Chapter 212: Lancelot

GOR Chapter 212: Lancelot

Glory be my life!

The moment the old monk straightened himself, he no longer had the appearance of an old man!

The candlelight from the candle by his feet swayed and suddenly flared out! It was as though a mass of brilliance had covered the monk’s body, causing his stature to swell up rapidly!

The originally withered fingers, arms and flesh magically filled up; and his hunched body became tall, mighty and imposing.

His wide shoulders appeared capable of lifting up an entire mountain!

The formerly old monk extended his hand and, with a seemingly gentle gesture, ripped out the worn monk robes that he was wearing. Doing so exposed his mighty and imposing upper body, muscles brimming with vigour and strength, exuding the clear attractiveness of maleness in every aspect.

He looked like a statue of Hercules of ancient Greece!

Next, something even more magical occurred!

The man waved his left hand…

From within the clump of light, an arm armour appeared and it quickly attached itself onto his arm! Then came the gloves… shoulder pads… breastplate… greaves…

One piece of armour rapidly appeared after another from within the clump of light before attaching themselves onto the body of the man.

Bei Tai watched with a dumbfounded expression before suddenly blurting out:

“Son of a bitch! What is this? Saint Seiya? [1]

The clump of light slowly faded back and the tall man wearing armour stood before Chen Xiaolian and his team. The man’s powerful body blocked them from their escape route.

In his hand was a very long cross-shaped sword.

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai had their weapons raised, they gripped tightly to their military knives and firearms as they faced the fellow before them.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes shone as he stared at the man’s breastplate…

The surface was engraved with exotic and gorgeous lines. However, when inspected closely, its pattern could be identified.

That appeared to be a…


It appeared that Bei Tai had also recognized the pattern. He saw the lion-shaped engravings upon the armour worn by the man and spat out, “What the Hell? Gold Saint Leo?!”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. His eyes turned dark as he looked at the man before them.

His old face that had resembled a dried up orange peel had now became like a piece of jade with chiselled facial contours. It was handsome and filled with masculinity!

“The Lion of Britain… you are Lancelot!” Chen Xiaolian looked into the man’s eyes. Then, he suddenly sneered. “Mmm, should I call you the Lancelot, the Lion of Britain? Or Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table… or…

“Lancelot, the Betrayer.”

The last sentence had seemingly caused the man’s eyes to turn dark for a moment, a trace of pain flashed across his eyes.

“Lancelot, is my name – and my only name!"

The voice was one filled with unyielding resolution!

Chen Xiaolian exhaled.


He truly is Lancelot!

The most powerful Knight of the Round Table!

“That object does not belong to you. Put it down, it is an inviolable sacred artefact.”

Lancelot raised the cross-shaped sword in his hand, pointing it at Chen Xiaolian; a cold gleam flashed upon the surface of his sword blade.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath as his eyes stared right at Lancelot’s blade. He said, “Enough nonsense! Let’s fight!”

After saying that, he howled, raised his Fearless War Axe and charged forward!

The Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes were executed and he hacked down onto Lancelot’s head!

Head Cleaver!

The sword like gleam flashed through Lancelot’s eyes and he took half a step back. In an instant, he had both his hands gripping onto the sword and the blade of his sword came up before his head. His body sank slightly and his front legs bent…


Fearless War Axe struck down onto the blade of Lancelot’s sword and a cluster of white coloured light burst out!

Chen Xiaolian felt a powerful force propelling him backward. Originally, he should have been able to unleash three axe moves. However, his second move could not be executed and he was instead forced to take two steps back from the resulting shock.

His strength… very powerful!

Chen Xiaolian’s [B+] class strength was fully unleashed in the attack. Yet, his opponent had easily deflected it back!


Lun Tai roared and showed no hesitation to activate his skill!

Lun Tai’s Muscle Fruit skill was activated and his entire body swelled up. In an instant, he had transformed into a muscular berserker. After his body had burst out in size, he roared out again he raised the military knife in his hand and leapt straight forward!

As his body was soaring through the air, he summoned out an explosive-proof shield from his storage item and positioned it before his body. Then, he slammed forward!

There was a serious look in Lancelot’s eyes. He shouted out as he held his sword forward. Then, the two of them slammed into each other. Lancelot’s sword slid across the surface of the explosive-proof shield, creating a grating sound in the process!

