaking its way toward Lancelot’s face. This thrust skill from Chen Xiaolian also increased his Agility by leaps and bounds. His sidestepping move forced Lancelot to react to save himself!

Lancelot was greatly shocked and he brandished his long sword to parry the blow. A mighty force deflected the pole tip of the axe. Chen Xiaolian stepped to the side, bent his body forward and rolled forward on the ground.

At the same time, Lun Tai arrived!

A bench was thrown over and Lancelot slashed it apart. Wood chips scattered in the air, disrupting his line of sight. Lun Tai howled and his muscles exploded. His fist shot out, propelling his body together as it crashed into Lancelot’s chest.


Two fellows with burly bodies confronted one another!

Lancelot’s sword was too long while Lun Tai successfully engaged in a tussle with him. As a result, he could not utilize his sword moves to attack Lun Tai. Still, Lun Tai did face some disadvantages – after all, Lancelot was wearing armour.

The big force behind the impact sent Lancelot falling down the ground and the two of them rolled together like a ball.

“Bei Tai!”

Chen Xiaolian got up and shouted. Bei Tai had long since gotten prepared. Before this, he had swallowed a Healing Beast Blood and now, his Air Incarceration skill reappeared within the chapel!

Lun Tai and Lancelot were engaged in a melee scuffle. Fists that resembled piling machines hammered down upon Lancelot’s chest and shoulders.

With the [A] class strength granted by the Muscle Fruit skill, Lun Tai’s attacks were able to deform Lancelot’s durable armour.

Lancelot shouted out angrily. Traces of pain could be heard within his voice.

At that moment, Lancelot who had a rich amount of combat experience and refined martial arts let go of his sword. He let go of his sword, which was useless to him at this point.

Originally, he was only able to use one hand to defend against Lun Tai. But now that he had let go of his sword, his disadvantage was pulled away.

The two muscular men scuffled with one another on the ground. Although Lancelot had to suffer from a few punches, Lun Tai did not get away easy either. Lancelot’s fists were like hammers!

In the end, Lancelot who had the protection of armour prevailed. He delivered an uppercut upon Lun Tai’s chin and sent his body flying.

Lancelot bellowed loudly and jumped up to push the advantage.

In that instant, the Air Incarceration skill appeared, wrapping him up!

Without the protection of holy powers, Lancelot was held tight by the Air Incarceration skill. No matter how much he roared out and struggled, he was unable to break himself free.

Despite the paleness on his face, Bei Tai was apparently in a much better state compared to just now.

Chen Xiaolian charged forward and his axe hacked down viciously onto Lancelot’s shoulder.


A clear sound rang out and the shoulder pad portion of Lancelot’s magnificent armour was finally ruptured!

The blade of the axe sliced into the armour and bit into his shoulder, causing blood to spray out. Lancelot screamed out like a beast.

Chen Xiaolian forcefully pulled out his axe. At the same time, he saw Lun Tai crawling up.

A thought flashed through his mind and he yelled, “Lun Tai! Kill him!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian tossed Fearless War Axe over to Lun Tai.

In that instant earlier, he had weighed his options.

His present strength was only at [B+] class.

With the additional power granted to Lun Tai by his Muscle Fruit skill, Lun Tai’s strength had reached [A] class!

That was two classes above his!

Lun Tai leapt to the air, caught Fearless War Axe with ease and uttered an explosive shout.


Lun Tai’s eyes turned bloodshot and the muscles on his arms swelled outward! Both his arms abruptly inflated like a balloon!

At this moment, Lun Tai’s Muscle Fruit skill had been pushed to its limit!


Lun Tai gripped onto Fearless War Axe and drew an arc in the air with it, hacking down onto Lancelot’s helmet.

Following the loud noise, a ripple burst out in the middle of the air.

Lancelot screamed out. After receiving the attack, his body, which was originally standing on the ground was pushed into it. Both his legs were forced into the ground; his entire body became like a nail as he was brutally smashed into the stone floor of the chapel!

The helmet cracked! The blade of the axe broke through the helmet and pierced deep into Lancelot’s head.

Blood sprayed out and Lancelot’s howl finally transformed into a wailing sound.

Lun Tai pulled out Fearless War Axe… however, at that moment, an audible sound came out from the Fearless War Axe.

The part of the axe blade, that had been damaged suddenly cracked!

Before Chen Xiaolian’s very eyes, Fearless War Axe broke apart into pieces.

The two pieces of crescent-shaped axe blade completely broke down, leaving only the pole tip in the middle…

After breaking down, the pole tip was all that was left of Fearless War Axe!

