Chapter 210: The Queens Curse

GOR Chapter 210: The Queen’s Curse

The instant that the edge of his axe struck the blade of the sword, a seemingly sharp voice echoed out from all directions.

The sharp Fearless War Axe split the black coloured long sword into two. A mass of black qi could be seen surging out violently from the broken parts of the sword.

Up in the sky, within the White Tower’s stone walls, the ghost of Queen Anne suddenly appeared! Her body flew out from the tower!

The black qi gushed out and roiled turbulently before coming together.

Queen Anne issued a shrill cry and the countless black qi swirled above her head. Then…


All the black qi were dispersed in an instant. They spread out in every direction before dissipating into nothingness!

Looking back at Queen Anne... ...

She was suddenly different from before!

The expression on her face had originally looked muddle-headed and dazed. Now, she appeared livelier.

Chen Xiaolian could feel the gaze of the ghost of Queen Anne falling upon him.

She walked slowly with her bare feet, taking one step after another through the lawn until she arrived atop the guillotine platform. She stood before Chen Xiaolian and the others.

“Unknown knight… thank you for saving a noble Queen and helping me attain freedom at last.”

The tone of voice coming from this ghost held a faint aura of aristocracy and pride.

“Now, you all may salute me, salute a true and noble Queen.”


Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

Still, this was not the time to be talk about human rights and self-esteem. At any rate, they were simply participating in a game instance dungeon. This was simply a storyline quest.

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate and he immediately fell to one knee as he knelt down. Then, he quickly pulled Lun Tai and Bei Tai down together.

The two of them followed Chen Xiaolian’s lead and knelt down with one knee on the ground.

Tian Lie appeared indifferent as he smiled and knelt down on the ground as well.

“I was riddled with endless curses and restraints. Today, I am finally able to obtain my freedom. You people are true warriors, and true knights! Tell me, my fellow knights, what do you wish for as reward?”

Chen Xiaolian raised his head to glance at Queen Anne. “Your Majesty… I only request that you honour the promise you made earlier.”

“He he he he… the promise earlier…” Queen Anne laughed softly a few times. “You fellows aided me in breaking the sword imprisoning my soul… as a reward, I will grant you fellows with another sword!”

Another sword…

Chen Xiaolian looked into Queen Anne’s eyes and said, “This other sword is…”

“It is known as the Sword of the King… and the one carrying my curse!”

At that moment, Queen Anne’s face was one brimming with hatred!

“Henry! Damnable Henry! Accursed Henry! You think that by killing me, you will be able to obtain your coveted heir?! You think that by killing me, you will be able to marry another woman to give birth to the male offspring that you’ve always wanted?!

“I CURSE YOU!!! Curse you! I curse your dynasty so it will not obtain a happy ending!

“You imprisoned me, mistreated me, humiliated me! You humiliated your wife, a true noble Queen! You are not worthy! Not worthy of the title King!”

She cursed out with a vicious tone.

Then, this woman uttered out a string of giggling laughter. The sound of the laughter caused their hairs to stand on end.

“I stole your Sword of the King! I made it so your dynasty would not obtain a good ending! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!”

Chen Xiaolian was shell-shocked!

Stole the Sword of the King… the dynasty would not obtain a good ending?

The amount of information within that sentence was too staggering!

The Sword of the King… in the UK, this Sword of the King was no doubt the legendary Sword in the Stone! It was also the most legendary of legends in the history of the Kings of England.

It was also the legendary symbol of Kings.

Queen Anne said she had stolen the Sword of the King.

The implication of those words were: This legendary Sword in the Stone was real! Additionally, it was kept by the royal members of England!

This deposed Queen, in retaliation against her husband, she had stolen the sword!

Then… after losing the protection granted by the Sword of the King, one could not obtain a good ending…


Historically speaking, the Tudor Dynasty, the dynasty of Queen Anne’s husband, truly did not have a good ending.

Queen Anne’s husband, that devilish wife killer was extremely famous in the annals of history. He was considered a very successful monarch.

However, the same could not be said of his dynasty.

His whole life was spent changing wives, killing one after another, all for the sake of obtaining a male heir. However, all he got were females…

The one male heir he managed to father had a frail and sickly body.

After this devilish wife killing King, Henry VIII passed away, his throne was passed down to his frail and sickly son… unfortunately, the son was a 10-year-old child. Moreover, not long after… the son died.

After that, Henry VIII’s two daughters took turns sitting on the throne.

Hmm, simply put, it was a fight between sisters. Henry VIII’s eldest daughter imprisoned her younger sister and ascended to the throne. Unfortunately, she too was never able to produce a male heir. Upon her death, she passed the throne over to her younger sister.

That was not the end of it. That younger sister was none other than the famous Elizabeth I, the greatest Queen in the history of the UK.

Unfortunately… this Queen spent all her life refusing to marry anyone. Naturally, she had no heir…

After she passed away from old age…

The Tudor Dynasty ended! Following that, a monarch from Scotland became the King of England…

At any rate, Henry VIII, that devilish wife killer’s clan came to a complete end.

His son died prematurely, his two daughters succeeded the throne one after the other. Yet, they too spent their lifetimes without producing an heir… …

This… could this be…

Losing the Sword of the King’s…


Chen Xiaoxian quickly considered the matter.

Queen Anne’s mad laughter finally subsided.