With a “ca”, Lun Tai was forced to the side and his explosive-proof shield was cut into two!

As for Lun Tai, he had a military knife in his other hand. However, following a “kacha” sound, even the military knife was broken into two!

If he had not placed the military knife before his body earlier, it was likely that the sword would have cut his body open!

After activating his Muscle Fruit skill, Lun Tai did not show any fear toward battle. He grabbed onto a bench placed within the chapel. With a roar, he tossed it forward.

“Charge out!”

Following Lun Tai’s roar, Lancelot had to take half a step to the side. Then, he brandished his cross-shaped sword and the incoming bench was cut into two!

By then, both Chen Xiaolian and Bei Tai had immediately rushed forward!

“Big Bro, catch!”

Bei Tai flicked out with his hand and a dazzling looking military knife was tossed toward Lun Tai. Lun Tai jumped up and caught it smoothly in the middle of the air.

That was the weapon that Bei Tai had purchased from the system when they were enhancing themselves: A [B+] class indestructible military knife!

Back then, Bei Tai had also purchased a [B+] class Electromagnetic Rifle with unlimited ammo. Unfortunately, this London instance dungeon placed a restriction upon technological type items and it could not be used here.

Lun Tai caught hold of the military knife. Then, he bellowed before pouncing toward Lancelot. With a sneer, Lancelot brandished his sword, bringing a white coloured holy light with it!

Chen Xiaolian who had already arrived beside Lancelot saw the holy light and immediately recalled something.

“Lun Tai! Get back!”


It was too late!

A loud noise rang out and Lun Tai’s massive body was seemingly thrown out by some kind of power!

His body flew across Chen Xiaolian’s head and straight toward the doors of the chapel. Then, his body struck the wall!

The powerful force should have caused the wall of the chapel to be broken through. However, for some unknown reason, a mass of white light suddenly lit up from the surface of the walls. After Lun Tai slammed heavily onto the wall, he fell to the ground. Yet, no damage was done to the walls!

Chen Xiaolian ran forward to pull Lun Tai up only to see him opening his mouth and coughing out a mouthful of blood! As for the [B+] class indestructible military knife, it appeared that a hole had popped out upon it!

The so-called indestructible property did not mean that the weapon was indestructible. What it meant was, under normal situations, it would not suffer from wear, corrosion or rust. It was a weapon that did not need maintenance.

However, if it were to receive an attack with a strength that exceeded [B+] class, it could still be damaged.

Obviously, the power behind Lancelot’s blow earlier had exceeded the [B+] class!

“I’m fine! What a powerful strength!” Lun Tai pushed Chen Xiaolian back and said in a grave voice. “His strength is at least [A] class!”

Lun Tai took a deep breath and both his eyes shone with the slight colour of blood!

Under the effects of the Muscle Fruit skill, the more damage he took, the more powerful a strength he would be able to unleash!

Lun Tai’s original strength was at [A-] class. His Muscle Fruit skill had been raised to have a maximum limit of 60 % increase in strength!

At present, he had received a considerable amount of damage. The muscles beneath Lun Tai’s skin appeared to be moving as they swelled madly! In the blink of an eye, his entire being grew one third taller!

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

Lun Tai howled out violently again and again as he furiously squeezed out the full potential of his Muscle Fruit skill!

The blue veins on his muscles swelled and the contours of his muscles grew increasingly terrifying!

Lun Tai had completely transformed into a berserker. His body was massive, resembling a giant monster in general! Raising his head, the top of his head almost reached the arch formed by the pillars.

Lancelot maintained a cool expression on his face as he regarded Lun Tai. Then, he suddenly shouted, “Powerful warrior, come forth and show me your strength!”

“Show your sister! Die!”

Lun Tai let loose a loud roar and grabbed another bench to throw forward. He shouted, “You guys, charge out!”

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate; he turned around and rushed out!

He was not abandoning his comrades. According to the system prompt, once he brought the Sword in the Stone out of the Tower of London, the quest would end! Once the quest came to an end… it would not matter how strong Lancelot was!

Finishing the quest was the key point here!

However, when Chen Xiaolian charged out of the doors of the chapel, he suddenly felt a force surging out from all directions. The force pushed him back in!