Lun Tai appeared stunned. He held onto Fearless War Axe, not knowing what to do next.

A decisive light flashed within Chen Xiaolian’s eyes!

He suddenly pounced forward, his body vaulting through the air. Next, he retrieved the broken Fearless War Axe from Lun Tai’s hand.

When his body touched the ground, he was before Lancelot!

Chen Xiaolian raised his hand and weighed the pole tip in his hand for a bit before using both hands to grip it. Then, he thrust forward!


The pole tip brutally pierced into Lancelot’s chest before punching its way out from behind!

Cracks spread out upon his breastplate and he sprayed out blood. The lion shaped pattern engraved upon Lancelot’s armour was now dyed red with blood.

The light within Lancelot’s pair of eyes finally became dim.

“I… I curse you… …”

A weak sound was issued out from this Knight of the Round Table.

Suddenly, he extended both his hands and clenched onto the axe handle that had pierced into his chest.

It appeared that he was trying to pull the thing out of his body. However, at that moment, Lancelot had already lost all his strength.

He could only clutch onto it in vain.

“Curse you… … curse you… …” Lancelot cast a savage glare at Chen Xiaolian.

Suddenly, a black coloured mass of shadows burst out from Lancelot’s eyes!

The paint like blackness was akin to oil; it instantly engulfed his pupils and his eyes… then, it spread out through his face.

His whole body exuded the black coloured qi!

“I curse you! Despicable thief! Shameless liar! You demon who seduced me into forsaking my oath! I give my life to curse you! Curse you!!!

“My life!

“My blood!

“My body!

“My soul!

“My everything!

“I sacrifice it all to turn it into the power of hatred, the power to pay you back for this blood debt!

“This power will not stop! It will not rest! It will chase you until the day you fall to Hell!

“I… … Lancelot… … CURSE YOU!!!”

The black coloured flame like qi engulfed Lancelot’s entire body.

At that instant…

Chen Xiaolian was shocked to find that a large black coloured pattern had appeared upon both of Lancelot’s cheeks!

They looked like… some tattoo.

Next, the pieces of armour upon his body cracked apart and peeled off from his body.

His mighty body had become as black as ink.



Behind Lancelot, a pair of black coloured wings spread open!

At present, Lancelot, the Knight of the Round Table looked just like a… a…

A fallen dark angel!

“I… curse… you!”

After finishing this sentence…

His body collapsed!

Amid the black coloured flaming qi, his flesh and blood turned into ashes and dissipated into the air. Even the pair of black coloured wings that appeared at the last moment…

All of them disappeared!

Completely disappeared!


The handle with only a pole tip on it, all that was left of the broken Fearless War Axe, fell onto the ground.

“Is that fellow finally dead?” Lun Tai gasped for breath. Blood filled his mouth and nose and he coughed out violently.

Chen Xiaolian silently stooped forward to pick up Fearless War Axe from the ground. He inspected it for a moment…

Oh well.

Now, it’s a short spear.

Chen Xiaolian retrieved a Healing Beast Blood and gave it to Lun Tai. However, Lun Tai shook his head. He produced one of his own and swallowed it.

“Did we win? We finished off this immoral douchebag?” Bei Tai cheered as he ran up from behind. After reaching their side, he went to support his elder brother.

Chen Xiaolian cast a glance at the hole left behind by Lancelot. Then, he nodded his head and said, “We should have… … should have won.”

“Ha ha ha ha! Great!” Bei Tai turned around and gave Chen Xiaolian a hug. Patting heavily on his back, Bei Tai said, “Guild Leader! You really are smart! Your method is simply superb!”

Chen Xiaolian smiled in return. However, his heart felt uneasy. Lancelot’s last words kept giving him a feeling of peculiarity and discomfort.

A faint feeling of unease beset him.

Curse… hmph, that should just be some nonsensical dying words.

"Come on, let’s get out of here," said Chen Xiaolian with a sigh.

The three of them turned around and walked out of the chapel.

This time, there was no holy power there and the doors of the chapel were no longer able to stop the three of them from going out.

When they finally stepped out of the chapel, Lun Tai and Bei Tai laughed out.

Chen Xiaolian too, felt relief in his heart. He was just about to join them in their merry laughter when… the expression on his face suddenly turned stiff!

He received a prompt from the system!

Chen Xiaolian: “… … …”

[System prompt: A curse had been placed upon you by Fallen Lancelot.]

… … … F**K!!!

What is that supposed to mean?!!!

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