Chapter 209: Fearless Roar

GOR Chapter 209: Fearless Roar

That was a dragon!

A real life Western Dragon!

No, to be precise, although it had come to life, its body remained metallic in structure – that would only cause it to become a greater threat!

Following a strong gust of wind, the gigantic dragon pounced forward. It spread open both its wings, revealing its pair of claws upon the skeletal structure of its wings. The flapping of its wings resulted in a tempest of wind within the exhibition hall! Countless display cabinets were crushed and the shattered glass fragments flew about everywhere.

Chen Xiaolian propped up a shield before him. Glancing around, he saw both Lun Tai and Bei Tai on the ground; they hastily rolled themselves to the corners.

“Damn it, hurry up and dodge!”

The gigantic dragon’s tail whipped out. Thankfully, Lun Tai’s reaction was fast and he shoved Bei Tai’s head down. With a “boom”, the dragon’s tail smashed into the surface of the wall! A loud noise reverberated out of the thick wall and fragments of stones flew out!

Chen Xiaolian had barely recollected himself before a knight armour set descended upon him. Its poleaxe slashed down and all Chen Xiaolian could do was use the explosive-proof shield to block it. The massive strength behind the attack caused cracking sounds to emerge from the explosive-proof shield. As for Chen Xiaolian, he was forced to take a step backward.

However, that did not cause him to hesitate. He gripped Fearless War Axe in his hand and lashed out with a backhanded attack. With a “clang”, his axe attack caused the knight armour set’s helmet to cave in and the armour set to split apart on the ground. Chen Xiaolian quickly strode past it and shouted to Lun Tai and Bei Tai, “Hurry up and leave this place!”

The gigantic dragon set its sight upon Chen Xiaolian and its huge body shot forward!

Thankfully, they were indoors. Despite spreading out its wings, the gigantic dragon was unable to fly up – due to insufficient space; it could not make full use of its wings.

Even so, the gigantic dragon’s body was able to easily crush a portion of the display cabinets. If not for Chen Xiaolian dodging quickly, he would have been stamped down by it!

Hearing Chen Xiaolian’s words, Lun Tai and Bei Tai who were in the corner simply jumped up toward the wall as they attempted to jump down through the windows… although this was a tall three-storey tower, for these enhanced Awakened ones, such a feat was not a big deal.

However, right as Lun Tai and Bei Tai jumped out through the window; the gigantic dragon’s tail swept viciously and struck the window. The impact caused the window to break apart.

“Lun Tai!”

Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly. Fortunately, he then heard Lun Tai replying to him from the outside.

“We’re fine! We’re not dead yet!”

Outside the tower, Lun Tai had one hand hanging onto the bottom part of the collapsed window. He held on tightly onto the hole in the wall while Bei Tai, who was at the bottom, reached the window of the second floor. Then, Lun Tai jumped down and Bei Tai caught him.

Within the exhibition hall, Chen Xiaolian appeared to have been targeted by the gigantic dragon and was forced into a corner… although there was a window right above his position, with the dragon standing right before him, any attempt to jump up would be the equivalent of him seeking death.

Summon Garfield?

Considering how big this thing is, Garfield is probably no match for it.

As Chen Xiaolian was hesitating, the gigantic dragon’s pair of crimson eyes suddenly stared at Chen Xiaolian and it opened up its mouth!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart shouted out in warning. He subconsciously jumped to the left side. At the same time, he did not forget to grab the deformed explosive-proof shield to defend his body…


A black coloured flaming qi sprayed out from its mouth! The collapsed display cabinets at the corner were instantly pulverized by the flaming qi!

Chen Xiaolian had already thrown himself out of the way. However, the edges of the black flaming qi grazed past him and he felt as though a heavy hammer was battering his entire body. It nearly caused him to cough out blood. After landing, he rolled his body away vigorously.

The explosive-proof shield in his hand was utterly shattered, leaving only the handle that he was still gripping onto.

Chen Xiaolian quickly tossed away the handle.

At that moment, he heard Tian Lie’s voice coming over from the other direction.

“Here! Hurry! Use the stairs!”

Tian Lie was standing at the entryway of the stairs leading to the second floor. Several warrior amour sets lay broken apart on the ground beside him while the Frenchman, Jean stood behind him.

Chen Xiaolian dared not hesitate. Taking advantage of the fact that the dragon had yet to turn around, he jumped and ran madly forward.

A “boom” resounded as the dragon’s tail swept out once more. Chen Xiaolian bent his body down right on time and the dragon’s tail, which resembled a descending hammer slid past his head.

With a sprint, Chen Xiaolian reached the stairs entryway, nearly slamming Tian Lie down the stairs in the process.


Chen Xiaolian shouted and the three of them quickly ran down the flight of stairs.

The gigantic dragon turned over and caught up to them. However, the stairs was too narrow for it. After rushing to the entryway of the stairs, the gigantic dragon’s body became stuck within the stairs corridor. However, it extended its long neck and its jaws clamped down…

"Ah ah ah ah!!!"

A miserable scream rang out!

The unfortunate Frenchman, Jean was in the last place. The dragon bit down on his shoulder and dragged him backward!

Blood sprayed out!