Chen Xiaolian was forced back again and again. Bei Tai who was beside him rushed forward as well. Likewise, he too, screamed out in surprise as he was bounced back by the formless power. He fell heavily onto a bench. With a “kacha”, the bench was shattered apart!

“We can’t get out!” Bei Tai exclaimed.

Once again, Chen Xiaolian attempted to take a step forward. This time, he watched the doors of the chapel carefully and saw a mass of white coloured holy light appear, forcing him back!

“Damn it!” Chen Xiaolian swore.

Behind, Lun Tai and Lancelot were engaged in a scuffle. Lun Tai tried his best to close the distance between him and Lancelot. The indestructible military knife swiped toward Lancelot’s body in continuous succession. However, Lancelot’s swordsmanship left no gap for him to exploit. One sword move after another was executed to ward off Lun Tai’s attacks. At the same time, he would maintain the distance between Lun Tai and himself.

After a few exchanges, several deep wounds appeared upon Lun Tai’s body!

Blood trickled out from the wounds and half his body was dyed red with blood.

“We can’t get out! We need to finish him off!” Chen Xiaolian turned around and shouted, “Garfield! Come out!”

The figures of three Four-Eyed War Cats appeared in the middle of the air. After issuing out a roar, they pounced toward Lancelot.

Lancelot quickly took two steps back all of a sudden. Then, he raised his sword up…

His mouth appeared to be chanting something…

The white coloured holy light upon the surface of his blade burst out in intensity. It was as though he was holding onto a white torch!

Seeing one of the Garfield doppelgangers pouncing onto his head, Lancelot sent a slash forward, cutting the doppelganger apart!

The light dissipated and the other two Garfield doppelgangers knocked Lancelot onto the ground!

He roared out and rolled on the spot. Then, he formed a fist with his left hand and threw a punch onto the Garfield doppelganger’s abdomen, causing him to fly backward. He curled up as his body slammed a bench into pieces. After getting up, he staggered for a moment, clearly weakened considerably from the exchange.

The third Garfield doppelganger bit down onto Lancelot’s shoulder… … he had originally bitten onto Lancelot’s neck. However, after Lancelot put up some struggle, the bite ended up biting down his shoulder.


White coloured holy light burst out violently from Lancelot’s armour. Garfield screamed out miserably and jumped away rapidly. After taking a few paces back, he turned around and roared out continuously. However, it appeared that he no longer dared to move forward.

Gripping onto his military knife, Lun Tai stabbed toward Lancelot’s body. Lancelot waved his sword in retaliation. In one slash, the white coloured holy light broke the indestructible military knife that Lun Tai held apart!


After unleashing this attack, Lancelot’s legs pushed forcefully against the ground and his body shot backward before bouncing up.

Turning their gaze toward him, they saw that Lancelot’s legs were no longer upon the ground. Instead, he was floating in the air! His body, armour, blade, all of them were flashing with white coloured holy light!

Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation. He raised Fearless War Axe and shouted, “Bei Tai, hold him!”

Bei Tai had long since gotten into position. Both his hands held the air and he shouted, “Bound!”

Several translucent chains made of air suddenly appeared out of the air within the chapel.

The translucent chains made of air were akin to giant pythons that appeared out of thin air! They quickly slipped around Lancelot’s body!

Bei Tai screamed out furiously, his face becoming pale by several degrees. His Air Incarceration skill rapidly tightened up, firmly locking Lancelot into place.

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian had already stepped forward. His figure soared through the air and both his hands held Fearless War Axe up high.

“Head Cleaver!”


[B+] class strength!

[A] class weapon – Fearless War Axe!

Demon King of Confusion’s War Axe skill!

Chen Xiaolian did not hold anything back and poured all his might into this one strike!

Lancelot was in the middle of the air, bound by the chains made of air and seemingly incapable of moving at all. Seeing that Chen Xiaolian’s axe was about to reach his head…

This strongest Knight of the Round Table abruptly let loose a roar!

“I! Am! The! Son! Of! God!”


The mass of white coloured holy light upon his body suddenly erupted violently, akin to when gasoline was poured onto flames.

In but a moment, his body seemingly transformed into a small-sized sun within the chapel!

The dazzling brilliance of the white light made it so they were almost unable to see his body!