She suddenly let out a long sigh. That long sigh from her contained a vague significance.

“I am finally free… freed from this restraints and curses…” She lowered her head to regard Chen Xiaolian. She said, “As an expression of my gratitude, I will gift you fellows with the sword!”

Chen Xiaolian was startled and he raised his head in surprise.

Next however, Queen Anne’s following words nearly extinguished the flames in Chen Xiaolian’s heart.

“I hid the sword at a certain place. It is within the Tower of London, at the place where I had once resided in… within a basement…”

As she slowly spoke, Queen Anne’s bare feet suddenly flashed with a white coloured light and they began to slowly dissipate…

The dissipation quickly spread onto her legs, then her waist…

Her body was rapidly dissipating! An expression of relief was etched upon her face as it did.

“That wicked husband of mine did not even know that I had stolen the sword. The sword is hidden in my last place of residence, the basement. Brave knights, you should be able to find the right place.”

After saying that, the ghost of Queen Anne disappeared for good.

Chen Xiaolian and others stood up.

“Her last place of residence? The basement?” Lun Tai stared and asked, “Where is that?”

Chen Xiaolian looked around and replied, “I think… … I know.”

The Queen’s House.

This was a rather inconspicuous place within the Tower of London.

Just by walking in the direction behind the guillotine platform, one would arrive there.

According to historical records, before Queen Anne was deposed, she was placed under house arrest – she was placed under house arrest together with her daughter (The one who would later become Elizabeth I.)

The houses here were considerably more magnificent, in line with the identity of nobility. However… when placed beside the vast and majestic Tower of London, it became less conspicuous.

It was situated within the grand and majestic Tower of London; it was a relatively peaceful and quiet place… not far away was an extremely small-scaled chapel. It was said to be built specifically to cremate the prisoners that were executed in the Tower of London.

“What are we waiting for, let’s hurry up and find it!” Lun Tai said in a solemn tone.

“Mr Conan,” said Chen Xiaolian who turned toward Tian Lie. “Earlier… I am sorry, your friend the Frenchman…”

Jean’s death had happened in but an instant. When the gigantic dragon killed him, there was no time to say anything. Now that they finally have a moment of reprieve, Chen Xiaolian subconsciously felt the need to say something.

Tian Lie had a calm expression on his face and he said coolly, “Life and death is up to fate, no one is to be blamed.”

Chen Xiaolian raised his eyebrows. He looked at Tian Lie with a peculiar expression. “Life and death is up to fate. Those words of yours resemble the sayings of my country. Aren’t you Western people supposed to be believers of God, Mr Conan?”

Tian Lie replied with a faint laugh. “After becoming part of this game and learning that everything was created by the Development Team… do you think I can still believe in God?”

Chen Xiaolian did not reply to that. “No matter what, I am still sorry for what happened earlier.”

“Enough, it’s getting late. Let’s go get that Sword in the Stone,” said Tian Lie who shook his head. “Hopefully, that female ghost was not messing with us… I keep having this feeling that things won’t be that simple…”

This fellow probably had a crow’s mouth [1].

Just as Tian Lie finished speaking, a thunderous boom rang out from above!

It came from the third floor of the distant White Tower!

One side of the thick stone walls had collapsed and stones of varying sizes broke outward before falling down!

The gigantic dragon that had been trapped inside unleashed a loud roar and slammed the wall down! It was finally free!

The dragon’s roar brought with it an overwhelming atmosphere, comparable to raging tides and racing thunders!

The monstrosity stood in the middle of the gaping hole upon the wall. Its head turned around and its eyes locked onto Chen Xiaolian and the others who were standing on the ground.

Rage could clearly be felt from the roar that it had issued out.

“Oh, Hell!” Chen Xiaolian swore loudly.

The gigantic dragon spread opened both its wings, unleashed another roar and swooped down from above the tower!

Chen Xiaolian raised his Fearless War Axe and gritted his teeth heavily.

It was then that Tian Lie suddenly placed his hand onto Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder. “Split up! You fellows go find the Sword in the Stone! I will hold this big fellow!”

“… … eh?”

Chen Xiaolian was stunned.

We are strangers. For no reason… this fellow would actually act in such an altruistic way?

He would hold the dragon? That is a dangerous and thankless job!

“Trust me! This quest is not a competitive type. As long as the Sword in the Stone is found, the quest will be completed… that is why, it does not matter who finds it, be it you or me!” Tian Lie furrowed his eyebrows. “There is no time! Hurry! I will hold it back! I have a way to deal with it!”

After saying that, Tian Lie suddenly jumped up. In the darkness, his hand had at an unknown moment pulled out a glow stick. The stick flashed, shining with light.

“Hey, bighead! Big lizard! Here! Look over here! If you have what it takes, then come catch me!”

Tian Lie jumped and ran all the way toward another direction. He waved the glow stick furiously and managed to attract the attention of the gigantic dragon. The dragon gave a loud howl, spread open its wings and charged toward Tian Lie…

“We need to go now!” Chen Xiaolian quickly made the decision. Then, he turned around to glance at Tian Lie’s back – the fellow sure was able to run fast. He had already run past one of the city walls and was far away. The gigantic dragon flapped both its wings as it chased after him. Chen Xiaolian quickly said, “To the Queen’s House!”

1  ‘Crow’s mouth’ means when said mouth predicts something good, it will never happen; when it predicts something bad, it will immediately happen.

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