Chen Xiaolian turned his head back and saw the gigantic dragon pulling the Frenchman’s body back. It rapidly threw him up and caught him with its mouth…


The Frenchman’s body was split into two!

This scene was simply too cruel!

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate. He understood that trying to duke it out with this monster was a foolish thing to do and he continued to run down as fast as he could.

The gigantic dragon’s body was stuck within the stairs’ corridor and it struggled with all its might, slamming everything and causing the entire tower to shake lightly!

Thankfully, this Norman-styled building had traditionally solid stone walls. For the moment, it would appear that the dragon was unable to break its way out.

However, the situation within the second floor was no walk in the park!

The various ancient warrior armour sets standing on display everywhere in the second floor had come to life.

The moment Chen Xiaolian and Tian Lie charged down into the second floor, they were greeted with the sight of over twenty warrior armour sets within the exhibition hall. The armour sets charged over!

“Bloody Hell! They all came to life!” Chen Xiaolian swore loudly.

Tian Lie simply whispered, “Charge down!”

Chen Xiaolian was quick to reply, “Do we have any other choice? Forward! They don’t have any weapons! Break through them!”

The silver lining here was that all the equipment placed on display in the exhibition hall of the first and second floor were armour sets. However, only the armour sets were displayed and not the weapons… only the third floor had weapons displayed.

That was a huge stroke of fortune for Chen Xiaolian and the others.

Chen Xiaolian was the first to charge out. He brandished his Fearless War Axe to open a path. As an [A] class weapon, Fearless War Axe’s sharpness needed no illustration.

However, in face of over twenty metal warrior armour sets that resembled twenty iron barrels, Chen Xiaolian was in for a tough battle!

Although the armour sets were without weapons, Chen Xiaolian was surrounded by the over twenty iron barrels and could sense their arms reaching toward him from all directions in an attempt to restrain him. He slashed out several times with his axe and brought down two armour sets before him. However, they then restrained him.

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate. He promptly took a deep breath and unleashed a furious roar!

The skill that came with Fearless War Axe, Fearless Roar activated!

For fifteen seconds, cleaving effects will be increased by 50%!

Chen Xiaolian’s strength was only at [B+] class. After activating this skill, his strength became infinitely close to [A-] class!

An enhancement of one class in strength was very noticeable. Chen Xiaolian madly displayed out the Demon King of Confusion’s axe skills and hacked all the way. After a few seconds, he broke out of the encirclement. Seven to eight fragmented armour sets lay upon the ground.

Tian Lie appeared to be very cunning. He followed closely behind Chen Xiaolian and let him assume the vanguard position to clear the way. When Chen Xiaolian arrived at the entryway to the second floor, he saw that Tian Lie was right behind him. He appeared quite relaxed.

Chen Xiaolian had no time to say anything and the two of them quickly sprinted down the stairs.

In the exhibition hall of the first floor, a group of warrior armour sets had also come to life. After Chen Xiaolian and Tian Lie rushed down the stairs, those iron barrels surged toward them…

“I really hate these iron barrels!” Chen Xiaolian clenched his teeth and brandished his war axe as he strode forward… he dared not cause any delays as the Fearless Roar skill would only last for fifteen seconds!

The difficulty of the first floor appeared higher… because a group of metal warhorses had also charged forward!

The iron barrels rode upon the horses as they charged. One with the horse, they unleashed an extremely powerful force! Chen Xiaolian attempted to take one head one and jumped up. Fearless War Axe descended and one of the iron barrels split apart even as it became unseated from the horse!

However, the resulting counter force caused the purlicue of his hands to feel pain. He also spat out blood from his mouth!

Although his strength had been enhanced up to [A-] class, his Physique remained in [B+] class!

His body’s ability to take damage was insufficient!

“Xiaolian! Here!”

At that moment, the doors to the corridor that was connected to the exhibition hall on the first floor were flung open. Lun Tai, who had jumped down to the first floor from the outside, charged inside. He held onto a rifle in his hand; raising his hands, he fired at one of the iron armour sets!

Having removed the obstacles within the corridor, Chen Xiaolian rapidly rushed over. Tian Lie who was behind him, moved at a fairly rapid pace and he followed Chen Xiaolian as he ran forward.

Lun Tai was kneeling on the floor as the rifle in his hands fired out continuously, breaking apart the iron barrels on both sides. After Chen Xiaolian and Tian Lie had run out past him, he quickly retreated.

The doors of the corridor were rapidly closed shut. Bei Tai was waiting outside.

Bei Tai was quick to step forward. He stabbed the military knife he held in his hand into the bolt of the doors!

The doors were made of metal. After the durable military knife was stabbed into the bolt of the doors…

Banging sounds could be heard coming from the other side as the iron barrels frantically slammed onto the doors. Yet, it appeared that they were unable to break through any time soon.

“Hurry! This door won’t hold them for long.” Lun Tai exhaled.

The four of them quickly ran toward the lawn located on the left side of the White Tower.

Upon the lawn was the ruins of the ancient guillotine platform.

"Here it is!"

Chen Xiaolian jumped up onto the guillotine platform and pulled out the dark coloured long sword acquired from the exhibition hall on the third floor.

“What do we do?” Lun Tai asked.

“Just destroy it!” Chen Xiaolian threw the sword down the ground, raised Fearless War Axe up high and cleaved down with it!


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