In the distance, Bei Tai sprayed out a mouthful of blood.

Chen Xiaolian’s axe finally landed upon Lancelot’s helmet.


The blade of the axe struck the helmet. Then, at the point of contact, a clump of flaming qi burst out!

The flaming qi poured out and Chen Xiaolian could clearly see Fearless War Axe in his hand suddenly become like a piece of soldering iron. It turned flaming red!

The resulting pain was so severe that Chen Xiaolian was almost incapable of holding onto the axe handle.

In the middle of that, Chen Xiaolian felt as though a vast force was being deflected back through his axe. The mighty force was like a tidal wave as it slammed heavily into his body!

At that moment, time seemingly came to a halt!

Chen Xiaolian’s figure was in the middle of the air, his body posture resembling a large bird and the edge of his axe was cleaving down onto Lancelot’s helmet. As for Lancelot, his body was enveloped within a dazzling, white coloured clump of light…

At last… …

The stopped time flowed once more.

Chen Xiaolian screamed out once and his body was sent flying!

His body slammed onto one of the pillars before falling onto the ground. He lost his grip on Fearless War Axe and it stabbed down heavily onto the ground!

The white coloured holy light upon Lancelot’s figure appeared to have dimmed. As for the surface of his helmet…

Only a shallow mark was left upon its surface!

That was all!

He remained floating at the same position, seemingly occupying a position of loftiness, appearing as though he was an unyielding and inviolable figure!

"I am the Son of God! In this temple of God, God will protect me, you cannot kill me!!"

Seeing how Chen Xiaolian had fallen onto the ground, Lun Tai bellowed out and pounced forward once more. This time, however, it took even less time for him to be forced back.

With only a partially broken military knife, he took on Lancelot’s sword slash. Then, Lancelot delivered a punch that sent Lun Tai flying back. He then fell onto the ground near the doors of the chapel.

As for Bei Tai, his Air Incarceration skill was broken and blood gushed out from his mouth as he knelt on the ground.

It had been merely a few minutes. In that short amount of time, all three members of Meteor Rock Guild became seriously injured!

Lancelot’s figure finally landed upon the ground. He stepped forward, ignoring Lun Tai and Bei Tai as he moved toward Chen Xiaolian.

He had only taken two steps before a roar rang out. The two remaining Garfield doppelgangers came before Chen Xiaolian to block Lancelot’s path.

The loyal War Pet appeared to be trying to prevent Lancelot from harming his master.

Chen Xiaolian was on the ground, lying against a pillar. He saw the coldness in Lancelot’s gaze as he raised his long sword toward Garfield…

“Garfield, come back!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed and had Garfield return into the system.

“The sacred object, hand it over!”

Lancelot stood before Chen Xiaolian, his sword was pointing at Chen Xiaolian’s head as he extended his left hand out.

Chen Xiaolian stared into the fellow’s eyes and suddenly said, “You are a knight, right?”

“… … …” Lancelot answered coldly, “Yes.”

“Can a knight kill out of rage?”


Chen Xiaolian suddenly laughed and pulled out the hilt of the Sword in the Stone that he had inserted into his belt. Then, he slowly got up. “Then, if I give this to you, can we not die?”

Lancelot suddenly withdrew his sword and said, “Sins can be atoned for… that is God’s mercy and compassion. Hand over the sacred object… then you fellows must stay in this chapel to repent for a hundred years before leaving.”

“… … a hundred years?” Chen Xiaolian laughed out. It was a laughter filled with incredulousness. “A hundred years… … ha ha ha ha ha ha… a hundred years…”

He forced his body upright and grabbed onto Fearless War Axe that had stabbed onto the ground.

“Will you continue to resist? This will only add to your sins,” Lancelot said coldly.

“Resist… … why?” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath. “Sins… sins be damned! If there is a sinner, then the bastard who created this shitty game is the real sinner!”

He abruptly threw the hilt of the Sword in the Stone on the ground before him. His right hand brandished Fearless War Axe and he hacked down ruthlessly!

This move of his was beyond anyone’s expectation!

"Stop it!"

Lancelot’s expressionless face finally revealed shock. He shouted out loud and his long sword shot out toward the Chen Xiaolian’s axe blade.


Chen Xiaolian’s Fearless War Axe was slammed away and it fell onto the ground some distance away. Showing no hesitation, Chen Xiaolian kicked the hilt of the Sword in the Stone.

He kicked it toward Bei Tai!

Bei Tai was prepared – the moment he heard Chen Xiaolian said “if I give this to you, can we not die”, he felt something wrong with his actions.

From what he knew of Chen Xiaolian, this young Guild Leader was not someone who would throw in the towel so easily.

Sure enough, seeing Chen Xiaolian attempt to destroy the Sword in the Stone, Lancelot became fearful.

Bei Tai was quick to react. He caught the hilt of the Sword in the Stone and laughed. Slapping it onto the ground, he pulled out a short knife with his hand.

Lancelot was utterly shocked and he rushed toward Bei Tai. Bei Tai deliberately raised his sword while aiming the tip at the hilt.

“Back off, tin can! Take one more step and I will destroy it!”

Ka! Ka ka! Ka ka ka… …

On the other side of the Tower of London, somewhere behind the castle.

The gigantic dragon made of pure metal lay upon the ground. Many cracks and deep holes were left on the thick stone wall beside it.

The gigantic dragon appeared to be in an extremely wretched state.

It lay upon the ground; its pair of wings was twisted and out of shape. Upon its head, its jaws were bent. It was as though it had received a heavy blow there.

A foot was stepping on its head.

Tian Lie lowered his head to look down at the dragon that he had beaten into submission.

The dragon attempted to utter a weak growl as it released clumps of black qi from its nose.

“All right, stop moving about. Be obedient,” said Tian Lie as he bent over. He extended one hand and gently patted the gigantic dragon’s head. “You are simply unlucky… if you did not have a metal body; I who have yet to fully recover my full strength might not be able to beat you to the ground… … unfortunately, a metal body is what you have. For you to meet my kind of ability is just bad luck on your part.”

Tian Lie’s tone turned increasingly gentle and peculiar. “I have a proposal… … are you willing to be my little pet?”

“Ha ha ha ha… I have long since wanted to get a dragon as a pet. However, I do not like those big lizards with fleshly bodies. As for you, you have a metal body. That is simply too wonderful, don’t you think?”

There was a dark look on Lancelot’s face as he slowly took several steps back. The blade of his sword was pointed at the ground as he stared at Bei Tai and the Sword in the Stone’s hilt that lay beneath Bei Tai’s knife.

Chen Xiaolian had, with great difficulty climbed up. He stumbled until he was beside Lun Tai. While he was at it, he also went to pick up his Fearless War Axe.

To his distress, he found that the blade edge of Fearless War Axe was suffering from bean-sized nicks. Additionally, there were also various fine cracks upon it.

This weapon was seriously damaged!

Chen Xiaolian helped Lun Tai up and they moved beside Bei Tai. After they reached his side, Bei Tai quickly passed his position to Chen Xiaolian who gripped onto his axe and pressed down on the Sword in the Stone’s hilt.

“Guild Leader, what do we do now?” Bei Tai exhaled. “We can’t beat this tin can.”

Chen Xiaolian cast a serious gaze at Lancelot and said, “It is not surprising that we could not beat him… this fellow is one of the strongest Knight of the Round Table. Additionally… according to the legends, he is the eighth generation descendant of Jesus Christ. He is… the son of God.”

Both Bei Tai and Lun Tai were shocked for a bit.

This… … this background was a truly powerful one!

“This place is a church… a place where holy power is at its strongest. Fighting him here is the same as fighting him in his home. If I am to make a guess, I believe he can still increase the amount of power he can wield. Thus, it’s no wonder that we cannot beat him.” Chen Xiaolian grunted.

At the moment, the situation was in a stalemate.

Lancelot’s holy power had clearly sealed up this chapel, making it impossible for them to get out.

There was no way for them to beat him either.

They could only make use of the Sword in the Stone’s hilt to threaten him.

Even so… there was no way out.

Chen Xiaolian’s mind raced.

The Lancelot from the legends… what weakness did he have?

1 Saint Seiya is a Japanese manga and anime series about mystical warriors called ‘Saints’ who fights while wearing sacred armours known as ‘Cloths’. They fight to protect Earth from other Olympian Gods.

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